Two surprising names have surfaced to fuel the possibility of NHL trades. Anaheim defenceman Scott Niedermayer is one, and sophomore Dallas forward Fabian Brunnstrom the other.The Newark Star-Ledger quoted Niedermayer as saying, “I think it’s a possibility,” when asked about being traded by Anaheim this season. Niedermayer doesn’t have a no-trade clause, but in follow-up, Niedermayer says his family loves Anaheim and he isn’t interested in leaving.

League sources say Dallas GM Joe Nieuwendyk is receiving interest in Fabian Brunnstrom. He scored 17 goals in 55 NHL games last season but has just one in 17 games this season. Critics say Brunnstrom hasn’t adjusted to the North American game. However, the 24-year-old was highly sought after by a dozen NHL clubs prior to signing with the Stars in May, 2008.

If Brunnstrom does come on the market, you can be sure the buzz won’t rival that of his free agent status. But if at any point this season Scott Niedermayer hits the market, there will be many who will want in on this Duck hunt.



  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    Also I believe he is a FA at the end of the year, no? Not sure if it is UFA, but I think so.

  2. cam7777 says:

    Well, you did hear about the Blum, 1st, Radulov bit though right?  Some sources reported that the offer was upped at the last minute to include Suter instead of Blum, due in part to a big offer that came in from the Kings as well (although, the Kings bit was mostly spouted by Eklund, the Nashville media did suggest that a third party came into the bidding last minute).

    Also, Radulov is only worthless to Nashville.  He can't go back there because the whole team hates him, and the Nashville fans (all 49 of them) would dump on him  If he does return to North America, he wants the promise of a big contract, on a good team, in a good hockey market.  So in a sense, yea, he was worthless to Boston, because they could not promise him the big dollars he wants at the end of his last year on the entry-level.

    So, he isn't without value, he is just without value to certain teams.  I think he will return to the NHL though, it's just a matter of the right situation presenting itself.

    This guy (http://mapleleafshotstove.com/index.php/2009/09/19/how-it-all-went-down/#more-6065even) had sources that said that the Rangers came along and offered Del Zotto or Sanguinetti, Dubinsky and a 1st, but again, were foiled by the fact that Kessel wanted to be a Leaf.  The stories were mostly corroborated by blog writers for their respective teams.  Ultimately, these are all just rumors and hearsay, but they popped up all over the internet at the time of the trade.

    THat is precisely why you may yet see a solid return for Tomas Kaberle (aside from the fact that he leads all defensemen in points).  All it takes is 2 teams to be strongly interested.  And if three become interested, the situation only improves.  Of course, Burke is probably too stubborn to pull the trigger even with Kaberle's approval, so who knows.

    Point is, Suter is not a God, and I just wonder what it is exactly that makes fans that don't even watch Suter play assume that he must be one of the league's top defensemen.  Is he good?  Of course, he's very good for his age, and he has a great ceiling.  But swapping him for a defensemen of similar competence, and getting a good pick (2nd) and a top prospect at a position you need, is not an atrocious deal.  Does it maybe need tinkering?  Sure – but I already addressed that…

    Oh, and believe me, I was suprized as you to see the return that Kessel merited.  I was not a fan, as you know, and had extreme doubts about him.  Those haven't been dispelled yet entirely, but it appears that I was wrong about Kessel so far, and that the other GMs knew it.  Clearly, Suter being thrown into that deal so easily suggests that he does not command the same respect from league managers…

  3. cam7777 says:

    I'm just saying Finger, in conjunction with the other talent they have on D, could easily fill Suter's loss.  They love Ellis, and want him to be manning their PP ASAP.  Finger brings decent offense (even with only 5th d-man minutes), and also fills a gap the team is otherwise filling with Francis Bouillion – toughness, shot-blocking, hitting, etc…

    I think you're hung up on Finger because of his salary, and the fact that he's a Leaf.  If he was a Bruin, making 1.5 million, you'd be trying to convince me he's a Norris candidate.  He's not a bad defensemen by any means, he just makes too much money.  Finger + Tlusty + 2011 2nd is a good starting point if you ask me, and then like I said, I'd be willing to throw in someone else (be it another prospect – Stefanovich, Hayes, or a player).   They are rumored to still be interested in Ponikarovsky, so they might want to start there…

  4. cam7777 says:

    Actually, I have been watching a lot of Nashville this year.  They are said to have a strong interest in Ponikarovsky, and so I anticipate a trade at some point this season.  My opinion isn't more valid than his, but I am almost certain that he isn't speaking from any first hand knowledge, and is simply citing what he has seen in the past and heard on boards.  Anyone who is young, and also talented, gets hyped up beyond belief.  Suter is not a Superstar.  If you haven't noticed, they are losing a lot of games, struggling to score, and struggling to defend in Nashville.  Is it Suter's fault?  Obviously not, but their fans are clamoring for a shakeup. 

