Does Hockey Need More Scoring?

Hopefully, all of you have heard about what the NHL’s ideas are for more scoring, and what they’re going to do about it. They’ve come up with ideas like goalie’s can’t come out of the net to handle the puck(i certainly don’t like it). Wouldn’t that make the goalie’s really bored? Or there’s other ones like make the pads smaller. How stupid are all the people hanging around Gary Bettman? Why don’t you just……..

Take out the red line? Have you watched the Olympics? It’s way more entertaining with the long passes, I love watching it, and you get more breakaways which turn into alot more scoring chances! Plus taking out the red line would stop teams like New Jersey and Carolina from playing the trap. Some people think you should make the rinks bigger, i’m not so sure about that because it would probably take the checking away, but it’s an idea.

Also, I think there are beginning to be too many injuries and one way to stop that is no touch icing.

I think it was on cbc, on Hockey Night In Canada when they interviewed about 30 players and when asked qoute “Icing, Touch or no touch”? Everyone of those players said no touch. Hello, Bettman doesn’t that tell you something?

I also just wanted to add a comment on the Bertuzzi incident with Steve Moore. If someone intentionally injures someone, suspend him for as long as the other player is out for.

I just wanted to post this to see if anyone else had ideas about how to get more scoring into the game, without changing the game completely or making it like Lacrosse where there’s goals every minute.