Does Nashville's early playoff exit enhance Red Wings' chances of land

If you’re a Detroit Red Wings fan, you’re delighted that the Phoenix Coyotes eliminated the Nashville Predators in the second round of the playoffs on Monday.

And not just because you’re upset that the Predators ousted Detroit in the first round – although that probably has something to do with it.

Instead, you’re happy because you believe the early exit for a Nashville team that was all in this year to win the Stanley Cup will enhance the Red Wings’ chances to land impending unrestricted free-agent defenseman Ryan Suter.

It certainly doesn’t hurt.

It has been widely speculated around the NHL that the further the Predators advance, the more likely Suter would stay. Perhaps the disappointing end will prompt him to leave.

It might boil down to what team he believes has the better chance of being a consistent Cup contender the next several seasons.

Nashville’s depth was one of the reasons it dispatched Detroit in five games. The Predators won’t be as deep going forward. They have 12 players signed for next season at $32.1 million.

They must sign defenseman and captain Shea Weber, the Norris Trophy finalist who made $7.5 million this season and is a restricted free agent. Their list of unrestricted free agents includes forwards Andrei Kostitsyn, Paul Gaustad, Jordin Tootoo and Brandon Yip and defensemen Hal Gill and Francis Bouillon.

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  1. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    off topic, but i was just thinking about the whole vancouver luongo situation and got me thinking moves and changes that need to be done for vancouver to actually take them all the way and winning the cup. They have to be more of a playoff team in my opinion. Some moves i would make for them:

    To tampa: luongo, ballard 
    To Van: lecalvalier, 3rd round pick
    To La: Booth, higgins 1st round pick
    To Van: Dustin Brown, 4th round pick 
    To Stl: raymond, 3rd round, 4th round pick
    To van: Kris russel 
    Resign, schneider, weise, bitz and salo 
    Sign: Gaustad, kelly (UFA's)
    Lecalvalier – Sedin – Sedin 
    burrows –   kesler –  brown
    hansen – gaustad – kassian
    kelly – malhotra – weise 
    Hamhuis – bieksa 
    edler – salo 
    gragnani- russel
    (the decent goalie they have in the minors thats probably nhl backup ready that i cant remember the name)  
    too tired to look at how it works out cap wise but i think it fits under. 
  2. SabresFan220 says:

    Dustin Brown isn't going anywhere now. Forget about getting him outta LA

  3. thisgamewelose says:

    Vancouver traded a Center at the trade deadline because they didn't have room for another top Center. I don't think trading for Lecavalier helps them, and trading with the intention of putting him on the top line as a winger just seems like a bad idea to me. 

  4. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    Tampa bay have actually experimented with lecalvalier on the wing in the past To try and spring him for the off man rushes that he was known for back when he was good to try and get his offensive game going. The kid needs a spark and playing with the Sedins will deffinately get his confidence back and scoring touch. It will also allow burrows tO play with kesler which I see chemistry between and driving other teams insaine. Sedins and vinny have great size and will dominate the cycle game and simply run down the opposing teams defense.

    With the dustin brown will be hard to get but you must wonder why they were even entertaining offers for him in the first place. I've heard it's been because of some problems in the dressing room and between him and quick of all people and we know quick is untouchable so for the right price he can be had IMO. Booth + higgins + a first rounder is an overpayment for brown but worth it for Vancouver and la. La will get booth who can replace brown on the second line and Higgins who also played on vans second line but is more of a good 3rd liner that can score. If la is entertaining offers for brown this offer would be almost too could to pass up. Unless the opt to try and take one of vans 4th 5th defencemen instead of higgins
  5. JoelLeafs says:

    "the kid" is 32…

    I'm always suspicious of locker room rumors about feuds between star players. If such feuds existed how would they get out? Do people in general really believe that the other players on the team are going to the media to complain about players that don't like each other? I'm skeptical.

    I agree that quick is untouchable, but why isn't Brown, again? Yeah, he was bait earlier this season, but because LA looked to be out of the playoffs. Since the acquisition of Cater the Kings have been lights out and Brown has shown himself to be a playoff beast. I really can't see them trading him now. And how, exactly, is Booth, Higgins, and a late 1st rounder an over payment? A second and third line LWs on a decent team for a first line RW (and apparent playoff beast)? Yeah the value looks good on paper, but LA doesn't need those positions filled that badly, and it's easier to find Booths and Higgins' than Browns. Not saying the trade would be bad, but overpayment is a bit strong. And if Brown were to go I have to think it would be to the East.

    I agree that Lecavalier would be good on the first line and really give them a stellar 2nd line in the process, but I don't think you need that much star power on one line. The Sedin twins can get it done on their own, I don't think they need another big start on the wing (not that it wouldn't help, but I think they money is better spend on D). Though tradewise it does make sense to swap Vinny and Lu as per cap and term considerations.

    Hate to return to the Brown issue, but there is now ay you have a run like this from 8th place and turn around and dump your captain, especially one that has done so much during the run.

  6. LeafsFTW17 says:

    I agree about Dustin Brown, after he plays this well in the playoffs there is no way you can trade him.  

    Kesler started his career as a RW so he could easily transition back to that.


    ^ that seems pretty sick

  7. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    The only thing I don't like about that is kesler is such a good face off guy and his defensive play is really strong so I'd rather have him at centre but for sure they would try out different lines and see what looks best. 

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