Will disgruntled NHL owners stand up to Gary Bettman over length of lockout?

Gary Bettman has some explaining to do.

The NHL commissioner may lose sleep Tuesday night in the city that never sleeps as he prepared to sit down with the board of governors Wednesday at the New York law offices of Proskauer Rose in Times Square.

League sources told QMI Agency they expect Bettman to face pointed questions from some owners who have bitten their tongues long enough as the NHL lockout hits Day 81 Wednesday with an estimated $1.2 billion in lost revenues.

“I would think the owners who haven’t said anything are going to finally have their say after they get updated on where the discussions are at because nobody is happy where this is at,” said a league insider Tuesday. “Most certainly, (Bettman) has his allies, but if one owner who isn’t happy with the fact that the business is being damaged by this lockout stands up, then I think you could see a group of owners stand up to have their say.

“Nobody wants the league to give the players everything they want, but not everybody is prepared to lose the season because they’re concerned with how the business is going to recover from this, especially in the United States.”

Now, it should be noted Bettman likes to be in control at board meetings and, quite frankly, the first two hours are likely going to be spent updating the owners of all 30 teams on how the league got here.


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  1. leafs_wallace93 says:

    I hope Fehr breaks the union and the league decertifies it will effectively mean the long term death of a handful of markets that are a weight on profitable teams. Why the players as a whole want to force a league where their are significantly less employment possibilities is short sighted but I suppose it’s their own fault.

    The death of the cap system will mean back to the good old days where all small market teams become feeders for to bigger markets. Well good for big market teams, I suppose I’ll miss making up rebuild plans for teams to fit under the cap but really it’ll be back to see a handful of select teams making big off season moves and small markets bleeding talent.

    Cujo, Moginly, Nieuwendyk and draft smaft trades like Nolan and Leech (which wouldn’t have hurt save for the cap). Remind me who ever signed in Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal? Back to one organization in Canada that matters, which I’d say is unfortunate but I’m tired of how obnoxious pretty much all of Canada is towards Toronto in general.

    • mojo19 says:

      With you 100%.

      The 2004 Leafs had the highest payroll in Leafs history –

      Gary Roberts – Mats Sundin – Owen Nolan
      Alex Mogilny – Ron Francis – Darcy Tucker
      Alex Ponikarovsky – Joe Nieuwendyk – Nik Antropov
      Mikael Renberg – Robert Reichel – Tie Domi

      Brian Leetch – Bryan McCabe
      Tomas Kaberle – Ken Klee
      Bryan Marchment – Aki Berg

      Ed Belfour
      Trevor Kidd

      Robert Reichel was essentially our 4th line centre after the deadline, and his salary was something like $3-4 million, and guess what, nobody whined about it because nobody cared. Just think, we had to gut this team after the last lockout to accommodate the ridiculous $39 million salary cap.

      We had to let Roberts, Nieuwy, Leetch, and Mogilny all walk. Francis and Marchment retired. Renberg, Reichel and Berg all to Europe. And we were left with Khavanov, and a couple of guys who kind of looked like Lindros and Allison.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        Salary caps hurt big market teams because they’ll always spend to the cap and hence will sign whichever free agents are available regardless of their quality. That is why Redden, Gomez get pay days and to lesser extent Blakes, Lomdardi ect…. Leafs are victims of the latter signs (I get we didn’t sign Lombardi but we took the baggage of that signing) as in Toronto we’re ‘savvy’ which translate to endlessly over paying guys that should be on our forth line.

        Cap systems castrate big markets, that’s why the Knicks and the Leafs have been among the worst franchises in sports while systems reward mismanaged teams like say the Lighting, the Hurricanes ect…

        Get good talents in good markets and revenue will increase. Starve the terrible markets and have a 32 team league with the other half in Europe, that radical change could propel the game past the other big three sports in the long term.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        And laughing at Nolan and Roberts with Renberg and Molginly being alternates as wingers because poor Mats never had a half decent player on his line. pfft….

