Draft would be lost!

Espn web site is reporting that if the NHL is in lockout come next June that the Entry Draft would not occur. For a Draft to be held there needs to be a collective bargaining agreement.

So when will the Crosby Show happen? Well, lets say that the new CBA happens in January of ’06..then there would be two Drafts appearing one after the other. So they might have a draft in March and then the slated June Draft.

With over 240 games already lost and the ever so useless all-star game lost we now learn that the entry level draft would be lost if no CBA is in place by next June. The trickle down effect is never ending. It is amazing how a sport can touch so many lives in positive and now negative ways.

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  1. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I still think there will be a season thus a draft next year. My reasoning is:

    1. The NHL is a 2.1 billion dollar company about to make basically NOTHING this year. By not giving in, the players are guaranteeing that things will NEVER be the same. Arguing over if owners can afford the players at current rates is moot when the NHL is a 1 billion dollar business.

    2. NBC’s contract is 2 years long. Bettman NEEDS to prove to Dick Ebersol that his bet on the NHL was SMART. With no hockey – this is in dire jeopardy thus pressure on the owners. ESPN has a 60 million dollar one year deal with the NHL for this year too. Are the owners willing to walk from that?

    3. Both TV deals are weighted towards winter and spring hockey. It isn’t too late to show an improvement in ratings that could be built on in 2006 for a REAL TV contract with NBC or someone else in 2007 and onward. THIS contract is what the players should be talking about NOT how owners “hide” income in vertically integrated business like Comcast and Cable Vision. Players hide money in their investment accounts. I would argue Peter Forsberg is worth less money next year because he owns the building Modo plays in.

    4. There are teams that are poised to TANK to get Crosby. The rangers are FIRST on that list. Boston isn’t far behind. Washington and Pittsburg also are in the running. A 1/2 season of suckdom is easier to take when the prize is Sidney Crosby.

    My prediction is a settlement on or about the exact same date as 1994. Both sides simply have too much to lose. In the event that they do go on with this foolish battle, both sides will guarantee their losses. That is an absolute lock.


  2. Sands says:

    Sup, haven’t been around for a while. Well, I must say If Crosby fights to be a free agent, The Rangers will be a team to make a very big pitch to nab him. They have a low pay roll and if there is a Cap in place Rangers have a lot of room to line this guy up for the big bucks he wants. Sather has had this kid lined up since last year.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    ESPN is not entirely correct.

    At some point, the owners can claim that they have negotiated in good faith with the players but can find no common ground. They would then declare an impasse with the players and unilaterally impose an new deal on the NHLPA. The players would then choose to (1) play under the new conditions while continuing to negotiate a new CBA or (2) strike. Obviously there would be a lot of lawsuits.

    I think that regardless of the choice the players make, if the league declares an impasse, they could then hold the draft.

    If the strike lasts the entire season, the owners will almost certainly declare an impasse, have a draft, get replacement players and scabs and have some kind of product for 2005-06.

  4. rojoke says:

    Well, lets say that the new CBA happens in January of ’06..then there would be two Drafts appearing one after the other.

    Hold on there. I would doubt very much if there was to be two drafts. If it gets that late in the game, what will probably happen is that there would only be one draft, but they could extend it to 11 or 12 rounds. Or they could just have a regular 9-round draft.

    Someone mentioned the idea of Sidney Crosby being a free agent if there’s no draft. But there’s a pretty big kink in that plan. NHL rules state that a North American trained player must go unselected in two drafts before becoming a free agent. If there’s no CBA in time for the June draft, then Crosby can’t satisfy that requirement. If there’s one in 2006, that would be his first year of draft eligibility. And the NHL isn’t going to change that part of the CBA.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    that is the problem. these kids no matter how great they are projected to be can’t get big bucks. there will be or should be some kind of limit you can give players in their first three years or we are back to the same point.

  6. hockeyhead says:

    i don’t know why you think the bruins are not far behind in getting the number one pick. i thought they were putting together a ggood team….

    but, i like the idea of tanking a short season and grabbing a good prospect like “Bill” Crosby. HHMMM…jello pudding.

  7. hockeyhead says:

    espn website is reporting….check it out. they say that there would be to consecutive drafts. i don’t know.

  8. the_hockey_bandit says:

    According to a scout…

  9. 19Yzerman says:

    You don’t think that all NHLers should be paid by team success incentive and individual sat based bonus regardless of time served?

    If a player scores 50 goals/50ast/100pt for 3 seasons.How does being in the league only 3 years differ from 13 years?

