Boston Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli says that over the past couple of days, teams have inquired about his interest in trading the second overall pick in this month’s NHL draft.

Chiarelli also says he talked to Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini on Wednesday about the potential of flipping picks. Chiarelli adds they will talk again soon.

Burke Listening Too

The Toronto Maple Leafs recently sent an email to NHL teams acknowledging defenceman Tomas Kaberle is available.

The email outlined Kaberle’s contract status and reminded general managers that Kaberle’s no-trade clause will lift at the upcoming NHL Entry Draft and will return in August.

The email sparked interest, with as many as five teams currently inquiring about the Leafs asking price; two of the teams are said to be keenly interested.

Toronto is seeking either a first-round draft pick, or a young player capable of immediately stepping into the Maple Leafs’ lineup.

The Leafs would like to acquire a first-round pick to jump into this year’s draft mix, but Leafs management says such a move isn’t a priority.



  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    When I saw Chiarelli's face plastered on TSN's page as the top story I was like "Oh crap, what did he do?", but how is this even a story? Teams are interested in the 2nd pick? Stop the Press!

  2. reinjosh says:

    Its TSN, they will do anything to drum hits and interest when all they have is the Cup Final (which while it is interesting, can provide only so much stuff).

    Funny thing, I had the same reaction except more positive that you haha. I think the article was more to show that teams want it and confirming the Toronto Kaberle fax.

  3. The-President says:

    Kaberle, for Filatov straight up.
    Grabovski for a pick to any team that will take him.

    Sign Zherdev




    Very Simple, Without overspending, Without any unrealistic moves.

  4. reinjosh says:

    What the hell is it with your love for Zherdev and Filatov? Seriously? No offense but I don't get it at all.

  5. The-President says:

    Because we are in need of scorers, which they are. They both have potential to become point per game players over the course of their careers, both have the potential to score 40 goals. We need some finesse players as well, not just bangers. Instantly, Filatov and Zherdev would become with Kessel our 3 best offensive players. Filatov is 19, Zherdev is 24, they both are amazingly talented, they just need to do some maturing, but given the right situation, imagine getting hold of there all out potential.

  6. Dunski23 says:

    Not even going to lie that would be one hell of a young team. I'm not sure what the Cap looks like, but if i were you the leafs I'd look for a solid veteran leader to help out the forward group. Someone in the mold of a Recchi for the Bruins the past couple years. Ya know a guy who has been around, knows what it takes to be a winner, a true leader, and can most importantly can still produce. I know Guerin, Kariya, Demitra, Prospal, and Nolan don't have contracts for next season, yet. I think a guy like that on the third line or so, could really anchor the team.

  7. The-President says:

    You make a good point, out of all of them, I'd like Kariya, but it would all have to depend on their asking prices.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Not to sound prejudice against Russian players, but how far did Washington (aka team Russia) go this year? And how many Russians are playing in the Cup final (answer 0).

    Filatov and Zherdev would be nice until they hold out, go back to the KHL, use the KHL as leverage, etc. No thanks. Russian players are becoming a headache.

    No disrespect to the great Sergei Fedorov, one of the all time best playoff performers. Larionov as well to a lesser extent.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Out of that list of veterans you mentioned, I would add Ray Whitney's name to the list. I really hope the Leafs sign him, he would make us so much better.

  10. TmLeafan says:

    Whitney would be good but I would go with Bertuzzi.  Ill admit he is a shadow of the player he used to be but he has size and good hands.

  11. TheLeafNation91 says:

    What's wrong with signing Nikolai Zherdev?? I loved the guy…I still cant figure out how he was left off the Russian team in Vancouver???

    And by looking at his stats this year in Russia, he's not meant to play their and is better suited in the NHL…

    Also, I think he would benefit from being directed by the dictator Ron Wilson and being with Nik Kulemin in a city that does have a good number of Russians.

    I know people would disagree, but how many options does the Leafs have?

  12. Kyleton says:

    Depending on what Stevie is planning in Tampa Malone and his Salary might find its way out for cheap. Though the contract might be slightly too long for Burke.

  13. Kyleton says:

    He's not really a Burke type player, however he'd be worth a shot on a short term contract.

  14. reinjosh says:

    He is all skill and no heart. Not the type of player you want on your team. 

    And from what I have heard, Zherdev might sign with the Rangers.

