DiPietro Signs [15 YEAR] contract with Isles!!!!

The New York Islanders will announce today that they have signed goalie Rick DiPietro to a 15-year, $67.5 million contract.

The deal is believed to be the longest in NHL history and second only in major North American pro sports to the $25-million, 25-year deal Magic Johnson signed with the NBA Lakers in 1981.


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  1. nyrhockey094 says:

    Yeah Kubina 4/20 wasnt that bad… man are you guys so childish as to where you cant post something without bashing the leafs?

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

    That is probably the same reaction that Dipietro had as well, hopefully he was able to hold in until he was out of Wang’s office tho.

  3. I_hate_LA says:

    Hey don’t look at this from a bad perspective, look at the publicity we’re getting! For sure this is a BAD deal for the Islanders, but it’s definitely GOOD for the NHL making a name for itself. I see us making headlines all over the world!!!

  4. Ortep says:

    That was awesome.

  5. Sands says:

    that whole “one” joke.. I have no idea what that means… If I mistyped somthing my bad… I’m at work otherwise… go ***** yourself

  6. Kraftster says:

    Cements the Isles as the laughing stock of the league….

  7. CaptainInsano says:

    The word on the street is that DiPietro will be traded in 40 days and Wade Dubielewicz will be named #1 goalie and GM.

  8. jonnybnimble says:

    ouch… I’d hate to be an Islanders fan right now… or wait, do they even exist? I don’t see any good thing coming out of this deal:

    1) sub-par goalie

    2) chance of having a younger cheaper goalie outperforming him is high

    3) they already are shelling out a fortune for yashin

    4) injuries do happen… ESPECIALLY when the odds are within 5 years… this team should be booted out of the league altogether for this stupidity

  9. gg_idiot says:

    I hope your job doesn’t involve typing

  10. gg_idiot says:

    Why bother? Wang is obviously his b!tch.

  11. gg_idiot says:

    Please, this is just gonna make a joke of the league, this franchise will seriously get boycotted by its fans if shit like this keeps happening

  12. Milohabs says:

    I don’t even know what to say about this. i don’t see any way that this deal makes sense for the Islanders. Dipietro on the other hand (and his agent) are laughing. For starters, I don’t think he’s worth 4.5 mill for even 1 year. He’s unproven and won’t help this team much. His stats are average. He will also have no insentive to perform as he’s never again fighting for a contract (unless there are bonus incentives built into the deal). The ONLY way this works out for NY is if he becomes a stellar goalie, and never gets injured and has 15 stellar seasons worthy of 4.5 mill a year. Of course in 10-15 years from now, 4.5 may be a steal as players may be making 10 million for his calibre.

    The Isles are a joke and this Wang fella doesn’t seem to know his head from his ass when it comes to hockey operations.

  13. merr29 says:

    To tell you the truth, i hope the pens give Crosby a similar deal when he becomes a RFA because:

    A: he’ll be 21 and will lock him up till he’s 35 or 36

    B: he’ll make

    by years: cost : then age

    1st: 1 million : 21

    2nd: 1.5 million : 22

    3rd: 2 million : 23

    4th: 2.5 million : 24

    5th: 3 million : 25

    6th: 3.5 million : 26

    7th: 4 million : 27

    8th: 4.5 million : 28

    9th: 5 million : 29

    10th: 5.5 million : 30

    11th: 6 million : 31

    12th: 6.5 million : 32

    13th: 7 million : 33

    14th: 7.5 million : 34

    15th: 8 million : 35

    total 67.5 million

    C: and if it goes by average, it will only cost us 4.5 on the cap for the next 15 years.

  14. mtl_prince says:

    crosby would command a much higher salary then that.

  15. gg_idiot says:

    Um thats a pretty optimistic view I think, Crosby is gonna be league maximum as soon as possible, don’t think this guy is gonna settle for anything less

  16. JohnnyCash says:

    Crosby is probably gonna get the league max in a few years, way more than a 4,5 m average. Also considering inflation, 8 m will be pretty low for him when he’s 35. He’s already an elite player, and he’s 18!! freakin 18!

    The only way a deal like that would be good for a player like Crosby (or Ovechkin, thornton, jagr, etc..) would be if he was very injury prone (a la Lindros).

  17. monley89 says:

    just completely obsurd

  18. ranger_fan says:

    Fichaud’s number will be retired in January, but Tommy Soderstrom’s will be retired in November

  19. Snipes says:

    you guys are all a bunch of idiots…this is a good deal for the islanders and i cant believe that none of you can see it…if the isles gave him a deal for 3 or 4 years he would undoubtedly command more then 4.5 per year once other teams got involved in negotiations and drove his price up…he is an excellent goalie who won 30 games last year with a GAA close to 3 and a save percentage over .900 on a terrible team…with the salary cap increasing every year players are going to want more expensive contracts and dipietro will still be making 4.5 per year which even now isnt extreme for a star goalie…the years may be long but the salary will not handcuff the islanders

  20. goalieman32 says:

    i doubt it, they only have one. the backup spot is still available and i dont think that dubelwitz? will take it, and they have no prospects in goal.

  21. FlamingHomer says:

    I actually agree with you. In 15 years that could be the going rate for a back up goalie in the AHL. If he stays healthy and continues to improve even marginally, this deal could really work for the Islanders, provided Dipietro doesn’t demand a contract reassessment before it’s term. But I can’t see a member of the Islanders doing that.

  22. Sharks06 says:

    This is all just part of Wang’s plan to drive Islanders fans away from the team so he can move them to Hawaii so he can be closer to where he came from.