    I will say that no players should be paid on how great they are projected to be. Only that players should be paid in accordance with what the market commands regardless of age or tenure.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    rookies make too much and demand too much. especially if they are high draft picks.

    nick boynton is a bruin because he held out from the kings and went back in the draft. rookie salaries is one of many reasons why we are in a lockout now.

  11. EmptyNetter says:

    Reasons this is a BAD idea:

    1. In the current system, player salaries seldom go down. If you start a player at the top of the pay scale, how can anybody afford him when he’s 30?

    2. How many 20 year olds are mature enough to be among the highest paid players in their sport and can say no to drugs, alcohol and various ego related problems.

    3. How many young players can carry the pressure of making or destroying a team financially?

  12. 19Yzerman says:

    I say if your performance is outstanding then you shall be paid accordingly and if your performance is poor then you shall be paid poorly regardless of age or tenure.

    If a player has an off season then his pay should reflect that.

  13. hockeyhead says:

    i agree with that but ….sands said that crosby should get the cash he wants…..i say a rookie should get no more than 450 thou. you should only have a 10-15% increase each year.

  14. EmptyNetter says:

    1. The NHL may be a $2.1 billion business, but if your expenses are $2.3 billion then owners are better off keeping their doors shut under current conditions. As for the players, it’s one thing to say that the players are greedy but if the league says that your team, which now spends $65m on payroll, is only allowed to spend $32m then you’re bound to think that this is unfair.

    2. I’m sure that Dick Ebersol isn’t stupid. If there’s no hockey, he doesn’t pay the NHL. Instead, he airs reruns of Fear Factor in those time slots. The trick is for the NHL to use this time wisely so when they finally open their doors to play, they can earn better ratings than reruns of Fear Factor.

    3. I hide my money in my sock drawer. 😛

    4. I’m so sick of hearing about Sidney Crosby. I bet he’s somehow responsible for this whole CBA mess.

    (Sorry about replies 3&4. My post just looked incomplete answering just points 1&2).

  15. rojoke says:

    Bonello said if the deal is done by January, then there could be a quick draft for the class of 2005. But even that’s conjecture on his part, although it is a little more credible that if it came from a team scout. It all depends on the timing of a new deal. If there’s a season to played as a result of a new deal, then there could very well be two drafts.

  16. aafiv says:

    Actually this is false. The owners cannot claim that they’ve negotiated in good faith.

    1.) They have purposely chosen to only propose plans they knew the union would reject out-of-hand.

    2.) They locked out the players, the players did not go on strike.

    3.) Ownership has not initiated any new talks or proposals or shown any willingness to talk.

    Finally, ownership cannot simply impose what it wants it needs buy-in from Labor boards in both the US and Canada… which they likely won’t get in both places.

    Do you really believe the NHL would continue with replacement players leaving Canadian teams out?

    I don’t.

  17. EmptyNetter says:

    I realize this is off-topic, but it would be revolutionary if the NHL CBA included some kind of pension or retirement fund for players. I don’t know much about the business of pro sports, but I’m not aware that such a thing exists. Here’s why this is significant:

    1. At best, pro hockey players have 20 years for their career. At best. 20 years to earn enough money to last the rest of their lives.

    2. The only existing post-career plans I know of are a job in the front office, in broadcasting, or in autograph signing.

    3. Players, in holding out for a better deal, may be thinking in terms of the money they need to open that restaurant that will see them through their golden years. If they had a pension to look forward to, they wouldn’t have to be afraid.

    4. Millions of dollars paid up front burns a hole in your pocket (or in your nose). Put it away until later when you’re mature enough to spend it wisely.

    5. Hockey could become a model sport and finally make headlines for something other than criminal proceedings (Mike Danton, Todd Bertuzzi).

    That’s all I’ve got.

  18. hockeyhead says:

    5. there are tons of athletes in criminal trouble in all sports. ray lewis was jamal is…wally backman…ron artest. i would say hockey is the bad boy of sports.

    i do believe that they have a pension plan in sports. they are in a union so….i think that they must. i guess they should invest well. go back to school like kluzak…..get out there and get a real life like all of us do.

    in all fairness…i can’t get upset for an athlete because they want to have no job for the rest of their life and they are worried that their millions won’t last forever.

  19. habsoverserver says:

    Ownership can declare an impasse whenever they want. If the players challenge then courts will decide. The fact that they are not meeting does not mean much legally since the two sides remain so far apart.

    The owners will argue that they are losing money due to salary escalation. The NHLPA will argue that the NHL is losing money due to poor management. The owners will have an easier time arguing their case since salaries are objective and management skills are subjective. And besides, other pro leagues have salary caps. The courts may not decide it is unreasonable for the NHL to have one.

