Draft is fastest route to top. Why not explore it???

Wellwood, Stajan, Steen, Pogge, Carlo, White, all have come via the draft something both Quinn and JFJ have somewhat succeeded at. Everyone wants to put together all these high priced UFA’s but lets look to the future and see whats in store for the 2007 NHL draft. With the 13th overall pick the Toronto Maple Leafs select……

Turris, Gagner, Esposito, Couture are all likely top be gone by the time this pick rolls around. The best options for this team are Alui, Sutter Mcclean, Gillies and my favourite Stefan Legein from Missausaga. From a positional standpoint here is what the Leafs look like.

Golaie: Pogge is main man here, Rayzor should hold fort for next couple years, and Ford is a good plan B. Slim chance the Leafs pick a golaie early.

Defence: With Mcbabe, Kaberle, White, Coliaicove and Kubina (unless God becomes a leaf fan and allows us to trade him) here long term, and good depth with Harrison and Stralman, this is not a pressing need.

Centre: With Wellwood and Stajan being the young guys here, and this being Steen’s natural postion this is not an immediate need either. With Peca and Sundin (hopefully not) also having good chances of being re-signed this is probabely not where the 13th pick is invested.

Winger: This is where the Leafs will look. Gagner, Couture, Mcclean and Legein are the top wingers that make sense for the leafs. This is where I see JFJ using the pick.

Bottom line is when you look at Buffalo, Ottawa and especially Anaheim they build through the draft, and then add some UFA’s. For years the Leafs have tried to add UFA’s and bring up draftees when needed. JFJ is changing that and finally, with another good draft this year may have laid the ground work for a perrennial contender down the road.

Thoughts on the draft??