Do we really care?

Do you visit this site?; read newspapers? listen to talk radio and generally keep up to date on the lock-out.

I am a lifelong Toronto resident and rabid Leafs fan for as long as I can remember.

and I am thoroughly enjoying this whole thing πŸ™‚

I am being honest when I tell you, I could not care less whether they come back this year… or next year. In fact, if it were up to me. I would fold the league altogether; for good.

You see, I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter in my life what happens in the NHL; not really anyway.

I see owners who get double-digit returns on their investments, in recessionary times no less, who then raise ticket prices double-digit percentages.

I get players saying the stupidest BS that I can possibly imagine all through this thing… my favorite is the CONSTANT rhetoric every time a players opens his mouth “We are willing to negotiate, the owners arent’. We just want to play.” BUT “there will be no deal if there is a cap”

There you have it… willing to negotiate as long as we are not negotiating a cap. Their stupidity and cluelessness is astounding.

I’m enjoying basketball and NFL football just fine.

As a hockey fan, I have been treated like ABSOLUTE GARBAGE from these lieing, greedy owners and the cry-baby, WAYYYYY over-paid players.

I love laughing at everyone involved in this. Every day, they all lose a lot of money… let’s just hope they lose MORE when the CBA is finally in place… and they lost half their fan base πŸ™‚

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  1. rojoke says:

    Do you visit this site?

    No, I don’t visit this site anymore.

    I’m enjoying basketball and NFL football just fine.

    As a hockey fan, I have been treated like ABSOLUTE GARBAGE from these lieing, greedy owners and the cry-baby, WAYYYYY over-paid players.

    Huh? It almost sounds like you think basketball and football players are all honest, humble philanthropists who are just scraping by.

  2. 19Yzerman says:

    NHL folding??? Well I am not overly concerned about the state of the NHL either. Leagues have come and leagues have gone You see before there was an NHL there was the Stanley Cup and who the current trustee of the Cup is what concerns me at this point.

    When Lord Stanley, the Earl of Preston and Governor General of Canada announced his presentation of the Cup. He appointed two Ottawa gentlemen, Sheriff John Sweetland and Philip D. Ross, as trustees of that cup and one of the conditions he set forth was that the trustees were to maintain absolute authority in all situations or disputes over the winner of the Cup.

    If the NHL is the current trustee of the CUP then that could be an ACE up its sleeve regarding having to fold.

    Basketball is right where the NHL was a year ago in route to a CBA lockout just like the one the NHL is in currently.

    as far as money goes in all this.

    Why is its that we have heard “We just want to play.” BUT “there will be no deal if there is a cap” from the players and not heard the NHL come right out say to the players ,”Here is our offer which includes a CAP take it or leave it”?

    If the NHLPA folds it will be because the NHL folds and the player will regroup like a colony of ants and form a Professional Hockey Players Association and be prepared to negotiate collectively with any league who harbors interest in their skills.

  3. Aetherial says:

    No, I don’t believe that.

    I believe all athletes these days are greedy beyond reasonability.

    Just like all owners

    Just like all business people

    I am not however exposed to constant price increases.

    They also have a fundamental difference in that they have significant TV revenues and interest in the U.S. yet they also have a cap?

  4. Aetherial says:

    … and that league, if there is such a collection of owners, will pay FAR FAR FAR less than the NHL would have paid under its very first cap proposal as *low* as that sounded to the players.

    The fundamental difference in Basketball is that there really will be too many hurting owners because the fan base is stronger and the TV revenues are stronger.

    While a few NHL teams are losing a TON of money, and I do not believe for a second the amount the owners say they lost… I don’t think this lockout is hurting the owners, as a whole, all that much financially.

    It WILL hurt the basketball owners.

    They may have a war but I do not believe it will be as bad as it is right now in the NHL.

  5. TheCoach says:

    I used to keep up to date, but that ended in mid October. Right now, if I see Goodenow, Bettman, Saskin or Daly on TV, I change the channel, and if I hear them on the radio, I go to another station.

    I don’t care what goes on in these negotiations anymore. I will go back to caring about the NHL when the first puck is dropped, and who knows how long that will take.

