DG's Quick Hits- June 2, 2002

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Wings demolish Avs

Can fate lead the Carolina Hurricanes?

Sabres: cut from the NHL heap?

(Sources: ESPN.com)

(World Issues Page Announcement inside)WINGS DEMOLISH AVS

The Detroit Red Wings scored on their first two shots and six times by the early second period en route to an embarrassingly easy 7-0 victory over the Colorado Avalanche, the largest Game 7 victory margin in National Hockey League history.

“I didn’t have to feel bad for him,” said Wings goalie Domonik Hasek to ESPN.com about the fact Avs counterpart Patrick Roy was pulled after the sixth goal. “That can happen to any goalie.” Hasek continued the cliches saying that he has “other goals than shutouts in the play-offs” after he was told he set a NHL record, with five, for the most shutouts in a single post-season. Tomas Holmstrom (twice), Sergei Fedorov, Luc Robitaille, Brett Hull, Fredrik Oluasson and Pavel Datsyuk got the goals for the bewildered Red Wings. Steve Yzerman summed it up best when he said to ESPN.com, “it wasn’t supposed to be this easy.” Yet it was.


They were supposed to get demolished by the New Jersey Devils, who beat them last year. That didn’t happen. They were supposed to be easy fodder for the Montreal Canadiens who had just eliminated the supposedly tougher Boston Bruins with the slightest of ease. That didn’t happen. They were supposed to wilt under the pressure of the Toronto Maple Leafs, whose run was more mystical than anything since the Leafs wound up winning games they shouldn’t have won. That didn’t happen. Now the Hurricanes are at it again, as they’re facing another team that is supposed to cream them, the Detroit Red Wings, in the Stanley Cup Final. Technically speaking, since the Hurricanes are again facing a series they can’t win, this should be an easy series for the ‘Canes to wrap up and surprise the hockey world once again.

Okay, so it’s a longshot. Still, the Hurricanes have been counted out so many times these play-offs and won that it almost seems natural to think fate may again help the Hurricanes here. Certainly the group has become known as the most underrated team in hockey and are still prone to be taken lightly. However, these are the Wings, a team full of Hall-of-Famers, so it is logical to assume that Detroit would smother a club like this. Then again, that’s why they play the games….


A report out of Buffalo is claiming that the beloved Buffalo Sabres are in ownership problems after team owner John Rigas lost his fortune suddenly in recent weeks. Rigas’ Adelphia Corporation is also in bankruptcy problems and has been delisted from the NASDAQ stock exchange. The Sabres are claiming to be sticking around but no one feels sure about that yet.

It is important for the Buffalo Sabres to stay in Buffalo. As a hockey hotbed, it is an important market for the National Hockey League to keep. Also, the NHL cannot afford to see another “fan-favourite” team like the Sabres moved to a place where hockey is, probably never was or ever will be the main attraction. The NHL is just recovering from the sting of moves during the mid-90s: another move could start off another chain reaction of moves and could spell the end of the NHL, as hockey fans just may grow sick of a league that can’t fix itself.


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