Did the Canadiens improve?

IF the Canadiens get Sundin they might be a cup contender. What if they dont get Sundin? Do they inprove?

The Canadiens got Tangay and Laraque. They lose Ryder and Streit. Good or bad?  Well lets tallie.

1:The Canadiens get tuffness from Laraque
2:No Streit no good powerplay
3: Tangay will score but not a lot. They got Tangay for a 25th pick for a reason.
4:The young guys need to do better this year then last.
5: Get the Koivus and Higgins on their top and the Haps get in the  play-offs. You might think the play-offs are are a no douter but boy you are wrong. I am worried about injeries too. But if the cards play right…..Injeries, Sundin, young guys and older guys on their game. I think you have no worrys. Dont worry if they dont do so well. They are only getting better from here for years to go!

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  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     "Did the Canadiens improve?" Of course they improved, how do you not improve when you add Tanguay and a much needed sheriff in Laraque? plus the young players should still be improving. How do they not have a good PP without Streit? Souray did not make it no. 1 and neither did Streit, it is the system that the coaches have in place along with the dual QBs of Markov and Kovalev that made the PP no.1 for two staright seasons.

     If they get Sundin of course they are a Cup contender, but I believe they are already one without him. The only thing I can see stoping Montreal from being a serious contender is injuries.

  2. RealisticNick says:

    Well this was a waste of space.  I like the habs, but this article was terrible.  No thought, as well as the spelling and grammar were atrocious.  Any why all in bold?

    – tallie, Haps, douter, ingeries(x2).

    "Get the Koivus and Higgins on their top" – Since when did we get the other Koivu brother?  And they are on "their top" of what?  The Canadiens lines, or on the top of their game?

    Looks like it took about 2 minutes to write, try spending another 3-7 minutes to proof read.  This will get cut up by everyone and fuel the Leafs vs. Habs worst articles debate.

  3. leafy says:

    Even without Sundin, Montreal has pretty good forwards.  Having said that, the Habs need a power forward or two.  They can certainly use more size up front.

    More importantly, the Montreal forwards need to learn to play WAY better defensively.  They were absolutely awful in that Philadelphia series.  Well, one year older, one year wiser I suppose.

  4. oilcountry88 says:

    BTW Dandenault traded to kings..

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    definetly, gainey has played this offseason very well. Tanguay is a guy I don't like, but he's exactly what the habs needed. striet and ryder are way overpaid in their new contracts, Price is going to get better in goal, markov will always be the cornerstone of the defense core, and the young offense is coming into its own. The habs will have a good year finishing 1-4th in the conference IMO

  6. Benstheman says:


    Where did you get that??

  7. RealisticNick says:

    Don't tease people like that, its not nice 🙂

  8. HABSSTAR says:

    If this is true how much Sundin to Montreal rumours are going to spring from this. 


  9. Habs_Redsox says:

    How could HTR actually post this? sheeesh

  10. Habfan17 says:

    Yes, I believe that they have improved. No Streit does not equal no powerplay. Didn't you learn anything from the time Souray left?
    Tanguay is an improvement over Ryder, but a more costly one. I think though that he has something to prove to Keenan and the Habs fans, so it should be a good season for him

    They would be a better team with Sundin, but as the young guys gain experience and mature, they will be allright. As long as they don't start acting like the Sens and use the excuse that they are learning and maturing every year and then do nothing in the playoffs. One year to the final doesn't do it when you are a top team for 10 seasons!

  11. Plekanec says:

      "I" said it in the last 3 Montreal Canadiens posts, Kovalev is mostly the reason but like you said Markov also helps a lot. Ever since Kovalev joined the habs, they have been top 3 in NHL and never above even when Kovalev had is 48 pts season 2 years ago, the habs where top in NHL on PP!

      For those of you who thinks Sundin will come to Montreal, think again! Sundin will either stay with the Leafs or will take the extra 5 million and go to Vancouver. Beside the habs don't need his unmotivated a$$!

  12. Plekanec says:

    is Dandenault really traded and don't lie!

  13. Habfan17 says:

    I agree with you! Why did they approve this post. It isn't clear what the guy is trying to say other than posing the question, did they improve?

    Of course, I like my post, " The Waiting Game " I would like to hear your comments on that one!