        • mojo19 says:

          You’re right, but that was brief compared the years of Derrick King, Mike Johnson, Freddy Modin, Jonas Hoglund, Lonny Bohonos, with only Steve Thomas coming in for a while and giving Mats somebody stable who could score. Hardly championship calibre wingers.

    • decoltz81 says:

      Toronto the only organization that matters? Really? You must also think that Toronto is the center of the universe right. How many GM’s has Toronto had since their last Cup. Is it just me or is Toronto the only “big market” club suffering from the cap? Or is this your excuse as to why they have not qualified for the playoffs since the last CBA? Refreash my memory what team did Cujo play for before he became a Maple Leaf? The point I am trying to make is the leafs couldnèt win before there was a salary cap.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        In a system where teams aren’t handicapped from putting their disproportionate revenues by into their product, Toronto would be on the only relevant long term Canadian market. They likely would have won a cup or cups had they not be restricted by the cap. That’s not an excuse, it’s a fact.

        • mojo19 says:

          If not a Cup, we would have at least been contenders to the same degree that we were before the lockout.

          1999 – 3rd in East: Advanced to conference finals
          2000 – 4th in East: Advanced to 2nd round
          2001 – 7th in East: Advanced to 2nd round
          2002 – 3rd in NHL: Advanced to conference finals
          2003 – 5th in East: Eliminated in 1st round
          2004 – 4th in East: Advanced to 2nd round
          2005 – Lockout
          2006 to now – ………

          If not for the cap coming in, and we didn’t have to gut that team from before, I mean they still would have gotten old and we couldn’t keep that core together much longer, but we could have been competitive like the Sharks, Flyers, Canucks, etc. have been if we could have kept outspending everyone. If not a Cup.

          It’s too bad Sundin had to settle for Jeff O’Neil and Alex Steen, etc. as wingers, post lockout, with very little support from the 2nd and 3rd lines. Blake and Antropov gave him a solid support cast one year but the rest of the team was a joke and Toskala in goal. Enough said.

          • LN91 says:

            Let’s not forget when the Salary Cap occurred, Toronto was so over the cap with aging players that it basically took gutting the entire team to make the team cap complacent.

            Mogilny, Roberts, Nolan, Niewendyk, etc. had to been gutted for this to occur. I’m not saying that Toronto would have contended (maybe for 1 season) but they could have planned a better rebuild. They lost tons of players, that could have been worth at least a draft pick…For nothing. With a bare prospect pool at the time and no money to spend on players…Toronto was doomed.

            Thus, the lockout pretty much turned Toronto…Once a decent team, into basically an expansion franchise. The 04-05 was an atomic bomb to the franchise and to this day they still have not recovered.

            Even with Seguin and Dougie Hamilton, this team would still be recovering. Kessel has been everything he was advertised to be (I think he’s the best goal scorer in this league) and not even he can take this team to respectability.

            Now, is Toronto recovering? Yes, its been a slow process but there are some signs:

            1) Kessel is a great player. He’s still very young and they still have another decade till he probably wont be the same.

            2) Gardiner/Reilly are 2 highly touted defensive players.

            3) JVR is still a player that was drafted 2nd Overall a few years back.

            4) Depth in the prospect. Tons of players that will play some form in the NHL. In defense and most likely on the 2-4 lines in the future. there’s grittiness, size, great two-way play in these prospects…So they willfix that issue.

            Now, there are pieces that still need to be a addressed:

            1) Verteran starter. To say that Reimer cannot be a #1 is ridiculous. He’s skilled and has a very good head on his shoulder. That being said, he’s not ready…yet.

            2) More skill on the top-line. We need to draft/sign/trade for another 2 1st-liners. Start with the C and work your way to the other side. Kessel cannot do it all.

