DG's Quick Hits- October 4, 2002

Is Ron MacLean worth $450,000?

Domi: Lay off the Eagle

On the radar screen: Jeff Farkas, Pierre Lacroix, the Buffalo Sabres, the All-Star Game and moreIS RON MACLEAN WORTH $450,000?

What a week it has been for Ron MacLean, the host of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Hockey Night In Canada”. On Monday, the CBC and MacLean broke off negotiations on a new contract and announced that he was leaving, only for the host and Red Deer, Alta. native to return yesterday with a new, $450,000 a year contract. While everyone- including me- is glad to see it over, this is not as good a news as I’d hoped.

As a Canadian taxpayer- the people who fund the CBC crown corporation- I don’t feel the HNIC host deserves $450,000 a year, no matter how talented he is. Simply put, he was viewed as an “everyday” man, someone who did a regular job like journalism and could easily relate to other “everyday”, normal people like you and me. Still, there’s no way an “everyday” man should be earning $450K a year when people like you and me can only get that much money in half a lifetime. Maybe $100,000 because of his status, but not $450K. Still his salary is not as exorbiant as Don Cherry’s $700,000 yearly stipend, as all he does is controversially rant for ten minutes and collects enough money to satisfy a lifetime. If there was anyone who is definitely overpaid, it’s Cherry.


Tie Domi announced yesterday that if Toronto Maple Leafs truly love their team, they’d support Eddie “The Eagle” Belfour and stop booing him. Domi said that it’s difficult to come in and replace a guy like Curtis Joseph and said they should judge Belfour seperately from Joseph and not boo him because he’s not playing up to par.

Now it’s truly obvious this guy’s taken too many pucks to the head. Belfour has so far done nothing this off-season to prove he’s Joseph’s replacement- which is what he’s effectively doing- and the Leaf fans have every right to boo his pants off. Simply put, they expected a world-class goalie and they’re not getting one, and, considering the Leafs’ defence isn’t good enough to make up for Belfour’s blunders all the time, Belfour should truly step it up. It’s nice that Domi is sticking up for his teammate, but I think Eddie should get the message and play better. Leaf fans don’t pay $100 a ticket to see him re-enacting a sieve.


Gone to the minors: Jeff Farkas. This was supposed to be the guy that replaced Andrew Cassels. Didn’t seem to work out now did it? The Vancouver Canucks have a lot of work to do…The Dupe Machine: Colorado Avalanche General Manager Pierre Lacroix trading Chris Drury to the Calgary Flames for Derek Morris. Now, Drury’s an excellent player and could be a future superstar, but his play slipped significantly last season (almost twenty points) while Morris continued his progression towards superstardom. While this trade will probably work out- Drury’s numbers are sure to skyrocket besides Jarome Iginla- I’m sure the Flames could have done better for Morris…Here’s the only punishments the referees will be getting from the National Hockey League for not upholding the new obstruction standard: a fat royalty cheque from Don Cherry…NHL games were apparently 2:33 (that’s hours and minutes) last year and should be shorter by ten minutes. Wow. What a difference. The real difference will only come if that dream I have where NHL referees actually call the game by the book actually takes place…The Buffalo Sabres have more bids, but no sales. Somehow, Gary Betteman wants this process to take as long as it possibly can and keep Buffalo not competitive. Who says the league doesn’t conspire against Buffalo?…Speaking of dreams, the NHL actually changed the All-Star Game format to East vs. West. Really. Somehow, Betteman has decided he has a brain…Now taking votes for the NHL Stanley Cup Final you don’t want to see, following Toronto Star baseball columnist Richard Griffin’s lead with the World Series. My vote? The Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers.

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  1. Tony says:

    The regular season hasn’t even started yet and the media and fans are already getting to the Toronto players. Cujo must be loving this. Hey and stop being so cheap, MacLean deserves his money, he’s not an everyday man, it takes talent to do what he does, i would like to see you go infront of a national audience on TV and see how you do.

  2. leafsrule31 says:

    maclean deserves every bit of that 450 k.. if anything he deserves just as much as cherrys making. if your gonna critisize the money involved in hockey.. go after holik and his 9 freaken million. now thats a joke.

    belfour is a complete joke and i hope he takes pat quinns job down the toliet with him.

  3. PanMan says:

    Maclean is worth what he got compared to what everyone else is getting. He got a 50k raise now.

    So no he doesn’t deserve that money in reality, but compared to what everyone else is gettin in the hockey world he does deserve it.

  4. aaron says:

    Man, Canadians. *shakes head* Is he worth 450 thousand? How frickin’ cheap can you guys possibly be? I mean, frickin’ Willie Nelson makes like 20 million a year, and you’re asking whether a Canadian icon is worth half a frickin’ million?

    Is your economy really THAT backwards? I mean, I know it bites, but that seems excessive.

    Domi’s right to stick up for his teammate, but who called Belfour sucking like hell, huh? That’s right…I’ve said from day one of the offseason, Belfour was going to suck this year.

