Dmitry Yushkevich

I am a die hard Flyers fan and want to know desperatly why Yushkevich is such a great pickup for the Flyers. Somebody please explain this one to me.I have looked at all the commets on HTR and was in disbelive that 99.9% of the comments were saying how fantastic this deal is for the Flyers. I realize that the Flyers gave up nothing whatsoever to aquire Yushkevich and am very pleased with that, but still please tell me what is so great about him. I have looked at the numbers and am left scratching my head. 1 goal, 9 assist, and the most disturbing stat – 16. That’s HUGE. Furthermore he is not that “quaterback” for the powerplay that the Flyers need. Now I know that the numbers are not everything so someone PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS ONE TO ME.