Drury to San Jose???

Various media outlets including the Buffalo News are speculating that Chris Drury may be on his way to San Jose next week. The indications are that the Sharks are looking for ways to clear up salary in order to take a run at the UFA.

In order to start clearing salary the Sharks made their first big moves yesterday by sending both Toskala and Mark Bell to the Leafs. The rumors indicate that the Sharks may be looking to now go ahead and deal Partick Marleau. It is widely speculated that the Montreal Canadiens have interest in Marleau.

It is reported that Chris Drury is “good friends with Sharks winger Mike Grier, who played on Drury’s line two seasons ago with the Sabres.” We will have to wait to see what will happen as we all know that big dollars speak louder than rumors. HTR believes that the Flyers and possibly Rangers will offer a very lucrative contract to Drury that may sway his present thinking.

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  1. Weidner says:

    I belive the Flyers have set their sites on Gomez. I think Drury would be the 2nd choice and Briere the 3rd.

    Depends on what Edmonton may / may not have already pulled off according to some other rumors.

    I don't think Grier is enough to make him want to go to SJ, the $$$$ signs and Grier might be why he would want to go there.

  2. senators101 says:

    Agreed. Gomez to Philly.  Will git in with Gagne and they will make one hell of a dynamic duo.

  3. mojo19 says:

    This makes no sense to me, unless Marleau is on the way out. Why would you want Drury to come in for big money and be a 3rd line centre? If they want Drury so bad, maybe Marleau is on the move.

  4. lockedge says:

    It confuses me too, but if they roll 3 lines, then it could be effective. Not so much of an offensive trio as Buffalo, but I think if they went

    Michalek – Thornton – Cheechoo
    Pavelski – Marleau – Bernier
    Clowe – Drury – Grier
    Brown – Goc – Rissmiller

    that it could be pretty crazy. Top line is all out offense. Second line is size and speed, third line is a grinding defensive forward line that can also provide offense, and the 4th line is defense. Of course, I'd be looking to replace Rissmiller, because he's just not very good except at hitting people.

    It's very possible Marleau is on the move, but there aren't many places Marleau could realistically go to. Which teams could fill the holes in San Jose's roster?

  5. Sharks06 says:

    Sharks should trade Goc and Riss for picks or a D-man.

    Have Brown or Mark Smith center the 4th line.

  6. strumtrelescent says:

    Patrick Marleau has played LW in his career

    Pavelski could easily play on the second line, and the Sharks have some more promising young players creating lots of depth.  I can see the sharks unloading a Bernier or someone similar to get a defenseman.
  7. Devils9 says:

    I don't believe  that is true because it is coming from buffalo and he plays for the rangers. But if it is I'm glad because the Rangers are little FILTHBAGS and always get wat they want for example they get the Russian dude in the 17th pick and he was rated 5th  overall.

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