Ducks Cap Issues

The Anaheim Ducks must shed about $900,000.00 to get Scott Niedermayer on the ice for Fridays game with the Wild. is suggesting that Mathieu Schnider and his $5.625M are going to Chicago in return for Sergi Samsonov and a depth player. Samsonov has 4 assists in 20 games. At $3.525M, the buy out penalty would be $1,762,500.00; a small price to pay for a guy with 3 Cup rings, a Norris trophy, a Conn Smyth trophy, 5 All-Star games and an Olympic Gold medal for a resume.

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    If Burke can pull this off, he will not only solve his Cap issues for this year but for next year as well. He'll be able to give Perry his well deserved raise without worrying about The Cap.

  2. ryrad8 says:

    i really don't think would trade for Sammy.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    4 cups. the buyout would be pro-rated over the final 50 games so it would be closer to 1.1million. not a bad idea if chicago wants schneider.

  4. Pronger44 says:

    I don’t see why Burke would even want Samsonov. He’s a useless talent and has shown nothing in the league since his Beantown days. If Burke brings in Samsonov I don’t think it would be a good move on his part at all, getting rid of Federov was enough already why bring another under-achieving Russian in. Schneider on the other hand would help any team he goes to given the ammount of ice-time he generally recieves.

  5. leafsrgarbage says:

    If Burke brings in Samsonov its not to play him , its to free up cap space for Neidermayer, the possible return of Selanne and the off season re-signing of Penner.

  6. leafsrgarbage says:

    i meant perry not penner

  7. papichulo71 says:

    Samsonov would never play a game in a Ducks jersey.  Don't worry he'll be bought out immediately

  8. jarcpitre says:

    This is an article I was just reading, thought I would share it.

    AROUND THE BOARDS: There's plenty of talk that now that D Scott Niedermayer has returned to the Ducks, RW Teemu Selanne won't be far behind. Sources say GM Brian Burke believes Niedermayer and Selanne come as a package deal.

    So it looks like he will have to trim the cap even more. Its about time something has heated up in the trade rumour site.

  9. KingCanada says:

    Wow if Burke pulls this off I believe he is genious, i love how this guy manages his hockey team, hes an all-star.  Great move by replacing Shneider with Neidermayer, this will boost his team up nicely.

    By moving Schneider he takes away not only this years salary but the 5.625 against the cap for next years season as well, this leaves ample space to sign Corey Perry at around 4-5 million a year. 

    I agree that Samsonov will be bought out immediatly althought im pretty sure the buyout is for 2/3 of your contract and not half so thats a cap hit of 2.35 Million to buyout if im not mistaken. 

    5.625-2.35=3.275 Million

    So basically with this trade and chain of events, Burke replaces Schneider with Neidermeyer, buys out Samsonov, probably gets a pick in the trade as well and inscreases his cap up 2.375.  Absolutly brilliant if he pulls this off!

    So that leaves the Ducks with about 8 million in cap space this season.  Would it be enough cap space to convince Teemu Selanne to come back for one more year?  I think that leaves the door wiiide open for the Finnish Flash to come back.  Also Burke will have space to trade for a playoff rental again.

    Lastly since Neidermeyer is 34 and wont turn 35 until August, if Burke is crafty enough he can buyout Scott Neidermeyers contract without it counting fully against the cap (all retired player contracts over the age of 35 count against the cap).  We all know Neidermeyer wont come back next year, so instead of paying him 6.75 he would buy him out and pay him 4.166 Million.  Neidermeyer of course has to agree to this first, that would be a class act on his part and would look very bad on him if he didnt agree to those terms while not fulfilling his contract.

    Burke, im a big fan, please consider becoming Toronto's GM if you are reading this….hahaha

  10. jarcpitre says:

    Yes, he is a genius. I wish we did have him in TO. Common Toronto offer his wife a lifetime free hairdressing or something.

  11. CDyer says:

    Burke wouldn't be in this situation had he not signed Schneider to that ridiculous contract. If Selanne comes back, look for the morale on the team to be boosted and them to boom in the standings, but this still seems far off.

    Who says Niedermyer retires after this season though? If he has enough passion to come back this season why would he not stick around for another? Especially if they don't repeat as cup champs… Some things are going to change on the Pond and I don't think they are going to be small changes as everyone is thinking.

  12. wingsfan13 says:

    this trade is not going to happen because it won't work and make sense for the ducks with Burke.  Why would you try and get rid of $5.6 million when you only need to get rid of $1 million?  Wtf are the ducks gonna do with samsonov who only opens up $2 million with this deal? nothing because they aren't gonna use him.  it is worth it to take samsonov in this instance because of the small cap lift return.  if schneider is traded he has to be packaged with a 1st round pick in return for some low salary prospect.

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