Doug Weight Available…. Any Takers?

Although he has a no-trade clause, with the Blues in last place Doug Weight may be willing to waive it to go to a better team… but at $5.7 million per season….On an internet radio show at, The author of Spectors Hockey talked of a Doug Weight trade rumor first reported in the Ottawa Sun by Bruce Garrioch.

Colombus once again has been linked to this trade, as it seems (by the media at least) that they are seriously interested in a scoring centre.

It was also reported on that the blues were interested in Biron. Could there be a deal to be made between those two teams? Well Buffalo does have the cap space to make a trade for Weight, but I’m fairly certain they have a set payroll in place which they don’t want to exceed, (somewhere around $30 million.)

Just something to keep an eye on.

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Not now, but if we dump someone (Antropov? Berg?) now, we can scoop him up at the deadline…I don’t mind Weight… maybe we can deal Allison now…

  2. mojo19 says:

    You’d want him eh? Also, a lot of people don’t think about this, but its a day by day salary cap, so the whole time sundin was out, we didn’t have that $7 mil counting against the cap, so we could technically land weight in like November and be able to afford him, if you wanted him.

    And I think you’d have to move Allison. (Either to another team, or over to Wing.)

  3. mojo19 says:


    i wrote november, i was thinking January, TYPO

  4. wingerxxx says:

    Why want Weight when you have Sundin, Lindros and Allison up the middle? Toronto should be next to last on the teams that would be interested in Weight and his salary. I hate how so many people in Leaf-dom already want Allison dealt when he’s barely played 20 games in a Leafs uniform. It’s ridiculous. The Leafs need help on the blueline and on the wing, they don’t need another center.

  5. wingerxxx says:

    The Jackets are about the only team I can think of, that are desperate enough for a center to even think about making a deal for Weight. Even so, they would be nuts to take on his entire salary. And given that they are a young team, I don’t know why they would want to give up a younger player for him. He might be worth a pick and some change, but definitely not a 1st rounder. Right now, St. Louis does not have a lot of leverage, and Weight is not getting any younger. No, the Leafs do not need him. I don’t even know why Buffalo would want him, to be honest. I don’t know why any team outside of Columbus would want to take up a lot of cap space for someone even of Weight’s caliber.

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Cuz Allison is the centreman playmaker… and he sucks…

  7. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    Columbus would be the most likely destination but if Weight wants to get out of St. Louis because they are losing why would he go to a team thats not far ahead of them like columbus? if he were to be dealt i think he could go to teams like the flames, Oilers, Coyotes, Penguins

  8. wingerxxx says:

    It makes no sense to pay Doug Weight over four million more dollars to do basically the same thing that Jason Allison already does. Come on. The Leafs have MUCH more serious needs than another offensive center.

  9. mojo19 says:

    yeah, you’re absolutely right. Although Weight is a good all around player, and I think he’d be valuable to any team, including Toronto, We’d just have to move someone on wing.

  10. wingerxxx says:

    Yeah. Bottom line, Doug Weight, with his salary, is the last thing that the Leafs need. Looking into him would do absolutely nothing to address their shortcomings. I think he is a fine player, but he is very overpaid and a move to the Eastern Conference would not help his game. Only a team desperate for some center ice depth should even consider making a move for him.

  11. Hollywood666 says:


    Sergei Fedorov just traded to Columbus

  12. sketchy says:

    Confirmed on Columbus Blue Jackets Website

    To ANA: Tyler Wright and Francois Beauchemain

    To CLB: Federov and 5th round pick 2006

  13. mojo19 says:

    Wow! I guess that eliminates Doug Weight to Columbus rumors.

  14. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    WOAH i wonder if the ducks will deal for another centerman because they just got real weak at center

  15. mojo19 says:

    why does burke hate sergei so much?

  16. wingerxxx says:

    haha I was about to say, that just killed everything I just said! Good for the Jackets, they really needed a player of Fedorov’s caliber up the middle.

  17. wingerxxx says:

    Everything about the Jackets and Doug Weight I just said up there…scratch that now. lol

  18. thatleafsguy says:

    brian burke just got ripped off large…………………………………….tyler wight and beauchemin alone is not enough for sundin………………………and he gave up a 5th rounder……wtf is the deal. burke has lost his mind.

  19. sketchy says:

    Salary Salary Salary

    That’s wtf.

  20. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    Because Burke is a ***** up

  21. bernie1parent says:

    of course, leaf fans thinking about a blockbuster deal that will never happen. you ever hear of this thing called logic, well, you lack it as do most leaf fans. im a flyers fan and i know the flyers wont make any moves, so the sooner that you figure that the team you have now is the team you’ll finish the season with (barring injuries) the sooner you’ll figure that you wont be getting anywhere in the playoffs.

