Dominic Moore traded to the Montreal Canadiens

The Florida Panthers have traded forward Dominic Moore to the Montreal Canadiens for a second-round pick in the 2011 draft.

The trade call to confirm the deal is currently being placed with the NHL.

Moore, 29, has eight goals and nine assists in 48 games for Florida. He is earning $1.1 million this season and becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

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  1. number15 says:

    The Leafs offered him a decent multi-year contract but he thought he was a top 2 line player and rejected the offer…… then he was traded to Buffalo, from where he was let go and unsigned for most of the offseason

    Then Florida gives him a 1 year 1 million dollar contract….. its too bad i liked his style of play

    now he is traded to Montreal where he will run out his contract and then either sign a minnimum 1 year contract somewhere or go to the KHL…… lol, he might actully be an all-star there (think Jiri Hudler…. really)

  2. broc says:

    I can understand a 2nd rounder when he was playing well for the Leafs… but he's got about half the production as he did then… and MTL is still giving a 2nd rounder for him?

    Good for Florida. Moore isn't worth it these days. Maybe a 4th, a 3rd at best…

    Bad first move for Gauthier IMO..

  3. glotz_99 says:

    Wow, I didnt think he was worth a 2nd rd pick when we traded him to buffalo last year and this year he has 24 pts less and is a minus 7

  4. cam7777 says:

    It just goes to show how much fans on these sites overvalue picks.  I've heard some people say that 2nd round picks in this year's draft are like 4th round picks in last year's draft — there just isn't enough talent to make those picks invaluable.   Plus, what is it, 10% of all 2nd rounders that actually become NHL'ers.

    So if Moore is worth a 2nd, how much is Ponikarovsky worth?

  5. glotz_99 says:

    ya i was reading some comments on the tsn website and habs fans were like Pony is worth like a 3rd or 4th rd pick.  

  6. cam7777 says:

    Obviously Poni is 5 times the player Moore is.  I'm still guessing BUrke will acquie an offensive-defenseman prospect (Blum) for Ponikarovsky, in an effort to further insist that Kaberle submit a list.

  7. Magleaf says:

    the second round isnt from this years draft so what is the 2011 draft like

  8. cam7777 says:

    That is what I meant actually.  This year's draft is supposedly pretty solid, but not as good as last year's after the top five picks.  The picks the Leafs are hoping to get would be from this year's draft.  I have a feeling people will toss around picks from next year's draft like candy.

  9. glotz_99 says:

    ya how about Ponikarovsky for Luca Caputi and Pittsburgh's 2nd rd pick

  10. dumbassdoorman says:

    Sounds about on par now that a market has been set. Especially if Whitney keeps being difficult with his NTC. Also would prefer tangradi and must say I like cams Blum proposal out of Nash

  11. nordiques100 says:

    this is only the beginning for les habs.

    i think mara and metropolit will be moved.

    i think they will seek an offensive defenceman to replace bergeron.

    there is talk of frolov…….an expiring contract.

    i think the kostitsyns are two they'd like to move. but with andrei hurt, he is most likely to stay.

    they have 12 mil of cap space next year with both goalies ot re-sign along with pleks. lots of work ahead for gauthier.

  12. reinjosh says:

    and potentially the year after
    There's talk of the NHL raising the Draft age like the NBA did when the Raps got the number 1 pick overall. I think the scuttlebut says to 19.
    That would mean that the 2012 draft could be really weak. Funny because I kind of heard this a little while ago because fantasy leagues were tossing around 2012 picks like nothing (in keeper leagues). I thought nothing off it until a couple days ago when I heard this somewhere.
    The CBA comes up for talks again after the 2011 – 2012 season so that draft could be really weak.
    But yeah picks get overvalued like crazy on this site and even elsewhere. So many people are making the loss of a first rounder seem like the end of the world.

