Dumont top priority… Habs listening his offer

According to rds.ca and to Mix 99,7 FM JP Dumont priority is to play in Montreal.

From Mix 99.7 Fm : Dumont’s agent called Bob Gainey and offer a discount price (less than the arbitration award) for a 3 years contract.

Koivu status is what making the Habs listening.

Next report on the eye injury of Koivu will determine exactly when he will comeback. Speculation is that he will miss at least the first 20 games.

Caps space :

At 2.2M Ryder could be the odd man out… but he shoot right.

Expect Radek Bonk to be ship out of town if Dumont sign with the Habs. Bonk salary is 2.4M and Washington seem interested in the past.

David Aebiesher could be trade but expect Gainey to wait to see if Huet is really the same goalie than last year.

Expect line if Dumont join the Habs

Samsonov – Ribeiro – Kovalev

Higgins – Koivu – Ryder

Johnson – Plecanek – Dumont

Perezhogin – Bégin – Chipchura

Streit – Rivet

Souray – Markov

Dandeneault – Komisarek

Bouillon (injured)



Expect Dumont to make an offer of 2.0 – 2.2M per year.

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  1. Les-Habitants says:

    RDS.ca has quoted Dumont as saying that Montreal would be on the top of his list, if the opportunity arose. He has family here, grew up here and would love to make a return. There wasn’t any mention of an offer to Gainey, and Dumont realisitically won’t get 2.9mil anywhere, so him offering a ‘discount’ price to anyone shouldn’t be surprising.

    That being said, the writer then mentions that the Habs don’t have much cash left. They give a figure of 43.3 million, but that includes 25+ players, of which only 23 actually count against the cap, so it isn’t the ACTUAL cap figure.

    All this being said, there isn’t much room for him here. Dumont is a good player, but he isn’t worth 3 mil, and we don’t have the cap space unless we trade some players. There isn’t a spot on either of the top 2 lines for a winger and I really don’t think he’d be happy with a 3rd line role.


    That, of course, is assuming Koivu is coming back. The reality of the situation will be revealed over the weekend, when he is having a check-up. Koivu is still uncertain whether he will play, but mentions that is upcoming trip to the doctor will be a major factor in his decision. While the team is hopeful the Koivu will make a return, it IS NOT CERTAIN despite earlier reports, which were actually based off this RDS article…strangely enough.

    Well, here it is.


    BTW both articles are in french.

  2. neiltaylor11 says:

    If Dumont comes too Montreal…The lines (as you proposed) and their order dont seem right to me but im not going too pretend I know what they should be because I dont. Anyone else see any flaws in the lines or is it just me? lol

  3. Les-Habitants says:

    no, i agree. First off perezogin is not gonna play the 4th line: he doesn’t have the grit necessary to play a checking line role. Murray would still be there for sure.

    Dumont would most likely replace Ryder, and I doubt Gainey is gonna go fishing for a winger, especially after aquiring Johnson and Samsanov.

    Sorry kids, ain’t gonna happen this season.

  4. urstruly says:

    If this happens it will be good for the team especially if we get rid of the right player….

    the line up predictions I found it didnt look right…

  5. LuckyLuc98 says:

    LW C RW

    Samsonov – Koivu – Kovalev

    Ryder – Higgins – Johnson

    Begin – Ribiero – Dumont

    Plekanec – Bonk – Perezhogin

    LD RD

    Komisarek – Markov

    Souray – Rivet

    Dandenault – Boullion


    Cristobal Huet

    David Aebischer

    I know Ryder isn’t a left winger but still… someone has to give, and Higgins should be our second line Center thats his original position anyways. Ribs+begin+Dumont will be the new french connection line.

    Ps: Cmon dudes worse come to worse just drop freakin Bonk, I mean Dumont will at least earn 2.4 mil, he gets as many hits and points and he also has already played with Begin in buffalo so no worries about chemisty.

  6. rogaut1 says:

    Dumont has good offensive skills and size which the Canadiens need up front. I think for 2.2 millions the Canadiens would take him. As for the CAP space, I think Ribeiro and Ryder are on their way out for a big center. Bonk could also be traded to Washington which has shown interest.

  7. Habmania11 says:

    Samsonov – Ribs – Kovalev

    Higgins – Koivu – Ryder

    Perezhogin – Plecs – Dumont

    Murray – Begin – Kostitsyn


  8. Habmania11 says:

    opps, Forgot johnson

    Forget that last comment

  9. ryderrules73 says:

    i would love to see the habs sign dumont. i think he is great and can contribute to the team. but why does everyone constantly want to get rid of ryder. hes a 30 goal scorer with 63 points. him, koive and higgins have great chemistry.,, so why would you break that up…and i also think he should get at least 3 mil a year!

