Ducks on Life Supports…or another NHL act

TSN is reporting that the NHL might purchase the Ducks if Disney tries to under sell them. Could the Ducks be on their way out? I hope so. Do I believe it? It’s hockey, I’m from Toronto, no matter what I want, it will NEVER HAPPEN!The mystery blogger has been saying for a while that teams are reporting to be in worse financial situations then they are, to scare the players. For instance that report last week that the season could be cancelled in less then 48 hours. Total BS. It’s been half a week since then and we’re still holding out hope.

Second, the Ducks reported price is 108 million dollars. That is being under sold? Why bother reporting that they could buy the Ducks if that’s how high the price is. The Sabres went for 93 million and the Sens 100 million. Under sold I doubt it. I am not buying this.

Third of all, if the season is not cancelled in the next few hours (it’s three fifteen on Sunday) then they will not cancel the season until it is impossible to hold a season. The 2005 season could go out till July, which Chris Chelios says will be ok. Why the next few hours? Because they want the Super Bowl hype to quiet down anger. Won’t quiet me down. The NFL sucks. GO CFL GO!

This is why the Ducks will NOT go on life support, and the NHL is full of greed..