Do I detect a little hatred?

Now, to any of who know Lehtinen, once you have read this, you will know that this has to be BS! Why, Lehtinen hardly ever gets any penalties nor has ever been known to. He isn’t the type of guy that is known to do anything of the sort or will he ever. Second, these excuses are just so lame that it’s pure pathetic. Downey don’t need to be on the ice at the time? Downey isn’t a “great” player so what’s it going to hurt? Pleeeeeeeease!!!

At the same time, I’m just curious if the Flames have forgotten about Hatcher, Downey, Erskin, Lemieux, and Guerin? Little bitty guys just waiting for something to happen ya might say.

Flames aim threats at Stars’ Modano

By Mac Engel

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Not that Mike Modano didn’t already know this, but tonight he is a marked man.

Flames center Craig Conroy said as much the day after the Stars defeated the Flames 4-1 on Jan. 29 in Dallas.

“We’re going to go after Modano,” Conroy said in an interview with TSN, a Canadian sports station.

Conroy was upset with some of the Stars and their actions at the end of the game.

Specifically, he didn’t care for the way Stars wing Jere Lehtinen looked around before scoring an empty-net goal at the 19:07 mark of the third period, or that Stars tough guy Aaron Downey was on the ice when the game was in hand.

“A few players on that team did some things to end the game; I thought Lehtinen scoring that empty net goal looking around,” Conroy told TSN. “Those are the things we’re going to remember. Their better players, we’re going to go after them. In the end it’s 4-1, they don’t need to put Downey and those guys out. We’re going to try to set the tone. We’re not going after Downey, we’re going after Modano and those guys, and that’s what we are going to have to do.”

The Stars expressed collective surprise at the comments, and did not put much stock into them.

“The game was over and maybe there was a little frustration on their part,” Modano said.

Said Lehtinen: “Of course you look if someone is behind you. Wow. That’s weird.”

Stars coach Dave Tippett said the reason Downey was on the ice was simply to increase his minutes. He played 10:22 in the game.

It was Downey who admitted Tuesday he “had a little brainlock” at the end of the game when he tried to mix it up with Flames center Rob Niedermayer.

“Those are the things that you remember,” Flames defenseman Bob Boughner said. “It’s easy to jump out there and start something stupid when you’re up 4-1, but it wasn’t the classiest move I’ve ever seen.”

Curiously, no one pointed out Stars defenseman John Erskine, who along with Flames center Steve Begin were assessed major penalties for fighting at the end of the game.

Downey said he’s not expecting anybody to run Modano, and that he probably did not use his best judgment at the end of the game.

“[Tippett], by all means, didn’t put me out there to start anything,” Downey said. “I can understand why they’re upset. If roles were reversed, I would be. They’re not going to come after Modano. Why would they?”

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  1. mikster says:

    Correct me if i am wrong in this comment.

    Downey is a fighter, aggressive player right?? Ok, if so…

    Then if Downey did start a fight, or something like that, obviously Tippett WOULD get suspended right? Because if he wouldn’t, I’d spit on Campbell’s face the moment i’d see him, which thankfully will be never.

    I thikn a coach can do whatever he wants on the ice. If he wants to put goons on the ice….then put them on the ice. And if the goons start something, oh well! It’s hockey.

    Anyway, Flames are bitter about the loss and this is great! Creates more excitement between these two teams.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong when a player makes those kinds of statements. I think it’s actually great….i like to see players talk that way. It’s what they say in the lockerrom and we get to hear it as well. Makes the game more interesting!!!

  2. CaptainModano says:

    Sounds like the start of a new rivalry to me…..sheesh am I glad the Stars fought back in this one, keeping their record against Canadian teams undefeated. I haven’t seen the replays but apparently Calgary’s Boughner got a hitting-from-behind penalty, which, well, the Flames predicted they would do…..

    Go Stars Go!!!

  3. Rushing says:

    The fight was at the end of the game between Erskin and Steve Begin of the Flames who were each given 5 minutes. Downey didn’t receive one single minute of penalties that game. But, the game was already over once the fight broke out between the two guys. Soooooooooo, what’s the comments towards Downey really have to do with anything? Second, Lehtinen is always great at assists(as you should know) and was simply looking over his shoulder(for a split sec) as he had broken away with the puck to see if there was somebody to pass it to yet then seeing there wasn’t shot it into the empty net.