    THey just signed Ellis to his entry-level deal ahead of schedule, because they believe he is ready to make an impact either at the end of this season, or the start of next.  Franson is looking better each game, and has had some very impressive outtings.  Blum is tearing up the AHL, and they are excited about him.  Obviously, their first choice would be to move Blum, as evidenced by the Kessel offers, and that would be just fine with me too. 

    Bottom line, is that the Preds have a history of developing great defensemen now, and they understand that when you have a wealth of depth at one position, you trade to benefit another. 

    And what exactly is your point in that Kaberle bit?  Not trying to be rude, I just don't get it.  Weber put up more points, and more goals than Suter last year.  He will do the same this year.  Kaberle will also do the same.  How does this make Suter better offensively than either of them?  What can you possibly say to support this? 

    As for the stats argument, well, I wasn't really trying to argue stats, it was just that Finger's ability to put up points were just directly questioned.  I was simply answering the point about Finger not being capable of 30 points (despite putting up 23 in 66 with 5th d-man minutes).  Kadri's situation has nothing to do with this, and I gave a direct reason for why those stats are useless.  Kadri is basically alone on his OHL team, while Hall is surrounded by great talent.  Kadri, according to scouts, is a player that plays to his surroundings and competition – in other words, he did well in pre-season with NHL wingers, and NHL competition, but is less effective when the competition fades, and his surroundings are lesser.  I know you'll say that makes him a lesser player, but that's fine, he'll still be centering Taylor Hall at the World Juniors as the team's number one center.

  5. the_word says:

    and a crossbar, and a post…

  6. the_word says:

    You don't have to coddle him.  If you want him to develop into a leadership role then you don't castrate him by sending him down to the minors. Sit him for a game if his play continues to slack. Kypereos is a tool that blew Schenn's 'posture' in the fight out of proportion.

  7. the_word says:

    You don't have to coddle him.  If you want him to develop into a leadership role then you don't castrate him by sending him down to the minors. Sit him for a game if his play continues to slack. Kypereos is a tool that blew Schenn's 'posture' in the fight out of proportion.

  8. the_word says:

    Surprised there hasn't been whining about the Leafs getting stiffed on the goal last night. How a goal judge can overlook a glove behind the goal line and footage of a puck going in and out of that goal conclude that there isn't clear evidence of a goal. Dismiss the goal simply because they can't see the puck. Are they precognitive infants that can't logically conclude that the puck didn't actually disappear and hence must be in the goaltender's glove. Epsilons…

  9. DannyLeafs says:

    Both White and Brunnstrom are RFA's

  10. jpmac says:

    I did read that, and replied that Anaheim will not give up ANY 1st rounders for an underachieving over payed player in a cap league.  I said no to the trade for Philadelphia's pick, and most definetly no their own..which is a lottery pick as we speak.  If Beauchamein could fetch that, I shudder to think what it would take to land Kaberle.

  11. pezzz123 says:

    you're so lame. and so hypocrit. you know I've never proposed Kaberle + Tlusty vs. Stewart. Actually, it was Kaberle vs. Stewart + Repik + 1rst rounder. But I guess it's not important.

    And stop with the leaf-hater argument. That's really starting to piss me off. Like, REALLY.

    Last year, Sheldon Souray hasd 23 goals. Is that making him a better puck-mover than Tom Gilbert? Anton Babchuk had 16 goals. Is that making him a better puck-mover than Joni Pitkanen? Pavel Kubina had 14 goals. Is that making him a better puck-mover than Tomas Kaberle? Marc-Andre Bergeron had 14 goals. Is that making him a better puck-mover than Brent Burns? Rob Blake had 10 goals. Is that making him a better puck-mover than Marc-Edouard Vlasic? Your argument makes no sense at all.