            3) Veterans. I will not stress it enough. We need 1-2 players that have done it all. I don’t care if they are 35-years old. Who will keep the heads of these young players leveled when everything seems amiss? This has been the reason the Leafs have derailed the past few seasons.

            That is all. I think I’m right, but everyone has their own opinions.

            • 93killer93 says:

              I completely agree. All of those needs can be addressed this summer. Go after one of Backstrom, Nabokov, Smith, or Theodore to share time with Reimer. Obviously Getzlaf and Perry should be top priority, but there are some good veteran guys who would fit in for the short term. Arnott, MacDonald, Morrow, Clowe. Maybe even sign one of Regehr or Vishnovsky. Plus hopefully a top 5 pick. The team has some good pieces in place.

            • mojo19 says:

              I agree with all of that. In fact you basically just restated everything I said about the team being gutted from above. And like I said, it wasn’t just Niewy, Roberts, Mogilny and Nolan we lost. Renberg, Reichel and Berg to Europe, Marchment and Francis retired, Ken Klee left.

              And then a year later to really set any hope for a rebuild backwards, JFJ trades Tuuka Rask for Andrew Raycroft and proceeds to buy-out Ed Belfour who would go on to post better numbers in Florida than Raycroft would in Toronto. What a headache.

              • LN91 says:

                It was decent deals at the time, but JFJ had more errors as time went by.

                I really think the focus now should be a First-Line C. Burke really needs to go all-out for Getzlaf/Perry and throw his rule-book aside to sign them.

                He needs a risk move…Something he has not had since the Kessel deal.

                • 93killer93 says:

                  I think the CBA limiting contract years, puts the Leafs at a much better position to sign free agents. This summer is make or break for Burke. Signing Getzlaf and Perry would completely turn the team around. Hopefully with Perry being from Toronto and with Burke and Carlyle here it helps us sign them come July.

                  • If you can only go after 1, which one do you take? The big center? Or Corey Perry? Personally, I think Perry is more valuable.

                    PS. I hate that after a few replies, you can’t click the reply button anymore.

                    • LN91 says:

                      Unless JVR can play Center…

                      Getzlaf. Might have had an off year, but he’s the greater need.

                      Burke needs to throw every card at them. Money, contract, hey I won you a cup, hey I have the coach that made you bananas play well, I have a young squad here, great supporting cast in Toronto, former teammates from Anaheim, etc.

                      Burke needs to go hard…If he doesn’t, I would be greatly upset.

                    • leafmeister says:

                      Seriously, what is with that?

                      Anyways, in response to LN91. Another factor may be that Perry and Getzlaf both have cups, so that shouldn’t be their primary determining factor for who to sign with. The chance to win the cup for Toronto may be a huge draw; since the cup they won was celebrated by a rally in a parking lot, rather than an entire city partying for pretty much all summer. Toronto would be insane.

  2. Shoelesshobo says:

    Off Topic.

    Due to this horrid lockout I have been mostly looking at a lot of mock drafts for the up coming year and while some have us picking in the top 5 which would be awesome so predict us somewhere in the 7 to 14. Which leads me to the following if players like…

    – Lindholm
    – Barkov
    – Monahan
    – Lazar

    are gone would you be against picking a defenseman? The one guy I am paying attention to a lot as of late is Nikita Zadorov and this kid is a TANK. I mean he is huge. 6’5 currently sitting at 230 pounds at the ripe age of 17 (18 when he is drafted.) He is pretty sound on the defensive side of the game and can move the puck pretty well for a big guy. Would be an amazing partner for say Reilly.

    • LN91 says:

      I think it really depends on what’s going to happen after the 02-13 season. So many theories could happen.

      Hypothetically, let’s say Getzlaf/Perry don’t sign with Anaheim. I can see Burke posting offers that no other team could compete with. If Burke is able to sign the two, I would rule out a C and probably another defencemen.

