Do You Have Any Creative Rule Ideas???

Imagine you bring a friend to a Hockey game. The game ends in a scoreless tie and even OT could not produce a victor. It was an outstanding game despite the score. Each team exceeded 40 shots on goal and had countless two on one breakaways. There was even a few of those breakaways where the forwards went in one on one with the goalie in penalty shot fashion. In over time your team clanked the post three times in the last minute of play.

On the way home you ask your friend,”How did you like the game?” Your friend replies,”It was ok except the score.” You kind of knew that would be the response but still you had to ask. You continue to reflect on the above mentioned action and your friend says ,” I know it was exciting to watch I just can’t understand how no one scored.”

Being a basketball fan your friend suggests a rule could be added to help change the complexion of the game. “How about a two point shot?” ,he says. You offer allowing a two line pass from inside your own blueline and touch up offsides as better rule change possibilities. Your friend suggests that perhaps a time limit should be assessed to defending that area called the slot and that players who continue to get penalties should be removed from the game. You reflect on how the officials have their hands full with all the hooking, clutching and such offences to be policing the slot. As far as the foul trouble as in basketball you offer having players serve the whole two minutes as they once used to have to do.

With some teams having an outstanding defensive core and others that employ defensive systems such as the TRAP or Left Wing Lock you may feel the some rules could help the flow of the game. However you should also consider that the networks and the league will both be looking for the game to have enough stoppage for a curtain amount of commercials.

Take a moment to contemplate any rule change ideas you would like to see implemented and share them with all of us.

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  1. GretzNRY99 says:

    i mean red line, not blue line.

  2. 19Yzerman says:

    How about having the head coach of each team do laps on the ice at the wheel of the zambonis and who ever can run the most laps in 3 minutes wins for his team. In the unlikely event of a photo finish tie just blind fold all the fans and flip a coin to establish a winner in OT wouldn’t that make the most sence?Perhaps the NHL can get these OT matches to be sponcered by Nextel and cause more focus on hockey from those Nascar fans.Oh yea they already tried that by allowing the Hurricanes to make the 2002 finals.

    Actually These are the rule changes I would be in favor of and are strong posabilities.

    Touch up of sides

    Allowing a two line pass from inside your own blue line.

    Players shall serve the duration of the time acessed on penalties with no regard to scoring.

    Change the rink size to that of the Olympics.

    Reduce goalie pad sizes slightly as not to outrage those net minders.But enough to give the shooter more visable netting causing the illusion of more chances.

    Go back to the old point system of Win=2 Tie=1 and Lose=0. If teams play not to lose the tie point they may have at the end its OK. Has the extra point going the winner caused more exciting OT as proposed?

  3. GretzNRY99 says:

    I love it. But I think rock-paper-scissors would require more skill than the legendary simple coin toss.

    On a level headed note, also restrict the size of the goalies catching glove. It is huge. And I dont think the point system is the problem for low scoring.

    Good points, good article 19.

  4. 19Yzerman says:

    To funny man.Rock-Paper-Scissors we will tell them that its call Puck-Glove-Sticks.

  5. flyinhigh says:

    Ok, so with all this CBA mess, they are really going to have to promote the game well upon its return. I think that the league needs to consider something really different.

    There have been so many ideas like touch up offsides, eliminating the red line and disallowing goalies from playing the puck. Every time one of these ideas comes about, hockey purists seem to see the logic in them and give them some concern, but to future fans, they don’t really make a hell of a lot of difference to the points on the board; and even worse, they often change the way the games is played, which can be difficult to players who have played the same way their whole lives to adjust to-you’d hate to see a lot of game stoppages, because guys screw up and take stupid penalties. Also, we would all hate to see that game become more dangerous if defensemen start getting creamed because goalies can’t stop wrap-arounds. So, how about getting right at the problem and changing the dimensions of the goal.

    I don’t want to see the goal get any wider, because it woul effectively change the size of the rink and prevent players from having the skating room they need to set up plays. So, how about making the goal 1 foot higher. It seems to me that the onset of butterfly goalies has pretty much paralleled the drop in scoring. Think of how many big blasts sail just over the net that would go in with another 6-12 inches of net. If goalies had another foot to cover up high, they’d be less likely to go down in the butterfly. That would do two things; it would allow for more space up high and also open up space down low. If goalies were afraid to go down in the ‘fly, there would be a greater potential for cross ice passes. More big blasts going in the net and a greater potential for neat passing plays would make things more exciting and put more points on the board. Most importantly, this would allow the guys to play the game the same way they always have, prevent the possibility of opening up more chances for injury and put more points on the board. The only real difference is that the goalies job would be a lot more difficult. Since the goalies have gotten so good, but the public wants more scoring, this sounds like a good compromise to me. Lets face it, America doesn’t like soccer or hockey, and we’ll never sell them on the complexity of the game, or its extremely interesting match ups.

    what do you think.

  6. 19Yzerman says:

    Funny how we can sit here and debate how the rules of NHL hockey could change its appearennce when there is no NHL to test them out anyhow.

    I also think that NHL cities should not have to be spoon feed hockey and that if there is a STRONG market hockey will servive.

    As for the some of the rules such as touch up off sides, No touch Icing and 2 line passes from inside ones own blueline. These are rules that players grow up playing in youth hockey anyway. So they are actually adjusting upon arrival to the NHL.

    Here in Ann Arbor ,MI I drive by the highschool on the way home and there is always some team sports action out there from Football and Field Hockey to Lacrosse and Scoccer. So it would seem that the USA is starting to become diverse when it comes to sports which hockey has been one of the 4 major pro sports in the USA for a long long time.

  7. 19Yzerman says:

    Raising the cross bar would be a good idea and your point about butterfly goalies is a valid point. Most would say that 1 foot would be to high. I would love to see a few games where that is tested.

  8. flyinhigh says:

    I think that this idea is the easiest to test, since they don’t have to do any major renovations, or explainations. All they’d have to do is swap in a taller net.

    It gets so damn boring sometimes when the goalies just flop around like fish and smother the bottom half of the net. I think that lifting the puck has become a lost art. How many times do you see a guy point blank just fire it into the sprawling goalie?

    Again, this would be an easy change for everyone but the goalies and I have to think scoring would go up!

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