    Cody Hodgson HASN'T PLAYED A GAME IN THE NHL YET. Tlusty has played 74 games so far. He has a whooping 20 points. 10 little goals. Tlusty is 21 years old. Hodgson is 19 years old. Start comparing apples with apples, then we'll talk. So far, Tlutsy looks a lot more like a bust then a good prospect.

    Weber may have scored 23 goals. He may be the leader of the team. That doesn't change a thing to the fact that Suter has better passing abilities, better vision, better anticipation, is a better skater and masters the PP, providing Weber with the passes he needs to shoot from the point. Is Weber a better d-man? Yeah. Is he more complete? Yeah. Would I take Weber before Suter on my team? Yeah. But Suter is a better puck-mover than Shea Weber. End of story.

  12. cam7777 says:

    meh, a 30th overall pick is not a great return.  this is just another example of people getting carried away with the value of picks.  the chances of that player even making the NHL is slim to none.  Beauchemin isn't overpaid by much.  Maybe 300K-500K.  bottom-line is, the Ducks miss Beau, and he hasn't worked out very well in TO.  Ask yourself, if Beauchemin had been Philadelphia property, what is the better offer:

    Beauchemin, Lupul, Sbisa, 26th overall pick 2009
    Lupul, Sbisa, 26th overall 2009, 25th-30th overall 2010

    Then imagine that you know your team will struggle to gel defensively, your free agent signings won't work out, and that Beauchemin and Niedermayer have proven chemistry.  Imagine that you have played Beauchemin over 25 minutes a game in the playoffs the last three years, including a cup run.  What is more valuable to you – a late 1st round pick, or Beauchemin? 

    Anaheim doesn't really have any need for late 1st round picks, unless they are going to have a fire-sale and wait a few years to be competitive again.  They acquired picks so that they could make moves with them eventually.  They already have their core, and a host of depth players coming up. 

    For the Leafs, the pick is really just a scape goat on the Kessel trade, to placate the masses.  That player will not replicate Beauchemin's capabilities within the next 4 years, and if he does, he will be an anamoly….

  13. bbruins37 says:

    my point in the kaberle bit: the only two reasons you cited for weber being an offensive defenseman were A) goal scoring and B) leadership. leadership obviously doesnt factor into offensive ability, so i took your only point as goal scoring. kaberle is not known for goal scoring at all so i was questioning how you could hype him up so much, when he doesnt score goals. its hypocritical. this has nothing to do with my perception of any player, it has to do with you being extremely selective when evaluating players.

    it was never my intention to compare hall to kadri. you guys took it that way. hall isnt factored in on this at all.

  14. bbruins37 says:

    so youre going by eklund and other random bloggers?

    i for sure heard blum, a 1st and radulov, and im pretty sure it was from a good source (although i cant remember what it was). i never heard suter thrown in there. he's not a player you just throw in a deal.

    here is the main point where you contradict yourself:

    "All it takes is 2 teams to be strongly interested.  And if three become interested, the situation only improves."

    what makes you think that nashville wouldnt receive a better offer than the finger deal? all of your trades are done in a vaccuum. you never consider that you have to up your offer after other teams become interested (and you'd better believe every team would want suter).

  15. bbruins37 says:

    you always have to use me being a bruins fan as an argument for everything, even though this has nothing to do with anything.

    they want ellis manning their PP as soon as possible? yeah, because who would ever want suter doing that???

    youre dismissing finger's contract like its nothing. that is an awful, awful contract, and is exactly the same as suter's. its a huge factor that cant be ignored

  16. bbruins37 says:

    and if they indeed are interested in ponikarovsky, then that would imply that they'd be trying to win this year (expiring contract). why would they trade their number 2 dman, who plays a huge role on their team because they believe they can get guys to fill in for him later on in their careers, if they want to win?

  17. bbruins37 says:

    yeah youre right. they should have ignored the rule book for the leafs.

  18. cam7777 says:

    I'll reply to both those posts here.

    First, they want Ponikarovsky because he will be a reasonable resign, and demonstrates all the qualities the Predators value.  He is a good scoring player, but is solid defensively, and has been a consistent leader for plus/minus.  The Predators don't sign free agents, because no one wants to play in that craptown, so they have to trade for players they may want, and convince them to stay – hence the overpayment on Erat, and some others.

