Do You Have Any Creative Rule Ideas???

Imagine you bring a friend to a Hockey game. The game ends in a scoreless tie and even OT could not produce a victor. It was an outstanding game despite the score. Each team exceeded 40 shots on goal and had countless two on one breakaways. There was even a few of those breakaways where the forwards went in one on one with the goalie in penalty shot fashion. In over time your team clanked the post three times in the last minute of play.

On the way home you ask your friend,”How did you like the game?” Your friend replies,”It was ok except the score.” You kind of knew that would be the response but still you had to ask. You continue to reflect on the above mentioned action and your friend says ,” I know it was exciting to watch I just can’t understand how no one scored.”

Being a basketball fan your friend suggests a rule could be added to help change the complexion of the game. “How about a two point shot?” ,he says. You offer allowing a two line pass from inside your own blueline and touch up offsides as better rule change possibilities. Your friend suggests that perhaps a time limit should be assessed to defending that area called the slot and that players who continue to get penalties should be removed from the game. You reflect on how the officials have their hands full with all the hooking, clutching and such offences to be policing the slot. As far as the foul trouble as in basketball you offer having players serve the whole two minutes as they once used to have to do.

With some teams having an outstanding defensive core and others that employ defensive systems such as the TRAP or Left Wing Lock you may feel the some rules could help the flow of the game. However you should also consider that the networks and the league will both be looking for the game to have enough stoppage for a curtain amount of commercials.

Take a moment to contemplate any rule change ideas you would like to see implemented and share them with all of us.