Done Deal – Sykora to the Rangers

The New York Rangers have accquired Petr Sykora and a fourth-round pick from the Mighty Ducks in exchange for Maxim Kondratiev. That explains why he was a healthy scratch in his last game.

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  1. wheresthesoda says:

    according to the ny post, the rangers still have 4 million in cap space after this trade

  2. wheresthesoda says:

    time will tell, whoever is playing poorly…..probaly sum1 from the moore line, or nieminen

  3. mtrakker85 says:

    If the Rangers keep starting Weekes, they will fall faster than Tucker after a feather hits him.

  4. mtrakker85 says:

    Look at their last 10 games.



    Is that a record of a team that is not slumping?

    Compare it to the Islanders last 10 as well.



  5. mtrakker85 says:

    The Rangers may be sitting 2nd in the Atlantic, but for how long with the play they have had? They aren’t consistant at closing out tight games and now with the Devils playing the way they should have been all year, the Rangers will just keep sliding.

    I’m sorry to state the truth, and I know it hurts but it will happen.

    If the Rangers really wanted to help themselves, they should of traded for defense.

  6. mikster says:

    2nd on the PK and one of the best defenses in the league.

    You are way off dude. Rangers are above .500 by 11 games. They’ve been just about that ever since the start of the season.

    Flyers went on a hot streak and took over 1st.

    By your logic, any team that goes in a slump is starting to go down the tubes? Does that apply to the Nucks?

    The only thing that i agree with you is that if the Rangers keep starting Weekes, then yeah… they will continue to struggle. But if you watched the Rangers with Lundqvist in net…., which apparently you rarely did, then there is no way this team is “going down the tubes”.

  7. Pock_53 says:

    as if the devils would give up pandolfo, and they already have rasmussen who in my opinion does about as much as antropov but why not

  8. mtrakker85 says:

    I’ve been to 3 games this year in NY, Lundquist started all 3 of them. He played amazing. It’s a shame he can’t start every game in NY other wise they would have rivaled the Senators through the first half.

    My logic is that the Rangers will keep going down until they realize that they need to address their inner concerns first.

    I acknowlege that the PK is great and they are 11 games over 500. Good for them. But everyone who actually watches hockey knows that once the Rangers get into trouble, they never get out of it. In Vancouver, they have to address some issues as well. I don’t know much about them other than their goalie situation needs to be addressed.

    Personally, you guys can keep trying to prove me wrong and make me look bad beacause thats all anyone does on this website anyway, but I know that I’m right and just watch and see.

    Enjoy the season and enjoy the Rangers downdward spiral.

  9. cecilturtle says:

    First off, Sorry if my wiseass ways offended you… I ment to say, Not familiar with NY… Not – Not familiar with hockey… Anyway, I agree with you the Rangers are much much much better with the Big Sweed in net as opposed to Weeks. But….. A team needs two goalies! Goalies get banged up during the long season. They go into slumps from playing too much and not getting the chance to practice, etc. Weeks is an NHL goalie… Not the best Sherly not the worst. I’d rate him between good and average… I think the Rangers can get points with Weeks and win the cup with the Great Sweed. The Rangers need their top goalie to be healthy, sharp, and confident come playoff time. Its nice when you can play your back up goalie against the best / hottest team in hockey (Flyers) and get a point while your starter sits on the bench with the goalie coach pointing out what the Flyers are doing and what they are going to try to do the next 6 games they play us. Its very important for a young goalie to be able to take games off from time to and see it from the sideline insted of the crazy crease area. Anyway, The Rangers really need Weeks to play good as well.

    Cecil Turtle

  10. Neely4Life says:

    Who actually gives a shit he was traded to the rangers.

  11. GretzNYR99 says:

    “…but I know that I’m right and just watch and see.”

    Yeah, I’ll watch as the Rangers make the playoffs this season, and then when they do so, can I laugh at you? Or will you finally get offended when someone has turned the tables on you?

    This team has gone through it’s first real slump this season. They had a November in which they went 10-3. 13 games in 26 nights, and they won 10 of them. Pretty damn good, considering the amount of work the body does over that span of time. They have a goaltender who’s stats are among the best in the league.

    Of starters who have started 25 games or more, Lundqvist is 2nd in GAA and save percentage, and has let up the least amount of goals in the NHL. He’ll get more time, he’s won more games. They’ll make a change for defensive upgrade. Not a Rob Blake, maybe an Adam Foote or a Brian Leetch, but time will tell.

  12. GretzNYR99 says:

    If this was “Press Your Luck,” you would have been whammied not once, but twice. The first time for asking who gives a shit, and the 2nd time for being dumb enough to shoot yourself in the foot and post it. If you’re having trouble reading between the lines, seek help immediately.

  13. cecilturtle says:

    Man, I am such a better wiseass than you… You got nothin you wiselessass!

    Cecil Turtle

  14. GretzNYR99 says:

    Although I like Hollweg, Nieminen is better as an agitator, and can score here and there. I think he’d be more useful in this lineup. Therefore, I think Hollweg should be sent down to Hartford.

  15. GretzNYR99 says:

    I like these lines the best from what I’ve seen/heard so far.

    You have to keep players who are capable of, or are naturals at in respective positions. Nylander may not be with Jagr and Straka anymore, but Straka CAN play center, and has before, and putting Prucha at center, although he’s been good on faceoffs on the power play, is not a good idea at even strength. Your defensive responsibilities are that much different, and it alters your game. I wouldn’t mess with a kid’s game, especially after he’s scored 20 goals half-way through the season as a rookie. You’ve got something special there.

    Sykora will be a shot in the arm on the power play, he’s not afraid to shoot. He can be a pointman.

  16. GretzNYR99 says:

    If you haven’t cracked a different code, you’d realize that Naslund and Bertuzzi are best friends, and wherever one goes, the other goes as well. Naslund stayed in Vancouver, and Bertuzzi stayed as well. Naslund’s contract is untradable, just as well as Bertuzzi’s, so neither is leaving.

  17. Gretzkin says:

    Yeah, totally. It would be a shame for the Habs to add anybody to their lineup that would improve them one bit.

  18. Gretz99NYR says:

    what can be said? this is why life as a rangers fan is THEE LIFE. No, its more than THEE LIFE, it is THEE LIFE to the 1987th power. How can we ever give our father enough praise. Glory to Sather-baby, the almighty puck god. Why waste your days mired bumming around with those rinky-dink “hockey” bands, all you ranger-fans-wannabees. Whom is YOUR daddy?


  19. wingerxxx says:

    4 unanswered goals against Calgary for two wins in a row? Oh yeah. We’re really slumping.

  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    It’s rather amusing how you’re still trying to be me.

    From the looks, I’m your daddy, *****!

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