Today is the day most have been waiting for. Draft time, but this draft seems to be the biggest of them all….. With a great order of kids going deep into the draft.

But the kids aren’t the only news, it’s the trades that are rumored to go down at 1:00pm Eastern. This should be one of the best drafts to watch…. You just know somthing big is going to happen. So let’s get ready.So the deals Start, Cechmanek was the first to make a splash, starting early with the deals, Then Stumple lands back home with the Kings… So far the Kings an are stock pilling for next year.

Other rumors are flying around NY as always….

The Islanders are rumored to make another big splash by moving draft picks and getting that winger for Yashin’s side.

While on the other island the Rangers are rumors to be doing a lot…. Multiple sources are claming that Jagr is set to be dealt and the deal could be done by the draft. With many reports this time and not just from Larry Brooks. Carter is said to be dealt for 2 draft picks…… They are searching Bure deals … and Phoenix is interested in Lindros.

As we know Fedorov is a free agent so we will see who offers the most … but it seems as if everyone is trying to dump pay roll not add more.

Philly would love to get that first draft pick, and ya have to think they really want that goalie

Flury is said to be the “Real Deal” he is going to be a top notch goalie no if’s and’s or but’s….. the kid will have it all … but talks like that are also going for a few forwards saying Stall is going to be at worst a Ron Francis, and at best a Steve Yzerman…. if that’s the worst it’s not to damn bad.

This should be the best drat year not only because of the draft itself but because it seems every single super star is on the block.. And most of them are going to be dealt.

With the way this draft seems….. I do think someone is getting that 1st pick….. there are so many offers for it I don’t know if Florida can stand it … almost every team wants the pick … and I think it will be dealt.


  1. MapleLeafs says:

    The Pathers have just traded there 1st overall pick to the Penguins for there 3rd overall pick and a prospect.


  2. mikster says:

    Well, if the Rangers turn out trading Bure for Jagr, hell i’ll do it. Bure’s knees are like a 90 year old man’s knees. Not much difference between the two Euros, however, Jagr does create more and with Kovalev and Nedved, there is perfect chemistry.

    Lindros and Carter may also be dealt. Carter may be dealt because he may be looking for a long-term deal. Lindros….i always found it funny that management has not commented at all on Lindros accept the Player Option, and they can still overrun it.

  3. beefer says:

    Where did you find this? With all the offers they’ve supposedly gotten, I would have thought they could get more.

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