Doughty Rejects Kings' Offer: Toronto and 4 Teams That Could Trade for Him

Drew Doughty has shot down a nine-year deal worth $61.2 million, and perhaps now it’s time for the Kings to consider dealing him. The idea seemed insane to me a month ago, and even though I questioned his personality and if he should be the cornerstone of the Kings, plenty of fans came to his defense.

With these new reports from Nick Kypreos, NBC Sports and the LA Times it may be wise to reconsider the no way, no how trade stance. Franchise blueliners don’t grow on trees, but neither do 21-year-olds fresh off of a concussion-shortened season that turn down nearly $7 million a year.

This situation is aggravating to both fans of the Kings—who prior to this debacle had a lot to be excited about—and management alike.

So which teams could make a move for the defender if a deal isn’t reached and the Kings finally (and rightfully) say enough is enough? Squads like the Toronto Maple Leafs come to mind; teams with plenty of cap space and young assets to send back to the Kings.

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  1. Leafs_Wallace says:

    The source is the Bleacher Report so much like HTR this trade is fan fiction. That said….

    LA is built to win now, I can't see them hitting reset after long years of rebuilding, I'm sure a couple prospects or late picks get thrown in a deal because Lomabardi loves them but LA would need a solid young star to make up for Doughty leaving especially to give the fanbase something to cushion the blow of losing a franchise player.

    Lombardi is also at the disadvantage of having to trade Doughty who is clearly difficult to resign.  No team will give up a huge package if Doughty is a question mark to re-up.  I realize a sign and trade is possible (something akin to the Kessel RFA situation) but given that Doughty rejected a 9 year deal I suspect that he wants a shorter term deal to hit free agency as soon as possible.  Does a team really want to invest their future in him if he's a flight case?

    So from the Leafs point of view I'd package a couple defensemen like Schenn or Phaneuf and Gunnerson perhaps throw in Kadri.  Which is a fair given the cir*****stance. 

  2. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    What team would Doughty want to go too? A rebuilding team? A cup contender? I think this could turn into an interesting problem if he wants to leave LA.

  3. Leafs_Wallace says:

    He was born in London so….. Ottawa?

  4. leafstime says:

    I told you Doughty will be a Leaf and that's that. I know the market and whats happening.

  5. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Could a traded involving Doughty to NJ for Parise be fair?

  6. mapleleafsfan says:

    That'd be wild.. Not sure if LA would want to go that route (Not that Parise isn't worth it and I'm sure they'd love to have him). I think if they are gonna have to move their best d man they are gonna want a d-man back. NJ would love that I think. Value wise it's hard to judge who's better but they would have a franchise forward and a franchise defenceman with some good support players. 

    If Parise did end up on LA man that offence would be stacked… Parise, Kopitar, Brown, Richards, gagne and penner top 6… With a solid bottom 6 too.. Jeez that'd be rough to play against.

    But yea I think if Doughty gets moved its for at least one stud defenceman, their forward core is solid enough as it is. 
  7. JoelLeafs says:

    easy there, Kramer.

  8. KingCanada says:

    If whats being said is true that Doughty doesnt want to sign longterm…then Im pretty sure LA would sign him to a shorter deal rather then trade him.  Trading your best defenceman when your breaking out of rebuild mode and building your team to win now is just ridiculous.

    I HIGHLY doubt he is traded unless it is for equal value meaning another young star player.

    LA didnt trade for Penner at the deadline and Richards in the off season to keep rebuilding.

  9. KingCanada says:

    Spoken like a true savant…

    Rumor = fact

  10. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    People want to go to …Ottawa?

    That's alien to me, I'm sorry. I'm Torontonian.
  11. JoelLeafs says:

    Just moved to Ottawa from To. Gotta say, it's pretty nice: Like 60% girls, less traffic, and plenty of bars. Plus the strippers are very friendly… I hear.

    Although…. Winter is coming
  12. Leafs_Wallace says:

    Following up what King Can said this means Schenn should want the same thing given Doughty is represented by Meehan's group as well.  Looks like Meehan is trying to inflate the market without sacrificing UFA years for his RFAs.  Otherwise why does Schenn need to wait for Doughty to sign first? Better yet, why does Doughty set the market for stay at home defensemen?

    Trouble is Burke can't really push back at Meehan as he represents on the Leafs alone Schenn, Phaneuf, Kessel, Bozak, Boyce, Armstrong, Aulie and Bozak. Don't want to alienate any of those talents down the line.  Not to mention he represents pretty much 1/3 of potential future clients, most notably Parise.  Meehan might be the most powerful man in hockey today. 

