DG's Quick Hits- November 8, 2003

I used to have this as a regular feature (somewhat) and I hope to again have it as a weekly or bi-weekly thing. Just some random hockey thoughts.-In one week, the Tampa Bay Lightning have gone from a team that can’t lose to one that can’t win. Not like they’re not trying: that Los Angeles game was a tough one. Though now at least there must be the fleeting thought that last year was a fluke…maybe.

-Can we convince the Detroit Red Wings to trade Curtis Joseph? Make him play SOMEWHERE other than Grand Rapids. This whole fiasco is driving me nuts.

-Everyone predicted doom for the Atlanta Thrashers without Dany Heatley…and they’re tied for first in the Southeast (yeah, I know…hardly an accomplishment). Though it’s really only been a month…

-So, what a way to “pay them back” eh? The Toronto Maple Leafs, with the inspiration of the 6-1 shellacking the Philadelphia Flyers gave them in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals just a few months ago, get pasted 7-1 by those same Flyers. In the Hall Of Fame Game of all things. At least the Leafs are not last like they once were…

-Making Vancouver Canucks fans happy: Doug Weight getting a four-game suspension for his cross check of Daniel Sedin. Good thing too I say: that nearly took out Sedin’s eye. How’d the referee miss it? Oh well…

-Speaking of the Canucks, they’re first in the Northwest, four points up on the Colorado Avalanche. Hopefully this time there will be no choking, right Markus?

-By some freak of nature, the New York Rangers are actually .500 (well, they would be if overtime losses counted as actual losses…). Beat some pretty good teams too, like the Dallas Stars and Detroit Red Wings. Though I’m not holding my breath, because it’s too early to tell.

-For anyone that cares (which means maybe Gary Bettman and only one or two other people): the National Hockey League’s goals-per-game average is 5.0625 through today. Though the games haven’t been too bad: the Calgary-Edmonton tilt a week ago was pretty entertaining. I still miss the ’80s, though.

-Hockey Oddity Vol. 1: Rob Ray was rewarded for his “generosity” for all his years helping out Buffalo charities. Not knocking anything Ray has done, but it’s a bit odd to hear that a “thug” got rewarded for “generosity”. Good man, though, and I’ll always love that commercial for ESPN where he beat up a delivery guy.

-Lastly, it seems as though Damien Cox has changed his tune about Pat Quinn. Surprising, because over the summer you could have been certain that Quinn was Cox’s bitter enemy. An older article by him says that Quinn should stay, not go, at least until Christmas. Of course, the always cynical Cox still believes the Leafs are mediocre and that they won’t amount to anything. Maybe he’s being a realist here (and, seriously, you can’t expect Toronto to really do much this season), but I’m kind of sick of reading story after story about just how bad Toronto is. Come on, they’re not the Washington Capitals- there’s got to be at least SOMETHING positive to say about them. This “doom and gloom” thing gets pretty old fast.


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  1. Tradedude says:

    Hey DG, you should do more of these. You should get more interesting facts in there.

    This stuff is interesting, and it only takes me 10 minutes read (I’m a slow reader,LOL).

    And the tbay lightning, how many have they lost? like 2 or 3, so what?

  2. defenestrate says:

    Very nice, DG.

    Quick responses:

    1.) When I have the time, I think it would be interesting to do some math and figure out what it’s costing per game for the Rangers, Wings, Stars, and even my beloved Avs to all hover around the .500 mark. I think that’s the true test of payroll, and would be an excellent league bargaining chip come CBA time.

    2.) Rob Ray was very generous – he would hit anyone for free, whether they asked for it or not.

    3.) Atlanta is running on emotion and a good coach (sorry, CW). I have the feeling they will turn mortal again soon, although a decent playoff berth is not out of the question.

    4.) Trade Curtis Joseph to the Colorado Mammoth (National Lacrosse League, for you heathens who live in caves and worship fire).

    Come to think of it, Rob Ray could play there too.

    No comment on the Leafs thing – it’s just too easy.

  3. kidhenry1 says:

    watching the ranger$ motor along is like pulling teeth. Every time you think they’re gonna goof like the slackers they are, something breaks for them.

