Ducks to Shop Chris Pronger?

On Hockey Central yesterday Nick Kypreos reported that the Ducks may look at trading defenseman Chris Pronger if they begin to fall out of playoff contention.

HTR believes that Pronger would make a great addition to many teams heading in to the playoffs despite his 6 million dollar plus contract size. Teams such as the Vancouver Canucks that have cap space would most likely over pay for his services as he is just the kind of rock solid player that they need.

If he does indeed become available HTR believes that there would be a line up of interested teams. It would be interesting to see if the Leafs (Brian Burks) would make a push to require him. It is well known that Burks thinks highly of Pronger and has worked hard to have him on his teams in the past.

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  1. leafy says:

    I'd rather the Leafs go after Bouwmeester in July.

    J-Bo is only 25, Pronger is 34.  By the time the Leafs are Stanley Cup contenders again, Pronger will probably be on the decline.

    Plus you don't have to give anything up for J-Bo as a UFA.

    The Leafs should focus on collecting draft picks right now.

  2. blaze says:

    Send him to Washington.

    Pronger to WAS for Alzner, Gustafsson, and a 1st.  Figure out the salary cap in the off season.

  3. NHLman says:

    No one would ever suggest that the Leafs acquire Pronger. That type of thinking is why the Leafs are where they are and why Leafs fans are mocked. I cannot express how stupid it would be for the Leafs to trade for Pronger, simply a retarded thought. I am now dumber for having read your post "I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul."

  4. papichulo71 says:

    That's actually a very good proposal.  Maybe add a 3rd or a 4th coming out of Washington and I think Anaheim would bite.

  5. blaze says:

    Add Pronger and an upgrade over Theodore and you have a real scary Washington team headed to the playoffs.

  6. leafy says:

    Hey I'm just responding to what the article said.  Read the article!

    "I award you no points" because you can't read.

  7. the_word says:

    Too bad we're not shopping Pronger around for a rebuild. Couldn't give up Steen to Edmonton, great call JFJ.

    Oh, and to all those well wishers that took me to task for calling Steen a marginal talent after his rookie year, I clearly knew better on this issue.

  8. leafy says:

    You were certainly right on Steen.  Definitely not a top 6 forward which is what you said all along.

  9. KingCanada says:

    Ya no kidding bro, especially considering we only have 4 picks this year so far (1st,3rd,6th,7th).

    Man does the JBO cartoon pick up there look funny tho haha

  10. KingCanada says:

    Ive always thought the same.  Ive prefered Stajan over Steen anyday but never did I think Stajan could become one of our leading scorers haha.

  11. GoLeafs13 says:

    read the last paragraph retard

  12. Plekanec says:

     Pronger to Montreal for Higgins,!st and Subban.

  13. blaze says:

    Wasn't a potential Steen for Carter deal kicked around a few years ago?

  14. NHLSlayer says:

    Two firsts, maybe…

    Not sure on exact numbers, can Montreal bring on the additional 4 mill in that deal?  Yes I know I'm a Leaf fan, but I'm also realistic.  could the Habs be in the market for a Pronger?

  15. NHLSlayer says:

    Answering my own question, the habs only have a little over a mill in cap space left, but around 2 mill in cushion, so they would most likely still have to juggle another piece into the deal.  Maybe Higgins, Subban, Kostopoulos, and a 1st Rd.

    I know it sounds like a lot, but Kostopoulos is UFA anyways, and it's the extra mill off the books that they'd need.  There's young players there pushing for the playing time anyways.

  16. HABSSTAR says:

    Ummm Pronger had to leave Edmonton because he couldn't keep his hands off the female reporters….

    He'd last one trip to the clubs before he (really his wife)  demands a trade the hell out of Montreal!!! 

  17. the_word says:

    Are the Ducks hard up for a late 1st round pick (because Montreal is as always AWESOME, they'll draft in the 30 spot after winning the cup in sixteen games) and Subban? Higgins is clearly a throw in any deal the Habs make. The Ducks are in a unique position in that they aren't clearly a seller or a buyer. They'd likely only be interested in a good, young and somewhat established player with a good contract in a addition to a 1st round pick. If they're giving up Pronger a good young defenseman should be coming back their way that can play next year.

  18. the_word says:

    Pittsburg: Pronger

    Anahiem: Stall, 1st round pick and a prospect.

    Mario gets his impact player to make a playoff run. Anahiem's top six is pretty much cemented for the next four years.

  19. K-Mill says:

    To Rangers: Pronger

    To Ducks: Rozsival, 1st, and a prospect

  20. Bure96 says:

    I wouldn't mind moving Edler to get Pronger. I've been defending him all yea, but he's been bad for the last couple months. He's young, and will be a very good player, but if we can get a guy like Pronger for him then you have to do it.

