Drury Out, NHL Rules It Clean

Buffalo Sabres co-captain and forward Chris Drury is out indefinately with a possible concussion. Drury left the ice and did not return in yesterday’s wild game between the Senators and Sabres. Buffalo’s head coach Lindy Ruff complained that the hit from the Senators Chris Neil on Drury was an elbow to the head. However the NHL has reviewed the hit today and ruled it clean, handing out no suspensions or fines on the play. The Sabres and Sens meet again on Saturday. Who knows what to expect, but im sure that it will be the most watched game that night.

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  1. Motherpucker says:

    It didn't look like Chris Neil had the elbow up in time, making a borderline call or no-call on the play.  The referees and league made the right call by letting the players dictate the game.  However, the hit was dangerous, blind siding, and just plain irresponsible.  Big thumbs up to Lindy Ruff for throwing out the goons to defend Drury.

    I cannot wait until Saturday to see the rematch.

  2. TheFish12 says:

    "However, the hit was dangerous, blind siding, and just plain irresponsible"

    The only thing irresponsible on the play was Drury skating with his head down.  NHLers should know not to skate with their heads down.  Neil did his job, plain and simple.

    As for Ruff, good on him to sned out his goonds to protect the captain, thats the way it should be… however, his post-game theatrics were a little over the top.

  3. rmg185 says:

    I'll tell you what, the best part about this whole thing was Ray Emery.  I have a new found respect for Ray Emery.  Did you see how much fun he was having out there fighting.  That was awesome, he was laughing the whole time like, "I'm a *****ing goalie, I never get to do this!" 


  4. Enigma says:

    I've liked Emery for a while now, he comes off as a fun guy to be around, his appearances on off the record are episodes that I like watching. I do agree with you about it being the best part of the whole thing, i got a kick out of it myself. He said he wont be doing it again for a while though because his mom complained to him lol.

  5. xJayce says:

    After the Lapierre incident, where Emery hit Habs player Lapierre in the face with his stick, Most of the french sports shows kept on saying how, before making it to the NHL, he would get into fights all the time. Don't know if there's any truth to it or not, but the way he was smiling, I wouldn't be surprised.

    Is this guy in line to be the next Hextall, but with more skill?

  6. 92-93 says:

    a bunch of questions:

    was the Neil hit clean?

    yes, he hit Drury with his shoulder. however, it was a hit to the head and a bit of a late hit even though Drury shouldnt be admiring his passes. Neil is a dirty player, but the hit was clean.
    the nhl has to make the pads softer so that such hits to the head and there should be some substantial analysis on hits to the head.

    was Ruff right to send out the goons after Ottawa's best players?

    you bet. You cannot let other team's goons/dirty players hit your best players. Ruff simply gave Neil/Ottawa a dose of their own medicine. teams are going to think twice about doing such things to the Sabres' star players. Neil is going to think twice about doing it anyways, certainly when he realizes that softies like Spezza and Alfie and Heatley are going to have to defend themselves against Peters, etc.

    this was a character-building game for the Sabres IMO. meanwhile, it reflected the lack of character (outside of Redden, Emery, Volchenkov, Fisher) on the Sens. when you have guys like Alfie, Spezza, and Heatley leading the attack, they'll give you a lot of regular season goals but will they give post-season grit/heart? nope.

  7. rojoke says:

    If you look at the replay, he lifts his elbow up after the contact with Drury.  You could look at it in two ways.

    1.  He meant to hit Drury with his elbow, but misjudged and hit him with his shoulder instead.  More likely.

    2.  He did hit Drury with his elbow, but instead of leading with it, he waited until the last moment and brought it up through the hit.  Possible.

    Which brings us to Ruff.  I think it was stupid of him to but all his muscle out against Alfredsson, because it took away his credibilty (what little he has outside of Buffalo, anyway).  He should have waited until Neil was back on the ice, then sent Peters after him.  If Neil wants to be a spineless little puke and not stand behind what he did, then it's fair game.  Go after the guy who started it first.

  8. rojoke says:

    He got into fights constantly in Binghamton in the AHL.  A lot of people, myself included, thought that if kept playing that way, he'd never make it as an NHL starter.  I wasn't sure if he'd be able to do it and still play as well as he has, but to his credit, he's been pretty disciplined when it comes to focusing on playing in the net and not being a live wire.