  10. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Ok Ryder ain’t going nowhere these ppl can rumour all they want, Ryder is a hab 4 life … you don’t just get rookies like him now a days and throw him away like Mike Milbury use to do… second of all Koivu is better of with sammy and kovalev, the real chemistry is between Ryder and Higgins they’re good buddies !

  11. Habroller says:

    The fact is, watching the previous comments, there isn’t room for Dumont. If we had been aware of his availability (and his willingness to play in Mtl) before that day when Bob landed Johnson & Samsonov, then we’d be able to speculate. But for now, forget it…

    And don’t forget Dumont never scored more than 23 goals. So before getting too excited about him…

  12. RealisticNick says:

    Begin never played in Buffalo let alone on a line with Dumont to have any sort of chemistry. He was traded to Buf from Cal in the Drury deal. That was in the summer then in October he was claimed off waivers from Montreal. One can never assume just because they were in the same city that they have chemistry or even played together.

  13. hersky says:

    that would be a good pick up for the habs and i wouldnt mind seeing ryder go but i would like to keep bonk beacuse he is big and ryder beacuse he are top goal scorer from last year and about koivu sportsnet said he should be ready for the start of then trainig camp i dont know where you heard that he should kiss the first 20 games

  14. doublespeak says:

    Here we go. As soon as I heard Buffalo walked away from the arbitration award to JP Dumont I knew every Hab fan in the world would link him to Montreal because he is French. What about Eric Daze? Maybe you can talk Desjardins out of retiring. Dumont is not the type of forward Montreal needs right now. Hab Forward core is small and lacks grit toughness etc. Habs will make the post season but will go out in the first round without a whimper.

  15. SmileZ says:

    Drop Bonk… Trade Abby… Put together one of the most dangerous two-way third lines in this league and Montreal would be a Tour de Force! All they need is one of those two afformentioned gone to afford Dumont and he wants to play here. Let’s give our heads a shake people Buffalo and Montreal play a similar style of play and Dumont managed 20 goals last year while sustaining a big injury. The Canadiens would be better at the end of the day by trading Bonk or Abby and getting him. Huet will do fine this year, he is all about positioning and not reflexes. As the defense gets a solid system going, Huet will know where he should be for optimal puck stoppage so trade Abby, call up Danis and Price for some back up competition and get Dumont. Just the idea of Dumont and Begin playing together in Montreal seems great! Let’s get’er done Bob! =)

  16. SmileZ says:

    I don’t go into the Leafs section and *****h. So go back to your wet dreams of Mike Peca section and comment on how he is going to bring your team out of the Laughable catagory and into the AHL skill catagory. This would be the Montreal Canadiens Rumors section, not the whine to everyone about every comment main page. Buh bye!

  17. Ariel1 says:

    Dumont could be a welcome addition for the right price but the question is, where to put him?

    The canadiens are looking for more offence up front so it will definitely not be at the expense of Ryder, the teams best scorer who has the potential to be even better in the upcoming years..

    Players have to be viewed with consideration to the role they play on the team, not just their statistics. Hence, getting rid of Bonk, a key defensive attacker alongside begin ( and the chemistry between the two is good for their role), will not make more room for a pure attacker like dumont. Koivu being out because of his eye injury, or taking perezhogin’s or pleckaneck’s place would be the most likely outcome if the habs add Dumont.

    The only other option would be to trade a 2 for 1 package (Ribeiro and Aebischer for ex.) and free up some room.

    Bottom line, a lot of accommodating needs to be done to get Dumont, so the chances are slim that Gainey would be interested. Gomez or Gionta? That would be another matter.

  18. Habroller says:

    C’mon man, you’re overreacting a bit. No doubt the guy is jealous of our team, but he brought some good points too (lack of grit)…

  19. LuckyLuc98 says:

    you’ re right sorry got my info wrong … just trying to make it work to hard. Now I got burned lol

  20. pilourse says:

    Ribeiro is going nowhere.

    Abby and Bonk are the men tradable.

    Center : Koivu, Ribeiro, Plekanec, Higgins, Begin, Murray

    Center at the Farm : Aubin, CHIPCHURA, Grabovski, Lapierre, Lemieux, Locke, Urquhart.

    Want someone to replace Bonk ?