    You're missing the point on this Ellis thing.  They are essentially swapping Finger and Ellis into their lineup for Suter, while also adding a top prospect in the position they want, and getting a pick – and like I said, they may also get Ponikarovsky if such a deal were to materialize – which is a 25 goal scorer the team would otherwise be unable to acquire in free agency.

    You're exaggerating how bad Finger's contract is.  Finger's contract is very bad to be doing what he's doing in Toronto – playing 7th d-man.  He is capable of playing in someone's top 4, and to a team that is going to have a very cheap top 4 (Weber, Ellis, Hamhuis, Blum, Franson = 9 million dollars), Finger is a nice player to have because of his ability to be shuffled around the roster.  My evaluation of Finger is that he's probably worth 2-2.5 million per year, and not 3.5.  This is probably confirmed by the fact that 15 teams were in on acquiring his services, all of them supposedly offering something closer to 3 million per over 3 years, with the Leafs winning out for obvious reasons.

    Whatever value is lost by overpaying for Finger is made up for by having Tlusty, who will cost less than 1.5 million for the next 2-4 years.  It's not as atrocious as you make it sound, and again, I'm simply suggesting this as a starting point.

  19. cam7777 says:


    so it's another bbruins that was shooting his mouth off about how the bruins were going to draft hall, and he was going to be a billion times better than kadri. 

    weber also had more points, and just generally controls the play, and the game much better than Suter.  the same goes for kaberle.  even if they don't always pick up points on the play, it is their talents that allow their team to break out of the zone quickly, or easily, and kick-start the offense.  Suter can do this also, he just isn't as good at it yet – couple that with the fact that he gets outscored (both goals and points) by Kaberle, and his Predator companion Weber, and there is the reason that he is inferior offensively.  I didn't think it would take such an explanation – he puts up less points, and is less impactful offensively – period.

  20. cam7777 says:

    I did consider that, and have posted about it several times.  The advantage starts with the fact that they have been interested in Ponikarovsky for a while.  They are looking to bolster their defense long-term, and the Leafs can include pretty much any of Tlusty, Finger, Poni, Grabovski, Stefanovich, Hayes, 2nd if necessary to acquire a strong player. You start with Finger, Tlusty, pick, and you see where you need to go from there….

    You see, there aren't many teams that are in the unique position of being both rebuilding, and trying to win soon, but also are ridiculously wealthy.  Most any other team would have to think long, and hard about the possibility of moving a 60-70 point 2nd line center that makes less than 3 million.  Most would have to think long and hard about just tossing away a 25 goal scoring, solid two-way forward.  You act as though other teams are just waiting to foil the trade, and toss away whatever they can to outbid the Leafs – of course, you also believe that whatever they have would outbid the Leafs. 

    Tell me who is going to move out these insane packages that easily destroy whatever Burke can put on the table?  We always say things like this, but at the end of the day, teams are all still trying to make trades that are one-sided.  No one is going to panic in the face of a Nashville/Toronto trade and start offering up lottery picks to outbid the Leafs.

    And hey, there are some well informed bloggers out there.  Some of them get to chat with team personnel quite often, and watch the games from the pressbox.  It doesn't make what they say factual, but you have to think, that if they are hearing things at these games, there is probably some truth to the proceedings.  And Eklund is actually pretty well informed in some towns.  He has a good handle on Chicago and Washington, and he obviously felt he knew what was going on in Nashville on the eve of the Kessel trade, as he felt his sources there were strong enough to go up against Dreger with….He was wrong, but I'm sure he wouldn't have done that unless he knew something was up…

    I'm not validating his credibility, because the man is an idiot.  I'm just saying, I'm sure he hears the odd truthful thing with all his sources, and like I said, he does have a handle on certain situations.

  21. the_word says:

    Trolling, trolling, trolling….

  22. cam7777 says:

    Bettman strictly enforces that no common-sense is to be used in the determining of whether or not a puck is in the net.  The thing is, the Leafs have been screwed on things like this so many times over the last year and a half or so, I am just starting to wonder when the karma is going to go the other way.

    It already happened twice this year with two brutal miscalls in the Ottawa game, and some referee homerism in the Dallas game.  First the puck is clearly knocked out of the air above the cross-bar, but for some reason the video evidence is "inconclusive" (even though it wasn't).  Then Schenn is given a penalty, and the Sens awarded a penalty shot, for cleanly taking his man out of the play and into the boards, where he cuts his face upon impact – yep,that's high-sticking alright.  Then, if you're in Dallas, it's okay to fake high-sticks to the face, and then throw the goalie out of the net, take it off it's holdings, and put the puck in the net while the net is out of place – GOAL!

