Doubts about Bob!

I liked Bob as a player but have my reservations about him as a GM.

Some moves by Bob:

1) Lost Ron Hainsey, 13th overall pick, claimed off of waivers by Columbus. He is still young and leads Columbus defensemen is scoring with 28 points. We have nothing to show for him.

2) Traded Mike Ribeiro for Janne Niinimaa. Ribeiro has 41 points and is +7. Niinimaa has played 31 games, is a -8 and spends most nights watching from the press box. He is an unrestriced free agent that we will gladly lose but will have nothing to show for the trade. I don’t begrudge trading Ribeiro but we have to do better than Niinimaa.

3) JP Dumont wanted to play in Montreal, was willing to accept a hometown discount, has 51 points and is a +9. Yet we were not interested. Instead we actively pursued the likes of Elias and Shanahan, neither of whom wanted to play in Montreal.

4) Instead signed Sergei Samsonov to 3.5 million per season. He has 25 points in 60 games played. We can’t even give him away and his 3.5 million will count against next years cap.

5) Held onto Sheldon Souray who will walk at seasons end. Once again we will have nothing to show for him. Souray’s stock was at an all time high as he is playing for a new contract and big payday. There is no arguing he is having a tremendous season but he will not duplicate this season again productionwise and has always been injury prone. I know we need Souray if we are going to make a run at a playoff spot. However, the reality is that we are an average team at best and don’t have the horses, combined with the injury to Huet, to do any real damage in the playoffs that is providing we actually make it in. (Andrei Markov is another unrestriced free agent at seasons end, wouldn’t it be tragic to lose him as well!? I know he claims that he wants to remain in Montreal but nothing is guaranteed).

6) Traded Craig Rivet for Josh Gorges and a first round pick which seems like a good deal at the time as Rivet is an unrestricted free agent at seasons end. Unfortunately we lost some leadership and toughness in losing Rivet. Ironically we receive a “most sportsmanlike player” (Memorial Cup) in Gorges. Just what we need, another soft player.

When will Montreal’s management realize that we need some size and toughness. We have too many European players and too many small, soft players. We must be the easiest team in the NHL to play against. We definitely don’t intimidate anyone.

I hope Bob proves me wrong but thus far he has given us Habs fans little to cheer about.

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  1. RealisticNick says:

    Everytime you open your mouth I just think WOW, are you in a Shell out there in BC?  You seem to think that everything revolves around you out there and that everyone from BC or drafted by the Canuck is superior to everyone else.  Turris, Yes he is ranked to go in the first round, but the best player in the world not in teh CHL?  How about James Van Riemsdyk?  Ranked to go #2, he's not playing in the NCAA, Eurpoe or CHL.  "but there (Canucks)  ATLEAST top 7 or 8 in the NHL for like prospects" Maybe you should check it's got prospect and organizational rankings, oh look, Montreal is ranked 6th and Vancouver 26th!!!  So i guess the professional scout don't share your same opinons.

    "I take Grabner WAY WAY WAY over Chipchura"…Well maybe you do, but why would montreal want 100 goal scorers and no grinders, Chipchura is going to be the defensive forward on the team.  Lets look at 2 Montreal forwards who are also in the WHL, Ben Maxwell, Ranked #11 for MTL, He has 53 points in 39 games, Ryan White #20 for MTL has 84 points in 65 games, they were taken 49th and 66th overall in the same draft where your Grabner was taken 14th!!!.  He's got 53 points in 51 games. So not only is our 20th guy beating him (has played more games but better point per game anyway) our second rounder who has played 12 less games has 2 more points.  Not to mention Montreal already has more offensive prospects taken before that draft that are better than Vancouvers, Kostisyn (x2), Grabovsky so don't even start with that.

    "Schiender is a better goalie then Price"…Price has been playing on a TERRIBLE Tri-City team for the last four year and still manages to get shut-outs, taken late first round? Try fith overall in 2005 "He is putting up spectaculer numbers in college"  Guess what, he's playing in the WHL not college and the team he has been playing with for the last 4 years is bad (until this year) he still managed a 78W, 77L, 18T, 2.53 GAA, 15 SO, .914 Save%.

    "Vincent will need to be more consistent as a goaltender by proving his mental toughness in the playoffs. He was able to elevate his performance against Baie-Comeau and Quebec but then regressed versus a strong Rimouski team, losing his spot to backup Brandon Verge"  Ya, sounds like he's an all-start goalie losing his starting spot in JUNIOR.