      Or…Let’s say Burke gets the 2nd overall pick. Do you draft Barkov? Or draft Seth Jones and package Phaneuf for a centermen?

      So many things could happen. I think the best thing to do is just suggest guys you like.

      If Burke gets 3-5…Either Barkov or Monahan should be a Leaf.

      • lafleur10 says:

        never rule out the rangers if they want getzlaf / perry they could easily do the moves necessary to get them both and they could easily outbid the leafs on one or both guys they could definately compete with the leafs they’ve done it in the past and have shown that they can and probaly could if these 2 guys are available. i can see the leafs passing over barkov if they got the 2n overall pick it just not burke’s m.o to draft europeans i think he’d take monahan or seth jones as you said and trade phanuef fro that center as you mentioned.

        • LN91 says:

          That makes zero sense and it’s merely impossible. How is NYR going to make a bid for Getzlaf/Perry when they already have so much money tied up in their roster long-term…Not to mention that the salary cap will be decreasing soon enough.

          With a decreased salary cap…Few major markets can offer huge contracts to pending free agents. Toronto is one of those teams since they will only bet at 40 million after this season is up, with no pending free agents that they need to sign?

          • lafleur10 says:

            if there’s a way… glen sather will find it and could it! it makes total sense if there’s one team that can do it,it’s the rangers they’ve done it with every big name free-agent that has been out there and they would no doubt do it again

          • lafleur10 says:

            and it’s unlikely that perry/getzlaf would want to go to toronto they will want to play where they are on a contender that has a chance to win the stanley cup .

            • LN91 says:

              Okay, once again, makes zero sense. Not many contending teams will have the money to sign both to large contracts.

              Also, was Minny a contending team when Parise/Suter signed there? Nope. They signed there because they wanted to be closer to home. Guess where Perry’s hometown is near?

              • lafleur10 says:

                your right perry is from there and might want to play close to home but if that’s the case i could see getzlaf signing in either calgary or edmonton to play closer to home,however i think both guys really want to play for a contender so i think they’ll both sign with the,la’s,detroits,rangers of the world it’s unfortunate but probably a reality.

                • LN91 says:

                  Like I said…NYR, LA hard pressed against the cap. Hard to get under it if the salary cap decreases because teams will be less likely to accept a salary dump.

                  Calgary is tight against the cap, I doubt they will be able to do it. Edmonton could be a possibility.

                  Detroit, is not that attractable anymore. Parise/Suter both rejected the Wings because they are close to an entire rebuild.

                  • ZillyHoo says:

                    Good old Lafleur arguments!

                    • There’s just no way NYR can sign them without moving Nash, Gaborik or Richards. Plus, what If you add that Redden’s contract might count against them next year? I’m pretty sure they’ll get some breathing room for an extended period of time if that agreement goes through, but still, Rangers still need to sign Del Zotto, and have already burned a year off of Kreider’s contract by playing him in the playoffs. Stepan is going to get a bigger contract – same with Hagelin and McDonagh.

                      I would love to get Perry on the Rangers, much more than Getzlaf, but I don’t see that happening.

    • 93killer93 says:

      I would take Max Domi if that were the case. I really want the leafs to grab another first and get him. I think Burke proved this year he’s going to take whoever he thinks is the best regardless of position.

  3. lafleur10 says:

    hockey futures just released their 2012-13 team rankings

    • lafleur10 says:

      the habs are ranked 8th!

      • LN91 says:

        Yeah, Leafs were downgraded due to not having elite offensive skill. But that really has not been the issue in our top-six, so I’m okay with that.

        Also, I find it ironic you quote them when you have bashed them for many years haha.

        • lafleur10 says:

          yeah ….but they the leafs should’ve rated higher than 20th rielly is that good to warrant them being higher i read though that they said the leafs forward prospects don’t much that skill you mentioned and were projected as 3rd and 4th liners

          • LN91 says:

            They appeared to have move up to 18th. Reilly is elite, he will be a great player for Toronto. Let’s not forget Jake Gardiner is only 22 as well.