    Right now, the NFL and my Buffalo Bills have my full interest.

  6. greatlife15 says:

    It all comes back to the saying:

    “Money makes the world go round” -No idea who-

    If business people were not the ravaging little gremlins they are and instead of pouncing on every money making oppurtunity, would you like the world to be full of ‘business’ people saying “Oh, thats just a few hundred thousand, you can have it”.

    The world is a money market, the NHL also is a business you have to remember that the NHLers are not playing on a frozen pond anymore, and there isn’t anymore volunteers coaches, (some minor league coaches are raking in $20 grand a year for what used to be volunteer work), everyone has to make money and although some of the people earn outrageous amounts, there is someone who is signing the cheques right? There is some one idiotic enough to hand out $11 mil per season for playing a sport?

    The NFL is in very good condition because they have a good fan base, players earning modest salaries COMPARED to other leagues (top salary nearing 30 mil in MLB and NBA?? ridiculous), owners who are actually interested in having fans attend the games and have fun.

    All I have to say is: NHL… smarten up or move out.

  7. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    You deny the rich owners from making money? You are an idiot.

    You don’t miss hockey? You are a liar.

    You don’t care if there is hockey this year? BS.

    You are a shining example of just exactly why Leafs fans are so lame. Why don’t you go come up with some Antripov for LeCaviller rumors to post here.

  8. rojoke says:

    The NHL is not the trustee of the Stanley Cup. There’s a small board of three or four people, if I’m not mistaken, who are also on the Hockey Hall of Fame committee.

  9. OldNord says:

    The sad thing in all these bs is Bettman and Daly continue to say that the NHL is in good shape despites the lock-out, the way the game is refereed, monster goalies etc…I thought, during the offseason, that the fact there’s no NHL hockey would have created a gap in my existence but it’s not the case. Sure, I do missed seeing the Canadiens, especially the saturday nights but I get over it. This situation is so pathetic, no talks between Bettman and Goodenow…what are they waiting for? This league will going thin on top if there’s no hockey this season. Everybody knows it including Bettman and the players.

    At least RDS will present some Hamilton Bulldogs, LHJMQ, European leagues games if the conflict is not settled come january. It’s not the NHL, but that will be some good hockey games to look for.

  10. greatlife15 says:

    ae..aet…aetherial…. is this true??? Are you lying to us? If you are, good for you. So it is true, everything COMES BACK AROUND to the Leafs. I hadn’t heard one word about the Leafs in this topic and out of no where a moronic comment is made about the Leafs. I don’t know but there must be some sick, sadistic reason why everything always comes around to the Leafs. Antrapov for Leavalier… pfft… pathetic.

  11. Aetherial says:

    I’ll assume you are being sarcastic since I probably have been your biggest supporter the last couple months around here…

    And, no, it was not me who EVER started ridiculous Toronto trade rumors. In fact, I took heat a lot of times on this board for suggesting trades the Leafs should not make πŸ™‚

  12. Aetherial says:

    Just in case you aren’t kidding… learn to spell the player’s names. (the fact that you so brutally misspelled them in the first place is what made me think you must be kidding).

    I was telling the truth. I honestly don’t care. I will enjoy hockey when it returns but I would like it to return with NONE of the current NHLPA in the league.

    You will be amazed at how quickly you enjoy a new crop of hockey *heroes*. What will matter is whether or not your Flyers beat my Leafs and vice versa πŸ™‚

  13. 19Yzerman says:

    If the trustees were to announce that the 2005 Stanley Cup champion would be established by putting the AHL championship team vs the NCAA div1 mens Hockey Championship and declair a champion from 2005 outside of the NHL. Maybe they could all come to their sences and get a deal done before they lose the 2005 champion due to greed epidemic.

  14. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I mean make no mistake… Leafs fans are lameasses who think every player is coming their teams way – and they don’t.

    As for shaking things up a little – we need a good argument on this site from time to time. Remember a day when Leafs fans and Flyers used to fight? I miss that.

    wanna pick a fight with me?