  9. soupy33 says:

    I have no problem on the hit and no problem with the retaliation. I guess I'm old school. I do have a problem in the pissing match Ruff and Murray had after. That is the stuff that is bush league. Neither of them should say a word. Tit for tat, and it's done. The crap escalates past where it should be because of the rhetoric of two veteran coa.ches who should know better


    I may be wrong but I think Neil was Ottawa's fighter before McGratton got there… He can handle himself, and Im pretty sure he would stand up for what he did…

  11. tancred says:

    I thought the exact opposite.  Emery was laughing before, during, and after his fights with Biron and Peters, and that to me just said that Emery is an arrogant prick.  That just reeked of way too much over confidence, thinking he was so big and bad.  Now, I could be totally wrong in how I interpretted that.  I haven't read anything about what Emery said his thoughts were and why he was laughing.  So, I'll give Emery that much.

    However, Emery had Biron on his back on the ice, and threw one more punch.  That's classless in my mind.  Any respect I had for Emery is now gone.  
    Don't get me wrong…I was actually wanting the Senators to win that game (so that my Devils could gain ground on Buffalo).  But with Emery's and Neil's behavior (clean hit, but late and thus deserving of at least a 2 minute penalty), I was glad Buffalo stood up like they did and win the game.

    92-93 usually your comments are a little better than this.. Although Ottawa is your bitter rival so I understand the hatred… Although I disagree with your comments entirely.

    No coach should be telling his goons to run the oppositions best players… Thats just stupid and he should be fined.

    As for the hit, I just saw it today and it looked okay to me… But I dont want to argue that point…

    My point is the goons should not be running the best players in the game.. I thought there was some kind of unspoken agreement that the heavyweights just fight the heavyweights and that is the way the game is policed…
    The idea that one of your top players gets a hard check so you send out your goon to hit his top player does nothing good for the NHL…

    If Kilger smashed Alfreddson with that check, and the next line McGratton, Neil and whomever ele was out beating on Sundin and ??? you would be *****ing to god himself. And in that scenerio if Mcgratton happens to say hit Sundin and injure him for months or a season, it would be terrible for the NHL…
    What then stops teams from highering a line of goons to just run the superstars?

    One thing is for certain though… I am certainly not going to miss that rematch tomorrow!

  13. Neely4Life says:

    This is how it is! Niel, clean shot on Drury. Drury, a complete moron for admiring his pass knowin the NHL hits leader was on the ice.  Cheap shot, maybe, depends how u look at it.  Should there be a penalty for hittin someone in the head, you bet, but theres not, blame the NHL nt Niel. 

    Now Emery, if there is one person who is a hockey fan, that didnt find his acts amusing isnt full of shit, or isnt a hockey fan.  People may not like the guy, but he did absolutly nothing wrong, and he let Biron off easy compared to what he could have done. 

    Peters, you can look at it two ways… One, he fought a goalie, and is a coward for it… two, he foguht the sens toughest player on the ice at that time, who was already scrappin.  Personally, i lean towars the first part, becuase like it or not, goalies arnt fair game. 

    Ruff, what he did, and im a sens fan, is what evey coach should do in that position.  This is why he is the best coach in the league, and i absolutly hate his guts…. if i didnt hate him, would i really be a sens fan. 

    Tomorrow, hope the sens get last change on them and do the exact same thing.  Might sound a bit old school, but i am old school, and this is making for the best NHL rivalry and this is what the NHL needs!  get those no nothing *****s out of the head office and let hockey be hockey.  Fighting isnt part of the game eh, gee, i wonder why all eyes will be on Ottawa tomorrow night?

    ***** you Buffalo! I cant wait till we have last change, and thank you Buffalo for showing everyone how Hockey should be played!

