Don't blame new Tampa Bay Lightning owner if he cleans house

Gary Shelton

The goal is still there. After all this time, and after all this misery, it can still be reached.

Do not talk of the odds, and do not pay attention to the pressure, for you have seen the Lightning, and deep down you know it is capable of pulling this off. It has the goaltending for it, and the defense, and the right amount of depth on its scoring lines.

A break here or there and sure enough, the Lightning can claim last place in the Eastern Conference. Again.

Ah, the poor Lightning. Every day this team seems to get a little worse, and every game its flaws become more and more clear. The Lightning has spent the past six weeks sinking through the standings like a rock in a pond, losing by a little and losing by a lot, dropping past this team and that one. If Steven Stamkos weren’t having such a wonderful season, the temptation would be to ask the NHL to call the rest of the season off via the mercy rule.

Yet, in the long run, perhaps it is not so bad that this team is so bad.

At least this way, new owner Jeff Vinik can see how much work there is to do.

If you think this season looks bad through your eyes, you can only imagine it what it must look like through his. I imagine him sitting and watching in horror, then turning to a friend and saying, “You know, maybe I didn’t get as good a bargain as I thought. I should have some change coming.”

I picture him watching his team’s defense and asking, “Doesn’t Sabby Piscitelli play for the Bucs?” I imagine him looking at the goaltending and saying, “And doesn’t Dioner Navarro play for the Rays?” And on and on.

In other words, Jeff, you’re going to need a bigger shovel.

6 Responses to Don't blame new Tampa Bay Lightning owner if he cleans house

  1. number15 says:


    – Steven Stamkos
    – Victor Hedman
    – 1st rounder (2010)

    Tampa Bay:

    – Tomas Kaberle
    – Rikard Wallin
    – 5th rounder (2010)


    Tampa gets a super star d-man, and a potential first line forward, plus a 5th rounder, which should be high considering Leafs are bad.

    Leafs give up alot but u gotta give some to get a 1st rounder… its hard o swollow but they must take Stamkos and Hedman off of Tampa's hands.

  2. reinjosh says:

    Terrible deal for the Leafs. They give up far to much.

    No seriously, that better be a complete joke trade offer…

  3. jeff_friesen_wpg_jet says:

    This must be a leafs fan talking. The leafs ownership would be ****** retards to give up a 19 year old who's scored 45 goals, and a future potential franchise defensemen. Then, on top of that a 1st rounder in which Tampa probably has a lottery pick which could produce Seguin or Hall. All this for  Thomas Kaberle who is a minus 16 and in my own opinion very overrated?  No dice buddy.

  4. zackman13 says:

    this coming from a guy with jeff freison in his name…

  5. GO_LEAFS_GO_Noni says:

    i wish this were to happen. we would be in the playoffs next year with this

  6. cam7777 says:

    plus the trade was clearly a joke.  if we want stamkos, i think we might get our chance to offer sheet him next summer.  you know he'll want to sign in toronto above other teams, so there's a possibility for a blockbuster next summer. 

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