Draft on Friday yet Habs need to make 1st round decisions

With the NHL entry draft coming this Friday, GM bob Gainey has some decisions to make….

I currently see that there are 4 clear choices for the Habs and their 12 overall pick

There is obviously Angelo Esposito. He has had two good seasons in the QMJHL. He leads the Ramparts in the offensive zone. However, his work ethic isn’t acceptable and he doesn’t come back on defense too much. That could lead Gainey to go with another option. He is seeded 9th overall from the MyDraft website.

We have Brandon Sutter from Red Deer (WHL). He is great on special teams and has great work ethic. He isn’t too good on one on one opportunities. He is seeded 12th overall from the MyDraft website.

Zach Hamil from Everett (WHL) is someone we should strongly consider. Last season, he put up 93 points in 69 games. He’s a great playmaker. He does need to work on his speed. He is seeded 13th overall from the MyDraft website.

And Last but not least is David Perron from Lewiston (QMJHL) He a hard hitting power forward who’s good on his skates. The put up 83 points and 75 penalty minutes in 70 games. He is seeded 15th overall from the MyDraft website.

With our second 1st round pick, I wouldn’t be suprised to see either Lars Eller, Brett MacLean, or Colton Gillies be drafted by the leagues best GM.

Eller, is the frontrunner in my opinion. He’s got good speed and a quick release to go along with a 6-1, 198 pound build. He has good control with the puck as well. He is seeded 21st overall from the MyDraft website.

Brett Maclean could take mike Johnson’s spot on the roster in the next few years. He has a good release and a 6-1, 200 pound build. He needs to improve his speed.

Colton Giles is, in my opinion, the worst choice for the draft. His speed and checking ability are the only assets of his game that may earn him the honor of being drafted by the Habs.


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  1. Ryderman says:

    if angelo is available we really cant pass on him but he will most likely be taken before, one player we might be able to get is cherapanov depending on how other GM's wiil react to the fact that there is no agreement.
    Out of your choices other then esposito i would really want us to take sutter and because ive seen other mock drafts i believe perron might still be available with the 22nd pick

  2. BieksaForMVP says:

    Gainey isn't even close to the NHL's best GM. Brian Burke runs away with that award.

  3. RealisticNick says:

    As much as I love Gainey I think Burke is amazing.  Vancouver would have been alot further ahead by now if the would have kept him.  He pulls off some crazy deals.

  4. sakurulz says:

    i agree……
    Not considering only 1 year but as a whole, the league's best GMs are lamoriello,burke,holland,nonis,regier,….but gainey is definitely top 10-12

  5. mtl_prince says:

    nonis, reiger, they hanvt even won a cup! at least gainey got one as a gm

  6. mtl_prince says:

    esposito, or a defenseman, or we trade the pick(s). we shall know in 2 days…..

  7. habsoverserver says:

    top 30 for sure.

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