    Hey! at least he wont have to change the name!! 😀

  23. ShadysBackRJ says:

    only the islanders…

  24. perryb says:

    the circus continues

    lol yahsin’s contract still ain’t even done lol

  25. SensShark says:

    The best deal of the year!

  26. SensShark says:

    kubina was gonna get close to that somewhere else…..

    I’m not a Leaf’s fan but when the market dictates salaries….

  27. I_hate_LA says:

    Ummm yeah…go back to MEXICO!!!

  28. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    Wang is officially the stupidest owner in the history of pro sports.

    Isles fans had great hopes for Wangs tenure, when he took over the team from millstein, and gluckstern, who had forced milbury to trade half the team away in salary cuts. much like bush has squandered the good will he had from the whole world after 9/11, by doing something stupid (iraq)…Wang has squandered Isles fans good will by doing stupid things like this.

    DiPietro is a slightly above average goalie. No better.

    Keeping Luongo years ago would have been much smarter. The franchise is in,love with DiPietro becausehe is very popular OFF the ice, with the players, and front office. This is skewing their opinion and causing them to inflate his value. Unfortunately “popularity” doesn’t win hockey games!

    On top of all the obvious reasons that this was a stupid move, note the DP had a knee injury that kept him out of commission for several weeks last season. That happened early in his career. His knees are bound to get WORSE not better as he ages.

    They are really insane!

    Better move would have been 3-5 yr deal, OR trading him for someone else yesterday (BEFORE signing this crazy contract – that will make him untradeable for 10 yrs!)

  29. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Alexai Yashin in disguise.

    Wang likely fired Neil over this issue

  30. leebrien21 says:

    on the scale of good moves 1 being singing Aki Berg 10 being Signing Lidstrom this is aaaaaaabout a minus 6 holy god what is wrong with the islanders organization other than they are being run by Wang. i say if you would have signed crosby,phaneuph,malkin,perry,steen,gagne,kovalchuck,homlqvist and justabout any other young gun for that legnth of time and money would may have possibly been a remotely good idea . . .but Dipietro . . . wow. . . .i have proved more than him in my beer league!

    My Prediction:

    the islanders make the playoffs 3-5 times and end up in the bottom of the league at least twice and when they do make the playoffs the will be gone in 6 at the most.

    but good for you islanders fans, you now have something to be remebered by . . .Rick Dipietro hence forth synonimous with the word CHOKE

  31. blarneylad says:

    all i have to say is no comment

  32. rojoke says:

    The Score reported that Gretz signed a 21-year deal with the Oilers in 1979. Just to indicate how much times have changed, the total value for that deal was $5 million.

  33. Pedro says:

    Gretzky was signed to a 20yr 20mil deal by the Oiler’s in 79.

  34. woodsco85 says:

    Just so everyone knows, this is actually the second longest contract in NHL history, the Edmonton Oilers signed Wayne Gretzky to a 21 year deal in 1979, thats right Rick DiPietro is second to WAYNE GRETZKY in contracts, does anyone alse see something wrong with that? I could understand if it was someone like Brodeur, or Luongo, but freakin DiPietro? This blowsmy mind, have fun with Yashin and DiPietro for the next decade or so. Im feel bad for all Islander fans. I send my condolences to your franchise, and the fans who supported it.

  35. gg_idiot says:

    In 15 years DiPietro could also be a cripple in a wheel chair

  36. woodsco85 says:

    Yashin – 7.6 million a year

    DiPietro – 4.5

    Thats right 12.6 million a year against the Cap… ON FREAKIN YASHIN AND DIPIETRO! Bahahahaha, I dont wanna hear another thing about the Leafs over paying for players, cause this is just ridiculous!

  37. ranger_fan says:

    That was signed in the WHA, not NHL!

  38. Rico420 says:

    Do you guys not remember that five years ago Milbury tried to sign him to a 20 year contract, but the league overturned it?

    I mean this is a joke but you also have to remember that the Isles do have the option of buying out this contract at any time.

  39. beckfan05 says:

    Then what happens to Snow?

  40. gg_idiot says:

    Buying out is just as ridiculous

  41. Andy-O says:

    Buying him out would still cost, right now, over 68 mil. Holy Shit what the hell is going on there on the Isle? Is there a crack factory pumping junk in the air? 15 years for anybody is insane, but for that average at best goaltender? Ha ha ha!!! I am feeling better and better about the Gagne signing.

  42. beckfan05 says:

    But it goes against the cap if they do, doesnt it?

  43. beckfan05 says:

    Does this mean his number automatically gets retired when hes finished?

  44. Doctor says:

    Imagine the Islanders turn it around and win the cup for the next 15 years. Not. This is all about Charles Wang’s ego, as many sportscasters have speculated. Charles Wang is slowly making himself known as THE WORST owner in all of pro sports.

  45. Williams1505 says:

    this is absolutely rediculous….Dumbasses!

  46. Habfan1234 says:

    I can’t wait for the next installment of Looney Tunes, NHL style. What Wang will do next nobody knows, but for disinterested fans it will be a sitcom that will induce bouts of hysterical laughter. For Isles fans, this show will be nothing less than a tragedy. I will definatley tune in next time for positive psychological effects produced by laughter.

  47. hockeyhead says:

    nice. also….rolley melanson, mark fitzpatrick…and kelly hrudey coming out of retirement.

  48. Rico420 says:

    It is nice to see that the tradition of a totally nuts owner is still alive in the NHL..welcome Islanders fans to your version of the Ballard years!

    The only thing is..Dipietro must not really care about the money very much when it averages out to 4.5 a season who knows what the market will bring in five to ten years?

    We gotta remember that this used to be common place for teams in the well….1950s hahahah

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