            Forwards wise, a bunch of depth guys. However, that has been the issue with Toronto (good two-way, third-line players and PK specialists) so I’m very content with them.

            Only possible second-line guys will probably be Kadri, Colborne, Frattin…And I will say Biggs down the road.

  4. LN91 says:

    I love watching the Marlies play, even though they lost today (What was the point of Yeo again?).

    I think Kadri and Frattin (well, obviously) will be in the NHL if they start up again. I will even admit Kadri has really turned around his season.

    On the KHL front, both Grabo and Kulemin are at a PPG pace right now.

    In the O, Tyler Biggs will be a fan favorite in Toronto for a long time, while Connor Brown was a nice late round pick up.

    • mojo19 says:

      Point per game is impressive in the K, given that the teams are a little more stacked this year and that they only give 1 assist per goal, which keeps everyone’s stats relatively low.

    • mojo19 says:

      Also, I went to one Marlies game this year and I agree, it was really entertaining. Other than obviously Gardiner who is a cut above everyone else, I was really impressed by Paul Ranger and Leo Komorov. These guys could definitely play in the NHL.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        Gardiner and Rielly look great. Here’s the thing with T.O. They have three fairly non-physical d-men that can skate and move the puck with offensive abliities…Liles, Gardiner and Rielly.

        The Leafs lack high quality top 6 forward, a big shut-down defencemen and possibly a number 1 goalie (Riemer may still be the guy).

        Don’t be surprised to see one of the two young stars get traded for a top six, young and established forward. Just sayin’

        This lockout doesn’t really surprise me that it has gone on so long. Two years ago I kept saying on here that the owners will want to drive the salary cap back down because small market teams can’t afford to pay salaries at the escalating cap floor.

        Plus, can you imagine going to your boss and demanding more than half the company revenue’s go to the employees?LOL Only in sports do we think that is ok.

  5. Nice to see the board up and running again.

  6. LN91 says:

    Everyone says we should have drafted Jenner over Biggs…

    I would have rather drafted Jenner over Percy.

    Jenner-Biggs have great chemistry. Many scouts have said that Bigg’s presence has opened more room for Jenner…Have to agree. A great skating, decently skilled Monster can do that for you.

  7. 93killer93 says:

    Since I can’t reply above I’ll post it here. I personally only see Getzlaf leaving Anaheim if he and Perry sign in the same place. I don’t think he would sign somewhere else unless they were going together, but I could be wrong.

    As a Leafs fan I would hope that the two of them would be enticed to play for Burke and Carlyle again. But there are still some other free agents I think we should go after. I think Clowe and Morrow would be good additions up front and I think we need a veteran on the backend. My choice would be either Whitney or Regehr. At this point I would rather we just sign a veteran goalie in the summer then trade for Luongo. The lack of hockey this year has me even more focused on which free agents the Leafs might sign. I wish the season would just start.

    • Gambo says:

      Morrow would be an amazing signing, not sure about Clowe though. I think Clowe would want too much money to come to the Leafs and it wouldn’t be worth it, Morrow just brings so much, I’d overpay for him.

      Do you mean “then” like you wrote or “than” in the second last sentence about Luongo? Because I wouldn’t want to sign a veteran backup to a veteran Luongo, that would absolutely screw them in the future. I’m content with getting Luongo (at a reasonable price), but I’d rather a young goalie back up and learn from Luongo. I’m also okay with sticking with Reimer and signing a veteran backup/starter. But not both Luongo and a veteran backup. Maybe you mean “than” and what I’m saying is just pointless lol.

      • 93killer93 says:

        Ya I meant to say than. I wouldn’t hate it if we traded for Luongo, but I’d prefer to just sign one of Nabokov, Backstrom, Smith or Howard if he tests free agency, and just have them split the season with Reimer. Morrow is definitely a guy I would pay for. The leadership alone would hugely benefit the team.