    The other thing this league needs to address – high-sticking.  The refs are not on the same page on this, and half of the calls are just ridiculous.  It's not high sticking if a player is on his knees, or bent right over to waist level, and gets a stick in the face – that's his own damn fault.  You also can't sometimes glance at the face for a cut, and not add the extra 2, and othertimes sit there and let people force blood out of shaving wounds for a few seconds.  There's just been some downright stupid refereeing all over the league in this regard.

  23. the_word says:

    Its frustrating, I'm no expert on the rule book or anything but apparently I'm under this misguided notion that when the puck crossing the goal line in the net its a goal.

  24. cam7777 says:

    You proposed Kaberle/Tlusty for Stewart/Repik/1st, to be exact, but it's not important, you're right.  And to be fair, you suggested it at a time where there was some mass panic that Burke should take what he could for Kaberle and run with it, because he was sure to collapse and become worthless in the following season. 

    It is a fine argument.  When you let your hatred for a team cloud your judgement of players, it's hard to make informed opinions.  White has been counted on in all situations, with top minutes, and out-performed all but Kaberle, and is on pace for a 40 point season, and he's still not even worthy of top 4 consideration in your eyes, and why?  Oh that's right, he's Ian White, that Leaf guy who must be useless.  Give me a break.

    Maybe I should have said offensive defensemen, and not puck-moving.  Weber brings the lion's share of the offense in Nashville, and the offense that Suter does bring, is replaceable with the depth that the Predators have in that position, plus the addition that would be Finger.  They are all good puck-moving defensemen.  All of those examples are somewhat hilarious also, in that almost all of the goal-scoring d-men were more important to their team than the comparison guy (the Suter if you will). 

    Souray is the backbone of the Oiler defense.  The Hurricane defense has collapsed without Babchuk and Seidenberg,  Kaberle has been fine without Kubina (better even), but Kubina is now the centerpiece of another team's defense (funny how he was worthless a Leaf though).  Bergeron is useless, you have me there.  Blake, even at 36, or however old he is, is still more important to his team (and the captain, no less) than a young, developing, Vlasic.  So in most cases, the Suter is moveable.

    Pretty skewed way of looking at Tlusty's career to just look at his output in the NHL.  First of all, he was 18 for the bulk of those games.  He averaged less than 10 minutes per game, and played most of his time on the 4th line with Boyd Devereaux and Chad Kilger – his role was not to score.  When he was given the oppurtunity to play 12 minutes per game with Mats Sundin on the top line, he produced instantly.

    In the AHL, his point per game numbers rival several NHL stars who didn't turn pro until Tlusty's age or thereabout – Bobby Ryan is among them.  He is not a bust by any means.  His development was slowed by Paul Maurice wasting him for a year on that 4th line, as well as some of the indecision with him last year, but now he looks to be poised for a breakout performance in the near future.  My personal opinion on him is that he is a complimentary player at this point in his career, and would do fine in the NHL if he could be paired with some top NHL talent.  He is not quite ready to make the impact on his own, and so he is better served staying in the AHL, than lowering his value by playing with Matt Stajan in the NHL.

    He might be the better puck-mover, but he is not the better player – not by a long shot.  I misspoke if I said otherwise before, but this is what I intended.  Suter is less valuable, and more moveable than Weber to that organization, and the fact that he and Blum were put on the trade block to land Kessel pretty much confirms it.

  25. cam7777 says:

    no, according to bbruins, that is not true, and the nhl would have to change the rule book for the leafs for this to work.  i would be fine with playing posts – kessel would be great at that….

  26. bbruins37 says:

    idiots, im not saying it was a goal or wasnt. common sense would lead me to believe that that was in. however, a rule is a rule, so theres no use *****ing about it. you can question why the rule is there in the first place all you want, but to completely throw a rule away because it happened to your team one time is stupid. its not like the rule is designed to hurt the leafs. every team is on equal footing with it.

