Draft is fastest route to top. Why not explore it???

Wellwood, Stajan, Steen, Pogge, Carlo, White, all have come via the draft something both Quinn and JFJ have somewhat succeeded at. Everyone wants to put together all these high priced UFA’s but lets look to the future and see whats in store for the 2007 NHL draft. With the 13th overall pick the Toronto Maple Leafs select……

Turris, Gagner, Esposito, Couture are all likely top be gone by the time this pick rolls around. The best options for this team are Alui, Sutter Mcclean, Gillies and my favourite Stefan Legein from Missausaga. From a positional standpoint here is what the Leafs look like.

Golaie: Pogge is main man here, Rayzor should hold fort for next couple years, and Ford is a good plan B. Slim chance the Leafs pick a golaie early.

Defence: With Mcbabe, Kaberle, White, Coliaicove and Kubina (unless God becomes a leaf fan and allows us to trade him) here long term, and good depth with Harrison and Stralman, this is not a pressing need.

Centre: With Wellwood and Stajan being the young guys here, and this being Steen’s natural postion this is not an immediate need either. With Peca and Sundin (hopefully not) also having good chances of being re-signed this is probabely not where the 13th pick is invested.

Winger: This is where the Leafs will look. Gagner, Couture, Mcclean and Legein are the top wingers that make sense for the leafs. This is where I see JFJ using the pick.

Bottom line is when you look at Buffalo, Ottawa and especially Anaheim they build through the draft, and then add some UFA’s. For years the Leafs have tried to add UFA’s and bring up draftees when needed. JFJ is changing that and finally, with another good draft this year may have laid the ground work for a perrennial contender down the road.

Thoughts on the draft??

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  1. BrianColangeloNHLGM says:

    So the draft does work, obviously it does looking at teams like Buffalo, but then again you have to realize that Buffalo had about 2-3 years in the tank of the league. This is how you build a team, by admitting that you have to rebuild. Now seriously as a Leaf fan, i say that it would probably be a good idea to rebuild, but the fact is, after these past two losing seasons, i would hate to see the leafs stay at the bottom for any longer. So pretty much it is going to take a shrewed GM to get it done in this NHL, this is why people like Darcy Regiere, and Lou Lamerello have been successful, they have found ways of getting the affective players that wont bite them in the purse. The Leafs dont have that ability because their fans wont allow it.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    The draft is the slowest way to the TOP
    However, nobody can win the cup without a bunch of cheap young players.

  3. mojo19 says:

    When you wrote who in the system we drafted you left out the best of all: Kaberle.

    Also respect Kubina, he's a good player. And good depth with "harrison." Really? Harrison kind of sucks and he cleared waivers, nobody wants him and he has no value. However Andy Wozniewski, Staffan Kronvall, Stralman, and Pilar give the leafs excellent depth on the blueline. Harrison is 5th after those guys.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Check out this new sim league. It starts with dealing with UFA's and RFA's and stuff for this offseason:


  5. Peca4PM says:

    Kaberle ha sbeen here for a while i was looking more recently, that why he wasn't included. Woz was not a draft pick, Pilar is 30 years old, I will give you the other 2, but I think Harrison is better than Kronwall, thats just an opinion. I left this post for who you guys liked in the draft, thats what i wanna hear.

    PS. I like Kubina as a 3 million dollar player, but at 5 he eats up too much for us to win with him here. Thats why i want him traded.

  6. mojo19 says:

    I hear you. That's why everyone wants him traded, but suppose he has a great season next year, which he could, he's a good player, even if overpayed we could do well with him.

    But Woz and Pilar are definitely better than Jay Harrison.

    And you want to hear about the draft eh:

    Leafs scouts are not the best, yes we've brought in some good guys, but we need to do better if were going to build a winner via the draft.

  7. mojo19 says:

    I don't like the format of that website. But I took the blackhawks.

  8. Hoondog2 says:

    You'd rather keep Peca over Sundin?  You're insane!!!!!!