        • Gambo says:

          Which goalie would you push hardest for? Personally I’d go for Howard the hardest. I’m not sure if Smith would be successful in Toronto though he is a beast and I’d sign him anyways. Nabokov may be too old, not quite sure how I feel about him. Backstrom would ideally be the best option, but I doubt he goes anywhere other than Minny. They have a winning team now with their huge signings plus now that Harding is diagnosed with MS, they really need him.

          • 93killer93 says:

            Howard for sure is the guy I would go after first then Backstrom. But I doubt either leave their team. Smith and Nabokov would be more of short term help for a year or 2 until Reimer proves he can handle being our number 1 or until we can get someone else. I was really hoping Lethonen would have made it to free agency, but Dallas locked him up.

      • glotz_99 says:

        I think Clowe would be a good pickup and could be signed to a contract similar to Connolly’s
        2 year 9 million contract (4.5 per season) and I think he is a much better player and adds some toughness you don’t get in Connolly. As for goalies I think most will be resigned as soon as the CBA is settled and it will be up to Reimer to sink or swim as their starting goaltender.

  8. Canada roster for WJC

    Final Cuts: Hunter Shinkaruk, Tom Wilson, Mark McNeill and Daniel Catenacci, defensemen Mathew Dumba, Frank Corrado and Ryan Sproul, and goaltender Laurent Brossoit.

    Forwards: Jonathan Huberdeau, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Mark Scheifele, Charles Hudon, Ryan Strome, Brett Ritchie, Jonathan Drouin, Boone Jenner, Ty Rattie, Anthony Camara, Phillip Danault, J.C. Lipon and Nathan MacKinnon

    Defensemen: Morgan Rielly, Dougie Hamilton, Scott Harrington, Erik Ouellette, Griffin Reinhart, Tyler Wotherspoon and Ryan Murphy

    Goaltenders: Malcolm Subban, Jake Paterson and Jordan Binnington

  9. leafmeister says:

    TSN ranks the top 30 prospects affiliated with teams. http://www.tsn.ca/draftcentre/feature/?id=9601

    Notables: Rielly at 4th, ahead of both Galchenyuk and Yakupov. He is the top ranked guy from 2012. Just one mans opinion, but interesting nonetheless.

  10. TeamCanadaGM says:

    In other Toronto sports news, with the possible acquisition of R.A. Dickey to the Jays, I honestly think that there will be a parade in Toronto next year.

    • Gambo says:

      A parade in Toronto two years in a row? Whooaaa.

      Hopefully Burke will see how hyped the city of Toronto gets when one of their teams goes all out and he will do the same.

      • lafleur10 says:

        he was alot of work today tht team is a mess i think it`ll be a while,along while for that too happen his goal should be to make the playoffs first1

        • LN91 says:

          See, you say mess…I don’t agree.

          Obviously their are pieces that need to be fixed, but were not talking about a team that is A) The core being over the age of 30 and B) Tied down by stupid contracts.

          Not to mention, Burke’s drafting is paying dividends on the Marlies as they are doing greatly in the AHL. It’s deep to the point where players need to be constantly rotated in and out of the lineup to get everyone playing time.

          • lafleur10 says:

            there team is a mess you guys haven`t made the playoffs in 7 years and they look like they are getting worse and not bettr under burke there core isn`t that good kessel is the only legit 1st liner on the roster lots of work to be done! and his drafting is nothing to write home about! he`s certainly no trevor timmins or doesn`t have that in his organaztion yeah the marlies are doing well in the ahl but how many of those guys will actually make the big club and be 1st or 2nd line guys or guys that make a difference….. the leafs have some great prospects on defence but not much at the forward postion but they are a work in progress admittedly

            • LN91 says:

              I will agree with you in Kessel, the only legitimate first-line player on the Leafs.

