Doughty Rejects Kings' Offer: Toronto and 4 Teams That Could Trade for Him

Drew Doughty has shot down a nine-year deal worth $61.2 million, and perhaps now it’s time for the Kings to consider dealing him. The idea seemed insane to me a month ago, and even though I questioned his personality and if he should be the cornerstone of the Kings, plenty of fans came to his defense.

With these new reports from Nick Kypreos, NBC Sports and the LA Times it may be wise to reconsider the no way, no how trade stance. Franchise blueliners don’t grow on trees, but neither do 21-year-olds fresh off of a concussion-shortened season that turn down nearly $7 million a year.

This situation is aggravating to both fans of the Kings—who prior to this debacle had a lot to be excited about—and management alike.

So which teams could make a move for the defender if a deal isn’t reached and the Kings finally (and rightfully) say enough is enough? Squads like the Toronto Maple Leafs come to mind; teams with plenty of cap space and young assets to send back to the Kings.