Does Hockey Need More Scoring?

Hopefully, all of you have heard about what the NHL’s ideas are for more scoring, and what they’re going to do about it. They’ve come up with ideas like goalie’s can’t come out of the net to handle the puck(i certainly don’t like it). Wouldn’t that make the goalie’s really bored? Or there’s other ones like make the pads smaller. How stupid are all the people hanging around Gary Bettman? Why don’t you just……..

Take out the red line? Have you watched the Olympics? It’s way more entertaining with the long passes, I love watching it, and you get more breakaways which turn into alot more scoring chances! Plus taking out the red line would stop teams like New Jersey and Carolina from playing the trap. Some people think you should make the rinks bigger, i’m not so sure about that because it would probably take the checking away, but it’s an idea.

Also, I think there are beginning to be too many injuries and one way to stop that is no touch icing.

I think it was on cbc, on Hockey Night In Canada when they interviewed about 30 players and when asked qoute “Icing, Touch or no touch”? Everyone of those players said no touch. Hello, Bettman doesn’t that tell you something?

I also just wanted to add a comment on the Bertuzzi incident with Steve Moore. If someone intentionally injures someone, suspend him for as long as the other player is out for.

I just wanted to post this to see if anyone else had ideas about how to get more scoring into the game, without changing the game completely or making it like Lacrosse where there’s goals every minute.


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  1. The_Conductor says:

    Thats life!!! And I guess were suppose to deal with it. But think of it this way… even if hockey was perfect… we would still find somehting to complain about… (Now does that mean hockey then isn’t perfect? if you can always complain about something?)

  2. EmptyNetter says:

    Regarding your point #2, you’ve got guys like Sergei Samsonov at about 5’8″ and Zdeno Chara at 6’9″. It’s too expensive to enlarge the ice surface, not to mention the seats that would be lost in doing so. Just teach the little guys to skate through the bigger players’ legs.

    But seriously, it’s pointless to talk about the game needing to change to meet the times (i.e. skill level, size and equipment) without addressing the level of violence in the game today. Players are no longer coming straight off the farm or from some equally poor background willing to take and receive a beating as a hockey player to earn more money for their family. Most of today’s players are skilled and smart, having attended or graduated college. Since hockey is an expensive sport, it’s reasonable to assume that most players came from middle-income families. Why is fighting welcome among parents who put their kids through this system? Why is it encouraged when it often takes attention away from the truly awesome skill level of some of these players? Why would the NHL increase the possibility of its star players being seriously injured? And why do NHL teams reserve spots for enforcers when they would be better served by having another scorer in their lineup? Why do hockey fans insist that more fighting is what the sport needs when they know that potential new fans are turned away by all the violence?

  3. LF2004 says:

    wadda ya talk”n” about Telquvist (sp) his colone.

  4. EmptyNetter says:

    I watched what soccer I could this summer on tv to try to feed my hockey jones once the season ended. The two choices available were womens’ soccer in English or men’s soccer in Spanish. I’d like to see more of it, though.

    Ever see the Monty Python soccer sketch? It was the Greek philosophers vs. the German philosophers. Both teams wandered the soccer field scratching their beards and thinking deep thoughts. Suddenly Socrates has an idea! He runs to the soccer ball, dribbles it upfield, passes to, um, Euripides who heads the ball past the goaltender. Classic!

  5. DevilInside says:

    Maybe players should be required to kick the goalie if he comes out of the crease…that way they can keep the goalie from playing the puck, thus increasing offense, thus increasing goal scoring, thus making hockey much more popular…I could get to watch all the Devils hockey I want on my crappy American networks, and the only price I would have to pay is watching Niedermeyer plant his skate on Brodeur’s ass once or twice a night to keep him in his place…

  6. The_Conductor says:

    Say what you want baout football… but how much money does NFL make and how much does hockey make. NUFF SAID

  7. justsomeguy says:

    I think we all agree that hockey is the best sport and would probably all agree that no matter what happens, more scoring or not, we are still gonna watch. That said, I think the whole point of the rule change proposals is not to make hockey more entertaining compared to other sports. Rather, it is to make hockey more entertaining by comparing what it is now to what it used to be. I mean look at the Avs this year. They were supposed to bring back the “old” style offensive hockey, where it doesn’t matter if you score 5 goals because we’re gonna score 6. That sure hasn’t happened. The defense first mentality is so entrenched in today’s pros and in also in the up and comers that I wonder how effective minor rule changes will be. The real problem is the style of hockey being played and being preached.

