Drury headed back to the strugling Avs

Could Chris Drury be heading back to the avs? Well according to the TFP and CBC Colorado is looking to re-acquire the struggling forward. This means that the avs are admitting that they made a mistake when they traded him. But what do the avs have to send the other way? any ideas? If this went down look for the avs to make a run at the division and make it eight strait.

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  1. chaz13 says:

    Well, that settles it. Chris Drury is THE answer. You shouldn’t have said anything. Now every GM in the NHL will be looking to deal for him because they have your word that he alone can take an 8th place team back to the top in half a season. I guess that means if Dallas, Detroit, Philly or Ottawa deal for him, they’d be guaranteed a shot in the Cup finals.

    As Troy Aikman so eloquently puts it…

    …Get Real.

  2. D-E says:

    hey buddy they arnt that far from Vancover last time I checkes 11 points.

  3. Leaf_fan says:

    I hope the avs get Driry back cuz if they do they will not get Kovalev and this mend that the leafs will..

  4. wingerxx says:

    I believe that the Avs got the better of this deal, although it did cost them a lot of character. Drury just cannot carry a team on his back…although he wasn’t supposed to with the Flames, he was to provide good support for Iginla. Hasn’t happened. And for a good reason…Drury feeds off his teammates. And there just isn’t a positive attitude in Calgary. Its not something Drury is used to. On the other hand, Morris gives the Avs good minutes on the blue line. But the Avs aren’t a better team as a result of this deal, and they know it now. I’m not sure what Colorado would have to give up to get Drury back. I wouldn’t want to give McAmmond back, he’s a nice energy guy himself. If I were Lacroix, I would feel very happy trading a guy like Tanguay, Skoula, or Reinprecht for Drury, although I don’t think that would happen, since I’m not sure if either of those guys is worth having in Drury’s place. Although Calgary could use a nice puck-moving d-man…I don’t think Drury would be traded unless Buttons (I think thats the Flames GM) is certain he would get something in return that would benefit his club. I’m sure Lacroix will pull the trigger on some sort of deal before the year is out, I’m just not sure if this would be it.

  5. Forsberg21 says:

    I have been holding out hope that this could happen all season. Man would this spark the Avs. The team was pretty upset when they learned that Drury had been traded because they knew how important he was to the team. Now with Joe out we need another quality player in the lineup. Please Pierre, you have to make tis trade. I would think of Vrbata, Reinprect, Tanguay, and some prospects like Alex Riazantsev(a decent offensive defensman) as possible tradebait. God I hope this happens. I just hope that since it has been rumored to happen that it still will. Lacroix’s trades never seem to be known before hand, and all of the rumors this season about the Avs havn’t happened, at least not yet.

  6. D-E says:

    Ya i feel the same way but i dont want to see tanguay go the other way. Tanguay isnt playing aswell as hoped but I fell he will be a good player as time goes by.

  7. Flyers_01 says:

    I hope Drury isn’t headed to the Avs as that would be akin to trading Morris to the Avalanche for a bag of pucks, not to mention the other guys the Flames threw in.

    If this happens they might as well trade Iginla to philadelphia for a conditional draft pick next year. It would be akin to the same type of deal.

  8. BigLebawski says:

    If I recall correctly, Avs struggled to score last year as well with a record low goals scored 212, and if it wasn’t for Roy’s performance (best of his career, statistically speaking) they had been facing today’s struggle last year. Drury is not the answer and Lacroix knows it. Roy is not himself this year and it just makes more sense to bring in a new blood (not to mention Chris was pretty pissed off over that trade). Kovalev would be a good addition to the Avs PP as well as scoring over all.

  9. MantaRay says:

    The Av’s live and die with Roy.

    They are a team with very little depth and a weak defensive corps (aside from Foote).

  10. wrightstuff77 says:

    Weak Defense! What about Blake, Morris and Skoula for that matter. PLus Devries is fairly solid in his own end isn’t he?

  11. Rushing says:

    Actually it’s 12 pts but with Sakic out a while(2-4 weeks) it’s probably going to be more.

  12. BigLebawski says:

    When a team does not score enough to win the games, defense gets much of the criticism.

    I do believe that in hockey good offence is the best defense.

  13. wayne2 says:

    Here`s the trade i wish the avs would do:Reinprect,Skula and pick for Drury and Gauthier.They`d be tougher on defense and get back Drury`s character.

  14. slapshot1975 says:

    as an avs fan, i would certainly welcome the sight of chris drury back in a colorado sweater, but he is NOT the answer to their current woes.

    Lacroix is NOT admitting that it was a bad trade if this does happen, either. If anything, it shows that Drury was slightly overrated all along. If he does get back to Denver, it will priovide a nice clubhouse spark, and some goals hete and there, but come ON folks! everybody talks about drury like he’s the second-coming of The Great One ever since the trade, and let’s face it…he’s not even close! why would calgary consider giving him away after half a season? why would the avs feel ok about giving him away in the first place? why is he on pace for 17 goals this season?

    Morris is a cornerstone D-man for many years to come…he is basically a rob blake clone. drury is a nice skater, a solid hockey player, and a guy who makes 3-4 highlight-reel goals a season. oh, and apparently a 17-20 goal scorer. he’s a “nice-to-have” 2nd line guy, but he isn’t going to carry a team.

    calgary will look like complete fools if they end up trading him back to colorado, because they let a guy like morris slip away for an aging stephane yelle and who else? alex tanguay and a pick??

  15. chaz13 says:

    You still can’t possibly expect one player to make that much of a difference. That’s all based on the assumption that Dallas, Detroit and Vancouver play .500 hockey and Sakic comes back quick and Roy gets back to form. Too many variables to rely on my friend.

  16. TrojanMan says:

    The leafs arent getting Kovalev moron

  17. Tradedude says:

    wanna bet?

    $300? $400 $500

    whats the matter, not enough zeros?

  18. MantaRay says:

    Blake is a one dimensional powerplay specialist, he is not a dependable Defensive player. Morris is in that ilk and Skoula is mediocre at best.

    Other than Foote, the Av’s have no one that can play defense.

  19. Blade2 says:

    I disagreee with saying if Calgary and Colorado swapped back Drury it would show the mistake of the trade.Calgary was gonna have problems regardless of who they were gonna get,and COlorado has slowly lost scoring depth over the years anyways(what,with Young,Bourque,gone).

    If I’m Pierre Lacroix,I work out a 3 team trade perhaps-I’d use Skoula,Tanguay,Vrbata,or even more draft picks/prospects for bait(how many he has left I dunno,but might as well go for the chalice one last time).

    Drury may not be a first liner,but he brings character and locker room chemistry to the Avs.I realize now how bad losing Deadmarsh hurt the team,but for Blake it was a necessary evil,as well as for Morris.

    Oh well,still alot of hockey left to play.

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