Dumont and Biron Possibly LA Bound?

Sources say that the Kings are working hard to try and get JP Dumont, and possibly do a goalie swap and bring in Biron and move out Garon…



Everyone has their opinions on Eklund so take this news for what you will.

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  1. TheHoundLine says:

    I find this scenario plausible but extremely unkind. Biron has been chomping at the bit to be a starter, and if traded to L.A. he immediately gets relegated to the number 2 twineminder behind Coach Crawford’s handpicked guy Cloutier.

    Granted, Buffalo can trade Biron wherever they please as they obviously have to look out for their own interests first, but that would be a low blow by any GM’s standards.

    Awful nice of Regier and Miller’s agent to wait until the last minute to negotiate a deal, thereby precluding any trade talks for Biron. Leverage, leverage, leverage! Regier is the anti-Houdini in that he finds all kinds of not-so-clever ways to tie his own hands behind his back. He hands out one-year deals like they’re hallowe’en candy. And then when the team does well, surprising everybody including the GM, all those one-year-deal players have arbitration rights! Brilliant.

    He could’ve had Briere and McKee at half the price long term if he’d had the gumption to offer them a 3 or 4 year pact prior to last year.

    Instead he finds himself up to his eyelids against the cap and forced to lose McKee and Dumont.

  2. PaulK123 says:

    It is a possibility, the arbitrators need to be replaced…

  3. muckies says:

    Poor Biron, he’s been on the trading block since before the lockout, he’s coming onto 3 years of daily trade rumours. He should have been dealt at the 2004 trade dealine. I can’t imagine how badly he wants to get out of Buffalo. If i was him I’d go play in Europe for a season and get the hell out of Buffalo.

    Reiger totally screwed this one up, he’s held onto Biron for to long and You gotta think his trade value has taken a huge hit. I really doubt that Biron’s value is higher now then it was at the deadline in 2004 or 2006. With basically every starting goalie job taken, and a good group of free-agent goalies next year, Biron’s value is just getting lower everyday. You could trade for Biron, or have Legace for 1 million cheaper, or maybe Toskala, Nabakov, Guiguerre, Aebisher. Ti bad for Marty, he’s a good goalie and deserves to play.

  4. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Biron is kind of screwed at this point. I think they should trade him to Columbus, at least there he’s likely to have a starting role.

  5. 33roy says:

    Trade him to Philly they need a keeper and a bunch of young defence men. Then maybe they can get past the first round and play Ottawa in the next round and get their ass’s kicked again

  6. Lindy_4_Prez says:

    Let me propose:

    To LA: Martin Biron, J.P. Dumont, 4th rnd pick

    To BUF: Mike Cammilieri, Jason Labarbera

  7. Lindy_4_Prez says:

    Then since Kalinin might get slick and ask for above 2 million, we flip him to Anaheim for Vishnevski straight up. We save about 500k and get a big physichal d-man that we are really lacking due to Jay Mckee leaving. Anaheim then gets a promising d-man who turned it on in the playoffs

  8. J_Retz says:

    LA will never give up Mike Cammy and Columbus doesn’t want Biron, they’ve groomed Pascal Leclaire as a starter for years and he was great with Syracuse and last season as Denis’ backup. Biron might as well go to Russia and sign with a superleague.

  9. vancity4life says:

    biron and dumont to the blues for a 2nd rounder and eric brewer.

  10. papichulo71 says:

    Dumont will more than likely become an UFA and could be had for cheaper than $2.9M

  11. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    The Sabres just walked away from Dumont. There’s a welcome second line spot for him here in Boston. 🙂

  12. mafew says:

    biron could go to Pitt, they need goalie depth

  13. TheHoundLine says:

    Fleury and Thibeault would seem to provide adequate depth. Biron is probably better than both of them, but it’s unlikely that the Pens would want Biron if Fleury is being groomed as their goalie of the future.

    Legace and Biron both got screwed in this game of musical goalie chairs. Buffalo might even want to consider hanging on to Biron until a good goalie goes down with a season-ending injury somewhere around the league.

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