  8. MAniac29 says:

    I still just don’t agree with the consequences being a factor. As I posted below, I think the idea of punishing the same amount of time is ridiculous, but saying that it should be case by case is a much better statement. I agree that it should, but again, you have to look at the intent, and I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that Bertuzzi’s actions were not indicitive of someone trying to hurt another person. That is the “intent to injure” to a tee! What, do you think that he figures “beating the crap” out of someone is not going to hurt them. You can’t tell me that Bertuzzi simply wanted to embarass Moore. He wanted to physically hurt him, no doubt in my mind. Whether Bertuzzi is not that kind of person or not, something snapped or whatever, but that was definitely intent to injure, as is evidenced by the facct that he jumped on top of Moore and continued to try to punch him in the back of the head when even if Moore were conscious, he would have stood no chance at defending himself in that position. Freak injuries also sometims occur. See that Detroit Lions gaurd, I think Brown was his name. He broke his neck on the most innocent looking play in the world. If the play is at all suspendable, it is likely that there was some intent. What do you mean by “injure”? I mean it just seems odd that you say he didn’t want to break his neck, but MERELY beat the crap out of him. And that’s not injuring???

    There are exceptions, such as kneeing. Sometimes stucking out your knee is a natural reaction if a player is going to get by you and you had them lined up, and obviously there is not the intent of tearing up someones knee, but nonetheless this is still judged as soemthign worthy of a suspension because of THE ACT. If a dirty knee results in just a bruise and a two game loss of a player, while a more innocent knee results in career ending ligament tears, you can’t just go by the consequences, it’s by the intent and the act itself. Consequences are so variable. Chances are if someone gets terribly injured however, its not a freak incident, and in this case the play will not be seen as innocent. But on the rare occasion where this does happen, you can’t change the price for the crime….

  9. cwthrash says:

    As with many of their sketches, it was a classic.

    If you have a dish, there are packages offering both Fox Sports World and GolTV. Each one has two to three games on per day, some live on the weekend and many other taped games throughout the week. League play from much of Europe and South America. As well as UEFA Cup matches, FA Cup, Copa del Rey, etc. I’ll stop now because I’m starting to sound like a commercial, but you get the drift.

    If it’s possible for you, I highly recommend you get one or both of those channels. There’s always gonna be some game to watch year round.

  10. nanuuq says:

    I think they need to redefine some of the

    obstruction penalties to make them easier

    to call by the officials.

    Also they should go back to the old rules of

    not allowing substitution for coincidental

    minors and majors.

    In the old days there was a lot more of the

    4 on 4 and 3 on 3 hockey, which was pretty

    exciting, and caused more scoring.

  11. TheDuk says:

    Fire Bettman and Campbell and get some leadership in that knows what the hell they are doing. We can start with calling penalties they way they are written.

  12. EmptyNetter says:

    Sadly, no dish. I guess if I want to learn about soccer I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way — play it. S’funny, but a good way to learn who the key players of a sport is to play the video game. I was psyched when the Bruins picked up Michael Nylander because he played so well in NHL 2001. But I digress. . .

    Thanks for the advice.

  13. cwthrash says:

    It is kinda strange but those games do help you at the very least identify with players you don’t get to see often (or at all).

    If you haven’t already, you could just browse daily on some of the soccer sites out there. A few minutes a day, just to keep up on news and results and so forth. There are boatloads of good sites. With half the planet as fans, it’s not hard to find good info.

    But you definitely have it right. The best way to get an appreciation for the game is to play it. Depending upon how much you like it, it won’t take long to learn why 2-3 billion people go ape-shit when supporting their country or favorite club team.

  14. wheresthesoda says:

    good pointless article. i liked it.

    funny about the suspension thing, i agree though.

    keep the red line, take away the blue lines, so you have icing, offsides still.

    thats what i think. trimming down the goalie pads isnt such a bad idea either.

  15. sensman99 says:

    You probably just think that it’ll help your little Leafs, you little, stupidiot, Leaf fan!

    No, just forget everything I said, I was joking. Good ideas, man. No-touch icing though, for me it’s sort of a toss-up. Yeah, no one wants to see guys get killed chasing after pucks, but it’ll really slow the game down. Of course like 95% of the time, the icing counts when it gets touched up, so it’s good to put in play. I’d say put in no-touch.

    Definitely, take out the red line. It’s much funner.

    It’s just an idea, but how about making the net wider or something?

  16. garyroberts7 says:

    If you made the net wider the goalies would wear bigger equipment lol.

  17. LondonK says:

    The NHL doesn’t NEED more scoring. They just need to rid themselves of overly defensive hockey. A game could be 20-18 and suck horribly but a 1-0 game could be an entertaining shootout (without the goals).

    The trap shuts down the ability to have these games.

  18. garyroberts7 says:

    Yea, but how many games have you watched that were an entertaining 1-0 game? Ya see, all the 1-0 or 2-1 games usually have teams like New Jersey, Carolina, or Minnesota playing in it.

  19. garyroberts7 says:

    That’s what i was trying to say. Thank you, goodfella

  20. garyroberts7 says:

    i guess your right.

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