  21. blarneylad says:

    thats the first time i read a forwards line that made sense however montreal will not get dumont, so johnson will fill his place, bonk will play too

  22. doublespeak says:

    SmileZ, you certainly one angry young chap. You seem to have a lot of displaced rage towards the Leafs. Did Mats Sundin run over your dog? My point, which your pea sized Pepsi infested brain does not seem to understand, is every time a French player is available Hab fans go bananas or should I say poutine. Maybe if you took a hard honest look at your forward core you would see size and toughness need addressing. Mike “rosie cheeks” Johnson and Sergei Samsonov are as soft as they come. Adding Dumont would only add to the softness. Habs WILL be pushed around this year which will ultimately be there downfall. Get used to it. You heard it hear first!

  23. Hockey_is_Canada says:

    Until I hear Bob Gainey actually reveal the status on Koivu I’m not believing anything. RDS says future uncertain and Sportsnet say he’ll be ready by training camp.

  24. christos says:

    well, yet another french canadian rumor. ha well here is my take…

    JP is a good player, above average for sure, but thets not forget he is prone to injury. He has decent size, maybe about 2 inches smaller then us habs wish, but still, big boy. Thets not forget he is a to way guy, can play both ends.

    Now, will the signing happen ? well apparently JP wants to make his decision as to witch team he watns to go to next week, those teams seem to be Detroit, La some unidentified canadian team and maybe the habs? just a hunch. so maybe that leaves gainey with enough time to make room ? well aby isnt leaving, not until huet proves he can play. Now many are pointing fingers towards bonk. Trust me, i think 95 % of us are, if we can find a team to bite, i would do it. But then again, he played really well in the playoffs, great on the PK, bigger then average, although he only showed it in post season, but who knows, maybe he needs another chance!? Now, ryder… well some will hate me, but i would definatly try and get a trade done for him… please dont hate me! he is a one way player, call him a sniper… but thats it. Ive said this before, no rough stuff, no puck handling, no D, no PK… i mean the list goes on. Surew he can score in the slot, with a perfect pass coming to him… anyways, i owuld try and get rid of the kid, mayeb for a high draft pick… and sign JP. But then again, the chemistry with higs and Koivu… but will koivu be out longer then we thought? oh boy… thnks or readin!


  25. leafhater says:

    Why dont u go out in your shitty town of toronto for a slice of pizza pizza or 25ceent wings and draft beer you classless piece of shit.LEAFS SUCK

  26. Hockey_is_Canada says:

    So how do you figure Dumont is injury prone? Because he got hurt this year? The last 4 seasons played he has played no less than 76 games. As for ryder he played most of last year with a bad back and he managed 30 goals. In his rookie season he proved he could skate. Pretty hard to do the things Ryder did in season 1 with a bad back. think it’s time for you to wake up.

  27. Habroller says:

    I won’t fall into your game, I will just let you know that:

    1) Leafs aren’t that gritty;

    2) The habs lack a bit of grit but they have some key players, especially on defense, that can get the job done;

    3) The new NHL has proven that skill & speed are the new key elements (eg. Buffalo & Edmonton), and if you want to intimidate a team, you first must be able to match their skating.

    I’m not saying Habs’ll go for the cup next year, I’m just stating they’re following the right path.

  28. Habroller says:

    Aren’t you forgetting Johnson?

  29. christos says:

    ok, first of all, these posts are personal opinions…second of all, i would pick a 2 way player over a fluke winger anyday of the week, but again, personal opinion… if i offended you in any way, maybe instead of me “waking up”, you should go back to bed buds… posts=personal opinion, if you feel like being like a couple of others who trash the ones comenting, then just relax… ill ask what you think next time, and post it for you. hey, maybe ill even reply to myself, and bash my own words…

  30. desmondwolf2 says:

    DOUBLESPEAK—SmileZ, you certainly one angry young chap. You seem to have a lot of displaced rage towards the Leafs.

    DESMONDWOLF—Oh Jesus, Habs fans…we have another wannabe speller in our midst. “Displaced”, doublespeak? I think you’ve got your ‘d’s and your ‘m’s mixed up, boy. I guess it’s true what they say: the educational system in Ontario really is the pits. Look man, here’s the deal: you’re having delusions of grandeur. You come on here saying a Habs fan has rage toward the Laffs. WHAT A LAUGH! Here’s the reality: the Leafs aren’t even on Montreal’s radar. Montreal is planning for a new period of Cup glory…the Toronto Make-Beliefs are not even a perimeter factor to us. Sorry to, uh, pop your bubble, son. In 2-3 years, Montreal will be knocking off the powerhouses of the NHL…they won’t be thinking about the Leafs, other than to pause momentarily during skating drills to think upon the irony of two Canadian teams being so far apart in the glory of their respective histories—you know, son: Montreal 24 Cups, Toronto, uh, what? Ten? Eleven?