    To Anaheim: Alex Edler, Michael Grabner, Pat White, 1st rounder
    To Vancouver: Chris Pronger, Nathan McIver

    Anaheim gets a future franchise puck moving defender who's signed long term at a fair price, a guy who down the road could be a 35 goal scorer, and a future shutdown 3rd line center who could replace Moen, and Pahlsson who may walk this summer. The 1st rounder could be good range for Anaheim too. We get our stud on defense, signed for a few more years, and get a 6th/7th defender, who we had to put on waivers at the begining of the year, not realizing he would be picked up quickly.

    We would have some cap issues in the summer though.

  21. argonacon says:

    i think if the ducks are in 10th lace or lower before the trade deadline, they will probably be sellers. the ufa market this summer probably wont be that good. the year after will be much better i think. looking at the standing right now, and everything else, i give it a 50/50 chance of happening. they've got a few players who i could see them moving, but who has no-trade clauses anyways? rob or scott or pronger?

    if pronger didnt have one he'd be good to trade. this is his last year of his contract, no? if i was montreal, i'd offer this:

    bouillon/dandenault/brisbois(to fill the defensive role, and to make up for salary), higgins, and a first. maybe throw in a prospect, but that might be asking alot.

    i would maybe switch out plecanec for higgins because i like higgins more, has more leadership qualities, he'll be able to be signed for a reasonable wage, he likes playing in montreal and wants to stay, and will probably be a better playoff performer. but whatever, either or.

    another trade would maybe involve hammer?

    montreal when helathy would look like this:

    tanguay, koivu, d'agostini
    kovalev, lang, kostitsyn
    begin, lapierre, latendresse
    kostopolous, stewart, laraque

    extras: pacioretty, chipchura, higgins/plecanec, s. kostytsyn

    markov, komisarek
    proger, gorges
    hamrlik, bouillion(brisbois/dandenault)


    dude….that's a sick team. their d is just retarded. imagine markov and pronger on the pp!!! it would be unstopable. we'd have a souray again who is bigger and more defensively sound.

    it'd be nice to see them get pronger. all this talk about….proger might be had for less!? and even if the get ride of higgins, bouillion, 1st, and o'byrne/carle…..they still have tons of good prospects, lots of depth in the team, lots of people who can fill holes in case on injuries, and they would have a VERY legitimate shot at the cup. the pp would instantly be one of the best in the league.

  22. NHLSlayer says:

    While I agree, let's face it, it wasn't Steen for Pronger, Lowe isn't bright, but he ain't that dull either.

    The deal would have seen Steen PACKAGED with Tomas Kaberle to land that deal.  So, while you might have been shopping Pronger now, you would not have had Kaberle for the past few seasons either, and therefore, Toronto would not be looking at the return they are for Kabby now.

    Silly post, really, I bet you'll find that if both players are moved between now and the deadline, both Kaberle and Pronger will demand similar return.  So, to have added Steen into never made sense then, and doesn't make sense now.

    Steen has moved on to obscurity now, we'll wait and see how it turns out in the long run.  I do however, have a sinking feeling about it, one that I haven't had since watch Steve Sullivan struggle in his first season away from Toronto.

    Since then, I thought he's had a pretty decent career for someone who Leaf fans said could never play at the NHL level..

  23. NHLSlayer says:

    Obviously missed the fact that the Pens just locked Staal up.  With some big name players coming up on contract renewals in Pittsburgh, what would it look like if they traded away someone within two months of signing him to a four year extension?

    Simply won't happen, Jordan Staal WILL NOT be moved this year, get the idea out of your heads.

  24. NHLSlayer says:

    Really?  The Ducks since Burke's departure must have been moved to the Special Ed department of the league, if they would make that move.

    Throw in another 2 or three top end draft picks, and maybe you have a deal, otherwise, you're not even in the ballpark…

  25. NHLSlayer says:

    Pronger has another year left on his contract, and he's the ONLY current Duck defenceman who can say that.

  26. NHLSlayer says:

    plus, "your offer" is ridiculous, makes the Vancouver offer above look like a gem!

    Montreal will not get Pronger by using their trash, get off your meds!

    It would cost them not only a first rounder, but also PK Subban and another top end prospect.  You won't get Anaheim to bite by offering Higgins, who any of 29 teams can have for a mid round pick right now, and an average defenceman (ie. Bouillon/Dandenault/Brisebois.

    Bouillon is 33 years old, and never been able to play a full 82 game season, never cracking more than 22 points.  PUH LEASE.  If this guy wasn't a Hab, most people in Quebec would never have heard of him.  Give it up!

    Dandenault? as bad as Bouillon!  32, scored 10 goals once in his ten year career, only played an 82 game season once in his career, and, most importantly, has been a minus player the last two seasons, while playing for a decent team.  NEVER HAPPENS.

    and Brisebois?  BREEZE BY?  ROFLMAO

    THREE YEARS older than Pronger, obviously at the end of his career, somehow I don't think that's the "youth" Anaheim would want, LMAO.

