Dunham traded to the Rangers for Murray, Kloucek

According to ESPN.com:

The Nashville Predators traded goalie Mike Dunham to the New York Rangers for forward Rem Murray and defensemen Tomas Kloucek and Merek Zidlicky.

Also, the Rangers acquired Josh Green frmo the Edmonton Oilers for a conditional draft pick in 2004.

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  1. mikster says:

    Well, they needed a starter and they got the goalie i wanted, 2nd best US goalie available.

    Richter is out for the season. Rangers need a starter. Lundmark for Hackett? No way. Brathwaite? Too hot to talk about. Dunham, BINGO.

    Dunham is a very good replacement, a starter and can easily share time with Blackburn.

    The players traded:

    Kloucek. *sob*, i’ll miss the monster. Problems” Injury prone, takes a lot of penalties. Best part of the deal for the Nashville Predators. He will be a mean strong defenseman. Rangers are able to move Kloucek, their defensive depth in the minors (espcially for next year) is getting deep. keep an eye on Jake Taylor Rangers fans.

    Rem Murray. Part of the York trade and i really liked Rem, he always did his job, never complained, strong on the PK. This is where it might hurt the Rangers, however…something more comes to New York to be mentioned later on here. Murray will be a key asset for the Predaotrs PK and defensive plays. Was he going to last lon gin New York? Not really….

    Zidlicky: Another offensive defenseman in the Rangers youth. 25 years old, but a very small fellow. He could be of help for the Predators, but he was just another Mike Mottau for the Rangers.

    In return:

    Mike Dunham. Second best US goalie, underrated, and is a pure starter. Best goalie available for the Rangers, they needed one, and they wound up give one key prospect, Tomas Kloucek.

    Murray such a loss? No way. Rangers acquired Josh Green from the Edmonton Oilers for a conditional pick. A steal? I guess!!! He replaces Rem Murray, and he is one big guy. Could definitely help on the Lindros line.

    Good deal in the end. Sorry Savard, no Lundmark!!!

  2. MossRocks says:

    Good deal for Preds also. Rem Murray provides much needed versatility and can play on the second line for the Preds. Kloucek will give the Predators some attitude and toughness. If Walker can get it together, he and Hartnell, Upshall and now Kloucek can start to give the Preds some identity. Tough, nasty competitors. I know little about Zidlicky, but he should at least help the Nashville farm system.

    Let’s face it, all of that goaltending in Nashville was a complete luxury. They needed to take some of that wealth out of the goal crease and spread it amongst the skaters. Vokoun and Lasak are NHL calibre and can do the job for now, while Brian Finley will be along shortly to take over the team if he can get over his injury problems.

    I like the near future for the Preds, especially with Hamhuis next year. This team should now be able to get back to where they were a couple years ago. The Rangers get the best player by far, but Poile was thinking here, for sure.

  3. Johnny_Canuck says:

    wow! This one caught me by surprise… didn’t thing the Preds would trade Dunham… I guess Vokoun will be their starter eh? That’s a great pickup for New York… don’t know much about those prospects, it should be interesting to see how they pan out…

    It surprises me Oilers traded Josh Green for a pick… It looks like a steal for Rangers.

  4. Johnny_Canuck says:

    oh yeah… Rem Murray too. Murray will be great for Preds.

  5. MossRocks says:

    Green was going on waivers as soon as Laraque came back. They got more than a waiver fee so I guess Lowe can’t complain too much. A Marchant/Green package for something would have been nice, but Lowe probably doesn’t want to pull the trigger on Todd, yet.

  6. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    I agree a great deal, and we do not have to give up Lundmark, and get a solid goalie in the deal anyway.

  7. RichterFan says:

    I just want to know who reported Richter being done for the year? Because I don’t think so.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong here. But all he needs is a couple of non concussion feeling days then he will be cleared to practice, and he will go from there.

  8. fleury14NYRCHI says:

    good call rictherfan….newyorkrangers.com…..i love ricther and all…but his career is done…he should retire…..started his career as a ranger and ended it…classy guy, but he needs to be safe, and try to get healthy….good guy…good player..but hes done.

  9. titans says:

    Wowza! Great deal for the Rangers!! Dunham’s an awsome goalie. Too bad he has to play for those stinkin Strangers though.

  10. fleury14NYRCHI says:

    How will they distribute the playing time with Blackburn and Dunham…will Blackburn get the majority? Will Dunham get the majority? Or will it be straight 50-50?