  14. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Am i the only one who thinks that this whole situation seems strangely similiar?
    I mean if u listen to the comments this whole affair happened before and ended badly.  Just think about it, the sabres are out for blood… a star player of theirs got a concusion and injured.  They sent their goons out.  Their goalie initiated a fight.  And they are up for round 2.  Also fans of both teams are shouting for blood.  The only logical step is for chris neil to get his neck broken by "insert buffulo star player"  and then have neil sue "buffulo star player" for some ridiculous amount of money while the whole nhl blames buffulo.  If u dont learn from your mistakes.. history is doomed to repeat itself

  15. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Oh ya, no penalty or suspensions on the "clean hit".  It will just lead to more "clean hits" on star players.  And then the farm teams will take over the nhl!
    I admit, i was cheesed off when Moore gave naslund his consussion, but everyone else around the nhl said it was clean, etc.. And by no way am i endorsing the breaking of moores neck or anything, i just think that some fans who said bertuzzi was the reincarnation of satan are calling for blood just cause its their star team that is victimized.  Watch, this will result in no good.. except crippling ottawa, or destroying whatever is left of buffulos regulars

  16. davey says:

    Ok, you sound like you're 15 and your grammar suggests the same, so I'll take this step-by-step. (And I'll make my bias clear, I'm a sabres fan and season ticket holder of over 10 years.)

    To call the hit clean is just stupid. Legal? Yes, it was in the broad sense, but you'll have to elaborate on how it was clean. I have no problem with a clean hit, such as the hit Vermette put on Connolly in the playoffs: that was a rock solid hit and a classic case of a player in a defenseless postion (head down) when they should have been well aware of who could have been lining them up crossing the blueline. In this case, Drury had gotten rid of the puck long enough to rule him to no longer be a factor in the play (a truly clean hit would have still been borderline acceptable), while Drury should know better to skate with his head down, but regardless of whether or not he expected to be elbowed in the head, it's still unnecessary, and a blatant attempt to put someone out. Clean? No. Legal, yes. Right now, I don't blame the NHL, I blame Neil (not Niel) for going out of his way to hurt anyone, not just Dru.

    As for Peters, I don't consider either of your arguements legit. He's far from a coward: Taking a shot at a goalie should have gotten him beaten stupid by the remaining 5 sens on the ice, if not their entire bench. He's an enforcer, and he had to assume that the sens wouldn't be happy watching their goaltender getting mugged. Goalies aren't fair game, and it's the responsibility of every Sen to make that clear, I don't care if Heatley and Spezza were the Sens on the ice, they should have willingly taken a beating by Andrew Peters to defend their goalie, they didn't.

    Ruff did what every good coach would have done in that situation: Responded immediately. If some idiot wants to come into his building and run his captain, then the opposing coach (Murray in this case) should be prepared for what comes of it, not send Heatley out on the ice. Murray could have called a timeout as soon as he saw Peters on the ice and put the right players out to counter, he didn't.

    As for tonight's game, there is no hoping; the Sens by rule have the last change. Ruff will be aware enough to make sure Briere isn't on the ice for a heartbeat against McGratton, etc

    We can at least agree on the fact that this game will gather the attention of a wide variety of new hockey fans expecting another brawl, and it won't happen; the league won't let it happen. It will be made very clear that if the game gets out of hand then the penalties will be stiff, and Buffalo can't afford another player(s) out of the lineup. Let's just hope the hockey game is better than the boxing match, because this may be a rare opportunity for the NHL to get some fans in the U.S.

  17. chanman says:

    taking the actual hit into view, it is obviosly borderline. I don;t think there would be discussion around the league if it was obvious one way or another. My issue is the timing of it. It was a late hit. Too late. That makes it cheap, and dirty. If the puck was still on Drurys stick, no problem. But he had passed it off a full second before, and was totally vulberable. His head was up too, for those of you who havent looked yet.

     I don't blame Lindy one bit for the outrage. Murry said some totall garbage later.

  18. 92-93 says:

    ottawa is not ‘my’ bitter rival. montreal is. ottawa is only 14 years old as a franchise. i can see your point about running the best players in the game, but you should also see it from Ruff’s perspective during the heat of the moment when his best player was just knocked out with a borderline hit. Sundin can defend himself just fine. its a dangerous precedent to set though, and that is why Ruff was wrong to do it. BUT, i understand why he did it, and i probably would have done the same thing.