              If you ever watched a Leafs game, the lower-lines have been the issue.

              Second-line, not really worried about. Grabovski is averaging between 50-60 points a season, has not been a minus player, and was over 50% in his draws last season. Not really many second-line players in the league are hitting those numbers.

              Lupul is a legitimate second-liner as well. JVR is not a third-line player by any means.

              Defense, the only one I am souring on is Phaneuf because of his mobility and I dont count Komisarek in my future plans.

              Saying your comments about the Marlies (alot of players are 1988 and younger)…Is saying the same thing about the Bulldogs, who are currently in last place in the league.

              • lafleur10 says:

                they are alos the youngest team in the ahl as well and not aloot ahl experience

              • lafleur10 says:

                plekanec is averaging that what does grabovski jvr hasn`t realy proved that he`s a legit 2n liner ,howwvere it`s not his fault because of his injuries but he has the chance to prove it when the league start,also like i said the bulldogs are in last but they are also the youngest team in the ahl….i don`t know why you are souring on phanuef he`ll be better and wil rebound he`s a good defenceman and your best right now,and yes the lower lines and some of thtop lines on the leafs are a problem because outside of kesseel and possibly lupul there isn`t much there that is where good drafting comes in which can be fixed through the draftbut he needs a director of amaatuer scouting to do that for him ,as his strenght isn`t in drafting!

                • LN91 says:

                  Prospects are still prospects, until they show something…You can really boast that you have things set.

                  I know what Toronto has right now on the roster:


                  Like I said, besides the first-line…The Leafs really don’t have issues on the second-line.

                  • lafleur10 says:

                    well i don’t see kumelin as a legit second liner he shows flashes but is very inconsistant and has alot of question marks in his game i think the leafs need an upgrade in that position jvr could be a solid second line winger but time will tell how he responds from his injuries so you do have question marks there,hoever jvr and grabovski could be 2/3 of a good second line but you need somebody better than kumelin,also doesn’t lupul play with kessel?

                • LN91 says:

                  I like Phaneuf as a player…But I don’t like his mobility as a defencemen. If he works with Barb Underhill (who the Leafs signed as their skating coach) and his mobility improves…I will probably be a big fan of his.

                  • lafleur10 says:

                    phanuef is a good defenceman ln91 lol if you don’t want him i’m sure marc beregevin would take him off of your hands and trade you something for him lol he have the pieces to do it! i think phanuef’s lack of mobilty that you claim that he has can be addressed he can sure shoot the puck from the point he has a shot like souray who was the same type of defenceman

    • lafleur10 says:

      the bluejays will be very interesting and exciting to watch! they`ll have the best starting rotation in the american league they should win 95-98 games next year

  11. LN91 says:

    This is why we need to keep Frattin and every team demands him in a trade.


    He developed later in his career, but he’s a complete player and I think will be a great two-way 2nd or 3rd liner in the NHL.

  12. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Ok, back to reality, decertification which would be awesome and starve those southern markets isn’t going to happen so in favor of that mistake it may be time for Leaf Nation to make amends with our abusive father Brian Burke. Burke’s obvious flaw is his stubborn pigheadedness that has basically destroyed the Leafs for his entire time spent in Toronto as it has surfaced in the unwillingness to offer competitive contracts to elite talent and the reason we’re stuck with a bunch of busted second liners and countless third string blueliners.

    Funny enough that from a competitive standpoint this lockout isn’t bailing out Minnesota or Nashville (you know those markets that secure FA talent) but Toronto. The dying on the hill for 5 year contract term will put the pressure back on Burke to lure UFAs to the Leafs. No more excuses, no more waiting for CBA kingdom come, Burke will be forced to be held to his word and produce.

    • 93killer93 says:

      I’m actually happy Burke didn’t give out those ridiculous long term contracts. I think with the CBA limiting term now is Burke’s time to shine. If he doesn’t make some sort of splash this summer I will be very disappointed. I like what he’s done with the farm team and adding assets. Now it’s just time to fill those major holes we have.