  14. nocupforbuffalo says:

    I see a big problem in goal next year for montreal, i think Price is going to have some problems this year and halak is going to be ok, i see an Ottawa situation happening in Montreal. P.s. Sundin isent going there if he plays its in Toronto and that it.

  15. Plekanec says:

     Montreal just signed a guy name Yanick Lehoux, a 6,1" centerman who played 6 games with Phoenix in NHL and scored 2 goals and 2 assists for 4 pts, besides that he spend most of his time in AHL and in Europe.

     One more sign that Sundin isn't coming, Gainey start signing big centers!

  16. Plekanec says:

     The Habs are much deaper and Bigger that for sure even without Sundin, "I" think a trade is needed, this is the line-up if  Sundin decides to joins the habs.

    Tangay- Sundin -Kovalev
    Kostitsyn- Plekanec – Kostitsyn
    Higgins – Koivu- latendresse   ( not actual lines)

     Those would most likely be the players on the first 3 lines but look at all the players that are fighting for a spot on the 4th line!

    Laraque, Kostopoulos, Begin, Dandenault, D'Agostini, Pacioretty, Lapierre, Glumac, Lehoux, Chipchura and Stewart! Also very few players are under 6' tall, the habs will be respected this year as they are much bigger than last year, the Habs should have the same kind of year as last year but I think that the 5 on 5 will be much better this year unless they start taking stupid penalties and hopefully S.Kostitsyn, Bouillon, Komisarek and Lapierre won't have to fight with a guy like Laraque on the roster.


  17. UsedandAbused says:

    I think experience will be the biggest improvement to the team, unless they add Sundin. Laraque was a good move as well.

  18. oilcountry88 says:

    i know! this is a terrible article!!

  19. oilcountry88 says:

    I swear i saw this on a website somewhere.. i would show you the link but i completely forget what the site is called.. I would have thought it would be on TSN or sportsnet by now..
    I wouldnt say something like that as a joke anyways.. im an oilers fan and i dont really care for the Canadiens.. if i was joking i would have said Price was traded.

  20. careyprice31 says:

    lmfaoooo AHHH mann thats pure gold what u just wrote lmfaoo

  21. pezzz says:

    The Habs are no Cup Contenders. They are Conference Contenders. It's a lot different. Do you really think the Habs can beat Detroit? or Dallas? or San Jose? Man, they touched the puck a big 3 minutes against Detroit last year, and you think they can compete for 7 games against them? no kidding. this is ridiculous. + when the Habs played Detroit last year, they didn't have neither Stuart or Hossa. LOL. what a joke. Habs cup contenders? ok. they got raped by Dallas last year, they were looking like chickens without heads on the ice, and you think that Tanguay and Laraque will turn things over? hum wait a minute. 1rst Laraque will not play in the playoffs. 2nd Why do you think Sutter traded Tanguay? because he piied his pants off against Conference teams. You really think they can beat San Jose? look how Price choked against the Sharks. you really think he will handle being in the Stanley Cup finals against such a team? give me a break. Last year, the Habs were lucky as they had no injuries for all the year, and surprised everyone with their speed, while every other team was trying to get bigger (see Ducks). Now that the Wings won the cup with their speed and intelligence, do you think any team will be surprised by the Habs? no kidding. This year, all the games lay on 2 pairs of shoulders. Price and Kovalev. If one of them gets injured of plays bad, the season is over. and you really think they will be contenders? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  22. TimTheBone says:

    Yes but ALSO that player would most likely be signed to a minor league contract. So there would be no hit against our cap

  23. TimTheBone says:

    I really don't think i have to justify myself much because your basing everything on speculation and maybe one bad game.

    Nashville for instance practically owned detroit regular season last year. Yeah sure detroit won in the first round, but you CANNOT base an opinion so strongly on speculation. AND the bottom line is the Habs are contenders right now based on pre-season rankings. Now whether or not that plays out next season (cause ANYTHING can happen dung any given season) will be interesting to see.

    Your comments are very unintelligent, and condescending. So instead of attacking something, try reasoning and giving your opinion and MAYBE people will take some things you say seriously

  24. Canadiens81 says:

    Where do you get the extra 5mil?  We need a big center and Sundin proved on a bad leafs team last year that he can still be one of the best centers in the league.  I would love to have him in a Habs jersey.