  13. glotz_99 says:

    I wish Gauthier was the GM in Boston, we could trade rickard wallin and get our 1st rd pick back lol

  14. glotz_99 says:

    Ya I kinda like Luca Caputi. In 07/08 with the Icedogs he had 51 goals and 60 assists for 111 pts and an added 107 PIM to that.  Pretty impressive considering it was more points than either Stamkos or Hodgson that season. 

    And for the 2nd rounder the Leafs should go after Justin Shugg of the Windsor Spitfires in the draft. He is supposed to go in the 2nd rd, but will probably move up considering he already has 30 goals and 30 assists, and is going to tear it up going into the OHL playoffs

  15. dumbassdoorman says:

    Not sure it an etirelt bad idea….football you have to be out of highschool 3 yrs.

  16. cam7777 says:

    The Leafs will probably go after Christian Thomas in the 2nd round, if they end up with picks there.  He's the son of a former Leafs player, after all.

  17. Dunski23 says:

    come on guy be serious, you make all Toronto fans look bad…Wallin you crazy.

    With Gauthier he'd at least get us Sjostrom for your first back lol

  18. reinjosh says:

    Yes! Mark Cuban is looking into buying part of the Stars.
    What's better than having Cubanesque owner Balsillie? Cuban himself. Hopefully this happens.

  19. HABSSTAR says:

    Mwahahaha… I get a feeling he'll be a pain in Bettman's ass for years to come if he does get into the club. 

  20. HABSSTAR says:

    Yes!!! You can never have enough marginal 3rd and 4th line talent…

  21. hockey_lover says:

    "So many people are making the loss of a first rounder seem like the end of the world."

    Well, depending on the cir*****stances, it can be. For the most part (not always though) a top 15 first round pick is a lock to be a good player. Doesnt necessarily need to be a blue chipper but its pretty much a lock to be a good player. Once you get out of the top 15 and move into the 2nd round, this obviously lessens.

    So, sometimes a first rounder IS a huge deal. Imagine if in 2003, the Pens had made a trade and it cost them their first rounder. They "win" the draft but ohhh no, you dont have your first rounder. Thats a huge blow.

  22. blaze says:

    Big time busts all over the place 1 through 15 every year.

  23. blaze says:

    nice!! Now with Cullen gone for Picard and a 2nd as well what is Poni really worth in such a sellers market? Is a late first possible?? Send a 3rd with him to get a first if need be.

  24. blaze says:

    oh and it's so much easier/more fun to hate the Habs now that one of the very few men I respected the organization (Gainey) is gone. Hehe Moore for a 2nd….

  25. dumbassdoorman says:

    I am not sure it does really up Poni's value, as much as set it. I would also think that we would not send a 3rd back for a first. Not because it wouldn't be worth it, more because I think Burke would try something else instead. Being that is our first pick this year….lol. Here is hoping we get some good to decent. Although I love all the leaf haters that even after these trades are claiming Poni is garbage and worthless.

  26. hockey_lover says:

    Indeed. Which is essentially why I put in the "not always" part.

    Shame you couldnt puzzle that together.

  27. blaze says:

    well than it's hardly a lock isn't it?

  28. blaze says:

    Poni is essentially the big fish on the market so there's likely going to be some competition. Is that enough for a first, it's hard to say.

    I would definitely have no problems moving a 3rd if meant a higher pick but yeah I get ya moving picks bad.

  29. hockey_lover says:

    Good. Lord.

  30. HABSSTAR says:

    I would think somewhere in between.  Not as much as Cullen but more then Moore. 

  31. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think he will fetch as much as Cullen especially as the market thins. Plus Whitney is playing games with his NTC…extention wise. So he could for sure get as much

  32. reinjosh says:

    yes a first rounder is a loss but it isnt the end of the world
    a team is more likely to find a player who can contribute more to the team in the 2nd through 7th rounds then they are in the the first 30 picks.

  33. reinjosh says:

    Why do you say that?
    Poni has more goals than Cullen, is younger, outscored him the past two years. He doesn't have as much experience in the playoffs but that would make him on par with Cullen for price.