    "Simek is very similier to Martin St Louis"…Oh ya, St. Louis was getting 2 points per game or more in a lower scoring NCAA and Simek is just getting one point per game in the WHL.  Top scorer, can you say 34th a top scorer?  Ryan White it a top scorer #2!  Not #34th

    Daniel Rahimi – Well he's so great I wasn't able to find stats on him on the usualy places I look that have people that didn't even make the NHL.  Hockey's future says he is soild, but not as spectacular as you have said. 

    "Kiril Kotslov"…At 24 he's running out of time as proscpect status, he played well when he came over he but went back to Russia, I guess he'll definetly be taking over Krajicek's spot from Russia, if he left it looks like he won't be coming back, look at Martti jarventie and Alexander Buturlin were over here and left and never came back.

    "Elder"…You spent quite a bit of time on ones that are not as great and trying to make them seem amazing, this guy played well in the WHL and is having a solid seaon in the AHL, 19 points in 35 games isn't bad and he has size.

    "Bourdon the best D-man in '05 draft)…Matt Lashoff 44GP, 10G, 20A, 30Points 40Pim, in the AHL, Marc Staal, OHL    48    5   28   33   62, Jakub Kindl, OHL    48    8   39   47  117, LUC BOURDON, QMJHL 29, 4, 14, 18, 54.  He's not the worst, but so far he is definetly not the best.

    So as far as th Canucks being top 7 or 8 in prospects I'm sorry to burst you bubble.  Maybe you should try to do some research before posting things as everytime you do it appears it is your opinion (which you are entitled to) rather than facts such as I have just posted.  If you would like to continue posting such false statements I don't mind spending a little time tearing them apart.  Try using websites like and  they provide quite a bid of information, after that I would suggest google even, anything is better than making things up like you just did.

  2. RealisticNick says:

    I agree, I took so long cutting up his article that you were able to post before me haha.

  3. RealisticNick says:

    Bad move?  Dallas won the cup, Calgary has only since gone to the finals, they won the cup and are able to attract UFA to fill in the one spot, sounds like a good trade to me.

  4. BieksaForMVP says:

    Hockey future is so reliable, because Philly is ranked 30th right? I talking about Schiender when I was mentioning him playing in college, and yeah. Schiender has better numbers then Price too, and he's ranked the second best goalie not playing in the NHL. Bourdon has been injured for like 2 years now, and but does that men he's going to be injury prone? I think some players have gotten injuries and not been considered injury prone. I didn't Simek put up the same numbers as St Louis did? I just said they were the same, which is almost the same thing, but I meant his playing style is the same, and he's small. Vicent is a good goalie, but he's not consistant. Is J.S. Gigure a bad goalie? no, and he's not consistant? What about Souray? I think Anze Kopitar had a bad year back in Europe last year, but is showing signs in the NHL that he will be very successful. That's the same thing as Grabner. Also Grabner did say that he was upset with this season, or something similier to that. I take the 50 goal scorer over the 50 point scorer who is good defensivly, ecspecialy if i'm Gainey, because don't they need someone who can score? Also Grabner has 36 goals I think, and I did say goal scorer didn't I? lso when he plays in the NHL he's be around better player, and can improve passing, and can learn not to always shot. Is that enough?

  5. canadaownshockey says:

    I have no idea how the weather is in Kingston. But here in MONTREAL, it's pretty ncie, but we're supposed to be gettign a lot of snow over the weekend. Born and raised in Montreal buddy. Nice try though. Got anything else

  6. Rico420 says:

    Whatever..when I think of the GM's in the league who have Stanley Cup Rings Bob's name comes up.

  7. Rickoo7 says:

    JP Dumont told to the media he waited till the last minute a call from montreal…but Gainey didnt call him..

  8. canadaownshockey says:

    ok thanks. Lucky for him Gainey didnt call. NOw he's playing with Kariya instead of Kovalev

  9. canadaownshockey says:

    so do a ton of other gm's. Glen Sather won a few, but look at the Rangers.

  10. EddieAVS says:

    I really dont think Gainey has done anything that has made this team better, KNOWINGLY. this team was over exceeding expectations in the first half of the season because of the stellar play of HUET. A goalie playing as well as he was masks the teams problems. All of you can forget about hockeys future, its a reliable site, but one of the canadiens major problems is not knowing how to properly integrate their youth and develop. the only rookies in montreal who have a chance are the bangers like higgins and latendresse, the type of players who can grind. finesse-like players like kostitsyn will never succeed in montreal, they play them on the third and fourth lines!!

    Huet was a throw-in to the deal, he was never the player gainey was aiming to get. he thought he was picking up a back up. the deal was really to get Bonk.