  25. pezzz says:

    Tim, if you read some of my previous posts, you’ll see that I’m always basing my opinions on arguments, while being always polite and respectful. I agree, this comment was more about being ironic and sarcastic than making arguments. But I’ll give you some exemples to bolster my case. I was not basing myself on 1 bad game, but on 5/6 of the games against the Western Conference.

    Let the Preds come back like you did against NYR. bad effort.

    got raped by the Wings. Habs touched the puck 2, maybe 3 times during the game.

    got laid by the Stars. like, solid.

    lost to Colombus. 3-0. LOL?

    got blown by the Sharks. the team didn’t stood up, and Price choked like hell. Without poor goaltending by Nabokov, it could’ve been 6-1 for the Sharks.

    4-2 against the Coyotes. nice win. nice game. they played well.

    5-2 win against the Kings. oups! refused goal against the Kings, it would’ve been 1-0 LA. Halak made 35 saves. without these 2 things, it was a win for LA, no-brainer. The Kings played a lot better than the Habs, but you know, it’s LA……

    3-1, lost against Anaheim. aouch. The Habs were teached why they were Stanley Cup champions. and solid.

    lost against the Blues. man, it was a boring game. wow. poor play by Montreal, no creativity at all. they really let this one go, against the worst team of the NHL after Christmas.

    win against Chicago, in additionnal time. poor game. really. did you watch it? both Chicago and MTL were looking like chickens without heads on the ice. but Chicago was not a good team at this time. Habs should have taken this one solid. and they nearly failed. aouch.


    on 10 games, 3 wins. on these 3 wins, 1 good game. and this good game was against the Coyotes, an average team. they played poorly against LA, the worst team of the league, against the Blues, a team falling down quickly.

    and against Detroit, SJ and Dallas? these teams are cup contenders, you agree right? well, we touched the puck a couple of times, at best. they completly dominated the Habs, they got no chance at all. Do you really think the Habs can win 4 games against Detroit, Dallas, or San Jose? no. so are they Cup Contenders? no.

  26. Canadiens81 says:

    First of all it was calgary's system that affected tanguay play not the conference seeing that he excelled in colorado(won a cup there I believe).  Adding Laraque helps us on a few levels, 1st we have an intimidating presence so teams won't run our players, also it lets Komiserak not have to worry about fighting and taking majors and he can focus on defense.  San Jose chocks in the playoffs every year and nopt worried about them.  Plus being conference contenders I think makes you cup contenders or are you saying no one in the east are contenders?  the Habs got better later in the season so your theory that the Habs won't surprise anyone this year makes no sense cause yuo would think teams would have caught on later in the year.  And I think everyone would agree(Habs fan or not) that we are more than a 2 player team.

  27. TimTheBone says:

    Well in my previous posts i have stated CLEARLY that the WEST is indeed a much stronger conference. Now so what your telling me is that no other team in the east is a cup contender?….. cause is you say that Pittsburgh or NYR or Philly are cup contenders than you SURELY have to include Montr5eal in that category. Montrewal CAN defeat any one team in the east any given night. The same goes the other way. Montreal can be beaten any given night by any given team. Now Montreal is most definitely a Contender. Will they Win?… most likely ot.. as much as i'd like to see it happen, probably not. But that doesnt mean they arent in the top 3 teams in the east to contend for the championship

  28. ICELIZARD says:

    No, no… Read my post instead…LOL!!!

  29. lafleur10 says:

    and you think your cansucks are contenders?with or without sundin the scansucks will not make the playoffs in the west! not good enough no secondary scoring and bad coaching!and mike gillis as g.m. ! it won’t be long and loungo will be requseting a trade because he’s played for losers his entire career! also don’t bet against the habs doing well! the are the only team from this country that can win the stanley cup! so go on your cansucks roumors and post there where nobody cares and reads those articles you little troll and leave these to the habs and leafs fans!

  30. Hockey75 says:

    I really think Sundin will sign with the Leafs or retire.

  31. NSkid says:

    Are  you kidding? Strait was the powerplay! Who set up Kovalev and who had the point shot? Of corse Soray was good but not half as good as Strait. They got Tangay for a 25th pick! Mark my words. (Tangay is no good) and mark these words too  (the habs powerplay won't be better then last year.

  32. NSkid says:

    Price played terrible that game! Did you see Campals goal? It looked like he let him score!

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