    Sadly, here we go again, with the Habs making UNREALISTIC dreams for themselves.  These are the exact same people who believe that Leaf fans are wrong for thinking about getting the most value while they tear their team down, REALISTICALLY, and they throw a stinker like this one out.

    So, you get Pronger for trash, and apparently Lecavalier is being traded to Montreal for two buckets of water, melted from the Bell centre Ice.  Next time, don't let your brain wander.  It's far to small to be let out on it's own.

  27. Rico420 says:

    I don't know if the Ducks would deal Pronger – it's gonna be hard for them to miss the Playoffs too I think – so we'll see what happens but I have a feeling he'll be staying in California.

    In regards to that Habs trade – I'm a Habs fan – and yes I agree it would be nice to see Pronger in Montreal – it'd also be nice if someone paid me solid gold nuggets for my garbage – which is basically what that trade proposal would be like.

    The Ducks aren't over a barrel like the Oilers were with Pronger – so anything small isn't going to land Pronger – it's gonna take an impact player and a prospect atleast to get the ball rolling on talks I think

  28. Bure96 says:

    Dude, that's pretty much 4 1st round picks for a 34 year old defensemen who only has a 1 year and half left on his contract.

    Take out McIver, and White, and add Cory Schneider maybe, and that wll be A LOT.

  29. NHLSlayer says:

    Edler, by your own account, is playing like crap, so his value is low now, like it or not.  Grabner may be decent, but White is already looking like a bust.  Anaheim knows this.

    If McIvor and White were taken out of the equation, AND if Cory Schneider was available, THEN they MAY bite, but it's still most likely a long shot.

  30. Bure96 says:

    Grabner just decent? He's on pace for 40 goals in only his 2nd AHL season. He could be a game breaker in the NHL. Anaheim lacks depth, and explosiveness on the wings, so Grabner would be absolutely perfect.

    Alex Edler has high value. He's only in his 2nd full season. It's like saying guys like Stamkos, Gagner, and other young players having rough seasons have no value. Edler hasn't been that bad anyways, just in the last couple months he's shown a tendency to turn the puck over. He could be a legit #1 defender in the league down the road, and like I said already he's signed long term too. His value is still very high, because he's a top end NHL ready prospect.

    Pat White doesn't have huge offense upside. I never said that. His stats are misleading. He's a lot like Ryan Kesler was before he broke out and became possibly the best young shutdown center in the league. Not saying he'll be a truly elite shutdown center, but he could be a solid player. He's a very recent 1st rounder, so it's not like he can even be viewed as a bust at this point.

    Pretty much your saying it will cost MORE then 23 year old future top pairing defender, a potential 30-35 goal scorer, one of the few goalie prospects around who could be a franchise goalie, and a possible mid round 1st round pick for a 34 year old locker room problem.

  31. NHLSlayer says:

    I'm saying you're obviously over valuing your guys, which is common place here on the site.

    Grabner being "decent" was my word to say he was the good player in the deal, wasn't trying to bash him.  Edler won't be a top pairing guy, you've got a clear bias there.  But he should remain a solid NHL rearguard.

    White is a nobody, pure and simple, and was probably a bad choice by the Nucks.  I think you might be able to get Pronger for Edler, Grabner, and Schneider, but if you think he'll come cheaper than that, prepare to be disappointed.  It won't happen.

  32. Bure96 says:

    Edler right now isn't much worse then player's like Thomas Kaberle, and Andrei Markov were when they were 23. Not saying he'll be a star like one of them for sure, but he has upside. He's very skilled, big, and suprising physical.

  33. leafy says:

    To give you the background, there has been a long on-going discussion on Alex Steen among HTR users.

    The point that doesn't come across in this thread is that Word has been saying for a long time that Steen will not amount to much.

    And although we are discussing the ill-fated Pronger trade, it's really detracting from the main point, which is that Word was right all along.

  34. leafy says:

    Then nice call, King.  There were a lot of people 3 years ago that thought Steen would have a better career.  While still early, it looks like Stajan has the edge now.

  35. leafy says:

    Actually that rings a bell. Knowing JFJ, he probably nixed it.  Can you imagine trading Steen for Carter now? Hell would have to freeze over.

  36. NHLSlayer says:

    I know, the first line in my comment was that I do agree with most of his assumptions on Steen.  Overvalued, big time..

    I was just stating that it wasn't JUST Steen involved in the deal with Edmonton that made JFJ balk at it, it was the combo of Steen plus Kabby.  Nothing more.

  37. the_word says:

    Nope, I'm well aware of Staal's contract status, that is what makes him such an attractive commodity. Fours years at four per, would be an excellent fit for the Ducks. Its the type of player with a good contract that would interest the Ducks who as I have already descirbe in another post in thread, need not deal Pronger.

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