  27. bbruins37 says:

    haha you have a biased view on everything i say becasue of what i have said in the past. i remember telling reinjosh time and time again that i was never comparing the two but of course, he just kept saying "no you were!“ based on me talking about the bruins and bashing the leafs in the past. i had separate intentions for posting halls stats (rub in the face of leafs fans for trading us the picks) and for posting kadri`s stats (show that their prospect isnt that good). the two are not related and were never meant to be compared.

    you are now completely talking out of your ass about weber controlling the play better than suter.

    also youre completely missing the point on my kaberle point. the only reason i ever mentioned his name was because your only point about weber being better offensively than suter was because of goals. i then questioned why how you can consider kaberle so good offensively if he doesnt score goals. suter was never meant to be compared to kaberle here.

  28. bbruins37 says:

    haha youre useless. you should probably start *****ing about the concrete rule that the team with more goals at the end of the game wins too.

    [insert your useless comment about me trolling on a neidermayer/brunnstrom forum here because you can never formulate an actual comeback that deals with the issue being talked about]

  29. bbruins37 says:

    you dont go after expiring contracts even if you think you do have a good shot at resigning them unless you are 100% going for winning now.

    so, based on that, if nashville is going for winning now, why would they accept pony or finger  and a bunch of picks/prospects (or Tlusty who you are hyping up to help more in the future, not now) for a guy that plays a huge role right now (and will in the future too anyways)? it makes no sense.

    honestly, your original proposal may be the worst proposal i have ever seen, and that includes stuff proposed by dando or anyone else like that.

  30. bbruins37 says:

    if nashville receives an offer hes interested in from toronto. he isnt just going to give it to them. he will shop suter around. and based on the fact that basically every team has more assets than toronto, even moreso with the kessle trade (which really is a fact: their prospect pool isnt deep, they are near last right now, and they have almost no picks), teams will get in on bidding for him. its not a matter of panicing that toronto would get him, its a matter of trying to acquire him when you know hes available.

    yeah most would have to think long and hard about moving a guy like pony…if he wasnt in a contract year.

    nashville isnt strictly interested in pony. thats a name thats been tossed around because hes in a contract year. should they acquire him, theyd be in a winning situation, and wouldnt be throwing away a key piece of their current roster to get him, no matter what other pieces were involved.

    "You see, there aren't many teams that are in the unique position of being both rebuilding, and trying to win soon"

    lol that is the definition of rebuilding: to try to win soon. you rebuild to try to ice a competitive roster as soon as possible. no team sits there and purposely bombs for five years. you cant get away with that.

    unless a blogger has 100% accuracy, you can always legitimately question them.

  31. pezzz123 says:

    his proposal was not good, but not the worst ever, don't exagerate. It just makes no sense at all for the Preds to trade a #2 d-man at 3.5 millions for a 3rd pairing d-man making the same money, just to put their hands on Tlusty. If they really want Tlusty, they'll offer TO Dan Hamhuis, Steve Sullivan, Jason Arnott, or a draft pick. Not their young #2 d-man.

  32. bbruins37 says:

    youre not even incorporating the age difference in there. it becomes alot more ridiculous when you do.

  33. cam7777 says:

    I don't think teams care as much about age as you do.  Most players won't stick with a team for their whole career anyways.  You can only really count on a player to be with you for the length of their contract.  You really think Suter is resigning in Nasvhille at another discount in two and a half years?

  34. cam7777 says:

    Well, I find that some bloggers are generally ahead of the curve.  Actually, I think some teams do legitimately tank for several years to rebuild.  Los Angeles, Phoenix, the Islanders, and Washington all did it.  It kind of accidentally happened to Pittsburgh and Chicago, but you can bet that Florida is about to start doing it also.

    Like I said, if Suter really isn't available (despite the fact they've already tried to trade him), than I would be fine with trying to create a package, starting with Ponikarovsky, to land Jon Blum instead.  Like you said, he wouldn't be part of the actual roster, so you can see why he would be available.

    I still think you really underestimate Finger, Ellis and Tlusty in this deal – and then subsequently overvalue Suter.  I was unaware that Suter was now deserving of Pronger like packages because of a 40 point season.  You're right though, other teams are dieing to give away tons of roster players, picks and prospects to get Suter – he is clearly the final piece to everyone's puzzle.

  35. cam7777 says:

    Good to see you're still struggling with the definition of "comparison".

    I then listed several reasons why – controlling the play, breakout passes, more points, and just general impact on a game. 

