Dryden to be demoted? Shvela retired…again?

Spotsnet.ca is reporting on their website that current President Ken Dryden has been considered “superflerous” by the new Leaf upper management and could be either reassigned to a lesser position, or released altogether. The article states that the new incoming board of directors will likely keep Quinn in his dual role of coach/GM, and seeing as quinn never reported to Dryden, but rather to the board, Dryden’s position will be eliminated.

Also possibly on the way out is Maple Leafs executive Bill Waters, whom has yet to be offered a contract by the organization. Watters came under heavy fire last summer from media and fans alike, for the Leafs percieved “lack of action” on the Free Agent market.

It looks like Shvela is set to retire…again. His agent, Ritch Winters, sent the organization a fax stating that Shvela has accepted a position with Dukla Trencin, a club team in Slovakia, as vice-president of player development. The Leafs hold a one year option on Shvela’s contract, and plan to exercise it by June 15, eliminating any chance of Shvela playing for any other team than the Leafs.

Shvela is known for these actions as a means of demanding more money in his contract.

What do the Leafs do now? The defense corps is looking pretty thin. Shvela threatening retirement, Wesley most likley to resign with the Hurricanes, Housley (who was a no show in the Playoffs…) probably not going to be offered a contract by the Leafs, and a slim to nothing chance of landing Hatcher or Desjardains off the Free Agent Market. There’s always Lumme and Berg! (ugh!)

Should the Leafs swallow their pride and pay Shvela the 5 million he’s asking? Personally, I fell he’s worth it. His stats speak for themselves, and he’s always been regarded as a warrior. Wesley also deserves a superior offer from the Leafs. As for the rest of Free Agent market, I’m not holding my breath. We saw what most players thought of Toronto. However there will be extra money available. Hoglund will not be given a qualifying offer, making him a free agent, it was reported that Lumme would be bought out of the remainder of his contract, and Corson is gone. (Healey and Ponikarovsky will likely be given a crack at the starting line-up to replace Corson and Hoglund).

And as for Dougie…well, it won’t be until next season until anything can be speculated there. (The Leafs have until July 1st to pick up his option worth 3 million)

What do you guys think? Will Dryden stick around in a reduced role? Do the Leafs have a prayer on the Free Agent market? Will Shvela return to his native Slovakia? Will Dougie play hockey again? Is this begining to sound like “Days of our Lives?” I sure think so….


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  1. mlcraggs says:

    re: wesley, i wouldn’t be surprised if he stuck around. i know his family is still in carolina and he enjoys being there, but he will be considering offers from the leafs, and i’d imagine that it would be a decent one considering that he was one of the more valuable defencemen post-trade dedline.

    i don’t know. just a thought.

  2. tharock098 says:

    Id like to see Svehla be paid, only if there is a less than 10% chance of signing another player before Svehla officially leaves. I dont foresee any extra money being pushed Svehlas way. I dont see why Quinn would bother spending just $500,000 less than Alexander Mogilny, the Leafs top scorer’s salary. It would be more plausable to see Quinn pump $5 million into another defence or 2. Even though Svehla was a strong part of the Leafs defence core, the Leafs survived the regular season with a 3 man defence core. I foresee Calle Johansson coming to Toronto and with a small chance of Hatcher or Leech coming all the way up.

    I could see these pairings

    Johansson – Kaberle

    McCabe- Wesley

    Lumme – Coliacovo/Free Agent signing

  3. TML51 says:

    I kinda got the same vibe from him as I did from Cujo when he said “Absolutley” in reference to staying in Toronto. Wesley is a good solid defenseman who fits well with the Leafs…hope he sticks around!

  4. leafbrat says:

    If Harold Ballard wasn’t dead they would probably have him replace Dryden!!What a joke this team is becoming!!

    Quinn does an awful job with the team over the last two years and he is being kept on while Dryden who has an awsome hockey mind is being demoted.What a joke!!

    Shvela is getting out at the right time!!He sees that the team is in turmoil and has lost the respect of the coach.It is not just a chance thing to see him retire now!!It is funny he decides this at the same time as it is decided that Quinn is going to be kept on as coach!!HMMMMM!!!Something funny there!!