    When was Farkas supposed to replace Cassels exactly? I didn’t even think he was supposed to get a roster spot… Who the hell was going to give the Flames more than Chris Drury? There is no way in hell NHL games were 2:33 last year. They were closer to 3 hours. Will you lay off Bettman? You don’t sell a multimillion dollar company at a whim. Do you Canadians have any grasp whatsoever of economy? Glad about the switch back to the All Star format, but for god’s sake, you’re ripping on Bettman for that? It doesn’t even matter.

    I’ve got nothing else to ***** about.

  5. zednik says:

    Is Ron MacLean worth it,

    Yes without a doubt he could have made double that and he still would have been worth it.

    As for Domi,

    Shut up, you show your 13 IQ everytime you open your mouth. They are Fans they pay your salary.

    As for the above comment,

    Aaron I think you really need an economics leason.

    Your top five largest companies have missed earnings estimates for the last 3 quarters and you have a president who’s “Holy War” is killing your economy.

    So don’t preach to us Canadians about Economy.


  6. SabresFanB says:

    I think that the NHL does conspire against the Sabres…hey that gives me an idea for an article. It may take awhile because the Sabres have been getting screwed over since the beginning of time.

  7. DG says:

    There’s a difference between Ron MacLean and Willie Nelson and that’s the fact I, as a Canadian taxpayer, help pay for MacLean’s salary whereas I do nothing for Nelson (literally too- I own nothing from the guy). Yeah, maybe I could make a case where hockey players and other dignitaries are overpaid, but the truth is my money’s not going towards them unless I choose it to go towards them and not with MacLean. Still, I don’t think MacLean is that much overpaid- the real culprit is Don Cherry, the most controversial, loud-mouthed idiot this country has ever known. $700,000 for ten minutes? Give me a break. I don’t want my tax dollars funding his yahct, thank you very much.


  8. BWbullies says:

    So I guess canada must be one of the wealthiest countries? Oh thats right you ride on our coat tails. Also keep in mind if it were not for us you would be speaking German, Japanese, rusian, or even chinese. It would be my guess that the average person makes more here then in Canada, but you are right what do we know. If MacLean wants 450 or nothing thats fine he can walk away and they can get someone else.

  9. Habs4ever says:

    I moved to the states this summer from europe and man, talking to people and seeing what people like Bwbullies writes shows me how much americans really do think they are on top of the world, I mean I was warned about it, but I never thought it would be this bad…

  10. Project_Infinity says:

    1) Ron MacLean didn’t get a substantial raise, only a tiny one. $450K is a little excessive, but no one brought up his contract before this. I think we’re making too big of a deal

    2) Royson James, a writer with the Toronto Star, wrote about the apathy in Toronto concerning the Argonauts. He led off talking about how badly people had booed the Raptors, saying that in the end, it meant that people cared about the Raptors, or else they wouldn’t be doing this. He compared this to the apathy about the Argos.

    All this means, Tie, is that Toronto still cares about its Leafs, so much so that they’ll boo Eddie “the (Fallen) Eagle” Belfour when he does badly. Whether or not its justified is another matter, in my view it is because he was supposed to replace Curtis Joeseph and all he seems capable of playing is AHl-backup. But Tie, if they didn’t boo, you wouldn’t have all that exorbiant money, now would you?

    3) Drury’s not washed up, he still has talent. He’ll flourish with Iginla. It gives the Flames good depth and signifies that Craig Button wants household names in Calgary, so that at least fans have the illusion that Calgary will be a playoff team…

    … as for the NHL, they’ve always been inept. The slap on the wrist for officiating infractions is a nice change, though.

    – Project Infinity

  11. Tony says:

    Not to start a fight but the average person in Japan makes more then another average person in the world and Canada is second. Also Canada was rated way higher then the States as the best place in the world to live and if it wasn’t for the terriost attacks we would still be number one.

  12. Overtime says:

    With MacLean, are we talking $450,000 in Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars? If it’s in monopoly money, we’re talking about $250K U.S. Is Ron MacLean worth $250k U.S.? Hell yes!!!

    You go on out and try to find an “everyday” man to replace MacLean and let me know how things are going. If CBC doesn’t pay the freight, MacLean jumps to the USA and TRIPLES HIS SALARY IN U.S. DOLLARS AND GETS OUT OF HAVING TO PAY ALL THOSE BULLSHIT CANADIAN INCOME TAXES!!!

    There are “everyday” people in the U.S. who make $125,000/yr. U.S. I guess that would be about $250,000/year in Canadian.

    You need to raise the bar according to the market that Ron MacLean works in. That market extends beyond Canada, you hoser!!

  13. Lint07 says:

    Who honestly gives a rat’s a$$ ???

  14. leafsrule31 says:

    please you ignorant american dumb son of a b*tch… i really hope your not referring to world war 2.. when canada was fighting the battles and losing lives from day 1 while the good ol united states of america sat at home and watched their allies die.. only to finally get off their asses and do something for their *friends* when they became a target.. which they have been ever since. contrary to popular belief.. canadas always fought for canada.

    we ride on your coatails?.. you think you own us.. because every single one of you are complete pathetic arrogant pricks who think they own everything on the face of the earth. thats why this is the year 2002 .. and canada is NOT the target.

    dont drag us into your pathetic *holy war* or war on terrorism or whatever you want to call it these days. if your so high and god damn mighty you dont need to give us the with us or against us speech the next time some inbred yahoo decides hes had enough of your arrogance. canada never has needed the united states to fight our battles… and we never will.. why?.. because our nation isnt running around thinking they own everything.. and starting wars ever second weekend.