  15. DannyLeafs says:

    Yeah, I really thought it was going to start a s.hit storm of ridiculous trade rumors when they mentioned the 2nd overall pick and Leafs making Kaberle available in the same heading. It seems obvious they are just trying to push that connection down people's throats to get some controversy stirred up.

    I've already had a friend tell me that the article came out because Chiarelli and Burke are talking about making a deal involving those pieces, and someone at TSN got the scoop, but they didn't want to predict it because it would be such a bold move that their credibility would be questioned if it ever fell through for any reason, such as last's years deal.

    Honestly, it's just TSN trying to get fans to connect some imaginary dots so they scour the TSN articles looking for evidence to back the claim. All the while TSN rakes it on because their ads reload every couple of pages, and the hits go through the roof.

    I am not complaining about it, it gives hockey fans something to talk about and it doesn't cost us money to view the ads so it's not like they are screwing people out of money. The only real backlash is having to listen to fan boys. I hate fan boys. So called hockey fans that just have teams they irrationally hate and bash no matter what happens.

    Personally I think the only thing Chiarelli might do with that pick is try and move up to take the first overall. I mean there is always the possibility that a team just knocks their socks off with an offer like Tavares and 5th overall or some other such stupid trade, but unless someone offers much more than the 2nd overall pick is worth than Boston will pick no lower than 2nd overall.

    Anyway should be interesting to see what does develop, and at least there should be some fun articles and comments based on stuff that will never develop until the draft.

  16. broc says:

    Why do you want to bring selfish me-first Russians to the Leafs?

    F*ck Zherdev.

    Adding him is like adding a Kostitsyn to your team. Some talent, but not worth the trouble.

  17. glotz_99 says:

    What do you guys think about this trade:

    Kaberle and Grabovski to Columbus for the 4th overall pick,

    The Bluejackets are interested in winning now and could use a puck moving d-man and grabovski could be a nice fit there as well.

    4th overall pick to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan,

    Burke is more interested in adding top line forwards, then recouping the picks he traded in the Kessel deal. Plus the 4th overall pick will likely be a dman which Anaheim could use once Neidermayer retires. 

  18. Kev_Leafs says:

    I don't see Columbus trading for Kaberle and Garbageski.  They do need a puck carrying defencemen, but they aren't going to trade a 4th overall for Kaberle's remaining one-year deal.  I think Columbus has learned enough from their experiences with Filatov and Zherdev to know to avoid a player of much lesser talent but same of the same ilk in Garbageski. 

    Any trade with Columbus is going to have Commodore coming back as a salary dump.

    It might be possible to get Filatov out of there, just for the sake of Columbus getting rid of him.

    Since it wouldn't cost the Leafs any prospects/picks, I wouldn't have a problem with the Leafs signing Zherdev short-term because we do need the goals and he's a definite step up over Garbageski, who would have to be gone from the team.  Hopefully Phaneuf/Wilson could whoop Zherdev into shape.  Doubt it though.  Still, Zherdev's good for 20 – 35 goals, which is more than anyone else on the Leafs except Kessel.

    Bobby Ryan isn't going anywhere.  Anaheim has lots of cap space. They would give up on Selanne, Niedermayer, and Koivu before letting Ryan walk.

  19. glotz_99 says:

    The Ducks do have plenty of cap space, but contract talks have not gotten anywhere so far, so they might be low-balling him or he might be looking for a change of scenery, and with Burke and his history with Anaheim and a US teammate in Kessel, I think you've got to put T-O as one of the front runners if they are looking at trading him. 

  20. TmLeafan says:

    Yea TSN definetly wants you to tune into draft day which they have covered the last couple of years.  It never used to be like that and causes unrealistic expectations for drafted players and more pressure.

  21. mojo19 says:

    The first time he was a contract holdout in Columbus he got way more than McLean wanted to pay him. The 2nd time he was a contract holdout in Columbus they traded him to NYR. The first time he was a contract holdout for NYR they let him go to free agency and no one picked him up so he went to Russia. 3 time contract holdout in 5 years of NHL hockey, he will never be back.

  22. mojo19 says:

    Ya, I agree, Malone would fit in, but I hate the term of that contract. I wouldn't trade for him, even for Jeff Finger.

    And ya I would love if the Leafs signed Bertuzzi and Holmstrom and really added some sand paper to the line up. I think those guys would set a good example and drive to the net, would be good for players like Hanson, Mitchell, and Caputi.

  23. Kev_Leafs says:

    I still don't see Anaheim trading him.