  11. tsaler says:

    Don’t be at all surprised if Nashville makes another move to acquire some scoring power and another goaltender. They’ve got Vokoun as the only goalie on the roster and nothing but crap in the system at the moment.

    This weekend could be very interesting…


  12. Gnashpred says:

    Jan Lasak will be a good #2 was strong in olympics. Finley is a blue chip – just needs to fully heal

  13. Gnashpred says:

    I reported a while back Dunham has been wanting this trade. His wife is a local news anchor here in Nashville and wanted to move with him to a larger market. New York ought to be big enough! Were not crying in Nashville over this trade – Dunham’s heart wasn’t behind his team, and something has to give them a spark.

  14. Lint07 says:

    If you don’t know about Jan Lasak, then I guess you don’t know what you talk about.

    Has been impressive both in the olympics and in the season last year. Great prospect.

  15. mikster says:

    MSG reported it.

    Richter might as well retire now, for his own good and for his family too.

  16. mikster says:

    Hottest goalie gets the starts. That’s Trottier’s philosophy.

  17. Gnashpred says:

    ESPN reports Richter gone too. Checked with specialist -no longer safe to play. Terrible way to end a career.

  18. habsoverserver says:

    Sounds like Richter’s career is likely over. I hope he has a speedy and full recovery.

    Rangers were lucky to find a home for Kloucek. He is a great hitter but lacks the discipline. Kloucek might be better off with a coach who can get something out of him – like Lemaire or Keenan. At least he ahs a shot at getting some miutes and the fans in Nashville will get to see someone pound the opposition.

    Without Richter and Bure for the season and with Messier injured again, no one has any expectations of the Rangers making the playoffs so Sather is unlikely to do anything big. Then again I bet even with those guysin the lineup, a lot of people thought the Rangers might miss again this year.

    Sather might have made a mistake in not taking Hackett and Kilger from Montreal when he had the chance.

  19. Leaf_Expert says:

    If Dunham can play like the goalie he was thought to be, then the Rangers just might make the playoffs….

  20. Steel250 says:

    If Dunham can play solid, it will only help a little because NY has a lot problems on D and up front. with the talent they buy every year you would think they would dominate, but they continue to stink. In all honesty goaltending is one of many problems the Ranger need to fix.

  21. mikster says:

    Hmm…let me act like Sather here and looking at goalie possabilities:

    Dafoe wants $4M from me, but he is getting $1.25 from the Thrashers. Why should i have to pay more?

    Hackett, Andre` told me he at least wants Lundmark, i won’t part with him. Hackett is 34 years old, hot goalie, but he is another risk when it comes to injuries. Why should i risk trading Lundmark for Hackett when he may even miss the rest of the season at one points. He also makes $3.6M.

    Brathwaite is not offered at the moment, and most likely he won’t be traded anymore.

    Dunham is 30 years old, has had enough in Nashville after playing solid goaltending for them, even finishing with a .923 S-% in 2001. He makes $2.8M. 2nd best US goalie after my best US goalie. An Olympian silver medalist, played an awesome game in the Olympics. He is a very good goalie. And, GM Poile would take a prospect whom i won’t re-sign, is 25 years old, very small and won’t make our team. Kloucek who is valuable, but we need a goalie. Rem Murray was a good acquisition, but then again i just someone bigger and younger than him from Edmonton (Josh Green).

    No way was he going after Hackett.

  22. tsaler says:

    Lasak was listed as non-roster. I didn’t know whether or not they still had him in the system or not. I don’t know much of anything about him, but everyone else says he’s good. Doesn’t mean he’s ready for the NHL yet, though. I don’t think Vokoun can handle 60 games yet. 50-55 I think he can do w/o a problem. Remember how bad Nashville is so far this year and then maybe think again about whether or not you want a goalie with unproven endurance down the stretch playing with a goalie that’s been successful on the Olympic level but not necessarily the NHL behind him. If vice versa works as well, you could say that Tommy Salo should blow because he ate shit during the Olympics, but he’s actually quite good for Edmonton. Or, instead, maybe everyone is a different case. Perhaps I’m just a bit too hesitant to jump on the bandwagon.