    And BTW………..Bob Boughner lived up to their threat on attacking Modano. He got 5 minutes for checking from behind and sending him (Mo)into the boards head first, 5 minutes for fighting, and 10 minutes misconduct. Guerin then got 2-minutes for Instigating, 5 minutes for fighting, and 10 minutes for fighting once Bob did this. Oh yeah, Bob left the ice with blood coming from his face and Guerin had to go change his jersey since it had Bob’s blood all over it. Don’t take me wrong, Guerin took a few blows too, but he didn’t have blood all over his face.

  4. CaptainModano says:

    one last note……Aaron “One-Punch Knockout” Downey is just doing what he does best!!! Plus, he even scores every now and then. I’m happy with his progress in Big D!

  5. Tony says:

    I wish there was more of this kind of stuff happening in the NHL. I mean I don’t like seeing people getting injured or anything but the NHL players need to show more emotion when they are playing.

  6. amok says:

    Too bad these teams don’t play each other more often, this is turning into a good rivalry, as shown by the preseason game when Iginla and Guerin fought. There’s definitely something going on between these teams and it’s good to see.

    What surprises me most about this article is that it’s Calgary that’s complaining. Talk about a team of cheapshot artists.. anyone remember the preseason game when both Begin and Gauthier got kneeing majors against the Oilers?

  7. pop0331 says:

    all I can find out is that Boughner was given a five-minute major and game misconduct for checking from behind on Modano and then got into a fight with Guerin – was this all that happened? Or was it fight filled? I know it was a close game but considering the comments made I figured Dallas would react if anyone blatently went after Mo

  8. matteo says:

    The NHL needs more passion like this in the game. I wish the Flyers had that kind of fire to call someone out…they are like a bunch of pansies this year.

    Bring back player-coach Reg Dunlop to put a price on his head.

    Not Poodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Habfan1234 says:

    The problem is that all passion is being removed from the NHL because of too many teams. How can a team hate another team when they only play 1 or 2 times a year? Another problem is that I am seeing is that there are more calls on clean and thunderous body checks (2 minutes for hitting too hard). This causes the players to show a little trepedation whenever hitting someone.

  10. aaron says:

    I’d just like to point out that if a Leafs or Flyers player said this, there’d be a national uproar, talks of expelling the player from the league, and a 17 250 posts threads talking about how pathetic a level the league has dropped to and how classless the organization was.

  11. gladiator says:

    Maybe all this getting revenge business had an affect on Dallas’s game. A good team like the Stars should have beaten the Flames easily you would think. But low and behold they ended up with a tie.

  12. two_step says:

    I wouldn’t say that the game was extremely eventful. The first 15 minutes was the only thing that resembled a hockey game. After that it was a shooting and passing clinic put on by the stars. Coupled with an unbelievable effort put-forth by Roman Turek(Something like 40 saves). The goal that tied the game late was dipping off the stick of scott young, and hit some bodies on the way thru Turek’s legs.

    As for the run that Boughner took on Modano, it was a similar kind of hit that Roenick did a couple months back. Except this time Guerin was on the ice, and had boughner rapped up instantly, turning boughner’s head into his own personal puching bag. He bloodied him up pretty good. And we almost had Iginla-Guering round three, a little later. That was about all that happened, but you could see some hostility between the two teams. If they meet again this season, it could definately be a pay-per-view event.

  13. TC_4 says:

    Who cares? Good if they hate each other. Drop the gloves a couple times and get it over with. Maybe Hatcher will fight a guy who’s bigger then 6’0, and not falling to the ice when he finally decides to go. Message to all you Stars fans: The guy is a complete chicken S*IT! He runs at the smallest players on the ice, is always taking cheap shots, and never fights unless Adam Foote is falling. The last time he fought someone with SOME size, Shanahan tooled him!