    If they did – they would be asking for a lot more than a 4th overall pick.  Kessel and Ryan are comparable scorers (Ryan is much bigger physically), and considering Bruins got two firsts and a second round pick for Kessel, the Ducks wouldn't take just a 4th overall pick for Ryan.

    *If* the Leafs got the 4th for Kaberle and Grabovski – as you say – *and* Anaheim was fed up and decided to trade Ryan, the Leafs would have to offer at the very least something like the 4th overall, Kulemin and another pick; or the 4th and Kadri; or the 4th and Schenn. 

    In addition, the Leafs would be shipping out three roster players with a total cap hit of around $10 million, and conceivably only bringing in Ryan at around $5.5, so the Leafs would also have to take on some salary in garbage contracts from both Columbus and Anaheim. 

    But I don't really see Columbus making that initial trade as you laid it out, and I can't see Anaheim trading Ryan.

  24. mojo19 says:

    Get the Jackets to throw in Pahlsson.

    Get the Ducks to throw in Parros (we could add Hanson or Mitchell)

  25. cam7777 says:

    Sorry man, but you really have no idea what you're talking about. 

    First of all, let's address your trade idea for Ryan.  You are coming up with insane packages for Ryan based on what Kessel got.  What you have to remember though, is the absurd gamble the Bruins took in that trade.  That pick could have easily been 15th overall, and worse in 2011.  The Leafs did play at playoff-pace from game 16 on (82% of the season).  So the very fact that the 4th overall would be guaranteed to Anaheim, and is likely to be Fowler, makes it much more valuable than the pick we gave up for Kessel.  Yes, it turned out to be worth more, but that is irrelevent.  Realistically we'd be looking at the 4th overall, a 2nd in 2011, and maybe a prospect like Jimmy Hayes – this would be the equivalent of the Kessel deal, except better, because it removes the gamble.

    Secondly, Anaheim only appears to have a great deal of cap space.  Cap space is one thing, but what they lack is the money to use it.  Ownership has imposed a cap of 50 million dollars on the team.  That means the team has only 14 million dollars to resign Ryan, sign 5 defensemen, and flesh out their forward group.  On top of this, Murray reportedly started negotiations with Ryan offering only 3 million.  Ryan is seeking 5.5 million, and the team says they can only afford max. 4.5.  This has all been chronicled in the OC newspapers.  So clearly moving Ryan is going to become an option whether they want it to or not.  In the meantime, Selanne and Niedermayer are the heart of that team, and are looking like they wan to return.  Even though keeping Ryan would be nice, these two vets sell tickets, and their importance cannot be overlooked from a financial viewpoint.  It is extremely ignorant to assume that all teams will shed all veterans, just because hockey media personnel and internet fan boys think teams under the age of 22 are the way to go. 

    Finally, i will just say how preposterous it is to me that everyone seems to think Columbus trading this pick will cripple them forever.  Columbus is where top 10 picks go to die : Leclaire (8th), Zherdev (4th), Picard (8th), Brule (6th), Brassard (6th), Filatov (6th).  Am I missing something here?  None of these guys have contributed anything to that franchise, and Filatov has moved back to Russia.  Remind me again why one of these top ten picks is automatically better than Kaberle – the man who is 2nd in points by a defensemen since the lockout.  That team should be jumping to trade that pick away just to avoid having to watch the player they use it on rot.

  26. Kev_Leafs says:

    Admittedly, I have a hard time seeing the Ducks trade Ryan, so I didn't put much thought into an actual trade with the Leafs based on a 4th overall pick that they don't have.  I'm pretty sure that Kessel and Ryan are comparable and any GM doing due diligence will at least look at the trade as a base for negotiations to start.

    And to add to this insanity – the post I was replying to said to trade the 4th overall for Ryan, but if that's all it takes then why doesn't Columbus just trade the 4th for Ryan?  Ryan (RFA) is more valuable than 1 year of Kaberle before UFA.  My response was to this idea for a trade, which I knew was coming up short.  I suggested the 4th overall and a young player/prospect – similar to what you said (4th, pick, a lower end prospect).

    Though I respect your opinion, I don't see why the Ducks need to sign 5 defensemen considering they have 5 already under contract; 1 or 2 should do it in my opinion.  They also have 12 forwards and 2 goalies signed with 14 million to play with.  And if the financial fate of the entire franchise depends on Niedermayer and Selanne for ticket sales, then – by your logic – it looks like the Ducks will have to fold in the next year or two when they do retire.  (Or, they're going to need new faces to replace them : cue Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan)

    Furthermore, I stated that I didn't see a Kaberle + Grabovski deal for the 4th overall happening.  As I said, the Leafs would have to take on salary for any deal like this to happen, and I mentioned Commodore as a possibility for coming back the other way.  I never said – like some have – that the 4th is immovable.