  19. 92-93 says:

    here's the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyASszbhUxc

    at the 2 minute mark they show an extra-slow replay. he hits him with his shoulder than raises his arm afterwards (not just his 'elbow' – how convienent that people just focus on the elbow part of the arm). every time i hit a guy in hockey, lifting your arm AFTER the hit keeps your balance, helps you finish your check and helps you absorb the blow of the hit, but no part of your elbow should touch the other player – and Neil's elbow never touches Drury and to say that he meant to hit Drury with the elbow makes no sense. it was a clean, shoulder check, but it was to the head and late and that is what is borderline about the hit.

    it was stupid of Ruff but it is understandable that he wants to get payback on the Sens stars. however it sets a bad precedence yet it also keeps his stars protected. Ruff is a moron anyways, he's been crying wolf for a long time (re: his 'joke' rant last year after the leafs game with Tucker) so that when something bad actually does happen no one takes him seroiusly.

    but i do understand why he did it, even if i dont totally agree with it.


    Ah man thanks for that clip… all I was able to find earlier was a 2 min choppy version…
    I think the hit was a little late, but those late hits happen all the time… I saw the elbow come up but I think it was like you said, to brace himself to regain his balance..

    I do like this rivalry though… The Leafs vs Sens rivalry has been pretty flat for the past couple years, and these are the top 2 teams in the east. Like the Avs vs Det of old… well it could become like that…

    This is exactly what the NHL wants with the rivalries.


    About the Bertuzzi episode, I dont really blame Bert. He didnt mean for Moores neck to be broken.
    Also Moore's hit on Nazzy was clean.
    But the point is Bert went after the man who through the hit… he didnt go out there and go after Sakic… Peters or whomever should have been sent after Neil, NOT after Spezza, Heatly ect…

    As for the leading of more clean hits on star players sarcasm, your doing the exact same thing as the people calling for berts blood… the idea that if Bert wasnt suspended until the second coming of Christ the NHL would crumble and every team would be sending their goons to break necks. Which wouldnt have happened.

    I am sure NHL players dont want to injure other players, it happens because this is the top level of play… When you hit someone you have to hit them hard because that is your job.

    thats my 2 cents at least

  22. baltic_thunder says:

    It's a crying shame about Drury but it could have been alot worse. The Sabres are truly the 'Little Engine that could" but injuries, just like last year, are taking their toll. The Senators are a piece of shit team that's disliked by many. Here's hoping they get their just desserts tonite! Bring on Neal, bring on McGratton… the Ottawa Senators are a classless act. Go Sabres!

  23. baltic_thunder says:

    Ray for President? LOL… You probably think that George Bush is also great! 


  24. rojoke says:

    His head went down only after Neil blindsided him, along with the rets of his body. Drury shot the puck into the corner and was following the play in that direction. He wasn’t looking at his laces.

  25. rojoke says:

    Oh, I wasn't questioning whether or not he could handle himself.  I was just questioning whether or not he'd fight Peters if Peters had challenged him, which he probably would have, depending on the situation.

  26. rojoke says:

    Peters, you can look at it two ways… One, he fought a goalie, and is a coward for it… two, he foguht the sens toughest player on the ice at that time, who was already scrappin.  Personally, i lean towars the first part, becuase like it or not, goalies arnt fair game. 

    Emery gave Biron a couple of shots when both were on the ice, which is a no-no, even in a line brawl.  I think that's why Peters went to Emery, face to face, I might add.

    Fighting a goalie during regular play, yes, that's gutless, not to mention dumb.  Never fight the guy wearing more padding than you.  But Emery skated out of his net during a brawl and fought another goalie.  He made himself fair game when he left his crease and fought Biron.  If he didn't want to go, Biron or Emery could have stayed in the crease.

    If you challenge anyone, goalie or not, face to face, as Peters did, they're fair game if they want to go themselves.

    Peters and Emery saw each other in the AHL, Peters in Rochester and Emery in Binghamton.  Emery fought a lot in Binghamton, and Peters knows Emery did and can handle himself.

  27. rmg185 says:

    I see where you're coming from tancred, and you may be right, but I just didn't see it as *****iness.  I saw it as, "It's just a fight, not the end of the world, and this whole circus going on right now is hilarious to me" 

    It's just rare in this league to see a Goalie that thinks fighting is fun… maybe thats bad and neandrethal but it made me like him, for one reason or the other.

  28. rmg185 says:

    lol, come to think of it, they both have the same silly grin when they're fighting people/countries….

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