Dmitry Yushkevich

I am a die hard Flyers fan and want to know desperatly why Yushkevich is such a great pickup for the Flyers. Somebody please explain this one to me.I have looked at all the commets on HTR and was in disbelive that 99.9% of the comments were saying how fantastic this deal is for the Flyers. I realize that the Flyers gave up nothing whatsoever to aquire Yushkevich and am very pleased with that, but still please tell me what is so great about him. I have looked at the numbers and am left scratching my head. 1 goal, 9 assist, and the most disturbing stat – 16. That’s HUGE. Furthermore he is not that “quaterback” for the powerplay that the Flyers need. Now I know that the numbers are not everything so someone PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS ONE TO ME.

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  1. mikster says:

    I’ll explain it to you….

    They acquired Yushkevich because they are ready to make another trade. Yushkevich is just going to add depth, but that all there is to it.

    Great trade? Not really. Trade value wise, yes it was good for the Flyers.

    However, i can easily relate this to the Kovalev trade.

    For the most part, the comments were good, the Rangers did steal Kovie for sure, but the critics….who now say this deal was “great” just amde themselves look like a bunch of hypocrites.

    They crititicized the Rangers by saying that Kovalev doesn’t address their defensive need. It actually does though since now the Rangers have 3 solid scoring lines, which they lacked all season long.

    Now, how does this Yushkevich trade address the Flyers needs for offense and PP? It doesn’t, not even close!!!!!

    This is just a good trade since Yushkevich does come up with some great plays, especially come playoff time, but there is nothing really special about it, especially until the Flyers land someone “big”.

    Yushkevich was just acquired to add depth.

  2. mikster says:

    “They crititicized the Rangers by saying that Kovalev doesn’t address their defensive need. It actually does though since now the Rangers have 3 solid scoring lines, which they lacked all season long. “

    Kovie fills in another need, not defensive need.

  3. TaajAr says:

    Good thing you corrected yourself, I and a lot of people were probally ready to take your head off.

  4. keon says:

    Does anybody think that Iginla will be moved now that Nolan is out?

  5. mikster says:

    Doubt it. I think Calgary is starting to pull back since they are getting too much heat from the trade rumors.

  6. amazing_jesse says:

    I think they are setting the stage for him to be dealt, but it will have to be a great offer.

  7. amazing_jesse says:

    It’s a good trade assuming a Filly and TO first round bout. He is very popular in Toronto and it may irk the Leaf dressing room a little. For the price, what the hell? Good move by the toothless wonder.

  8. mikster says:

    I’d take Marchment or Boughner for the Leafs.

    Boughner is a 100% pure stay at home physical d-man. He is better defensively than Yushkevich.

    Marchment is just a cheap shot, a dirt bag, and probably that’s why Quinn would want him.

    I’d love to see Marchment play in the East. I’d love to see Leafs vs Flyers with Marchment targeting Roenick. The risk is that he could get suspended, but with Colin Campbell….things are different.

  9. BlueChannel says:

    whatever the rangers do is good and whatever the flyers do is bad…you make your second grade logic actually appear like it contains some truth. After reading all the crap that you post, all I can say is that you know shit about absolutely nothing. Grow up.

  10. NHL_expert says:

    I believe that if the Flyers put up Gagne or Williams, First round pick(via PHX) plus a defensive prospect(wywowitka, spelling?) they should be able to pry him out of Calgary. I think the flyers would be better suited trying to pull a package deal with the sabers that would look like this

    To Flyers:



    To Sabers:


    first round pick(phx)


  11. Leaf_Expert says:

    Yushkevich was acquired to bring depth, and possible for the slight chance that he could be a force for the Flyers on the blue-line come playoff time…

    As for his poor stats…Those equal poor teams and poor desire to play for them.

  12. Leaf_Expert says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more…(i know, its a shock)

  13. TaajAr says:

    Satan goes nowhere, Zhitnik IS going somewhere.

    Zhitnik, Brown and maybe Barnes will all be playing for a playoff team this year.

  14. TheMinister says:

    I think Nolan’s faking.

  15. wayne2 says:

    ignorant fucker

  16. wayne2 says:

    Not a bad proposal,if i`m the sabres i say add Chouinard and you got yourself a deal.