    In the end, the guy who signs the checks either (1)gets to make the rules or (2) takes his ball and goes home.

  20. 19Yzerman says:

    Learn from the public mistakes of others like Mike Tyson.

    This is the only area that is fair about the NFL saying you MUST complete 3 years of NCAA football to be drafted.

    If Labron James does not end up on the list above then the NBA has found its new ambassador.

    Which is what the NHL is looking for.

  21. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Can you imagine what it is like trying to play when you are SID Crosby? This is a KID we are talking about and we have a 2.1 billion dollar business about to fall apart and we all are calling him the next one. I saw first hand what happened to the last “next one” when his mommy and daddy ruined his carreer.

    Interesting question – if you were a GM with a pick in a draft with EVERY player in it. Some saying they will stay in Europe. Others UFA. Would you pick Crosby first? Would you pick Fosrberg? Brodeur? Pronger? Who? remember, you’d have no team other than this guy.

    Personally, I would not pick Crosby. I would be looking for a BIG star goalie or a scoring d-man first. a BIG scorer after that.

    What would you do?

  22. TheCoach says:

    The thing I’m wondering is that if there is no draft, would Crosby not be able to become an undrafted free-agent.

    Whether someone is not drafted because of a lockout or because they are not good enough does not matter. What matters is that the year Crosby turned 18, he went undrafted.

    Crosby could very well sign a contract with a team after June, and if the NHL took the case to court, Sidney would likely win. The minimum age is 18, and you don’t have to be drafted to play. I could go ask a team for a tryout, and if I make it, they can sign me. Look at Ed Belfour and Curtis Joseph.

  23. habsoverserver says:

    Coach – where are you getting the 18 year old rule from? If you are getting it from the expired CBA then the rule no longer applies. Your question should be moot. If there is no CBA then there are no draft rules.

  24. shady_records says:

    He will definately sign with the Leafs.

    He already has a verbal agreement with them just like Eric Lindros.

  25. big_booty says:

    NHL players have a fine pension fund. At the very heart of things, they are, after all, a “trade union” and any union in the free world offers a pension plan to its members.

    1) Players whose career are 20-year marathons are VERY few and far between. Sure, there are the freaks of nature like Chelios, Messier, Hull, Robitaille, etc. The great majority of players will spend half of that amount in the NHL if they are extremely lucky and avoid injury.

    2) Hockey, like baseball, is chock full of “lifers.” Hockey players don’t leave the game, because the game never leaves them. Any NHL front office, coaching staff, scouting department, public relations office, marketing firm, player representatives, and broadcasters are filled to the brim with former players.

    3) Half of all the restaurants that open in any given year fail within their first year of operation.

  26. big_booty says:

    Christ, there isn’t even a season and STILL the Leafers are up to their old tricks.

    What’s it take, huh?

  27. hockeyhead says:

    very funny…..boy was it quiet around here without any maple leave fans ranting about their parades and free agents BUT suddenly…..

    has anyone noticed any player movement within the NHL since the lockout? but the leafs are verbally making deals. with players that have not been drafted no less.

    you can have lindros by the way. i also heard that joe thornton verbally agreed with the leaves after this years contract.

    thornton will be playing center for gary leeman and rick vaive. on d will be borjes salming with leetch and in net will be mario gosslin (sp).

  28. 19Yzerman says:

    He already has a verbal agreement with them just like Eric Lindros?

    That is a JINX and will benefit the other team anyhow.

  29. Aetherial says:

    … and every time a player opens his mouth it proves more and more exactly why we are in this mess and it is NOT the owners…

    by the way, the last player offer was less than their offer of a year ago.

    It is oh soooo *****ing convenient to blame the owners because it is a lockout… real easy for the players to just play under the current system, not agree to anything restricting salaries and continue to enjoy ridiculous explosion of salaries.

    They CAN and WILL declare an impasse and there will be scabs and a broken NHLPA at the end of all of this. The NHLPA was stupid… they passed up their best chance already. Anything they get from here on out is going to be worse.

  30. Aetherial says:

    Big Booty, you are slipping.

    Look up sarcasm.

  31. rojoke says:

    In prior years, undrafted players who were passed over in two drafts were deemed free agents. It has nothing to do with age. I don’t see that changing.

    It also depends on which league a player plays in at the time they are draft eligible. All European-trained players have to be drafted into the league. Players in North American junior and high school leagues have the two draft rule. As far as I know, the same applies to US college players, but they may be eligible for the draft up until the time they graduate.