    … dumbass.

  15. Nemix says:

    Sorry i dont speak dumb*** american ..Please move to boston,buffalo or detroit so u can speak the same normal language… Pardon me..but i dont take lightly to the anti canadian comments. In paticular when there was nothing to urge it on in the first place. Should we ask if u have any concept of the game entirely …

    Survey says…no

  16. OgieOglethorpe says:

    You are without a doubt two of the many confused and ignorant Americans whose noses do not work {who else would stick up for Bettman?}. If filthy cities, savage crime, and un-employment rates that are higher than Fleury are the prices to pay for such an awe inspiring economy, we’ll pass! I can’t understand why you think so highly of yourselves. You silver medalists can’t even fix an election properly! Do you honestly believe that all of the anti-American sentiment in the world is spawned out of jealousy? Time to get your noses fixed boys, YOURS STINKS TOO! As for “Also keep in mind if it were not for us you would be speaking German, Japanese, rusian, or even chinese.”; BWbullies, how is your knowledge of your own countries history? What language do you think YOU would be speaking were it not for the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who gave their lives for OUR freedom? To belittle the sacrifices that are made by veterans and their families for the sake of a hockey comment shows exactly what a classless asshole you really are. You are a complete goof.

  17. BayStBullies says:

    Exactly,couldn’t have said it better myself.

  18. DG says:

    By the way, thanks for all the comments and keep them coming, but please watch yourselves with the comments about nationalities. I don’t mean to be a jerk or anything, I just want to make sure everyone stays in line and isn’t offended.




  19. freshprince says:

    What the heck are you talking about….Jeff Farkas was never supposed to replace Cassels…if anything it was and is supposed to be Harold Druken.

    Great for the NHL to go back to East-West…..way better

  20. edmontonrules says:

    You tell him Nemix.

  21. TheBricks says:

    yeah, and how the Devils and Leafs jacked Holik’s price to make the Rangers bid that high. Also, Rob Lang started it off at 5mil a year, a guy who breaks his leg every season for 5 mil? what a jip!

  22. Malurous says:

    They don’t have any history lessons concerning things that are negative for America. And they think that anti-American activity in the world is spawned out of jealousy because they are told that publicly and officially. USA was pretty important in WWII, though.

  23. Rico71 says:

    Sorry Aaron,

    But us in Canada, we don’t try to spend money like idiots. If we consider that a guy that talks for about 30 minutes a week on TV is overpaid, well he is. And we are the ones paying the money so we have a right to complain.

    Not like you know anything about spending money responsibly eh?

    I knew Eddy was finished…good luck Toronto fans. We have Hackett to trade if you need him…and we won’t ask too much for him. *lol*

  24. Rico71 says:

    Amen to that.

    All he said.

  25. big_booty says:

    Maclean: Having never seen HNIC, I do not really have an opinion, but I fail to see the big deal about it. To put it in a US perspective, if John Buccigross holds out for more cash, I’m really not going to care one way or the other. I don’t watch NHL 2Night to see him or whatever tool is beside him, I watch the sport itself.

    Domi: The NHL’s circus sideshow freak thinks he can tell the fans what to do? Geez. First, it was: “Stop talking about Lindros, you’re distracting us.” Now, it’s: “Stop booing the billionaire, he’s our goalie.” What a buffoon. At least it makes for amusing copy. Incidently, Leafs fans: A blue-and-white sweater does not a superstar make.

    Farkas got sent down? Do you mean to tell me that another Leafs draftee doesn’t fulfill his potential and is doomed to bus lag in the minors? Is anyone else as shocked as I am?

    Drury-for-Morris: An even deal. Stop re-hashing it, people, both teams got exactly what they needed. A rarity in today’s NHL trading arena, don’t you think?

    Finals I don’t want to see (not that there’s any way in hell of this actually happening): Stars & Rangers. “And now, it’s time for another episode of ‘Who Can Buy the Stanley Cup?'”

  26. cwhockey says:

    I just thought I’d chime in. East-West All Star game again, thank you (although my dream would be to see Campbell vs Wales again, but this works).

    As for the other issues, I honestly don’t care right now. They have either been over-exposed by the media or I never cared in the first place. The argument I’ve seen about economies interests me; I’ve got one of my degrees in economics. Be more than happy to delve into that issue, just out of a professional curiosity more than anything else.

  27. HockeyRules says:

    Jeff Farkas wasnt brought in to replace Andrew Cassels, the Canucks didnt bring anyone in to replace Cassels because of their depth at Center with Harold Durken, Artem Chubarov, Trevor Linden(can move to center), Trevor Letowski(can move to center), Todd Warriner and now the emergence of Fedor Fedorov. Farkas was just for more depth, and wanted to get rid of Josh Holden.

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