    DOUBLESPEAK—Did Mats Sundin run over your dog? My point, which your pea sized Pepsi infested brain does not seem to understand, is every time a French player is available Hab fans go bananas or should I say poutine.

    DESMONDWOLF—“Pepsi infested” would work a lot better as “Pepsi soaked” or “Pepsi saturated”, don’t ya think, son? Well, let’s skip over that and get to your point: that French Canada seems to think every Frenchman should be playing in Montreal. On that you may have a point, much as I am grieved to admit it. I also must agree that Dumont is not the answer to any of Montreal’s ills. By the way, a Leafs fan has no business making any kind of qualitative assessment of the Montreal Canadiens. I think a few years of Toronto ending up with more points for the season than Montreal has Laffs fans stricken by some kind of fantasy that they have a right to stand tall, that they have a right to stick out their heads (having taken the brown paper bag off), place their hands on their hips and strut around like little blue ‘n’ white roosters. A string of FAIRLY good seasons since 1992-93 shouldn’t lull you Laffies into such illusions of hockey grandeur. You came close to getting to the finals ONCE. ONCE! Not twice…ONCE! And guess what? You couldn’t even pull that off. Gilmour couldn’t do it all on his own, so he found. And here you losers keep coming into the Montreal zones of hockey forums, obviously seeking another slap in the mouth. What the fluck are you guys…SADISTS? Why must you keep coming back? Why can’t you slither back to your little holes—you know, the ones you hid in for oh-so-many years? Why keep coming back for more abuse? Why?

    DUBBLEBUBBLESPEAK—Maybe if you took a hard honest look at your forward core you would see size and toughness need addressing.

    DESMONDWOLF—Ah, a valid point. See? That didn’t hurt your wee head, did it?

    DOUBLETROUBLE—Mike “rosie cheeks” Johnson and Sergei Samsonov are as soft as they come.

    DESMONDWOLF—Yes, Mike and Sergei ain’t got nothin’ on that Kaberle. That thar boy, he’s as hard as a concrete pillar.

    DOUBLEHAMONRYE—Adding Dumont would only add to the softness. Habs WILL be pushed around this year which will ultimately be there downfall. Get used to it. You heard it hear first!

    DESMONDWOLF—Two corrections: You’re using “there” in place of “their”; also, “hear” against “here”. I’ll give you credit on the last one—it was probably a type-o, eh son? Now to your final sad, pitiable attempt at a dig: You say Dumont would add to the softness. Okay, fair enough. Again, a reasonable enough opinion. I’ll allow that. But for you to say that Montreal will be pushed around, like they’re a team of pee-wees masquerading as an NHL club? This is a loser’s attempt at grand commentary, and I don’t think even Bob Cole—when he’s sober, that is—would be mug enough to agree wholeheartedly with you. Montreal will be just fine. This ain’t 1996, dickwad. Things are happening in the Habs camp now, son. I know it…you know it (down in your heart you do). So why the sad little posts on internet chat forums. You know the truth: Montreal is the hockey equivalent of the New York Yankees. And as a Yanks fan who was there back in the dark days of Mattingly, Sax and Roberto Kelly, the Habs, like the Yanks, always come back to the top. It’s inevitable, given enough time. Montreal will, inside of five years, be BACK. They will do (yet again) what the Leafs could only DREAM of doing: form a juggernaut Cup dynasty. Yet again. It’s inescapable. And telling—while Leaf fans always HOPE, Habs fans just KNOW. And there’s yer difference, my little vagina. There’s yer difference. Now go on…go be a good boy and go dust off your framed Douggie-93 poster on your wall. Hockey season’s comin’ fast, you little wanker.


  31. PatsPlayer says:

    Im a first time poster, a die hard habs fan and I’ve been reading what you people have written for the last while but my only question is, when was the last time Gainey made a move that has been circulated through the news? Did anyone expect him to trade for Kovalev a couple years back? What about Samsonov, he wasn’t even on any of your guys radar. Not once had anyone ever posted about him coming to Montreal. Johnson, most of you probably hadn’t even known he’d existed until the team pulled the trigger via trade for him to come here.