  15. greatlife15 says:

    A 100% claim being made… ALL Leaf fans are lameasses? I personally don’t think I’m a ‘lameass’. Aetherial, do you think you’re a lameass? Sorry Flyers, we’ll talk when it’s Flyers vs. Leafs again.

  16. Aetherial says:

    Pick a fight…

    That depends. Are you going to drink yourself into a stupor and crash through the glass into the penalty bench, as Flyers fan are wont to do? Or… do you not need the alcohol to do something that stupid?

    *sigh*, it just is not as much fun when they are not playing.

    Just think, at this rate our teams will both be losing a good few players to retirement. Maybe the Flyers and the Leafs will be doormats of the league.. then we can REALLY start arguing!

  17. Aetherial says:

    Actually, I am kind of a lame-ass.

    There ARE a few real moron Leaf fans here… but there are a few from other teams as well. The Leaf trade stuff is blown out of proportion. I see stupid ideas from all over the place on these boards πŸ™‚

  18. hockeyhead says:

    i miss the arguements too. bruins/habs fights.

    yea, good point…if the season does not start in january then yes….flyers and leafs will lose some guys to retirement.

    but don’t worry…the leafs plan on signing crosby after they get the pick from whoom ever the lowest team is with eric lindros and tie domi. lindros signs as a free agent. then lindros is traded from that team to the flyers who trade lindros and brashear to the leafs for crosby.

  19. 19Yzerman says:

    Johnny Bower never earned more than $29,000 in any one season and there was NO WAY the leafs would have won 4 Stanley Cups in 5 years without him.

    When the NHLPA was formed Ted Lindsey told the league that ,”Truth be known we would play for free if we could but, not when you are charging people money to watch us.”

    Last Game ticket had a face value of $175.00

    Game program was——————— $5.00

    parking was—————————— $8.00

    food and beverage was at least $10.00

    $200.00 for me to see a playoff game that had 20,000 in attendance that is 4 million and those funds went into the hands of the NHL first. The NHL can do what they want with the money I pay to watch hockey. However I don’t want to hear how you are going broke when I just shelled out that kind of money.

  20. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I think the Flyers might be in the best shape of any lockout team. They are eating up contract time with JR, LeClair, desjardin, Burke and Amonte. That is cost effective if you chose to look at things that way. while at the same time, they have the Phantoms on a 17 game winning streak powered by their backup goalie (4-0 in the NHL I might add) Pitkanen, Dennis Sidenburg on D and a host of offensive tallent like RJ Umberger, Ben Eager, Mike Richards and Stephan Ruskitka. THEN they have Jeff Carter playing in Canada who is their best pick. I am not saying that all of these guys will be stars but the 2 d-men are NHL caliber now. Nittimaki is a backup without question and Carter can be groomed to replace one of Philly’s centers. That gets you to a cap of say 40 mill pretty fast.

    TO has some good prospects too. Carlo Covicolo (sp) shows some real promise from what I hear. I think TO will have more problems with aging players like Leetch, Belfor etc… who might retire. TO is simply too old. They need a young new core of a team to compete in the east. I would start looking to get out of some of their big contracts (even a buyout if needed) and look to sign a BIG name, young talent. Kariya or someone of that level.

    As for falling into the penalty box – I flew in from LA to go to both the first round v. the devils this year AND to see both abortions in TO in the second round. I would have gladly spilled beer all over you so we could have fought then. But where were you? Hiding behind your bid screen TV like Martan Havlat does in the penaly box during a brawl? Now you can fly to LA and we can brawl at say a Clippers game. It will be fun and then we can go to Spago afterwards and have some sturgeon springrolls with a ponzu sauce reduction.

  21. greatlife15 says:

    So you are in agreement.

  22. Aetherial says:

    Vince Carter OWNS JOO!

    I actually was hiding behind my big screen TV… trying to make the damn Hidefinition box work!

    That is one thing I miss… Hockey in HiDef TV is AWESOME! So is NFL football!!

    What th hell is a sturgeon spring roll? Give me some plain old fresh Sushi!

  23. 19Yzerman says:

    By now I have clearly defended the players and held the owners accountable for what I consider to be an indecipherable embarrassment of NHL team managemental incompetence that has caused the need of this lockout.

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