Ducks Get A Goalie!

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim acquired goaltender Jani Hurme from the Atlanta Thrashers in exchange for forward Joel Stepp. Listed on TSN. Could this be a precursor to the ducks getting rid of Giguere?

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  1. G_Money says:

    Could this be a precursor to the ducks getting rid of Giguere

    Oh most definitely. Hurme has just proven himself so well as a number one goaltender in the NHL. Hasn’t even played a game this season, didn’t play during the lockout, and in 03-04 he was injured all year.

  2. G_Money says:

    Oh, also, Hurme has been in the ECHL this year.

    This is a deal ECHL Player for ECHL Player.

    I really don’t think it’ll lead to moving Giguere….

  3. oilers_rock says:

    ya i agree, i havn’t heard of Hurme 4 ever, but y would they get rid of Giguere any way.

  4. chingpao says:

    Didn’t Hurme fail a physical this year at the start of training camp as well? I know he had previous surgery to remove a growth near his spinal cord in 2004 (search Jani Hurme on ESPN) but I think he showed up at training camp overweight and out of shape to boot.

  5. rene says:

    giguere isnt going anywhere and jani hurme was never any good he was like tkachuk except in net. and lost his goaltending experience since leaving ottawa

  6. DeathCab says:

    Jani Hurme was just assigned to the ECHL by the thrashers a few days ago, so I don’t think that really means much as far as his abilities go.

    The guy has put up solid numbers in the NHL when given a chance. I could see him as a pretty decent backup. Whether or not this trade means J.S.’s days are numbered, who knows.

  7. mikster says:

    Buh bye Giguere. Bryzgalov starts, Hurme backs up.

  8. p0k3 says:

    I’d like to see Giguere go to the Wings! They have a few guys they could trade (Hudler, Fransen, Lebda) and with Fischer gone for the season I would think they have some money left. I think Lebda has the most potential out of all those guys so he would be the guy I’d be most hesitent to trade. You can throw Ozzy in there for free. Anaheim could use him as a backup, plus his contract is up after this year. Or maybe the Wings just send him down to Grand Rapids if Anaheim doesn’t want him.

  9. thegoalie1976 says:

    Ozzy has not been that bad this year. Mabey a team with an unreliable or struggling #1 will pick him up…Ottawa, Philly, Colorado.

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