    All I’m saying, is that Mr. Gainey has not yet signed a player that has been rumored by the media to wanting to join our club or someone that the team has apparentely showed interest in. Why would Dumont be any different? When Bob is the GM, expect the unexpected, so I would imagine JP or Marleau or whoever had been rumored to join the organization, will unlikely be given a contract. Please feel free comment on my post, I’d really like to know what your opinions are.

  32. doublespeak says:

    Thanks for the spelling, grammar, and history lesson Professor DESMONDWOLF. I didn’t realize posting a simple message on a rumour board would create such animosity. Doublespeak is a term used to describe language which is constructed to disguise or distort its actual meaning. Of course, you would know this already being the literary giant that you are. You must sit in a chair in your parent’s basement reading leather bound novels chugging back Labatt 50 errr Cinquante dispensing hockey knowledge. The best part about your long-winded response is through all your childish slights, bizarre reference to Sadists, a shot at legendary Bob Cole, you agreed for the most part with my assessment of the Habs. Real Smart.

  33. Hockey_is_Canada says:

    Can’t handle being trashed? maybe you should think about that before you trash somebody. You think Ryder or anybody else likes being trashed? Personal opinion or not if you can’t take it don’t dish it out.

  34. bobsUruncle says:

    While what you are saying is 100% true, remember this… There were douzens of rumours involving Zednik being dumped, and voila…shipped back to Washington. Last year Bulis was obviously getting under Bob’s skin , and voila…he’s gone!

    While we have come to expect the unexpected with BOB ( even at the draft table), sometime’s when things are obvious they end up happening.

    I’m not saying it’s obvious that J.P will end up here, actually I’ll be a little surprised it if does happen, it just might.

    I’ll be the first to jump on the bashing Ribeiro,Bonk bandwagon…but sadly I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the roster that makes it past camp next month.

    I don’t however think that Ribeiro will remain on the top line with Kovalev, and believe it or not…I don’t think Koivu will end up there either!

    Both Kovalev and Samsonov like to play the puck. This means that they will need a centerman who will crash the net (basically the job of a winger). I see two possible scenarios playing out…

    Either—->1. the rumours become reality and Dumont get’s signed by the Habs, and Guy will slide Kovalev between Samsonov and Dumont (Kovalev did play center in Pittsburgh).

    2.Or Higgins get’s promoted to top line center between Kovi and Sami (he’s a natural center).

    To make room for Dumont, BOB will have to move someone. The logical choice will be Bonk if he can find any takers (maybe Washington as is rumoured).

    The scenario I would like to see…

    Samsonov Kovalev Dumont

    Higgins Koivu Ryder

    Perezhogin Plekanec Johnson

    Begin Bonk Murray

  35. christos says:

    ok, i know im totall off subject, but i couldent helpit! Koivu is back on skates! according to rds, contrary to what was said, koivu is back on the ice! great news for our fans! the man has heart, what can we say….

    go habs

  36. shaynop says:

    how can a guy playing on buffalo’s first line ( buffalo who was a better team last year than the canadiens) end up on the third or second line here….

  37. TheStryker says:

    I agree with you to a certain point. The thing is that none of those other players actualy said that they wanted to come to Montreal. When you have a player that has said he would take less money to come here, you have to make the room to accomodate. Im thinking packaging Ryder, Rebeiro and Perezhogin in exchange for a good center.

    Rebeiro-Ryder-Perezhogin- 4rd pick

    to Chicago



    to Washington

    3rd or 4th pick


    to Anaheim


    Sign J.P. Dumont








    I love to play G.M.


  38. Habmania11 says:

    Why doesnt he play left wing,

    Trade bonk, move higgins back to center?

  39. LuckyLuc98 says:

    The French media is an ASS and thats being polite…they’ve never being supportive of Koivu… now if he’s gonna be better or not i have no idea… i pray, wish and hope Captain K will have at least one more full season!

  40. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Because of chemistry and Timing… if we knew he was available we wouldn’T have gotten Johnson, thats what i mean by timing and chemisty because you don’T just shove someone in your lineup just because he’S KNOWN to be good… common sense buddy!

  41. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Johnson is a Right winger…??? not a centermAN

  42. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Habs don’T hav grit you obviously didn’T see what Kovalev did to Tucker now did you? FAG

  43. MT4e says:

    no but he has the potential to be a 30-goal scorer if he’s healthy all season..could have had that after having played only 54 games but 20 goals

  44. MT4e says:

    they played on the same line in their younger years on their Val d’Or team during which Bégin was the captain

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