    Needless to say, between his and Burke's approach I'm not holding my breath in terms of landing his clients at a fan friendly price or term.

    Though Meehan fun fact, he's responsible for getting Mogilny over his fear of flying.

  13. Leafs_Wallace says:

    Afternoon drinking on at the makeshift pubs on the Canal are the best thing Ottawa has to offer.

  14. Leafs_Wallace says:

    Makes the sense, but given Lombardi's track record I think he'd shy away from a pending UFA, that trade could cost him his job.

  15. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Bleh. I hate this part about the off season. Can't wait to see people scoring goals and hitting each other. 

  16. hockey_lover says:

    What the? Im not sure I read what you wrote correctly but Schenn isnt in the same class as Doughty yet. There is no way Schenn deserves that kind of money ($6.77mil / yr) yet. Can he ask for it? Sure. Will someone give it to him? Sure. But he isnt worth that money. Not yet anyway. He may get there (and I believe he will) but he isnt there yet.

    If I read it wrong and thats not what you said, my bad.

  17. hockey_lover says:

    It SEEMS clear that its not about the money. Im not sure how much more he thinks he can get. He’s close to $7mil with the recent offer. It just really seems like he is out for Los Angeles. Surprising but thats what it looks like.

  18. hockey_lover says:

    If you like historical stuff, there are a TON of sites to see. If you dont, then scratch that haha.

    As for strippers, I say go to the Gatineau side. They are even more friendly .. I hear  😛

    And yeah, winter is not pleasant in the valley. If you have a house, trust me when I tell you to buy a snow blower. Your back will thank me 🙂

  19. JoelLeafs says:

    Yeah, we're starting to reach for topics. Although NHL 12 comes out soon.. that might provide some small relief.

  20. palindrom says:

    Rest well, Leoric, I'll find your son.

  21. KingCanada says:

    Whats quite interesting regarding this summer's RFA twist is that of the say 6 high profile RFAs (Doughty, Schenn, Marchand, Bailey, Bogosian, Turris) the first 4 belong to Meehan's management group Newport Sports Management. 

    Sounds like he is trying to get greedy and get the max contract.  Cant say I blame him, he must have alot of overhead running such a large company that has over 100 current NHLers plus many more prospects.

  22. mojo19 says:

    Can't really think of what LA might want from Toronto that would fall into their plans. They have to go for it this year, so I guess some type of deal involving Phaneuf might be a good start, but I just don't see this one happening.

  23. Boston_Bruins says:

    I'd have to think New Jersey would have to add alot more. People were absolutely shocked when the Johnson/Stewart trade happened and Doughty and Parise are more than a step above those guys. You just won't see those types of trades happen too often.

  24. reinjosh says:

    Really? I'm not sure I see Doughty as that much more valuable than Parise. 40 goal, 90 point winger with a developed two way game for a 60 point dman. Both going to cost the same price.

    The only way I see a differing price is in age and contract status. Not being an RFA hurts Parise's value but I can't see any deal being done without pre-arranged deals on either side anyways so thats not really an argument in my opinion.
    The age is large but Parise is still on the good side of 30 by 3 years. It's not like trading a 20 year old for a 34 year old. I'm not sure I see the discrepancy in price. You could argue for Parise's injury but I would just say Doughty had a disappointing season and would argue that his attitude seems to be a problem. I think this would be a straight for straight swap. Maybe you flip picks similar to the Stewart/Johnson trade, something like New Jersey trades their 1st and gets a 2nd back. 
    Parise would make the LA offense killer. Kopitar and Parise, and Brown and Richards? Oh boy. However do they really want to hand the reigns of the offense on defense to Johnson? He's probably the most overrated dman in the league IMO. Can't play defensive for crap. He could really elevate his offensive game without Doughty blocking him though. 
    Personally I'd do everything in my power to keep Doughty if I were Lombardi. Just give him the 4 or 5 year deal he wants. You can figure out a lengthy contract then. This goes on and he's liable to lose his job for being to damn insistent on this long term issue. 5 years is a lot of time. LA could compete almost every year with Doughty. Figure out how to cross the rubicon when you get to it, or at the very least a little bit before (like the year before his contract is up maybe…). No use doing it now. Too much can change in that time. 
    Lombardi should do everything in his power to get a star winger. Bernier/Quick are two incredibly good chips for that. Bernier could be gold to a team like New Jersey. Hell use Jack Johnson too, play on his value as a PMD. And trade some LA's damn prospects Lombo. 
    JJ and Bernier would be an enticing package to almost any team in the league.
  25. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Tomorrow hehe.

