Doan Coming to Montreal????

According to Montreal is the leader in the Doan sweepstakes. Calgary is also pushing for Doan but Montreal has much more to offer. Hopefully Gainey gets off his ass and doesnt let this one slip away.

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  1. Shawn84 says:

    If that's the case, i hope we get him. We need another canadien born player on our team! 2nd  i heard on TSN that sutter said he was done shopping for big names. Might do some minor tweeking, 3rd or 4th line maybe, back up D's. Montreal better do something

  2. buck24 says:

     Its up to Bob to fix the mess he's put us in.He's the one overpaying all these players.Theo,Kovalev,Koivu,Samsonov,the list goes on and on. Bad trades, gave away Hainsly for nothing. Trade to get Niinimaa and his 2.500.000 salary to sit in the stands. Hard to trade him that way. Here are my tades.    Trade Huet Ryder Perezhogin Soray,and second round draft for Boumeester,Olli Jokinen, Belfour. Huet will get more than Abby, plus Belfour is a good backup for this year.Nexk year Halak can move up to play with Abby.It looks we can't sign Souray so trade him. Bouwmeester would look good in a habs uniform.Olli would be our 1st line centre we are looking for. That way you could put Samy with Koivu and Higgins  and Olli with Kovalev and Latendresse. 3rd line Bonk with Johnson and Begin 4th line Plekanec with Lapierre and Kostitsyn.Add a few spares.  Sign Markov to 4.000.000  trade Rivet  for a draft choice and let Niinima walk at years end, unless you can get someone for him now. And one more thing Bob get behind the bench and help out the coaches.

  3. buck24 says:

      Bob Gainey this is your team. Your the one thats overpaying all these players.THEO,Samy.Kovelev,Koivu the list goes on and on. Your the one making these bad trades. Why trade for 2.500.000  Niinimaa to sit in the stands.You gave away Hainsly away for nothing. Here are my trades, to Florida  Huet, Ryder, Perezhogin, Souray, and a second round draft choice for Bouwmeester, Olli Jokinen, Belfour. Why, because Huet will bring more than Abby will. Belfour can backup Abby this year, and next year Halak can back up Abby.Lines than would be Olli with Kovalev and Latendresse, second line Koivu with Samy and Higgins. Third line Bonk with Johnson Begin,  4th line Plekanec with Lapierre and Kostitsyn. You also could trade Rivet and Murry for a draft choice. And one more thing Bob, you should go back behind the bench and help your young coaches out.

  4. the_purolator_guy says:

    this would be huge if the habs have any chance of making the playoffs. Its time for bob to get off his hands and change the face of this team cause if he doesn't the habs won't make the playoffs and he should just trade souray to the highest bidder now.  This team lacks size, grit and leadership on the top 2 lines and could use a shane doan and/ or a bill guerin and perhaps a gary roberts or martin lapointe on the third line

  5. sdopus says:

    Don't count on it, the hockeybuzz is bush, their rumors rarely come true, and according to them Montreal is somehow linked to nearly every potential player move (Eklund is a habs fan, he can't help himself).   Further, there is no way only Montreal and Calgary are the only two teams after Doan, if in fact he even is avaiable.  Don't get me wrong, the guy is a solid player and would look good in a habs uni, but if every habs hockeybuzz rumor came true they'd have Marleau, Dumont, Malkin (yes, that was a rumor, remember him for 1/2 of the team), Gagne, Aucion, Smolinski, Forsgerg, Horcoff…

  6. gohabs24 says:

    Enough with the Gainey bashing, he is one of the best GM's in the league IMO. The only questionable trade he has made was the Riberio trade and personally I was glad to see him go. He was a dressing room killer.
    People seem to forget the other trades he has done that worked out like Aebischer for Theo. He was smart enough to get rid of him last year and not get stuck with that huge contract, plus get a solid backup goalie. There is also the Garon trade that everyone thought was horrible but we ended up with Huet and Bonk. Gainey knows what he is doing. If he can get Doan that would be awesome but I trust what Bob does.
    In Gainey We Trust.

  7. habs_forever says:

    Well, it comes down to breaking down the decisions he has made and not seeing too many good ones.  You mentioned that the only questionable trade he made was the Ribeiro one.  Well, it depends on what you consider to be a good trade. 

    None of the trades he made actually made the team any better.  The only one he can be credited with is the Huet trade but that was pure luck.  You're right, he did get rid of problematic players only to replace them with other problematic overpriced players.

    Now, the Habs are where they were last season, only the people being blamed have changed.  They are still too small and lack offensive punch.  At some point, the blame needs to start falling on some of the management for the decisions they made.  I used to be like you in that I had a lot of confidence in Gainey but then I started breaking down the decisions he's made and none of them have improved the team.

    On top of that he has overpaid for the players he did sign.  Samsonov, Bonk, Koivu, Niinima (via trade), Theo, and Kovalev just to name a few. 

    I am not trying to say that Gainey is to blame for ALL the problems but I just don't understand how some people can still have this blind faith for Gainey and not question any of his decisions.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    very sadly, montreal more likely a seller of souray and aebischer than a buyer of doan. 

  9. macguiremonstermoron says:

    I am all for bringing doan here to help jump start some of our european "stars" and while i'm on the topic of jump starting how about getting our captain into the game by bringing lil bro here. Minesota has goalie problems and maybe all we need is a little sibling rivalry on the first line to get us into the playoffs.

    I propose
    huet for mikko koivu and a first rounder
    or abeschier and perzhogin for mikko and stephane veiullex
    and we bring up hallock or yann dennnis

    just think about it I'm no pro just a fan hanging on for dear life

  10. kamullia says:

    This contradicts absolutely everything I have heard the REAL media (i.e. not eklund) say about Phoenix and Doan.

    CBC is one of the media that in not so many words said that since Nagy was impossible to agree with, Phoenix had decided that they would trade Nagy (and they did one day after the report), and that this would clear the way and further budget to keep Doan. With all due respect to eklund, I am going to lean towards the rest of the media’s reports.

    Not that I would ever doubt eklund, of course (Please see the definition of sarcasm).

  11. camerak says:

    That pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for the Doan to Montreal rumours.

  12. kamullia says:

    Oh whao…eklund gets a rumor wrong. I am flabbergasted. NOT

    It still baffles me that anyone would read that site.

  13. hesaplayer says:

    ±He's re-signed with Phoenix at a hefty price tag, which he deserve's. But first they would need to clear up cap room of course. They would have to probably give up Ryder, another front-line player, and a prospect. Probably would be worth it. Ryder is the real deal. But Doan is a better all-around player. Plus it seems to me that Ryder hasn't been showing up every night for whatever reason. Anyone have a theory why?

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