  9. leemon says:

     First off people a draft is not 100% so when a gm drafts they draft on skill not by position.Meaning that since we're stock piled on defense there could still be a good defenseman to had.In doing so it could a gm to make other moves if he believes that this guy can surpass the other prospects.WOULD YOU BASE YOUR WHOLE DRAFT ON ONE POSITION I THNINK NOT.Besides only 3% of draft eligible draftees make it to the NHL.Also to the point, Teams like ottawa,buffalo and anaheim had finnished last in there respective divisions for so many years getting early top 5 picks year after year.Its taken them along time to get to where they are so don't think that there winning formula happend over night.More over to the point how many of these prospects actually make it in the old NHL.
     Last but not least Don't think that JFJ has much to do with our young talent remember hes only been around for a couple of drafts and we havent seen the end result on who hes drafted.All the young men playing for us right now came under PAT QUINN's watch. So if you think the fastest way is thru the draft you may be in for a rude awakening.  

  10. Peca4PM says:

    So who do U like??..draft wise

  11. Peca4PM says:

    maybe i am…..but i watched Sundin float around so much last year, i dont think his skate blades ever touched the ice inside our blue line, at least with peca u get a reliabel player, who gives u some scoring, and makes very few mistakes, not to mention at 1/3 the cost

  12. Pony says:

    You know you have to score to win right? It hardly gives you the whole idea but Sundin with his 76pts is much more valuable than Peca with his 15.

  13. Pony says:

    You know you have to score to win right? It hardly gives you the whole idea but Sundin with his 76pts is much more valuable than Peca with his 15.

  14. Hoondog2 says:

    Sundin is actually pretty responsible in his own end.  To put it in perspective, Sundin spends most of his shift with two guys draped all over him behind the opposing teams net, if the puck goes quickly the other way, I can understand how it might be hard to get back. 

    There is no denying that Peca is a pretty good defensive forward, but despite what people think, our pk was not very good with him in the lineup. 

    So comparing Sundin, and Peca's +/-, you have Sundin -2, and Peca with a +2.  Now considering Sundin was on for most of the 9 empty net goals against, and wasn't always defending for the 5 empty net goals for, you can probably take at least 6 of those minuses off Sundin's total, assuming you put any stock into +/-, which would be your only defense in even comparing the two, as it is the only category that Peca beat Sundin in. 

                             Sundin                          Peca
    goals                    27                               4
    assists                  49                               11
    points                   76                               15
    pts per gm            1.01                            .42
    face off %             55.19%                        49.91%
    GWG                     3                                 2
    +/-                       -2                               +2

    Sundin is hands down more valuble to this club!!

  15. mojo19 says:

    Sundin plays minutes late in the game against the top guys, Spezza, Lecavalier etc. So don't try to tell me he can't play defensively.

    Also, why don't you see Sundin come back into his own end that often? Because he's got the puck behind the other teams net, working the boards every shift, thats why.

  16. WDF says:

    The Leafs have very good Major Junior scouting. Just by looking at who we've drafted in the past years: Kyle Wellwood, Carlo Coliacovo, Ian White, Matt Stajan, Justin Pogge, Jeremy Williams, John Mitchell, Phil Orescovic and James Reimer. Not a bad collection of prospects. All taken from Major Junior. So I suggest taking a guy like David Perron out of Lewiston. If anyone is watching the mem cup, you can see this kid is on FIRE. I wouldnt be surprised if he moves up in the draft after his play in the Mem cup.

  17. Peca4PM says:

    I didn, t suggest basing the whole draft at one position. I was refering to the 1st round pick which was pretty obvious. I also would pojnt to Ottawa and Anaheim being contenders for awhile now, Spezza was the only real early pick recently for the sens. Gtzlaf, Perry, Penner are not guys picked early in the 1st round, showing that u dont need a top 10 pick to aquire great talent. I will once again state, that u need good, young cheap players under the salary cap, to go with high priced, solidly producing vets. Pat Quinn did draft well, which i mentioned, but JFJ appears to have some pretty good prospects.

  18. Kraut182 says:

    But that's just not true about Buffalo, the only one of their draft picks that was really high was Vanek.  He was only a 5 overall, and was the only time Buffalo drafted in single digits in the last 10 years.

    Buffalo's good because they made good mid-round draft picks, good trades and good mid-level signings.  Any team with a really good GM and a little bit of luck can do what Buffalo did.  You don't need to spend "2-3 years in the tank of the league."

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