    Quinn is a cancer that is killing this team!!

  5. OldNord says:

    Another Leafs post…Damn Kyle Wellwood signed a contract with Toronto…Where’s the article about that….

  6. BlueJacketshockey says:

    Well looks like Fat Quinn will remain large and in charge of the Leafs next year.

    As for Svehla he is doing the same thing he did last year. If he does not get the money he wants he will retire. If he wants to quit let him go, why bribe him to stay?

  7. WeStSiDe says:

    Leafs “D” will be fine.

    Hatcher(Im hoping)-McCabe




    Or, if we re sign Wesley, he can take the #4 spot and have two reserves, or send Coliacovo to the farm for some seasoning…. We also have Belak who can play both D and forward but he is better on forward.

    Nothing wrong with that Defence. We dont need those oldies and jackasses anyway(Lumme,Svehla,Housley), Lumme and Housley are just done now, they need to retire, where Svehla is getting old and is selfish.

    It is good that the management will at least be straightened out, not all this mix match that there was.. People not getting along or roles not being clear etc… We dont need all these bodies…. There is talk they will keep Dryden at the very least, to a different role, we have to many people doing the same job, so this is for the best.

  8. WeStSiDe says:

    Actually Svehla does what he always does, thinks of himself and not the team. All this is for the best, see my post below.

  9. WeStSiDe says:

    Ouch, Lumme? Johanson? Dont think so… It would accomplish nothing… Plus we have Jackman and Pilar who will be ready next year full time…

    We dont need all these old guy, when we can replace them within who are better, and younger.

    Plus, they need to get that #1 stopper no matter what, bottom line. See my post below..

  10. BlueJacketshockey says:

    I do not think the Leafs will get Hatcher thats a pipe dream.

  11. WeStSiDe says:

    RE: This is almost a blessing in discuise, believe it or not.. This all HAS to happen, including the management situation. I believe Dryden will be kept in the organization, just a diff position. As for Watters, well I dont know, he was basically doing the GM work, so if they let him go, either hire someone full time, or Quinn leave as coach. I also think there is another assitant to the GM though, not positive, but like I said, too many bodies and not all getting along.

  12. WeStSiDe says:

    We will have to see, but they need a #1 guy none the less. That is your opinion that they wont get him, we will have to find out.

  13. BlueJacketshockey says:

    Do they need a no1 guy? Yes they do. Would Hatcher fill the bill? Yes he would. But he is a Stars Lifer and I just cannot see them letting him go. I saw they will not go over the money they spent this year. But they will let others go before Hatcher, who is a defencemen in his prime, and his type is not a dime a dozen, and Hicks knows it.

  14. WeStSiDe says:

    That is the mind set I think, but who knows if Hatcher will stay now that they have let it go this long, same situation with Fedorov really… I guess we will have to wait and see.. I know what other people are saying though.

  15. WeStSiDe says:

    It is quit possible that he will stay as both, but that has not been decided yet, probably in the next month we will know.. IF he does keep both, which I dont advise, he will have to know how to change from GM to coach once Game time comes, what I mean by that is not playing shittier players because you brought them in or are trying to be “Loyal”, you have to play the best people, and vice versa when it comes to GM, get rid of the guys who arnt cutting it. Also, make sure that what ever happens this off season that management is on track come spring training, as well as the dressing room.

  16. Kyleton says:

    The maple leafs need to get Shvela back for at least one more season as he was the teams best defenseman all year… He did everything on D… As for the rest of the Defense, I would not mind having wesley stay in the leafs uniform either as mcabe greatly improved his game when he paired with wesley. It aloud him to take more chances without paying a great price. With Jackman and Coliacovo close to playing full time with the big club they will look pretty good on D.

    If shevla and wesley were to stay with the leafs the D should look similar to this



    Coliacovo- Jackman

    both Jackman and Coliacovo maybe switched around to spend some playing time with Shvela and Wesley to learn a few things… with that said lines could also look like this




    which are three fairly even defensive and offensive pairings, who i would be confident playing any of the three in most situations…

  17. WeStSiDe says:

    We need a #1 guy, that was one of the missing pieces, a big man on the blueline… I rather us get a #1 guy and maybe spend 6-7 mill then spend over 5 for an old guy, who is probably a #2 that we dont really need. We also have Pilar.