  22. Bishop7979 says:

    If the blues are willing to eat some salary, or take on some dead weight players in return to off set that 5 mil+ He is making this year I’d love to see him playing for the pens. He still has great instincts, soft hands, and great vision. give him a guy like palffy on his wing and he could do great things again.

  23. mush124 says:

    Typicall of the leaf fans to think he would go to Toronto. Are you guys stupid, dense, or plain out retarted? They have 3 scoring centers already… Ur team doesn’t lack offense, but lacks a good defensive players, and speed. Weight has none of that, not to mention leafs couldnt even fit him under the salary cap unless st.louis eats up the majority of his contract. Same goes for the pittsburge penguins for whoever mentioned them has a possible destination for Weight. Same reason has why he wouldnt go to t.o minus the speed issue. If anything I see Weight possibly going to Phoenix, Edmonton, or Ottawa.

  24. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    well 1st penguins have 7million in cap room and need a second line center 2nd ottawa cant fit him under the cap either but regardless the best spot for him would be edmonton

  25. JannettyTheRocker says:

    If I could have just one thing for Christmas, it would be Doug Weight back in an Edmonton Oilers jersey……………………BRING BACK WEIGHT!!!!!BRING BACK WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!………….It makes sense. The Oilers have the room under the cap, they need a first-line centre that can manufacture goals, and he has said over and over that he loves playing in the City Of Champions.

    Come on K-Lowe, make it happen……..pahlease!!!!!!!

    PS: Oilers absolutely wreck the Avs last night. Told you so!!!! (You know who I am directing this to)

    GO OILERS GO!!!!!!!

  26. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    why do you only ever come around when the oilers win? when they got shutout by dallas i didnt see you anywhere when they lost to chicago the worst team in the league where was your go oilers go chants? thursday once your team gets their ass kicked by the wings you will dissappear for a week till they win a game ur pathetic

  27. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Awwww, did you miss me? I haven’t been home in a week, because I was house sitting. I haven’t had internet access thru that time. You fools sure notice when JannettyTheRocker disappears. Anytime I don’t post for a few days, all you little girls are like “where’s JannettyTheRocker, what happened to JannettyTheRocker”…………Just feel secure in knowing that I am not going anywhere as long as there are Oilers in Edmonton.

    Every team loses………………Hey Capital’s fan, I mean Canucks fan……….Oh wait, who is your team this week?????

  28. lukeleim says:

    weight for peca? oilers gm isnt please with how peca has been play… could happen

  29. JannettyTheRocker says:

    As much as I like Mike Peca, I’d much rather have Doug Weight back in the Blue and Copper than keep Peca.

  30. gg_idiot says:

    You know the trade was for Weight….right? Not Sundin….?

  31. tacitus says:

    I think its a good policy if jannetty only posts when the Oil win, that way we only read his trash 3 or 4 times a month. Wings will wreck them next game and i hope they do get weight they need a hasbeen to work with the wannabes and the neverwill bes and Pronger and Smyth. The oil sucks and hes an idiot for thinking they got a team this year

    eddie gureero sucks so bad i dunno how to spell his name he shoulda played for the oil too. If Edmonton was a wrestler he would be on smackdown hahahaha RedWings 4 4 4 4 4 4 life

  32. Oilers2005Champs says:

    From what it looks like I would say that you are probably a high school dropout. Screw the wings and screw you. Just because you don’t have a personal relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you can make fun of them when they die.

    I agreed with your last post about him (well except for the part of EVERYONE dying), you shoudn’t HAVE to feel remorce for someone that you dont know. But cmon man the guy is dead. He has a wife and kids and he just died a few days ago, show some respect junoir

  33. Starkey77 says:

    I wouldn’t be too quick to put Allison down like that. I knew he’d have a slow start and even looking at his numbers he seems to be fairing out just fine considering the amount of ice time he gets.

    16 points in 19 games is far from sucking. 3 goals is below average but you said yourself he’s a playmaking center and playmaking he is doing.

    I think the Leafs are fine with Allison, the question is: is Allison fine with the Leafs? He has shown some disappointment with being moved to the wing and the ice time he’s getting so we’ll see.

  34. guinsfan4life says:

    The penguins need a center…so with the salary that Weight makes, what if we send Palffy and Malone to you for Barret Jackman and Weight….the penguins are hurting at the center position, and defensively.