  32. 19Yzerman says:

    The NHLPA could offer to play for free for the next 2 year and the NHL would likely remain in a state of lockout.

    You State that, ” every time a player opens his mouth it proves more and more exactly why we are in this mess and it is NOT the owners…”

    You can pick the worse of the 2 evils in this lockout NHL or NHLPA.

    However you cannot dismiss the owners completely from the blame of this lockout.

    The owners are to blame plain and simple since it is a lockout and not a strike. Also because the NHL is yet to lay an offer on the table and tell the NHLPA to take or leave it.

    The current state of the NHL finance is a result of the owners indecipherable embarrassment of financial incompetence and not the players for accepting contracts for amounts the owners agreed to pay them.

    The owners methodicaly offer players that are RFA big money and then the team who has right to match an offer matches it thus the owners are costing each other money. You find me a senerio where the players were costing each other money when they were signing with a team.

  33. habsoverserver says:

    If an actor stars in a movie and it is a hit, he asks for more money for the next movie. If the movie bombs, he asks for less money.

    You tell me – is the NHL a smash or a bomb with fans?

    When the NHL was on the upswing the salaries went up. Now that the NHL is slowing, salaries should contract.

    BTW – nobody in football, baseball or basketball is complaining about their caps or luxury taxes. What makes hockey players the exception?

  34. 19Yzerman says:

    Your Hollywood analogy seems a little open for speculation. Some stars such as main characters must have a contract Claus which would prevent them from not benefiting from a movie being a hit at the box office. You think Sean Connery doesn’t get his piece of the pie once its baked and has to wait for the next pie baking because the last one was good?

    You ask “is the NHL a smash or a bomb with fans?”

    Answer: since you used the word IS in that question I must say BUST with fans.

    Which would present me with a question for YOU : How was the NHL able to function for 80 or so years without having been considered a bust until now?

    To address your final question about those who complain:

    Football has its cash cow superbowl and the players only play a 16 game season

    Baseball has a 160 game seasons with more fan capacity in its venues.

    And make no mistake about basketball you see that sport is in route to the same location the NHL at currently. LOCKOUT!!!

    Besides the NHLPA as this point has made the NHL offers. Sure the NHL has thrown them down and feel those were not even considerable. However I am still awaiting for the NHL the ones who have locked out the player to lay what its offer is on the table and tell the NHLPA to take it or leave it.

    Why hasn’t that happened? the NHL jumps into a shell and its the players fault?

  35. hockeyhead says:

    it is not true about actors…jim carrey makes 20 mil before the movie comes out because he has made some hits….now he gets paid by rep and not good movies. (whole other can of worms there)

    but i agree…hockey does not rake in the bucks that the player demand. take what is fair according to fan base or take up another sport. most athletes can play any game.

    what does a mls player get? come on guys..swallow your pride, stop listening to agents, and get out and play before no fan returns.

    i mean reallly..why do i continue to get the hockeynews…read about who is going to europe? get my minor league stats up to date? my favorite parts are hockeysockpuppettheatre and inside the box.

  36. 19Yzerman says:

    hockeysockpuppettheatre and inside the box.

    You just about caused me to laugh out loud with others in the office wondering if I am nuts or if I am acting up because they know I have a snowmobile and its currently snowing here.

    I am out of here till Monday so have a good Thanksgiving HockeyHead and hope that the players in this time of Thanksgiving do some thinking.

    I will be praying that the Detroit school system can pull itself together as it is worse off than any sport in the world right now.

  37. habsoverserver says:

    The NHL was not a bust until now because (1) it existed in cities that had good demographics for hockey (2) the NHL had a string of great stars from Orr til Lemieux and has no one now (3) when teams did get into trouble in the old days and there were a lot (Blackhawks, Scouts-Rockies, Seals, Stars, Flames, Jets, Whalers, Nords all faced issues) the losses were small enough that a wealthy owner could absorb them. You can eat 5 years at $1 million. You can’t eat Jagr-Yashin.

  38. habsoverserver says:

    happy turkeyday hockeyhead and 19Yzerman

  39. 19Yzerman says:

    Eat up habsoverserver like your “THE ROCKET” going to the net from the blueline in.LOL

    Happy thanksgiving to you also habsoverserver

  40. hockeyhead says:

    yaa gang, happy holidays….time to watch those ugly throw back jerseys.

    glad you gotta laugh 19. but it is true. i gotta go read hockeysockpuppettheatre. that is pretty funny.

  41. TheCoach says:

    I meant that the minimum age you have to be to play in the NHL is 18. Therefore, when Crosby turns 18, and there is no draft and no CBA rules, could he not sign with any team he chooses?

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