Drury to Flames for Derek Morris


Chris Drury was traded from the Colorado Avalanche to the Calgary Flames for Derel Morris. Stephane Yelle (Avs), MacAmmond (CGY) and Shantz (CGY) were also included.

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  1. McCabe_24 says:

    i think they will….well if they dont…just switch Drury and Conroy

  2. amazing_jesse says:

    from a depth of prospects perspective – I see what what you are saying.

  3. Glen says:

    Drury is going to make Iginla look like the joke that he is. You are going to see a big drop in Iginla’s production. Great trade for both sides. McAmmond becomes a nobody once again. Too bad.

  4. aaron says:

    Hmm, glad the Wing killer’s gone. I don’t know about this trade for the Avs. They did need another defenseman to replace the loss of Kaspar (a much more solid defensive defenseman than anyone gives him credit for, led non-Wings in playoff +/- despite not scoring crap).

    Still, give up Drury AND Yelle? I don’t know, interesting move by LaCoix. Hopefully, its as bad for the Avs as everyone says it is. One thing’s for sure: w/ Drury and Deadmarsh gone, the Avs seem kinda short on Wing killers right now, which is a good thing.

  5. Aves21 says:

    I am glad we didn’t keep kaspar. He was way to focused on his hit numbers. We should have not done that trade at all.

  6. Overtime says:

    Why was Derek Morris a -4 last year? Why was Derek Morris a -15 the year before? Why is Derek Morris a -12 for his NHL career? I know he can score, but can he play defense?

    Bob Bougher ended up +9 on defense with Calgary last year. Igor Kravchuk was a +3 on defense. What’s the problem with Derek Morris?

    21 0f Derek Morris’ 34 points came on the power play. Derek Morris is a power play specialist. Period. I know Colorado has been reeling since Ray Borque retired, but Borque knew how to play defense. Derek Morris is no Ray Borque. Come playoffs, Derek Morris is no Chris Drury.

    Colorado screwed up big time on this trade.

  7. mikster says:

    +/- rating is almost the WORST stat to look at for a d-man. Because, it’s not his job to actually score. If the team up front can’t play well enough offensively and can’t give you much support defensively, no matter how good you play, you still get a minus rating.

    Blocked shots, shots, ice time, hits, and just reputation will be the top subjects for a d-man. Morris also faced some injuries. This past season he also had a better goalie (-4) unlike the year before (-15) and the Flames just sucked.

    He can play good enough defense, very good overall game.

  8. shorn89 says:

    the defensive statistics for the avs last year were overinflated by Roy’s greatest personal season ever. This year they were looking at Lance Pitlick as being their 6th defense men( a guy who couldn’t crack florida’s lineup). They desperately needed to do something to shore up their defense. I just am concerned that drury was an awful lot to give up for morris

  9. Overtime says:

    Then how does Boughner (the defenseman) end up +9 and Kravchuk (the defenseman) end up +3? How does Iginla end up +27 and Conroy +24?

    I know it’s popular to bash +/-, but why do the premier players end up with an impressive +/- when the day is done?

    Does the fact that Morris was injured ADD to his trade value?

  10. JClark87 says:

    Derek Morris? Sure he’s a decent player, but don’t the Avs already have one overrated d-man? (Blake) Then they get rid of Drury and Yelle to get him. Drury was Mr. Clutch in the playoffs, it’s great they got rid of him(for me, I’m a wings fan). Way to go Pierre Lacroix!

  11. JB24 says:

    ya right now I think Calgary gets the advantage in this trade but (i think) Drury becomes a restricted free agent at the end of the year and is gonna want more money, so maybe Lacroix did make a smart move

  12. mikster says:

    Depends where Morris played. Was he paired with Boughner?

    Also, goals against when maybe Boughner went on the bench for a change but Morris was stuck behind and had to face an odd man rush or just had to take care of a play.

    Don’t worry, Morris will have a good +/- rating in Colorado.

  13. Overtime says:

    I think Morris will be a solid defenseman with Colorado, but the point I’m trying to make is that Colorado overpaid for Morris. There were other options that Colorado was never able to use – like signing Kasparaitis, or signing Holik or Amonte or Guerin to backfill for the loss of Drury.

    Drury did his talking in the playoffs, where it counts. He has the clutch goals and Stanley Cup ring to prove it. Morris is a playoff unknown with some question marks (size, +/-, injuries). Colorado traded a sure thing for a question mark.

  14. freshprince says:

    Flames won the deal but obviously Colorado will benefit more because Calgary will still miss the playoffs

  15. Nemix says:

    Though im not a calgary expert.. i think they definately needed something like this.. Buzek will fill the spot ..Though is regiehr ready to step up ? i dont know.. If not look for them to sign Kravchuck or more likely Slegr in the coming months. Lowry is being given the boot so look to free some more salary up . Lowry back to florida ? never know.. anyways how i see the first two lines

    nediermayer – Savard – Iginla

    (more so gives the flames the extra muscle they need on a top line and remove some of the physical threats some other teams may be using ..in the past neider could score as well.. power forward… i can see this

    drury – conroy – gelinas

  16. shorn89 says:

    The one thing i don’t understand is how anyone can say, without a single game being played, who got the advantage out of this deal. I think the only way you can judge a trade is by the end result and based off the results Lacroix has gotten out of previous trades it would be hard to say they haven’t been successful.


    96 montreal Roy for fodder result- cup

    96 san jose ozolinish for nolan result- cup

    98 calgary fleury for regehr and others- result western finals

    99 boston bourque for rolston and others result- western finals

    00 la blake, reinprecht for deadmarsh, miller and others result-cup

    01 pitt kasparitas for niemenen, berry result- western finals

    Granted the avs did not win the cup as the result of every trade mentioned but they did advance farther in the playoffs than any team involved in those trades. The players that the avs gave up were great players but in all honesty have not taken any of the other teams to where they want to go which is to the stanley cup. So before anyway condemns Lacroix for giving up the house we should see how this one plays out.

  17. Nemix says:

    Do you think a gm can be hired for two teams..cause old man senile schmukler really screwing up ottawa’s chances this year

  18. Nemix says:

    Ooh schmuckler when you get your head out of your ascot take a look a this trade.. same salaries.. not comprimising for some shoe shine boy in turkey at 11 years of age who shows promise in 12 years

    bright light muckler bright light… oh u turned it off… no ideas for you..

  19. shorn89 says:

    who is this a response to

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