  35. buds8 says:

    I am a Leaf fan, but I have to agree with you regarding the issue of logic……….logically, the Leafs don’t need another forward, less a centre on top of that…….what they need is a couple of defencemen, to say the least, if they intend on competing seriously………..but in today’s NHL the likelihood of a blockbuster deal is slim to none……….however, I hope you Flyers fans don’t think that Robert Esche will actually be hoisting the Cup come June……..that will NEVER happen………logic should be looked into by you as well, get a goalie then talk………..p.s. you should have signed Cujo over the Beezer and maybe a cup would have been won, thanks for cheaping out Clarkey! LOL!

  36. cecilturtle says:

    Its a shame… With this cap we have now in place… The Blues cant just throw away a perfectly good, but overpriced white boy any more! Words cannot express enough!!! How glad I am the times have changed for the New York Rangers. Before the strike, Everyone on this site would just assume the Blues could sucker the Rangers into trading for this over priced slumping player. It is so nice to see other teams stuck with these prittyboys insted of the Rangers!

    Cecil Turtle

  37. GretzNYR99 says:

    The only way I take Weight is if Taffe, Fedorov, and a 3rd rounder at THE MOST go for him in return, and we need that offense come deadline time. It’d be stupid to take him now. If you wanted to add a salary now, it’d be Allison, who’s actually producing well for Toronto.

  38. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Yeah, because Flyers fans are known as bastions of logical and rational thinking.

  39. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    “Are you guys, stupid, dense or plain out retarted?” Dude, before you label anybody as RETARDED, you might wanna consult a Webster’s to see how you properly spell the word, so as you don’t look like a short bus rider yourself.

  40. buds8 says:

    For all of the Sens, Flyers and espcially Habs fans, bastion means storng supporter……….LMFAO!

  41. buds8 says:

    For all of the Sens, Flyers and espcially Habs fans, bastion means strong supporter……….LMFAO!

  42. mojo19 says:

    doesn’t peca make like uh, 4 $mil or something? St.louis has no chance they’d be more interested in Dvorak or something.

  43. mtl_prince says:

    if anyone is staying in pittsburgh, its palffy and malone, maybe leclaire could b traded, but mario wont trade a friend to a crap team like st.louis. and isnt lemeiux and crosby both centers?

  44. Neely4Life says:

    Dough Weight i think would be a nice fit as Ottawa’s 2nd line Center. Trade Smolinski and Verada for Wieght, Bring Eaves up from the Minors to play in the 4th line with Mcgratton and Kelly. Sens take him at the Deadline i hope.

  45. tacitus says:

    Would Eddie be caring about ur and ur family if u died?? Would he even take the time to mention ur name?Its sad that his young daughters will grow up without a father thats my thoughts other then that i will still go to work tomorrow. Im not making fun i still think he sucked as a wrestler im not gonna say hes my favorite cuz he died. Fact is i would never watch one of his matches, i didnt like the character. I like HBK, Hall, Nash, Triple H, and Stone Cold. I loved DX and NWO. I like the fact shawn got 90% of canadian wrestling fans to booo him louder then i ever heard a guy booed and still be a jerk and laugh in the ring. I hated Bret Hart in WWE, I loved Bret in WCW. To me the character Eddie Gurerro sucked, the real person from what i heard was a good guy.

  46. Oilers2005Champs says:

    ummm ok, But thats not my point!

    I know damn well that if I was the one that died Eddy Guerro woudnt be sending me flowers so yeah, like i say i agree with you on that point. But you dont have to make fun of him and defend yourself because you like other wrestlers. The truth is I like the egzact same wrestlers that you mentioned and I never liked Eddy Guerro either, In fact i dont think i ever watched a eddy match myself either. But that doesnt mean that it would be fine for me to make fun of him.

  47. cecilturtle says:

    I believe the Rangers would be best off if they waited till the trade deadline to make any major moves. This way we all could see how the players come together as a team and then see what weekness (if any?) there are. I think down the road further into the season a need might a-rise for a d-man more than a forward or center. But right now unless the Blues make the Rangers an offer they cant refuse???. I would wait to see what weeknesses might pop up due to injury ect. Because right now I dont see any weeknesses with the Blueshirts!

    Cecil Turtle

  48. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    excuses excuses excuses

  49. CommonSense says:

    That is the worst trade i ever heard. How about the Guins trade Lemieux, Crosby, Gonchar and Fleury for Lalime, Weight and Tkachuk. See how dumb that was? Now you know what you sounded like….

  50. mojo19 says:

    Doubt St.Louis would want Smolinski, but Weight on Ottawa would be lethal.

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