Devils Win

For their 3rd time in their history, the New Jersey Devils won the Finals of the Lucky Bounce, also known as the Stanley Cup. Jean-Sebastien Giguere, who was booed by the classless Devils fans, won the Conn Smyth Trophy. A former Mike Milbury pick in Mike Rupp (drafted 1st round by Milbury, left unsigned, re-entered draft and picked by the Devils in a 3rd round) scored the Cup winner with a nice deflection. Congratulations to the New Jersey Devils and their future parade which will be held at the Continental Airlines Arena parking lot surrounded by highways, near the airport where fans will smell the fresh air.

It is now official, however, that the 2002-2003 season is over. No more skating, no more goals, saves, and nothing to watch on TV. It is time to move on to the off-season rumors. During the Entry Draft we will have special coverage working with McKeen’ Coaching rumors, more trade rumors come draft day, and the “where will they sign?” rumors will continue, so stay tuned!

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  1. MantaRay says:

    I am not diminishing what Giguere did in the playoffs. But when push comes to shove Brodeur proved he was better. 3 Shut out in the finals.

  2. aaron says:

    And would it have mattered if Brodeur won the Conn Smythe Trophy? It probably would have be awarded to Melanie in the settlement.

  3. big_booty says:

    Sorry, but I can’t help myself.

    If I’m Mike Danton, I have to seriously re-evaluate how I live my life and play my game. Not only on the ice, but off. The infantile way this clown thought he could muscle his way around a top-flight organization and the shrewdest GM in the land was absolutely laughable. The kid had a chance to be part of a winner, but instead thought (along with his agent) that he was bigger than the game and missed out on the experience of a lifetime. I wonder what he’s doing with his time right now.

    Last one, I promise:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Ken Danyeko looked like Orson Welles on crack last night? Weird.

    SCTP – Keepers of the flame, and lighters of farts

  4. Pock says:

    What does it matter how big Kariya is? How about next time he comes down the wing and sees a slower defenseman he slow up to make it more even. Its the playoffs, people use what they have to there advantage.

  5. Pock says:

    Well i can’t see Anaheim going away, they are a good team, definately not one of the elite in the west; a good team nonetheless. I don’t expect them to be in the finals next year, but i didn’t expect them to be there this year either.

  6. MantaRay says:

    Welcome to another decade of Devil dominance!!

  7. scotty says:

    The ducks wont sign selanne next year. Their a small market team with ufa to take care of.This was their shot and js bs came to a end.

  8. scotty says:

    I agree broduer is the conn winner in my book.Js is nothing more then a second rate goalie on a defensive team.

  9. scotty says:

    All these F$$king bleeding hearts for JS is sickning he blows a game seven and he’s already the next roy.Broduer has benn doing it for 9 years now and still cant get no respect.JS is nothi9ng more then a second rate goalie on a defensive minded team.Js is the Irbe of last year and their will be another next year.So before you give him his respect make sure he proves it,and that takes more than one trip to the finals.

  10. bruinfan37 says:

    reading that comment, it is quite obvious that you are an immature 12 year-old kid. Sickening? The only sickining thing is reading your post. Blows game 7????????? ya, your team doesn’t score 1 goal, and YOU blow it. Typical naive comment about someone that knows JACKSHIT about goaltending. Brodeur gets all the respect in the world from people. Do u not think he does because the poor guy didn’t win an MVP award? YOU CANNOT COMPARE HIM TO IRBE!!!!!!!!!! Completly different. Carolina had to beat NO ONE to get to the finals, and he wasn’t even the #1 throughout the playoffs.

    Get off the crack,because u mention that he is a 2nd rate goalie on a defensive minded team?? Please, what team is more defensive minded that NJ?

  11. OldNord says:

    He proven it since he’s a starter, he had put the numbers, you ignorant jerk. You’re really annoying, put another record on!

  12. TML51 says:

    JS didn’t “blow” the game. It was a TEAM loss. The Devils outplayed the whole Duck team. You can’t blame one person for a loss. It was a 3-0 game. It’s not as though they lost 42-0.

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