  36. cam7777 says:

    How many times are we going to watch the Leafs brutally outplay the opposition for massive stretches, if not the entire game, and still lose by a score that's not even respectable?  I cannot believe the team's luck.  The consolation is that Calgary has done this to pretty much everyone.  Ugh. 

  37. bbruins37 says:

    how in the world is that luck? a goalie is part of the team. if you dont have the goaltending, you arent going to win; simple as that.

    of course malkin was back again tonight…terrorizing the bruins. and of course thomas has to play his worst when our offense actually is playing well. no excuses though, thomas really screwed it up for us tonight. hes a goaltender, which is part of the team…

  38. cam7777 says:

    i'm not hanging it on kipprusoff and gustavsson. the leafs beat kipprusoff a number of times, and fired the puck 12 feet wide of an empty net. it's poor luck when you just continually cannot get those pucks to settle down.  of course, it's really a direct result of burke putting high expectations on the team, and basically telling them all none of them will be back next year – now they're all gripping their sticks too tight, or finding it hard to care for a team that will abandon them shortly….

  39. Kramer says:

    The Leafs need to fight more. They gotta get another guy like Orr to start more melees. One or two fights is not enough.

  40. Kramer says:

    Watch chicks brawling. Good old fashioned cat fight.


  41. blaze says:

    That's not luck, it's lack of talent. Kessel doesn't seem to have much trouble with a bouncing puck.

  42. cam7777 says:

    I'm not so sure.  Blake is capable of 30 goals, and has scored 40 before – there's no excuse for him.  Stempniak has potted 27 before.  Even the goons like Mayers and Primeau have been part of effective energy lines that could occassionally score.  Grabovski potted 20 last year, but he and Kulemin can't hit the net this year. 

    Of course, you need to have skill, but a lot of the guys on the team have shown they have skill in the past, and are unable to rekindle it here.  The fact that they dominate teams for long stretches shows that Wilson is doing all he can do.  He can't teach them to pick the corners – that's instinct (and also, common sense).  It's just frustrating, I would rather watch Stalberg, Bozak, Hanson and Tlusty struggling to bury empty-net rebounds than Blake, Stempniak, Mayers, and Wallin.

  43. blaze says:

    Look at the guys up front, Grabovski, Ponikarovski, Stajan, Blake, Stempniak and Hagman are all on pace for somewheres around 40+ and 50+ point seasons.

    Does that really seem that unreasonable? Sure they're all capable of a bit more but that type of production really isn't that suprising. Our offense is weak, plain and simple.

  44. the_word says:

    Ok HTR fans, lets slip on our decoder rings and we if we can properly read this exchange.

    The_word: Commenting on Leafs game.

    bbruins: Desperately calling attention to myself with someone who clearly has no interest in talking to me with my typical innocuous bs.

    The_word: Dismissing bbruins usual douchiness to emphasize the point that he has no interesting in 'talking hockey' or anything for that matter with bbruins.

    The Chorus: Sigh, more flaming between these two, we've seen this a hundred time before.

    bbruins: I'm soooo important -troll- you're a useless -trolling- you have no comeback -trolling- you never formulate… -lying to yourself-, I contribute to this community -trolling-

    the chorus: Although we're split on feel about the_word, we're universally exhasted by bbruin's constant trolling and we're perplexed why he feels the need to be called a loser somewhere between 10 and 30 times a day

    The_word: I don't mind someone being a douche so long as he is able to display any redeeming qualities.

    bbruins: I'm here to be an annoying douchetard, I'm proud of being passive uninspired tool.

  45. leafy says:

    Cam you're a smart guy, but your argument here is a non-starter.

    One game can be bad luck. But 3 wins in 18 games is not bad luck.

  46. mojo19 says:

    Beauchemin isn't overpaid at all. He's been playing way better lately. One thing I've been really amazed with is his ability to pinch. He picks his spots so well and jumps into the play. He's been making a huge impact on the the last several games (in a good way, finally).

    If the last 7 or 8 games are an indication of the type of player he is, $3.8 million on the cap is a very fair contract.

  47. mojo19 says:

    losing is contagious. Once you get into a slump, its tough to get out of it.

    At least the schedule is a lot easier for the rest of the month, hopefully we can go over .500 from this point on. Then December is our busiest month, and we have lots of divisional games, so it could be a make or break month for the Leafs.

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