  11. RealisticNick says:

    Hockey's future is a realiable source as you can see they use a reliable source as the ISS.  What does Philly have that is so special that they would not be 30th?  They have Downey who appers to be a 3rd line aggitator, where is the next Simon Gagne or Pitkanen?  Where do you get that Schneider is ranked the 2nd best not in the NHL?  That is where I talk about you making things up, heard of Montoya, Rask, Harding, Pogge, oh and Price, They are all ranked in the top 50 NHL prospects on HF, where is this #2 ranked Schneider?  And if Bourdon has been injured for 2 years, chances are he will be easily injured as they just don't go away, see Carlo Coliacavo, Tim Connoly.  And if Simek doesn't put up the same numbers then how is he the same as St.Louis?  He would be more like a Ricco Fatta or Eric Perrin so if you use examples use them of a similar caliber player.    How do you compare Vincent to J.S?  Again use better examples, maybe and Andrew Raycroft, good one game and gets pulled the next.  What about Souray?  I don't get where that came from? 

    And you THINK that he had a bad season, as I said do some research "2005-06: After signing a three year entry-level contract with the Kings, Kopitar responded by playing remarkably well in training camp against seasoned veterans before being returned to the SEL due to contractual obligations. While in Sweden, Kopitar scored more points (20) than any other player in his age level except for top 2006 draft pick Nicklas Backstrom (Was)."  Oh ya, terribble season, a kid playing in a league of older men.  So how do you compare that?  If he is to do that he should be lighting up the league with players his own age or withing a year or two of him.  Another bad example. 

    If you are Gainey you would not take the 50 goal scorer who can not play defence because you end up like Atlanta, sure you score 6 a game, but that line lets in 7 and the 50 goal scorer is somehow -15.  Because you score 50 goals does not make you score the same at the NHL level, Alexandre Daige, Corey Locke, hell Locke had over 100 points 2 years in a row and is he lighting up the NHL? No, so why would Grabner who had only 36 goals last year in the WHL and only 50 points become a 50 GOAL scorer in the NHL?
    ALSO, why would bob want another goal scorer when he already has 5+ in the system?  That is why Montreal is ranked so high, they have great depth in the system.

    So Grabner said he was upset with his season, what the hell does that have to do with him being better?  Alot of people can suck and say they wished they could have done better, it doesn't make them go out and do it.

    (Age they will be by end of '07)
    Look at Vancouver's farm team leaders, Jaffray 26 years old, Brad Moran 28 years old, Lee Goren 30!, that is great talent that will be in the NHL very soon, they aren't even prospects.  How are they supposed to be better than Montreal in a few years?  

    Montreals farm team leaders, Dundan Milroy 23, Kostitsyn 22, Grabovsky 23,  Locke 23, D'Agostini 21, Jaroslav Halak 22, Halak has 6 SO in 16 wins this season. 

    PLUS, why would an NHL team want a player on their team who is only going to score goals but not pass or play defence at a young age?(plus not even guaranteed to score lots of goals, not yet proven)  They can get guys who can equal that production and play at both ends who are older.  Developing skills is what junior, ECHL and AHL are for, why do you think Kostitsyn is down there?  He was always a scorer now he's a point per game player who can also play in his own end.  Look at Chris Higgins, he was a complete player when drafted, in the first 13 game before he got hurt he had 13 point in 13 games and 3 goals were shorthanded, so instead of only being a powerplay player and on the first line, he is out at every point during the game, now who is more valuable?  The guy that only scores, or the guy that scores, keeps the puck out and while on the penatly kill puts the puck in the net.  Aslo see Thomas Plecanec.

    So instead of writing, "he said …….. or something like that" and "I think he got this" do some damn research, give sources, produce facts, your arguments are unjustified.

  12. RealisticNick says:

    How would they not know if he can do the job?  The man won the cup in Dallas!  HE put together that team

  13. BieksaForMVP says:

    i'm not even gonna explain every thing, because your a retard.

  14. TheStryker says:

    Originaly I was mad that Bob didn't make a move. But after thinking about it, im glad he didn't. I think that the asking price for players was just way too high. We need way too much help to be a derious contender anyways. We would have needed a goalie, but can you say that Belfour and Joseph are better than what we have now ? Guys with no trade clauses like Tkachuk, Guerin and Roberts wouldn't wave them to come to Montreal. Would we really want Bertuzzi…not me. Sure it would have been nice to pick up a guy like Lapointe or Laperrierre, but the Av's didn't want to move Lapierrierre and Lapointe's salary is over 2 million and he still has a year left.

    Most are saying we will loose Souray, but I have a feeling he will sign in Montreal. He and his wife are back together and are expecting another child and Souray has been quoted as saying if he stays in Montreal his family would work it out. Markov has said that his priority is to stay in Montreal.

