Do the Sabres have a chance???

I have been asking myself all summer, “Do the Sabres have any chance at all of making the playoffs this year?” At first glance the answer is a big NO WAY in hell, but at a second glance the answer is there is a small chance. Recently I was reading the comments made in regards to how the Eastern Conference will end up and no one chose the Sabres to make it to the playoffs. Well there may be a way…The Sabres had a rough start last year, but ended with a record of 20-14-7. Everyone says that we sucked so bad because we didn’t have Hasek anymore, but Biron did great. He was very close to Hasek in every category except wins (but any goalie could have won that many games with a team like Detroit in front of him.) Gratton had a terrible start and so did Curtis Brown, but they brought their level of play up dramatically in the second half. Satan had a great year last year and he should be expected to do the same this upcoming season.

Don’t forget that the Sabres are a very young team. Sabres fans are hoping that Dumont, Connelly, Hecht, and Afinogenov have breakout seasons. If these new rules pan out, our offensive talent (if it can be called that) might be able to finally show the league what they have. Plus Biron is a year older and there is no reason to expect him to have a shaky start like he did last year.

Now I feel that the Flyers, Caps, Senators, Hurricanes, Leafs, and Islanders are definitely going to make the playoffs, but there are some uncertainties about teams such as the Rangers, Canadians, Devils, or Bruins. Who knows, the Rangers might suck again (and I hope that those overpaid bastards do) Theodore might have an off season because of all the hype that he has now and Audette will probably get injured (and why does everyone think that Koivu is super great??? He has only scored 20 goals once.), I just don’t think that the Devils can make it and I feel the same way about the Bruins. I mean, heck, without Peca for the first half of the season the Islanders might just have a terrible start and not be able to recover.

So can the Sabres make it to the playoffs this year? There is a chance. I mean, come on, we have Vaclav Varada.