  34. reinjosh says:

    Poni is definitely the consolation price to Whitney or replacement if Whitney becomes difficult.

  35. hockey_lover says:

    No, I dont think ANY move is the end of the world. Ovechkin going down for the season in game 1 is terrible but they'd survive.

    Wow, thats a bold statement. Interesting though. I disagree but I know where you are coming from.

  36. reinjosh says:

    well its just a numbers thing
    Yes the first 30 picks have players with higher potential. But thats 30 guys.
    30 guys versus 180 guys?
    Where is the better player going to come from?
    Likely the bigger numbers.
    I am not saying first rounders are not great. Of course they are and losing them can hurt. But its not the end of the world.
    Teams like Atlanta, Florida, Columbus and the Islanders really have nothing to show with a lot of first rounders.
    Teams like Colorado, Detroit, Dallas have lots too show without many first rounders.

    All I am trying to argue is that trading away 1st rounder does not equal doom like everyone on this site suggests. Now if a team were to trade everyone of their picks away, well then I would completely say thats stupid as anything.
    But having no first rounder is completely fine. It all depends on the simple question of whether that first rounder will bring you more by keeping it than it could by trading it away. Philly, Toronto, Calgary and New Jersey all fell that they could get more by using the first's as trade chips. With Calgary it may have bombed (we won't know until their pick gets turned into a player), with New Jersey they bought a legitimate chance at a cup, with Philly they got a guy to patrol their blueline for years (they gave up other assets but chances are that any one asset wouldn't have turned out like Pronger). Toronto felt they could speed up the rebuild and get a guy that may or may not turn out better than one of their picks (more of an even movement). It all depends on what you use picks for.
    I just hold a different view on picks than most people on here. They are soft assets (they have worth but their worth is determined later on) that can be used in so many different ways. Their is no one good way to use them.

  37. dumbassdoorman says:

    I am saying that because i just don't think anybody is gonna pay much more if at all. There points are fairly equal and Cullen has a ring….that being said i think it equals things out as long as teams don't get desperate, than things could change. And younger means nothing for a rental player to me.

  38. hockey_lover says:

    Ohhh I getcha. I thought you had meant that the first 30 guys in the draft have as much potential as 30 random dudes in the 5th round. THAT is very bold to say and Im sure you would disagree if someone said that.  But yes, the chances of finding a higher number of talented players out of a group of 180 is better than in the group of 30, without a doubt.

    I agree with you for the most part. Losing a first round pic isnt the end of the world. But it could potentially be a big loss in the future. But thats all it is .. potential. Like you said, soft assets. There are very few sure things. Yes, everyone knew that Crosby was going to be a big deal. But people also said the same about Daigle.

  39. dumbassdoorman says:

    Plus trying to not get to hyped and therefore disappointed. I think if we get around, that being slightly better player return that cullen got we did okay. And if we were all told a month agao we would get a 2nd rounder and decent player/propect for poni most would have done cartwheels…

  40. jpmac says:

    Atleast we aren't Team USA version 2.0

  41. pezzz123 says:

    Cullen is a centre, has a ring and doesn't take nights off. But Poni should get you a good return, don't worry. Pittsburgh might offer you something like Dustin Jeffrey, a 2nd rounder and a 4th rounder.

  42. HABSSTAR says:

    I think any GM looking for a rental at the trade deadline is going to be willing to pay more for a guy with a cup ring on his finger.  Of course I could be wrong.  But that's just the way I see it.  

    Or if the team looking to get Poni is able to get him to agree to an extension along with the deal then I could see him going for more than Cullen. 

  43. dumbassdoorman says:

    I agree with the extention upping value. But I do not think poni is going to do that. I only say this because his family is from TO….and he wants to stay. I think if they traded him he may want to try and return.

  44. blaze says:

    is that supposed to be insulting?

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