  18. BlueJacketshockey says:

    Federov is a brat and he almost left before, his situation is not like Hatcher.

    How many times did we hear over the years about him wanting to leave the Wings? And as for Hatcher that is not the case.

    Only way I see Hatcher leaving is if the Stars do not want to resign him, and doubt that.

    If you had him, would you let him walk for free, and money not a issue? I do not think so.

  19. hockey says:

    “””Should the Leafs swallow their pride and pay Shvela the 5 million he’s asking?”””

    I’ve looked all over for a source to verify that Svehla is asking for 5million… and have found nothing. Perhaps I missed it… or perhaps it’s fabrication so you can badmouth Leafs management for ‘letting Svehla get away’.

    The guy doesn’t want to play anymore… he obviously has bigger priorities. His contract pays most of the money stated in it not to Svehla, but to his old club team (the team he’s accepted a position with). Perhaps the guy just wants to go home?


  20. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    The Leafs will be fine if they can sign one or two, fairly good defensemen. They need someone to take Svehla’s place on the PP, and another defenseman.

    They must go after the likes of Hatcher, Leetch, Johanson, Wesley, etc.

    With Hoglund and Corson’s gone, the Leafs can finally start giving a chance to young players like Healy and Ponikerovsky. The Leafs need more young in their forward corps, and that would be a good start.

  21. rojoke says:

    “Dryden’s position will be eliminated?” Isn’t he the president and CEO of MLSE? Pretty drastic move for a corporation to do without a CEO. You would think that the Ontario Teachers’ Union would appreciate a man of Dryden’s intelligence. Or is Larry Tannenbaum looking to become the next George Steinbrenner. God forbid he becomes the next Harold Ballard.

    As for Bill Watters, I thought he was assistant to Ken, and Mike Penny was Assistant GM. It’s up to Penny and Quinn to get players signed. You got a GM/coach who reports directly to the board? That’s sounds like an odd way to structure the front office, bypassing a man who HIRED the the guy who doesn’t report to him anymore.

  22. WeStSiDe says:

    Dryden is just the President as far as I know.

  23. WeStSiDe says:

    And your right about your last paragraph. That is why this is all getting worked out now.

    BTW: Here are the positions.



    Richard Peddie President and CEO, MLSEL, and Alternate NHL Governor

    Ken Dryden President and Alternate NHL Governor

    Bill Watters Assistant to the President

    Mike Penny Director of Player Personnel



    Steve A. Stavro Chairman of the board, NHL Govenor and NBA Alternate Governor

    Brian P. Bellmore Director and Alternate NHL Governor

    Robert G. Bertram Director

    Dean Metcalf Director

    John B. MacIntyre Director

    Dale H. Lastman Director

  24. WeStSiDe says:

    You can replace Stavro with Tannenbaum July 1st.

    IF they get rid of both Dryden and Watters, someone has to take over as president do they not? Or would Peddie fill that role?

    Anyway, nothing has been official, so far ALL rumors, so until it happens. Dont go all out I guess.

  25. WeStSiDe says:

    Yeah, they should also try and buy out Lumme, which has been reported that they will. Housley is as good as gone. Might not be bad to discuss with Reichel about him going back to the international game, he doesnt seem right here, he is two different people at the NHL and International. There is talk Renberg might stay in Sweden, how true those rumors are we will see. It is better to get it all out in the open now while they can deal with whatever happens, not during the playoffs, like someone else, *COUGH CORSON COUGH*…

    I think the likes of Healey, Ponikarovsky, Jackman, Pilar and MAYBE Belak(If he can stay discipline)will be regulars next year. With guys like Coliacovo, Bell etc getting a chance in training camp.

  26. WeStSiDe says:

    It is kind of good in a way Svehla is gone, he has a bad attitude by the sounds of it, and he is getting up in years, so with the money we are saving we can replace him with someone a little younger, or whatever the case may be, but it gives options.

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