    All I'm talking about are my opinions, of which I have every idea.

  27. cam7777 says:

    I'm pretty sure you said 4th overall, plus Kadri or Schenn – which is absurd.  That's waaaay more than we gave up for Kessel.

    The Ducks have only Visnovsky and Eminger signed for next year (and Eminger is a 7th defensemen now).  They will probably insert Sbisa also, but Oystrick is rubbish and will be in the minors.  They need to sign at least 4 defensemen, and I think 5.  Most of the forwards they ahve signed are AHL calibre guys who won't be on the team next year.  Those are not the guys you want to start your season with.

    The Jackets would not trade for Ryan because they have no need for offense, and cannot afford to commit another 5-6 million dollars to offense when they already have Nash, Huselius, Vermette, Filatov, Brassard, Umberger, Pahlsson and Voracek who are mostly making big money (or will be soon).  They obviously need to re-invest in quality defense and hope Mason can rebound.

    Ha, and you're also wildly taking what I said about ticket sales out of context.  I did not say the franchise depended on these two players to stay afloat, I said they are important.  You said that the Ducks would toss them aside like used tampons, and I'm simply telling you, that is not the case.  The organization has the utmost respect for these two.  In the last game of the year, the fans in Anaheim did not pack the arena to yell "Resign Bobby Ryan at any cost!!!", they packed it to yell "One More Year!" at Selanne and Niedermayer. 

    A fair return would be on the table for Ryan, and the team is admittedly rebuilding due to financial difficulties, so as long as the return is fair, who cares if they trade him?  Getzlaf and Perry are the whole damn show in Anaheim anyways.

  28. Kev_Leafs says:

    Yes, I offered up a few options for a trade using a 4th overall pick that the Leafs don't have.  My only point was that Ryan is worth more than just the 4th overall pick, but if that is all he was worth – according to the post to which I first replied – then Columbus should trade for Ryan using that pick, and if they didn't want Ryan they could then flip him and get more than just Kaberle (1 year) and Grabovski.

    We both agree that to get Ryan would take the 4th overall and something – a good young player/pick combo.

    Ducks signed defencemen for 2010-11 : Visnovsky, Eminger, Brookbank, Oystrick, Festerling.

    According to Scott Cullen – his Off-Season Game Plan's from TSN – the Ducks needs for next year are 1 top six forward, 1 top four defencemen, and another defencemen.

    According to capgeek.com, Anaheim has their 12 forwards, 5 defence, and 2 goalies, and despite $19 million in cap space they have as you say $14 mil to play with. 

    If they're dead-set on bringing back the two vets, then they're going to have the bottom third of their roster filled with AHL calibre players ; that's just the nature of the beast.  They could afford the two vets (at slight discounts, say $6 & $2.5) and Ryan ($5.5) then trade Wisniewski for a younger defencemen/pick.  Then the following year – assuming retirement for the vets – the Ducks would have around $9 million in Niedermayer's and Selanne's salary coming off the books, which they could use to fill-out their roster.  I'm not a GM, but if I was forced to bring back the two vets, then that's what I'd do.  If I wasn't forced to, I'd respectfully bid adieu to Selanne, maybe keep Niedermayer for a year at the right price (maybe signed for around $5.5), resign Ryan and Wisniewski and go with that : Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan, Wisniewski, Visnovsky, and Hiller as the core going forward with Niedermayer along for the ride in 2010-11.

    I realize that you're of the opinion that they could go with Getzlaf, Perry, Visnovsky, Hiller and a defensive prospect as the core going forward. (I don't know your opinion of Wisniewski). And one last hurrah with Selanne and Niedermayer.  And that's possible, I just don't see them going that route (trading Ryan for the 4th and a pick/low end prospects); I know I wouldn't.  Especially since the idea of keeping the vets would be to win now – at any cost – and I think with them in tow, you'd want the offensive flair of Ryan rather than a 19 year old rookie in your second defensive pairing. 

    And, were I Toronto, I wouldn't have traded the 4th and Kadri or Schenn for Ryan either.  I was just saying it's something like that that the Ducks would be looking for in return.

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