Dumont A Possibility, And That's All

We all know that J.P. Dumont is now a unrestricted free agent, the question now is what team will he decide to sign with.

There have been reports that Montreal is Dumont’s premiere option and would take a deal worth less than his salary arbitration award to sign with the Habs. This is true, however the Habs aren’t as interested in Dumont as Dumont is in them. Yes the Habs would like to add Dumont to their lineup but financially they cannot do it. They have about $41-42M spent at this point and Gainey has said he does not want to spend any more money as he wants to keep his options open for late season acquisitions. The only way I believe that the Habs would sign Dumont is if they trade away Bonk to Washington as rumoured that the Caps arent interested in Bonk. Bonk is getting $2.4M and if the Habs could sign Dumont for that same amount it would be a perfect fit on the lineup without spending any more money. This is some what farfetched but I wouldnt be so surprised if the Habs do trade Bonk to the Caps, and if this does happen before Dumont is off the market then why not sign him if he is willing to sign for around the same amount as Bonk’s salary as his No.1 choice to play is Montreal. Other teams reported to be interested in Dumont are the Senators, Kings, Thrashers, Maple Leafs if they can’t sign Carter, Penguins, Red Wings to replace Shannahan and, theVancouver Canucks. Spector’s trade rumours has also reported that a Canadian team has put in an offer for Dumont, and it’s not the Canadiens. The unamed Canadiand team, could be either the Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers or Toronto Maple Leafs, all three of which are believed seeking an experienced offensive winger.
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  1. Les-Habitants says:

    Agreed, and I personally would doubt to see a Bonk trade (or salary dump), especially after the recent positive comments that Gainey has said concerning Bonk. Gainey was impressed by Bonk’s late season play, and while he wasn’t able to step up and be our no. 1 center when Koivu got injured, he has proven to be a very reliable 4th line center and PK man.

    Additionally, Koivu has recently begun skating again. While this was done on his part in case he is given clearance to play over the weekend (he is seeing his eye specalist sometime in the next 2 to 3 days) and shouldn’t be taken for a guarantee of his return, it is definitly a postive sign. That said, a lot of speculation concerning Dumont since there was concern that Koivu wouldn’t return. With our captain back on skates, however tentatively, the chances of Dumont becoming a Hab this season have decreased.

    If you reallly want sources, lemme know, but the Bonk comments are from the Montreal Gazette while Koivu’s status is from La Presse and RDS.ca

  2. bobsUruncle says:

    let’s put things in perspective though guys. While Gainey might be happy with the play Bonk played down the stretch and in the playoffs, and that he has proven to be a good checking line center…but really, why would we be paying a checking line center MORE then our leading GOAL scorer. Yes I know it is an important role blah blah blah, but it is still a lot of money to be paying for a position that someone at more then half that salary could do

    Ie. Murray,Begin,Chipchura

    While I would rather see Ribeiro moved, it is illogical to me to hang on to Bonk and his bloated salary if someone could actually be interested in him.

    That 3rd line of Bonk begin and Murray (call it what you want guys but this is the third line since the checking line has always been the 3rd line)has 3 good centermen.

    As much as everyone has been saying that we have a weakness up the middle, it is not completely true. While we are a lacking that big body in the middle…we are quite deep at center.

    Koivu,Higgins,Kovalev,Ribeiro,Plekanec,Bonk,Begin,Murray,Johnson…and Chipchura and others upcoming!

  3. neiltaylor11 says:

    I would love too see Bonk out of Montreal. That would be alot of habs fans dream come true. Even tho he picked up his game a bit at the end of the season, I still think he’s pretty useless…and DEFINITELY not worth 2.4 Million.

  4. PatsPlayer says:

    if we could get dumot it would be great and the only way we could get im if bg dumps some salary and he thinks he likes the way the teamis dont bet on getting dumont

  5. habsoverserver says:

    if i was washington – would i rather have Dumont for $2.4 million or Bonk for $2.4 million?

  6. neiltaylor11 says:

    good point.

  7. passionch says:

    Yes but Dumont didn’t mention about wanting to go to Washington so he’ll be asking more to go there.

  8. habs4tw says:

    I really hope the habs get Dumont. He has said he wants to play here which mean she will bring it his all. To have a third line that consists of Johnson Plekanec Dumont would just go to show how much depth mtl has.

  9. habs4tw says:

    The difference is bonk has one year left on his contract so if he sucks they let him go where as dumont wants a multi year contract so why would washington use that space on dumont when they have alot of young talent that could fill that void in the future.

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