    Kessel's doing a signing tonight! I want to go but I can't. Highschool calls. Everyone who goes is lucky.. It'll probably be packed.
  26. Leafs_Wallace says:

    All summer it's been said that Schenn and Bogosian are waiting for Doughty set the market for RFA blueliners.  I guess the justification is given their age and profile that Doughty would set the ceiling of the market to be judged against. 

    I agree, it seems ridiculous, why should Burke be handcuffed by Doughty?

    And to be clear in this situation I see the blame falling on Meehan not Burke.

  27. Leafs_Wallace says:

    Good news hockey fans, shit it about to hit the fan in NJ, National Post reports they missed a significant bank payment…

    NJ denies it, blah, blah, bla typical rhetoric of a franchise on a morhpine drip, fain strength while in serious trouble.

    Fortune shines once again as a franchise with the pending impactful UFA is in money trouble.  Looks like Parise is the next Brad Richards (not sure where that leaves the Leafs) given NJ can't afford him.

    So HTR change your banner, Parise will be the topic of conversation for the next nine months.

  28. hockey_lover says:

    Ok I did read it wrong.

    I can see why those two are waiting to see what Doughty gets so that they can determine their open market value. That makes perfect sense. I read it as you thought Schenn will get the same as Doughty which is ridiculous.  I was totally wrong.

    And yeah, I agree about Meehan. Sadly, its just as much about politics as hockey

  29. hockey_lover says:

    Look at the bright side .. its not Kaberle 😛

    Sorry. I had to man 🙂

  30. Leafs_Wallace says:

    Thomas who?

  31. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    leafsnation… you in highschool ? what grade? 

  32. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    eklund reporting that bruins are feilding offers for marchand but not shopping him. He says leafs have been calling in to see what itd take along with a few other teams. I dont know about you guys but marchands a stud. I love his energetic style that can pump your whole team up just by the way he plays. That guy i really believe will become a 30 goal player while playing his style. And hes already shown he's all about the playoffs, raising his game to a whole new level. nevermind horton and lucic, marchand is the darcy tucker (heart and soul) of that team and if he's available id go for him strong. I think he'll come relatively cheap for what he can pan out to be. Im a huge fan of his. I think boston needs a puck moving d-man badly so how about these trade proposals. 

    to tor: marchand
    to boston: gunnarson, olden/other prospect, 3rd round pick
    or go another way..
    to tor: marchand, 2nd round pick
    to boston: cody franson, 4th round pic
    to tor: marchand, 3rd
    to boston: liles, 2nd
    boston fans.. any of these trades work for you?
  33. blaze says:

    Wasn't Doughty pumped being drafted by LA? I know everyone says things like that but I just can't see him wanting out of LA who looks great on paper. Term has to be the issue. With the new CBA just around the corner I`d opt for shorter term too. Or maybe he thinks he`s the top dog and should make atleast Weber money (7.5m).

    Best case scenario, he`s a closet die hard Leafs fan. Not sure how that trade would work out but I`m sure it wouldn`t make sense for TO. What if Doughty puts up a 40pt season next year, awful big investment.

  34. 93killer93 says:


    Bozak, Komisarek, Gustavsson, D'Amigo, Ryan, Frattin
    Bogosian, Mason
    Gunnarsson, 2nd, 4th
    Luke Schenn 4 years 15mil
    Zach Bogosian 4 years 14mil
  35. mapleleafsfan says:

    But… If we trade komisarek to Winnipeg, how can we convince the Islanders to sign and trade us blake kessel?

    Also if Schenn was gonna sign for under 4 million it'd be done in June. 
  36. thisgamewelose says:

    I'm not a Boston fan, but absolutely none of these options work for me.  I agree with what you said about Marchand, although I feel he'll have a lot to prove this year as far as what to expect from his future, but none of those trades are worth shipping off Marchand just yet. 

  37. hockey_lover says:

    HA!  Nice 🙂

  38. JoelLeafs says:


    Nerdy ref.
  39. thisgamewelose says:

    Actually, after reading that Boston only wants to give him 2 mil, they may take a trade like this. 

  40. DannyLeafs says:

    Only way it makes sense is if they are using it as a ceiling type measuring stick, and in terms of contract length.

    Could be something like Schenn figures he`s worth about half of what Doughty is, or wants to wait and get an idea of what the ideal term for an RFA defensmen from his draft class is. I mean, you can`t match what Doughty makes dollar wise, but if Doughty gets 3 years, it sets a precedent for what Schenn would want.

    I agree though. Personally I figured that it would be Doughty waiting for Schenn and Bogosian to set the lower limit, while using Chara and Weber for the upper limit, and just fall somewhere in between.

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