Drew Doughty to Maple Leafs?

The NHL has training camps starting soon and a number of teams have made some great additions during the off-season. The LA Kings are one of those teams, but they’re having trouble signing Drew Doughty, one of the teams best young players and perhaps the top defenseman on the roster.

The LA Kings don’t need distractions heading into the regular season and making a deal might be the teams best move if some headway doesn’t happen soon with contract talks. The latest trade rumor as reported on Bleacher Report has the Kings making a deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Toronto is another team that has made several upgrades this off-season and adding a player like Doughty would make this team a contender in the Eastern Conference. Toronto is said to be sending the Kings a forward and defender in the deal and GM Brian Burke would jump at the chance to acquire the young star.

The LA Kings don’t want to trade Doughty, but the front office could be left with no choice and acquiring two or three players in exchange will just add more depth to a team that is supposed to challenge this season in the Western Conference. Look for talks to continue over the next few weeks and if a deal can’t be finalized, a deal could be in the works.