Don't rush to blame Gainey

I for one have critized montreal canadiens gm Bob gainey on sleeping during the first couple of days of this month. But gainey has offerd many players contract but got the bad end of the stick. Gainey was not able to sign players because player prefer not to play in montreal. They are many pros and cons playing with this organisation. But unfortuantly there are more cons playing for the habs these day. The 2 most bigest problems that the habs have to sign players is the tax situations. In america the tax is much more lower then canada. a player playing in canada might have to give up almost 50% on taxes. The 2nd part is the press in montreal. They don’t let anyone go. while playing the habs, the media will crush you when you make a mistake. and yet a day later they will praise you if you do one little thing good. No one

wants to be in an up and down relantionship. So be thankful that gainey has landed Samsonov and is able to hold the team together cause his job is one of the thoughest gm jobs in the nhl.