Dominik Hasek considering comeback at age 47

Dominik Hasek, one of the best goaltenders to play in the NHL, is reportedly interested in making a return to the NHL at age 47.

Hasek has reportedly told several Czech publications he’s exploring the possibility of making a comeback and playing in the NHL.
Dominik Hasek is considering making a comeback at age 47. (AP Photo)

Ritch Winter, Hasek’s agent, told Czech publication, that he did not know of any negotiations going on.

However, Hasek was a little more forthcoming.

“My agent, Ritch Winter, knows what I want,” Hasek said. “We’re working and will see how it goes, I don’t know.

“It’ll probably be decided in June.”

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4 Responses to Dominik Hasek considering comeback at age 47

  1. FlamingHomer says:

    There is going to be a lot of good goalies in play this off season. Who in the world would be desperate enough to take this guy?

  2. lafleur10 says:

    the leafs will take this guy he'd be an upgrade on what they have now in net,and he'd help reimer and teach him some techiniques  to help his development,and they'd get him cheap too.

  3. LeafsFTW17 says:

    There is no way Reimer could play the style that Hasek played. 

    I seriously doubt he will be able to play well in the NHL now, did he even play in any league last year?

    If he can hold a save% of at least .900 I wouldn't mind him on the leafs as a backup. They need that veteran presence back there.   

  4. Boston_Bruins says:
    I hear a lot of people saying Hasek should just become a goalie coach or something and that idea makes me laugh. Unless he's the goalie coach for Thomas, he's probably not a guy I'd be pushing for for that position.

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