  23. Sands says:

    good trade. Dunham could be a good goalie for the rangers. Richter is a great goaile. I hope he does’t end hsi carrer. Whats the chance he will get hit in the head again? i mean come on. It can’t be over for him. He is by far right next to Mess as one of the best rangers to play the game on and off the ice.

  24. mikster says:

    Sorry bud, i thikn Ricky is done.

    Goalies do get hit in the mask more often nowadays. A simple 80mph shot can danger his life next time. If i were him, i’d quit. He had a skull fracture for crying out loud…..that is dangerous.

  25. Overtime says:

    This looks like a good trade for both teams. The biggest name in the trade is Dunham – he’s a dandy. With Richter out for the year and Blackburn not quite ready for the starting position, this trade make loads of sense for the Rangers. The Preds have Vacoun, who’s another dandy. With St. Louis having Johnson, Barasso, and Braithwaite, and with Hackett available, there are goalie options out there for Nashville.

    Give credit for Glen Sather on this one. He did what needed to be done and the Rangers (and Predators) are better off for it.

  26. Overtime says:

    Maybe it’s time for the Rangers to cut their losses and let players like Bure, Messier, and Richter leave the organization. Do Ranger fans want to cling to a losing past or build a winning future? I know it’s hard to say good-bye, but sometimes that’s the best for all concerned. It’s time to move on!!

  27. MossRocks says:

    Salo made one bad play in the whole Olympics. Yes, it was at a critical time but it happens. Besides that he was stellar. He stoned Canada. So you know nothing about Salo, Lasak or blue chip Finley. Congrats. 0 for 3.

  28. Habs4ever says:

    I think if the habs had offered Kilger with Hackett, Sather might have tried to work out a deal with the Habs. Kilger is very under-rated. He throws big hits, has a good defensive game and can still be an offensive threat when put on a good scoring. He’ll never live up to the potential that come with being a first round draft pick(Anaheim ’94), but he is good. I am happy the habs didnt trade him. But yeah, I didn’t think the Rangers would get Hackett, due to his injury history. This trade is a good one for the Rangers, albeit losing one of their best PK men and one of their most responsible(defensively) players.

  29. Tradedude says:

    Richter, Blackburn, and Dunham eh. i not sure if richter’s back but. u can finish the rest got to go

  30. mikster says:

    Josh Green has more offensive upside than Kilger and he came in for just a conditional pick.

    Rangers have enough PK’ers….Petro, Dvorak, Samuelsson, Nedved, Donato, Ward, Fata. They can all play the PK.

    Kloucek is a very good stay at home d-man, with monster strength. But, he didn’t beat Purinton, and the Rangers have a lot of competition with their young d-men for next season.

  31. big_booty says:

    The Rangers paid way too much for Dunham. He is a servicable goalie, but in no way is the star that he was (and still is) made out to be. Do not expect him to be the impetus that helps this team make the playoffs.

    Dunham has not had a winning season since he left New Jersey. He’s 30 years old and seems to have reached his peak – he’s not going to get any better. To think that his presence on the Rangers in some way makes up for their lack of a defensive corps would be wrong, the Predators, for all of their losses, play better pure defense than New York.

    I find it funny that the mikster did nothing but sing the praises of Rem Murray when he arrived in Manhattan, calling him a “defensive specialist” who would “really help on the penalty kill” and “a good checking-line player.” Now, he says that he is no great loss. I wish I could say I’m surprised.

    I also find it funny that Glen Sather would not give up Tomas Kloucek to get Eric Lindros, but he ships him off as part of a package to land a goalie who probably won’t be with the team all that long.

    I also find it funny that Slats and the Rangers are spending about $8 million on the goalie position right now. It could be just me, but if you’re throwing that kind of bling-bling at the crease and the one guarding it is not named Brodeur, Roy, or Hasek, then you’ve got problems.

    Sather’s master “three to four year plan” rumbles on….

  32. Sands says:

    First of all No one knows how bad his knee is. When the Rangers were dealing for Lindros Kloucek was in good health and had a chance. Now Klouck has a bad knee, and just got off a concussion. By the way he couldn’t take the 6th spot in D and beat Karpa out for it. Come on now he’s no lose. Not to mention that This Guy Green is not being looked at as good. No one has any idea who he is… He Is a big tough LW. He has some skill and will fill the spot that Murry left, but not only that he will hit people unlike Murry.

  33. mikster says:

    Paid wayyyyyy too much? What are you smoking?