  14. bones says:

    Yeah, maybe Turek didn’t have anything to do with it. Dallas was in the calgay zone the entire 3rd period. Don’t comment on a game you didn’t watch.

  15. gladiator says:

    Yet they didn’t capitalize…tsk tsk tsk

  16. bones says:

    If Hatcher is doing his job, he doesn’t need to fight. And looking at his +/-, I think he’s doing his job. Players used to be able to take him off his game. But now, that’s changed. By the way, how’s Shanny doin this year?

  17. bones says:

    Sometimes a goalie stands on his head. What can you do. At least they didn’t lose

  18. bones says:

    -4 for Shanny. Hey man, I think he’s a hall of famer and one of the best of all time, but this year, he can be taken off his game becuase his team is not on top.

  19. jlarge says:

    Honestly, it was a great game, it’s a shame the Flames didn’t play like this the entire year. Turek was on his head, as he always is against the Stars, and if I remember correctly he is 9-2-4 all time against his old team. Including sweping them in the first round, while in St Louis. I won’t invite people to correct me, it will happen on it’s own.

    playoffs are coming soon,


  20. gladiator says:

    okay i jumped the gun….. but i automatically think dallas to win big when playing the flames.

  21. bones says:

    Dallas always struggles against struggling teams. I guess they can’t get up for those games.

  22. Rushing says:

    At the same time, let’s see who was scratched. Hmmmmm, not too many now weren’t there? Just Turco, Morrow, Dahlen, Dimaio, Matvichuk, and Helenius. Just the number one goalie in the NHL, two great scorers, two great D men….no big difference right? Let alone two others(Lehtinen and Turgeon) just coming off of injuries.

  23. Rushing says:

    Uh……… you know what the hell you’re talking about? The last time Foote and Hatcher got into one Hatcher hammered another player down with a hit and Foote came at Hatcher in his defense. That is when Hatcher kicked Foote’s @$$. Yeah, Hatcher’s hand hit Foote’s helmet a few times but Foote didn’t get in a hit in edgewise.

    BTW…..I suppose that there is an awful lot of guys bigger than Hatcher for him to step ‘UP’ to and fight? The last fight Hatcher was in a little short guy went running at him. I guess he was to go running away? Then what? You’ld call him a chicken sh!t again? Get your facts straight next time dude.

  24. gladiator says:

    you just had to say something didn’t ya..excuses excuses excuses

  25. TC_4 says:

    U let a guy up in a fight, have u ever played before buddy? I play Jr. A in Alberta, and I fight about once every 3 games, and if a guy slips, you don’t jump on him, u give him room, and let him up. It’s called respect, and Hatcher has none. By the way, tell your “boy” Derrian that Georges Laraque is about his size, lets see him go after Comrie.

  26. chaz13 says:

    I have seen many Stars games and it’s not just fantasy when I recall Hatcher pounding on the likes of Adam Foote, Georges Laraque and humiliating Chris Pronger on multiple occasions. If your teams best fighter is 5’11”, 180 pounds, then I guess Hatch is suppose to walk away when he wants a piece. In my younger years, I had my share of fights on the ice, on the streets and in the bars. I’m 6’0″, 230 and I’ve pounded on bigger guys and got my ass whipped by smaller guys. The old adage holds true. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Wait til some of you guys out there are actually old enough to purchase alcohol before you start whining about the ways of the world.

  27. JStatic87 says:

    Complaining about the ways of the world? Where the hell did you get that? You sir, are a massive tool.

  28. JStatic87 says:

    Hat-trick for Shanny last night. He’s starting to pick it up. He’ll have 30 goals and be a + by the end of the season.

  29. chaz13 says:

    …and you are either a wannabe without the balls required to make something of yourself or a teenager with no clue.

    Truths hurts, doesn’t it?

  30. JStatic87 says:

    Go smoke more crack Chucky. You’re probably the teenager without a ballsack. You’re the one that pulled complaining about the ways of the world out of your oversized ass when everyone was dissing a pussy like Derian Hatcher. So go burn your white-trash lips on your crackpipe you Douche.

  31. HailSatan says:

    Goerges is a stupid nigger and Hatcher would beat his

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