Do we need to re-sign Huet?

I truly believed (hoped) that Price would step up and gradually become the number 1 goalie as the season progressed. Maybe it was just over excitement based on his ’06/’07 perfromance, however it has become apparent that although a potential superstar, the kid needs more time to develop, mature and gain valaubale pro experience. In the meantime we’re now faced with a huge dilema….do we need to re-sign Huet? and at what price? I will not be surprised if he commands somewhere between
4-5m a year…there are several teams out there who will most certainly make a pitch for Huet. What about Halak? he’s already made it clear that he wants to be a starter, if not in MTL then somewhere else……he has the potential to be somewhere in the Tomas Vokoun mold. At the beginning of the year, goaltending was no doubt our deepest and most set position for years to come…today, it’s very unclear.

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  1. Benstheman says:

    I think that Huet's been good this year, nothing more, nothing less. I put him in the top 10 of the nhl. Which mean a very good trade value. Although, i've seen him make many mental mistakes of late and i'm still not sure he can be a no.1 on a more regularly basis (by that i mean 60-65 games a year).

    Huet will, without a doubt, asking for about 4 to 5 millions a year for maybe 3 years. And he will test the UFA market cause it will probably be his last chance to get that kind of money (since he is 32 years old).

    He will not accept to share no.1 spot with Price and Montreal cannot give 5M$ for 3 years for a goalie who will play maybe 55 games the first year, 40 games the second year and maybe 25 games the last year, it's to much money.

    So if you are Gainey, you think:

    1-Huet have a very good trade value.

    2-The chances of re-signing him are tiny.

    3-Let's trade him.

    But Gainey would want to keep him the longest he could, so he makes sure the Habs qualify for the playoffs. But the longer he'll wait to trade him, the lowest Huet's value will be.

  2. BruMagnus says:

    I'm sure many teams envy the spot the Habs are in. They'll figure it out and be a better team for it. They are in a great position.

  3. BruMagnus says:

    I dunno about your last comment… there are many desperation moves in the 11th hour of the trade deadline.

  4. rocket_in_my_pocket says:

    Let's just say that if we do re-sign him, there should be a "No Puck Handling" clause in his contract. I think that he saw what Carey Price could do with the puck and maybe he feels pressured to do the same. Not really sure…but ruining a solid performance with a bone-headed play like coughing up the puck in the corner for an easy goal last night is totally unacceptable.

    Hopefully someone in management has a word with him before he blunders another one.

  5. Benstheman says:

    What i meant is that Huet will have to be trade to a team aspiring to make the playoffs because there is'nt a cup contender who need a goalie, except maybe for Pittsburgh. And i dont think Mtl will trade there goalie to the team they'll maybe face in the first round.

    So forget about the contenders.

    Forget about the teams that will not make the playoffs cause they will probably be sellers more than buyers.

    So it leaves us with teams that are not sure to make the playoffs. Among them, the only teams i can see interested in Huet are Washington, Colorado and Chicago. If those three teams want to make the playoffs, they cannot wait another 5 weeks to get their hand on the goalie they need. So thats why i think the value is bigger now than in five weeks. Maybe there wont even be a goltender market at the deadline.

  6. lafleur10 says:

    bru you are 100% right we have something  most of the teams don't and that's goaltending depth!and all 3 of our goaltenders(huet,halak,and price)can start on most of the teams in the league and these 3 goalies are better than than what some of the teams currently have right now!!so i believe if we were to trade 1,or 2 of them we could get a king's ransom in return for 1or 2 of these guys!…..gainey's in an envious spot because if he doesn't like what is offered to us  to makeour team better for one of these guys then he doesn't have to make a move!!………… for once the ball is in our(the habs court) and it is our asking price !!!

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