Do the Sabres have a chance???

I have been asking myself all summer, “Do the Sabres have any chance at all of making the playoffs this year?” At first glance the answer is a big NO WAY in hell, but at a second glance the answer is there is a small chance. Recently I was reading the comments made in regards to how the Eastern Conference will end up and no one chose the Sabres to make it to the playoffs. Well there may be a way…The Sabres had a rough start last year, but ended with a record of 20-14-7. Everyone says that we sucked so bad because we didn’t have Hasek anymore, but Biron did great. He was very close to Hasek in every category except wins (but any goalie could have won that many games with a team like Detroit in front of him.) Gratton had a terrible start and so did Curtis Brown, but they brought their level of play up dramatically in the second half. Satan had a great year last year and he should be expected to do the same this upcoming season.

Don’t forget that the Sabres are a very young team. Sabres fans are hoping that Dumont, Connelly, Hecht, and Afinogenov have breakout seasons. If these new rules pan out, our offensive talent (if it can be called that) might be able to finally show the league what they have. Plus Biron is a year older and there is no reason to expect him to have a shaky start like he did last year.

Now I feel that the Flyers, Caps, Senators, Hurricanes, Leafs, and Islanders are definitely going to make the playoffs, but there are some uncertainties about teams such as the Rangers, Canadians, Devils, or Bruins. Who knows, the Rangers might suck again (and I hope that those overpaid bastards do) Theodore might have an off season because of all the hype that he has now and Audette will probably get injured (and why does everyone think that Koivu is super great??? He has only scored 20 goals once.), I just don’t think that the Devils can make it and I feel the same way about the Bruins. I mean, heck, without Peca for the first half of the season the Islanders might just have a terrible start and not be able to recover.

So can the Sabres make it to the playoffs this year? There is a chance. I mean, come on, we have Vaclav Varada.

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  1. aaron says:

    Every team has a chance to make the playoffs, obviously. I think the Sabres are very underrated. However, there still is just a matter of they take 8 teams, and there are way more than 8 teams that *should* make the playoffs before the Sabres. Still, I think the Sabres can without question secure a playoff berth in the highly unpredictable East.

    I do like this team; they’re definately a bubble playoff team.

  2. morrow10 says:

    Ok…. The east is gonna be crazy this season. Crazy and Weak, compared to any of the top teams in the west.

    The only teams that got better in the offseason through trades and signings were Washington and the NYR. Devils lost key centers. Toronto Signed eddie the psycho. Boston basically traded Dafoe for shields, and lost guerin. All the top teams are a little weaker this year.

    I think that a star forward and a great goaltender, plus a solid defense gives any team a chance to make the playoffs. Buffalo is not a favorite to make them, but anything can happen in the east.

  3. YingYan says:

    “Now I feel that the Flyers, Caps, Senators, Hurricanes, Leafs, and Islanders are definitely going to make the playoffs, but there are some uncertainties about teams such as the Rangers, Canadians, Devils, or Bruins. “

    Oh yeah like it’s a shoe in for the Craps, Leafs & Isles… LOL!!! HAHAHA! (especially the Craps) AND you add that Devils & Bruins are uncertain, mm they can easily be compared to some of your show ins.

    Finally, once again the Penguins are ignored by… ignorance, in fact i won’t even argument on their chance to make the playoffs since this site is sooo biased when the Leafs & Ranger$ are concerned.

    Ok just 2… ;p

    1-Healthy Penguins as opposed to injury-bugged last season Pens.

    2-They’re having difficulties as of now in trimming down their roster due to a highly competitive camp.


    p.s. Did i mention the Ranger$ sux? ;p

  4. Aetherial says:

    The East is WIDE open. I seriously have no clue as to how it will pan out.

    I am quite certain that Boston will not do as well. I am almost as certain that Toronto will not either.

    As far as Buffalo… ANYONE has a chance in the East and Buffalo may have the advantage of youth, the new rules and everyone overlooking them. They *could* surprise. I just would not bet on it.

  5. NYRrule says:

    I hate the Sabers, their city and their fans. I’ve been to Buffalo one and it’s nothing special….just like their hockey team. Everyone up there walks around like a bunch of mopes because it’s such a dull city. Now that the Sabers are almost bankrupt, the Rangers can treat them like unwanted stepchildren and pummel them into the cellar. The only thing Buffalo will have to look forward to this winter is the snow cause their hockey team wont provide any excitement.

  6. mikster says:

    3- Most likely to trade Kovalev for only two decent prospects and a 1st rounder.

  7. mikster says:

    I respect the Sabres, except Varada.

    I think the problem with the Sabres is Lindy Ruff. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good coach, but i don’t think he is good in working the offense. It’s too awkward that Connolly (playmaker), Pyatt (big forward) and Afinogenov (skills) can’t produce much offense along with JP Dumont.

    They have the youngsters with the skills but it’s time for them to execute, and Ruff’s system is preventing that, in my opinion.

    Correct me if i am wrong, is Varada still unsigned? If he is, good. I can’t believe he gets away with too many cheap shots (try to use your end of the stick on someone’s eye this time asshole). He is just too dirty to even like him. I hope he remains unsigned and stays with a European team forever.

    However, it’s bad for the Sabres because they do need him. Sabres have a good goalie, a solid back-up. Their defense is still decent. Their forwards have to start scoring though.

    Sabres can make the playoffs, but they have a tough division to beat, and their scoring power is a big question mark. Satan can’t always be their main scorer.

  8. Varada25 says:

    I believe Eric Lindros when he was a flyer took a swing at Jay Mckee with his stick and got only a $1,000 fine.

  9. BWbullies says:

    I agree.. The ranger$ suck!!!!!

  10. BWbullies says:

    Thats alot of trash talking for a ranger$ fan. By the way when was the last time you made the playoffs. Thats right your answer will be this year because you bought all the over paid free agents this off season.. Hell next season you could be the first team to break the 100 mil mark.

    PS you still will not make the playoffs.

  11. BWbullies says:

    Hell send punch drunk Lindros to Europe too.

  12. SabresFanB says:


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