      I know it’s probably a pipe dream, but this is what I’d like our roster to look like come September.




      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        You get those contracted players for pennies on the dollar salary cap wise after the roll back on the long term contracts. I wish we had a few locked up heading forward.

        The problem is going to be that top UFA despite their talent will command max contracts. So shallow UFA pools will result in massive overpayments as teams compete for scarce resources. That could spell trouble all teams that are force to scramble after they don’t land the UFA they want as well. A lot of mediocre players will be over paid, expect more Grabovski like signing to become the norm across the league.

        Hopefully this helps the trade market, that can be Burke’s chance to shine. As much as I have taken issue with Burke’s tenure, he is IMO the best GM in terms of being creative on the trade market.

        • LN91 says:

          He’s very crafty as a trader:

          Beauchemin for Lupul, Gardiner

          Lebda, Slaney for Franson, Lombardi

          Stajan, Hagman, White, Mayers for Phaneuf, Sjostrom, Aulie (Ashton)

          Kaberle for Colborne, 1st (Biggs), 2nd (Liles)

          Stahlberg, Paradis, DiDomenico for Versteeg, Sweatt

          Versteeg for 1st (Percy), 3rd (Leivo)

          Some will bring up the Kessel trade, no names, lafleur…But the rest of these trades have to be skewed in the Leafs favor.

          He’s turned a lot of poop into gold.

          • leafs_wallace93 says:

            I agree, it’s why his refusal to sign contracts irks me so. This could have really been a two year rebuild.

            For all the Kessel talk, we got the best player in the deal, it would be better to have the pair of hot prospects considering we’re in a rebuild but it’s ok trade, it’s no like we got nothing in return.

            • leafmeister says:

              The question is then becomes, is now the time to trade Kessel? I don’t say that because I think he peaked, I say that because I can seriously see him not resigning here.

              Maybe a Jordan Staal type package could be available at the draft. If Burke thinks he can resign him, then by all means. But we cannot lose him for nothing.

              • LN91 says:

                I really don’t think that is a concern. I think he will re-sign here…It’s pretty stupid for him not to.

                • leafmeister says:

                  Well, he could probably get more money on the open market, and go to a place where he wouldn’t have to be the team’s poster boy, but rather a pure scorer who otherwise stays out of the spotlight. As hard as he tries, that is difficult in Toronto.

                  If we signed Getzlaf and Perry he would probably stay. If not, I can definitely see him at least testing the open market. Kessel with Getzlaf and Perry would be insane.

                  If Burke uses the cap space he saved in the past few seasons by opting out of the free agent frenzy to sign Perry and Getzlaf, all will be forgiven.

                  • leafs_wallace93 says:

                    Well is contracts terms being fixed to five years, no one can outbid the Leafs.

                    I don’t think Burke can trade him seeing how he’s Burke’s guy and Burke is loyal to terrible players so he’ll be uber loyal to Kessel.

                    If Burke gets axed before his contract ends then yep Kessel gets traded to further the rebuild.

                    I don’t want to trade Kessel but if it’s a complete rebuild then why not?

  13. Gambo says:

    So for fun I went on this website that does a simulation for the 2013 draft assuming it is the same style as 2005. http://timgur.com/nhl/draft/#

    The top 10 were: (I’m doing the drafting for the teams)

    1. Stars – Seth Jones
    2. Blue Jackets – Nathan Mackinnon
    3. Flames – Aleksander Barkov
    4. Leafs – Sean Monahan
    5. Avalanche – Elias Lindholm
    6. Ducks – Hunter Shinkaruk
    7. Panthers – Jonathan Drounin
    8. Hurricane – Nikita Zadorov
    9. Jets – Rasmus Ristolainen
    10. Capitals – Valeri Nichushkin

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