Domi, Lindros issues

The Toronto star has reported that Leafs GM JFJ is expected to buy out Tie Domi for 1 million dollars and Re-sign Lindros to a one year deal worth 0.75 Million dollars.

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  1. lukeleim says:

    signing lindros to 0.75 would be great… it really shows how much lindros wants to play here and therefore he’ll probably show a lot of heart on the ice.

  2. The-President says:

    This is great news, but I also have some of my thoughts.

    1st off let me say this, If JFJ is serious about keeping his job and “bringing the cup home,” let me tell you he better do some serious moves and he better complete them too.

    Here are the players that are going to be gone next season:

    Belfour- to old

    Allison- to slow

    McCabe- to overpaid

    Domi- ineffective

    Richardson- decent, but old

    Berg, going home to Finland

    Khavonov- GARBAGE

    Wilm- His time is up.

    Belak- Trashcan

    Czerkawski(already gone).

    Here are the players that JFJ needs to pick up in UFA:

    Chara- #1 Dman

    Elias- Winger for Sundin

    Markov- #3 Dman-very steady

    Yep, thats right just 3 players.

    Also, resign:




    If JFJ is serious, and I think he will be this summer, these additions along with the rest of the team, and some youth I think would actually send Toronto over the top.

    Here would be the lineup:










    Now, I know your saying, this is impossible, but before you trash my opinion, let me say this, its not!

    1st off: JFJ’s job is on the line.

    2nd: The cap is going up next year.

    3rd: The Leafs are dumping alot of players this offseason.

    4th: The Leafs are going to have around 20 mil to spend this summer on UFA.

    5th: JFJ seems to be very serious, now that he fired Quinn.

    and 6th: The Leafs are going to be a completely different team next year, with lots of youth, speed, and a different approach with Paul Maurice.

    Signing Chara, Elias, and Danny Markov is not impossible.

    Chara will most likely not be back next season with the Sens, Elias is going to turn into the Niedermayer situation, and Markov will be available.

    If you look at all the lines I prospose they are all solid.

    The 1st line would rack up points night after night, just think of it Sundin with top notch wingers. Elias would probably hit 40G, and O’neill would probably score 30G, and you could go as far as saying that Sundin will have over 100pts, maybe even Elias.

    The second line would be a nice solid line, with the emergence of Steen and Wellwood, and Tucker’s presence. Wellwood has great chemistry with Tucker, and Steen would be a great setup man.

    The third line would be the most reliable, I know people dislike Antropov, but he plays well, I know he doesnt play to his 10th overall ability, but for what he has panned out to be and what he gets paid is acceptable. Antropov and Ponikarovsky have awesome chemistry, and feed off of each other, also with the emergence of Stajan at the end of the season, I expect great things from this line.

    The fourth line would complete a strong lineup, and create many mismatches. The reason why Lindros is on the 4th line is because of his fragileness, we must not overwork him. Kilger will play great alongside Lindros, and also stickup for him. Suglobov will add some spark to this line at a reasonable price. He will get tutored by playing with Lindros, and to a lesser extent Kilger. Also, with Lindros we will use him sparingly on the 4th line, but he will be an important asset on the powerplay.

    The defense speaks for itself, let McCabe, Khavonov, Berg, and Belak go, and sign Chara, and Markov. With the up and coming youth on defense, it will be a great benefit. Chara and Kaberle would be great together, not to mention they’re fellow countrymen. Also Markov, I love the way he plays, he should have never been traded. Markov with Coliacovo would be a great pairing, with their rough play, and Markov’s defense with Coliacovo’s offense, they would compliment each other. Harrison, and White are going to complete the Defense, and give Toronto a all around Solid D, something that Toronto has not had in ages.

    My reasoning behind playing Aubin and Telly in net is because, Aubin I think is very underrated. Lets not forget he played on the crappy Pens, and fared quite well, I think he will be a good #1. Telly on the other hand isn’t a bad backup, and I think he will have something to prove next year. We could also use the 2 goalie system. If worst comes to worst, we could always deal for a goalie during the season, which would be cheaper then signing a topflight goaltender during the offseason, perhaps Cujo during next year’s deadline, but only if necessary, we must give them a chance.

    Here would be some possible trade bait:





    Let me throw this in just to let it be known, the cap is going up this summer, and this team that I am proposing would come out to around 42 million, That would be perfect, and it is possible.

    With a new coach, and a new approach by JFJ lets hope he gets smart!


  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I am really not liking how the Leafs are looking next year. too many Europeans people want. Nothing against Europeans, but as Don Cherry said, I like seeing our guys playing for us. If JFJ wants to sign Elias, go ahead, he’s an amazing hockey player, but Afinogenov or these other Russians people seem to want??? NO!

  4. The-President says:

    Face it Leafy, we need speed, not big baffoons.

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i like seeing our guys win the cup, and if europeans will help (and you know a guy like Afinoganov would) then so be it.

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    There are fast Canadians!

  7. LeafsLegacy says:

    I love the idea.. but its what the players want.. not what toronto wants.. why Robbie Earl??? Pogge??? futures.. trade Telli… Telly has great potentail and we have too many future goalies.. why trade better goalies when u could trade Telli.

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