  17. BosBrn says:

    And the drivel you just posted made any sense what-so-ever?

  18. big_booty says:

    It was a good move for a variety of reasons.

    First off, Yushkevich is a quality NHL defenseman. They just don’t grow on trees, you know. Getting him for a couple of lower draft picks is equivalent to getting a bottle of Captain Morgan’s in exchange for a couple of free drink coupons. A battle-tested and known talent for a couple of question marks is a great deal any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    Second, he brings depth. He plays old-school defense, the kind that Ken Hitchcock likes. Hitch wanted eight defensemen for the post-season, and Bob Clarke delivered. Injuries can cripple some teams, and this move can be looked at as a sort of preventive maintenance. This is the kind of depth-providing transaction that championship-caliber teams make late in the season.

    Third, a trade like this takes one commodity off the market that a rival team would want. Yushkevich was jilted by the Toronto organization, but never the less wanted to return there. He also would have made a good fit in Colorado, Detroit, New York, Vancouver, Dallas, or Ottawa. Any one of those teams could have made a play for him and would have been glad to have him at the bargain basement price the Flyers paid. Preventing teams from getting better while making your team better is a common thread among late-season deals like this one.

    I put alot of creedence into numbers and statistics, but they are sometimes misleading – especially in cases like this. One goal and nine assists isn’t much to show for a season. Yushkevich isn’t a goal scorer or set-up man. He’s never scored more than six goals in an entire season. Scoring goals is not his job. His job is to match up with opposing offensive players and prevent them from scoring goals. His minus-16 rating is alarming, and I understand your concern, but I have a feeling that will rise with his play on his new team.

    Finally, no, he’s not the power play “quarterback” that we all know the Flyers need. Again, that’s not his job or his strong point. But his arrival will lead to reduced wear and tear on more complete players like Johnsson, Seidenberg, and Ragnarsson, which will in turn help them to be more focused and well-rested on the PP.

    It was a great deal from my perspective. It can only help, not hinder, their chances in the playoffs. Hell, it beats getting and old and brittle Phil Housley.

  19. titans says:

    It’s a good deal IF the Flyers aquire a Nolan (if he’s not seriously hurt) or Satan or Iginla. If not then…eh we got him for nothing, and he adds depth.

  20. mikster says:

    Oh no, i am crying right now.

    Never said what the Rangers do is good, never said what the Flyers do is bad.

    You just whined and bitched about nothing. I think we know who needs to grow up.

  21. mikster says:

    Ouch….don’t post those comments.

  22. mikster says:

    Dude, that was the biggest BS you ever wrote lol.

    I mean, COME ON!!!!! Just this once you think stats mislead? Right, and if the Rangers got him for that price the stats won’t be misleading.

    Yushkevich is overrated, he is a good 5th d-man.

    I doubt that his numbers are misleading when he only posted 3 seasons of plus ratings out of 11 seasons.

    I agree that you MUST look on the bright side, and you are a Flyers fan, you should support this trade.

    The plus is that he is a good d-man, not saying that he isnt, but he is nothing more than a decent 2-way defenseman. His physical presence will be a key in the playoffs and that is something that the Flyers D need ever since McGillis left.

    The minus is that the Flyers need offense and QB help on the PP, so Yushkevich doesn’t provide offense in general. Clarke didn’t address his team’s need yet. So, Yushkevich was not such a need. The other minus are his numbers. I disagree that they are misleading. I would understand if he had 5 or 6 seasons of plus ratings and in his past 6 or 5 he had minus ratings. That would tell me that he’s been having a hard time trying to find his game and if he finds it again, this is it. But, only 3 seasons out of 11 have pluses…and that doesn’t convince me that those numbers are misleading.

  23. CrackerZack says:

    If anything this shows hows the flyers are using fiscal restraint, this trade is nothing like the Kovalev debocle. They obtained Yusky for next to nothing because he is obviously a playoff rental. Instead of giving up too much to get Shneider or Zhitnik, CLarke made a wise move. He got an experienced blue liner that will give them that 8th defensemen for the playoffs. The powerplay will improve when Leclair comes back, not to mention Gagne. If you have been paying attention, their powerplay has improved as of late with Recchi occasionally working the point. So if Clarke makes another move to pick up a scorer, it will be a playoff rental, not someone that comes with a huge pricetag.