    But just remember: Sather was a good coach in Edmonton. And he was also a good GM. Nothing comes easy, ranger$$$ fans…

  4. The_Conductor says:

    K, I am getting so tired of Salo for Edmonton. Lets get Joseph back to Edmonton somehow for Comrie and Salo.

    Second. Weight is a pussy, should have got at least 5 games and more money just to make the sucker pay.

    Lastly, dont hold your breath for the Rangers… You’ll quickly get blue in the face

  5. GretzNYR99 says:

    Tell that to the players, not us. We don’t determine whether they make the playoffs or not.

  6. GretzNYR99 says:

    I really didn’t expect anyone to be sold on this team, being that Rangers fans themselves aren’t sold on it… at least the ones who follow the team well and watch a large portion of the games and have some hockey sense. I’m not sold on this team because…

    1. Their road record is a dismal 1-3.

    2. The goaltending gives up too many rebounds and the defenders are having trouble clearing men from the crease.

    3. May I interest you in discipline? Stay out of the box, guys. Simon, Holik, Barnaby, Kaspar, are just a few of the guys who take bad and untimely penalties, some even in the offensive zone.

    On a more positive note, this team is still mending, being that Brian Leetch never had a training camp nor a preseason, and Eric Lindros just came back from an injury which took him out for 2-3 weeks. The new additions are playing well, Simon, Hlavac, Rucinsky, and DeVries have all been good. And I remember all these people saying that Hartford sucks… producing no young talent… may I interest you in Jamie Lundmark? Dominic Moore? I know Lundmark played half of last year in NY, but he still was apart of Hartford’s system.

    As for Cujo, he’ll be traded eventually… when Holland lowers his asking price to a pylon.

    I think the Thrashers will come back down to earth myself, but I believe there’s a strong possibility of them making it. Like mentioned before by Defenestrate, they’re playing on emotion like Montreal did with Koivu in 02, and Atlanta has a brick wall in net in Pasi Nurminen, and still has a goaltender that’s expendable for a trade.

    Go Nucks.

    Who says enforcers can’t be good guys? Sandy McCarthy is one of the league’s best, and he’s one of the most charitable guys in the NHL. Georgie Laraque is another. Don’t believe me, E-mail Georgie, he’ll e-mail you back, and it will be HIM typing it. Matt Barnaby is another, if you’re a member of the Barnaby Brigade, you know Matt’s a real good guy that e-mails back a large portion of his e-mails, even with a tight schedule.

    As for the Leafs, they’ve been sluggish. The injuries add up, yes, but there’s no denying that they’ve been very sluggish on the ice. They better put their shit together or they’ll start being called Canada’s version of the Rangers.

    Dougie Weight… what the hell are you doing, man?

    On my final note… EVERYONE misses the 80’s. Good, fun hockey.

  7. DTierney86 says:

    “Doug Weight getting a four-game suspension for his cross check of Daniel Sedin”

    by the way, it was the other sister, Henrik ;):P

  8. cwthrash says:

    That emotion is a double-edged sword for them. Yes, they have been playing for Snydes. Some have done better than they should have, JP Vigier for instance who was a very close friend. He has been hitting everything that moves. But others have been equally poor, Andy Sutton springs to mind. The first ten games he was in a haze, wasn’t playing anywhere near good. Last few games he’s been getting better.

    Quite a few of the players spent the entire offseason training, getting in better shape. Prime example, Jeff Cowan. I would have predicted three goals all year, three already. Some of the guys were primed to get better, but it goes very much under the radar in light of what took place. Which is how it should be.

    But as always I’m a realist. Even knowing the effort being given, the playoffs will be a big stretch. Losing Savard ’till January really hurts. But like Hartley said, no excuses. That’s one thing I truly believe you can bank on this year, these guys will not quit. Period. They’ve had every reason to but they just won’t. Will they be this good all year? The fan in me greatly hopes so, the pragmatist in me says no. Either way, they will be a difficult team to play, even when and if their play levels out.

  9. DG says:

    ESPN said it was Daniel… 😛


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