    Bob has some house cleaning to do.
    -Buy out Samsonov's contract
    -Sign Markov then Souray
    -Sign a UFA center (Briere,Datsyuk,Drury,Gomez)
    -Find a way to get into the top 5 at the draft (Esposito,Cherepanov,Gagner,Kane,Turris)
    -Sign a UFA D-man (Hannan,Stuart,Timonen,Phillips,Sopel)
    -Sign a guy who can drop the gloves (Fedoruk,Thornton,Boulton,Kostopoulos)
    -Figure out who to keep/Who to get rid of.

    Bob's gonna have a busy summer

  15. sdopus says:

    He's a retard?  Learn to spell; YOU'RE the retard!

  16. Komic-J says:

    And that's what it should be…and why I'm pissed at Gainey for not dealing Souray when he had the chance. Move him for a package of good young kids and/or draft picks, and keep on building the team with Timmins. The guy knows how to draft, so give him the tools to go from a "good" prospect to a "great" one.

    I'm not mad at Gainey for not landing one of Guerin, Smyth, Bertuzzi, etc…I'm mad at him for not dealing our upcoming UFAs (all but Markov who he should re-sign).

  17. Les-Habitants says:

    lol, those were the days…lol

    man, I'll still never understand how so many  GMs in the past managed to put tgether such a crappy team.

    and Gainey is awesome.

  18. RealisticNick says:

    You won't explain everything because you can't back everything up because it is mainly opinion and speculation rather than facts.  My point has been proven, don't post what you can not prove.

  19. habs_forever says:

    Be careful, there is a difference between trying to make the team better and making it better.  Houle also tried to make the team better but that didn't go so well either.

    So let me recap some of the moves made by Gainey off the top of my head;

    1) Ron Hainsey for nothing.
    2) Hossa for Murray
    3) Aaron downey
    4) Todd Simpson
    5) Raitis Ivanans
    6) Sergei Samsonov
    7) Radik Bonk (Although not as bad as the others, he was given way too much money)
    8) Mike Ribeiro for Niinima (Say what you will about Ribeiro being a problem in the locker room but what we got in return was a joke.)

    Again, I am not trying to say that the other GMs were any better or that Gaineys intentions are not good…I am trying to say that his decisions have no improved the team since he took over.  This summer I believe will be crucial for him as he has made a some questionable decisions (Rivet, not trading Souray, and no moves at the deadline).

  20. BieksaForMVP says:

    Like you said, Bourdon might become the next Alexander Daigle (except Bourdon's a defensemen), but how do you know someone from Montreal won't? How do you konw they won't end up like the Blue Jacket;s this year? Nash, Zherdev, etc but they still can't win.

  21. RealisticNick says:

    I never said the players from Montreal couldn't end up like that, that is why prospect depth is important, look at their picks from mid-90's to 2000, we'll stick with first selections, 1990-Turner Stevenson 12th, 1991 Brent Bilodeau 17th, 1992 David Wilkie 20th, 1993 Saku Koivu 21st, 1994 Brad Brown 18th, 1995 Terry Ryan 8th, 1996 Matt (not Chris) Higgins 18th, 1997 Jason Ward 11th, 1998 Eric Chouinard 16th, 1999 Alexander Buturlin 39th, 2000 Ron Hainsey 13th…as you can see even though these players were very skilled in the junior ranks it does not mean they are going ot translate into these big superstar scoring machines in the NHL, in fact all but Koivu were pretty much busts.  And as far as knowing they won't end up like the Jackets this year, they are better than them this year and should not be changing too much to cause a downward plunge.  They have enough young players that are improving to mix in well with the solid vets, Columbus is missing the older more talented players to carry the load when the young superstars slump.

  22. RealisticNick says:

    Oh and when I made the comparison to Daigle and Carlo, and what Bourdon could be, it does not matter that the positions are different as I was not using their style as the example but their lack of production or injuries.

  23. RealisticNick says:

    Chara is only 8 spots ahead of Souray in +/- and he makes 7+ million a year, Souray also has 54 points, so are you saying Chara isn’t worth the money either? How about Brian McGivaway? He makes more dumb moves that Souray who will just often be out of position. Are they going to go out and find another 50+point D-man on the free agent market this summer that is that much better than Souray? Plus they would have to outbid other teams where Souray says he wants to stay in Montreal because of “unfinnished business”, so Gainey did not blow it. Why would he either trade all the young players for old players to make one run? or trade the older guys and be left with all young guys or prospects? He’s not going to be a buyer or a seller for the fun of it, he got good return for Rivet and did not break up the team, come next year that will be extra time spent together and possibly better chemistry and extra experience on the young players.

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