Don't rush to blame Gainey

I for one have critized montreal canadiens gm Bob gainey on sleeping during the first couple of days of this month. But gainey has offerd many players contract but got the bad end of the stick. Gainey was not able to sign players because player prefer not to play in montreal. They are many pros and cons playing with this organisation. But unfortuantly there are more cons playing for the habs these day. The 2 most bigest problems that the habs have to sign players is the tax situations. In america the tax is much more lower then canada. a player playing in canada might have to give up almost 50% on taxes. The 2nd part is the press in montreal. They don’t let anyone go. while playing the habs, the media will crush you when you make a mistake. and yet a day later they will praise you if you do one little thing good. No one

wants to be in an up and down relantionship. So be thankful that gainey has landed Samsonov and is able to hold the team together cause his job is one of the thoughest gm jobs in the nhl.

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  1. urstruly says:

    So right!!! Anytime a gm is in charge of a team it is great pressure, but I strongly believe being the gm of the Canadiens is the greatest pressure of all.. One thing u will have 2 understand bout Gainey is he wont be rushed in2 making any decisions just because ppl complain, when u rush in2 things is when u make the biggest mistakes..

    Dont blame Gainey I mean he has his whole roster signed with the exception of Ryder, he signed samsonov and johnson even though players do get taxed extreme amounts to play here and with all the media pressure which I personally think is the biggest reason players wanna avoid commin here and not the money!!!

  2. mtl_prince says:

    Tax is paid by the team…

    If Shanahan signed here for 5 mill a season, he gets 5 mill clear. the organisation pays the tax…

    So My Point Is, Players Don’t Come Here For Other Reasons, Media Etc.

    Not Because Of The Tax!

  3. cratchfo says:


    so IMO i dont think the media should be allowed in the habs dressing room after games. WIN OR LOOSE they should not be allowed….look at the players we lost because if the media. We could probally make an all-star team with the players. so if anyone reads this that has anything to do with it YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT IT. look at the hurricanes in the playoffs they wouldnt let anyone talk to ward during the playoffs and they won the cup, it deff gets to a players head when the media comes out and says you played like shit got anything to say about it ? with theodore with the problems with his family all over the media the press has taken it to the dressing room and asked him about it, right there i woulda said that press is not allowed to talk to theodore. wed still have our number 1 goalie and huet would be a backup and we wouldnt have to keep abby. dont get me wrong abby is a good backup for us he was like 6-3 or something like that i forget but this year hell get more playing time im sure..SO KEEP THE MEDIA AND PRESS OUT OF THE DRESSING ROOM DURING THE SEASON

  4. passionch says:

    Gainey’s patience wins just look at the Habs now compared to last year. In Montreal, if you win, everything seems so much better than everywhere since the media is so present. If you lose, then it’s a nightmare here. Habs are on a winning road right now so players will get attracted to Montreal once we really become a force in the new NHL (I’d say about 5 years).

  5. JJR66 says:

    the main reason the habs lost out on free agents Elias and Arnott is because they were offered long term contracts, which is not Gainey’s mode of business. Money talks indeed, but Bob isn’t going to throw it around recklessly and tie up valuable cap space over the next 4 or 5 years, the h abs have too much emerging talent coming in the next 5 years. Shanahan however may have chose new york over montreal because of the media, but in my opinion he did not because he is not one to back down fron anyone (both on and off the ice).

    The title of the entire thread baffles me as well? Who is rushing to blame Gainey anyway, blame him for what? For being fiscally responsible? For being loyal to both ownership and players? For sticking to a plan? For his efforts and ability nobody should be crawling, let alone rushing, to blame Bob Gainey.

    One of the biggest problems the habs have are fickle fans who point out negatives and use them as excuses, some media and some fans are responsible for this…eh mannyg….?

  6. Habroller says:

    Good points.

    About Shanahan, I think his decision concerned his potential linemates. We couldn’t offer better than Jagr, only better depth. Depth is not what is gonna boost Shanny’s numbers though…

  7. bobsUruncle says:

    Actually I’m pretty sure Shany’s decision was based heavily on the fact that he is very involved with the new rules committee, not to mention will probably join the NHL board pretty soon…I think he chose to keep his ear closer to the ground at head office in NY.

    As far as Gainey is concerned…

    The only question mark with Bob so far is the higher then expected salaries that have been given out to un-deserving players. Something tells me that Brisebois is to blame for that, and Bob is simply trusting his judgement.

    Anyone know is Brisebois was there before Bog got there…or if Bob hired him??

  8. JJR66 says:

    bob inherited Breezeby…and actually stood up for him when the fans booed the poor bastard everytime he touched the puck. As soon as Breezers contract allowed it Gainey bought him out and said adios.

    In resonse to the higher than expected salaries dished out…i can only really see ribeiro getting more than expected (and deserved perhaps)…but if he gets to play a full season with Kovalev and Samsonov…well…i assume his numbers will be rather large.

  9. bobsUruncle says:

    I wasn’t talking about that lameass breezy (I know he was here before Bob came back), talking about Brisebois his financial advisor.

  10. JJR66 says:

    lol…okay…makes sense now…

  11. EasternHockey says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong wrong. That is so wrong, it’s retarded. Thing is, the $5 million he gets is American money, but as soon as a player LIVES inside of Quebec, they have to pay Quebec INCOME TAX (ie that American money is declared). So 50% of what he makes is gone to be wasted on sponsorship scandals. Hockey players are NOT the exception.

  12. EasternHockey says:

    Sorry, to add to what I said, do you honestly thing an organization would pay $5 million dollars in taxes to cover someone else’s income? I think not. And it’s not much better in Ontario, or anywhere else in Canada, except for Alberta (no provincial tax)

  13. EasternHockey says:

    I severely doubt Brisebois has anything to do with it. Gainey has a lot more money issues than just player salaries… such as concessions and ticket prices, amongst a LOT of other things, such as tax. Brisebois handles the scrap.

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