    The rangers essentially bought Kovalev, when they should have tried to solidify their defense. The most glaring need was far from addressed, it was actually intensified. The day I see Kovalev back check is the day the rangers make the playoffs.

  24. mikster says:

    Yushkevich is not even similar to Schneider or Zhitnik hwo’d provide a NEED for the Flyers.

    Yushkevich doesn’t provide a NEED for the Flyers.

    I watched the PP against the Bruins and it stunk.

    Kovie has been back checking actually. He was still a need for the offense. Defense….he can still find a d-man for cheap.

  25. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    you keep saying the flyers are NOT getting iginla, but you also keep saying “if the flyers get iginla”. make up your mind!

  26. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    i agree, this trade trade does nothing to help this team, goals goals goals, that what the flyers need is goals damn it!!!

  27. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Anyone who has seen Yushkevich play for the Leafs in the playoffs the past 4 years would see how much this will help the Flyers if he can regain the form he showed in Toronto. He’s a playoff warrior that plays through pain. His threshold for pain and his ability to play through pain or not common in the league.

    If he can start playing well again this year, then you’ll see come this spring, though his play, why he was a good pickup.

  28. titans says:

    Alot of if’s!

  29. titans says:

    Damned skippy!

  30. titans says:

    Yo dude, was that really necessary?

  31. Blakefan says:

    as a long going Kings fan it is good for us because he did nothing in a kings uniform. so we at least got two picks for him instead of nothing. As we all know he is a ufa at the end of the season and then he will be the Flyers problem! If I was a betting person I would bet that at the end of the season the Flyers will not want him either. If the trade works out for ya great but after seeing him play some of the rookies that were brought up becase of the numerous injury’s he was expendable and that is why we got rid of him. Why would you pay a veteran so much $ when you can get a rookie with NHL games under his belt and can play the style the L.A. Kings are used to playing better than Yushkevich can? it was a win win for us and hopefully a win win for you guys too. good luck in the playoffs !

  32. infoengine says:

    Beleive it or not, this trade does make sense for the Kings. Yusky is a “rent-a-defensemen.” Good for when you need a little power and strength in the defense. LA needed him only because visnovsky and miller wher on IR. Now that they are back there is no need to keep Yuscky, especially when Joe Corvo (rookie prospect) is playing better defense and contributing more to the offense. The Kings had no intension of keeping him when they traded for him. There is one thing that doesn’t make sense is they gave up 2 prospects (Lilja and Bednar) to get yuscky. You would think they would try to get something a little better than a 4 and 7 rounder. I think the Kings are doing to save some money either they are being cheap or looking for another player, maybe a second liner. Who knows.

  33. TheMinister says:

    Ooh, touchy subject… and to think I’ve been trying to stay away from those… right titans?

    But really, I was watching the game and saw the play, and I dunno, I know that Nolan has had a bad back, but when I saw him on the ice like he’d had his neck broken, all I could think of was that he was desperate not to get traded and his GM had said earlier in the day that they had made up their mind to trade him if the offer was right… and the window is narrow.

    Maybe not, but he wouldn’t be the first player to do

    something like that.

  34. dirtycash says:

    if nolan is out with the wonky back and iginla doesnt appear as if its gonna happen, then what are the flyers options? can anyody help me with this question?

  35. Aetherial says:

    As a Leafs fan I can tell you that the answers will come in the playoffs.

    The Flyers will have a player now who WILL go to the wall for the team. He will bring up the play level and the guts level of your team.

    Very good move by the Flyers.

  36. OKFlyer says:

    I believe this was the d man philly needed in the next few days they will get a shooter and then i get to hear more whining from the leafs fans

  37. bringbacktocchet says:

    i’ve watched dimitry while he has been with the kings. the one thing many fail to mention is what an agitator he has been since with the kings. i have seen him get numerous key guys off their game and play a little dirty when needed, especially in front of the net; valuable in the playoffs. also they got him off the market, didn’t give up anything, add playoff experience, and probably pisses of toronto which is nice since that’s what seems to litter these pages constantly. what is the ratio of rumors to trades for the leafs on this site. good god man! from the kings stand point, why couldn’t we get somebody to help for the playoff run. a bit demoralizing for the players from what i’ve heard.

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