    It is so obvious, too obvious, that you dislike the Rangers, and that you obviously write negatives about the Rangers. You could not even come up with a positive thought. That’s how low level you are.

    Ridiculously, you make yourself sound like an expert…and you’re not even close.

    Rangers paid too much?

    Kloucek is the best part of the deal for the Predators. He did not beat Purinton, he got injured tiwce this season. Also, next season Kloucek would have a hard time beating other young defensemen. Slats did not want to part with Kloucek for Jagr or Lindros because Kloucek was a regular at the time.

    Dunham had great seasons, has NOT had a bad one. Two seasons who he finished with a .923 S-%. Last season it was just as good as Brodeur’s. Obviously, since his is now going to the Rangers, you have to write negatively about him saying that he won’t shine. Says who? Who are you to say that? I am glad that’s your opinion, but that’s it….just an opinion. You make it sound like a fact. Also, judging by Dunham’s stats…he proves you wrong.

    “Dunham has not had a winning season since he left New Jersey. He’s 30 years old and seems to have reached his peak – he’s not going to get any better.”

    I mean, how idiotic can you get? Gee…Dunham in Nashville, i am sure that many goalies would get a winning record with Nashville in their first few years as a franchise. He is 30 years old and goalies reach their primes from 27 to 33 years of age. I don’t know how knowledgable it is to say that he has reached his peak when you have nothing to back that up, nothing solid at all. How do you know that? Not even his stats prove that. So, you’re basically way out of line.

    Rem Murray was a perfect defensive forward and a solid PK specialist, stats prove so this season. However, i still don’t see what you’re trying to point out since you’re the master of creating ideas.

    Did i ever say Rem Murray is a one of a kind player? No, and you make it sound as if i had. Murray is a good and solid defenisve forward and a penalty kill specialist. AND????? Is he the only one? Rangers can call up Roman Lyashenko as a defensive specialist. Rem Murray is not a great loss. That is correct. So….what are you trying to say?

    Murray is replacable, never said he was not. He was a great pick up, helped quite a lot, but Rangers needed a goalie.

    In my opinion, i was surprised the Predators did not even take a player with offenisive skills since they are in most need of offense. Murray is a great at what he does, but such a big loss when defensive forwards are replacable??? Come on, you should know that. But, you’re just trying to get on my nerves, instead i am just laughing at you.

    $8 million? First of all, Richter is out for the year so the insurence kicks in. Second, Dunham does not make that much at all.

    Brathwaite was not available. Dafoe wanted more than double from what Atlanta offered. Hackett….well, Lundmark was not going to go. Irbe? Weekes is out. Dunham was the only one available and foolish were the Predators to not take advantage of the Rangers and ask for more.

    The Rangers only lost one starter from their line-up who did a very good job, but could be replaced.

    This was a dumb post from a typical anti Rangers fan. Nothing proves anything you said, totally nothing.

    That’s why it was worth just as much as a blank post…

  34. MantaRay says:

    Didn’t Mikster say that Richter suffered a very, very, very, very mild concussion????


  35. big_booty says:

    Now, Manta.

    That was a very, very, very, very anti-Rangers thing to say.

    It’s also the truth.

  36. mikster says:

    Yep, and i was wrong about it. A little bump to the head plus some practices and a back up for a game, no one thought it was that serious until medical tests were done.

    Is that all ya got Manta??? 🙂

  37. MantaRay says:

    What more needs to be said.

    I think you are the only one in the New York area that thought that way. Every paper, every radio show and commentary all basically said it was serious. But you choose to follow blindly the BS from Ranger management.

  38. MantaRay says:

    I am sure more silly deals will follow and more excuses shall begin.

    Why didn’t Sather just wait a week to pick up Barasso for nothing? Dunham is not going to make much of difference.

  39. mikster says:

    Actually more from what i witnessed since i said it was mild before the Rangers released anything on him.

  40. mikster says:

    Barrasso is on the IR and is not that good at all anymore. He will probably be released by the Blues since he sucked for now.

    DUnham is a great pick up.

  41. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Well, the other people made the point. Lasak and Finley will be quality keepers and Lasak is ready NOW! You dont know nothing!!!

  42. jammer21 says:

    dunham will be a more than serviceable goalie, he may even help the rangers as he is better than richter or blackburn. and the preds get a solid pk guy who should fot nicely on their second line. i don’t know about the third guy in the deal, but he is small and already 25 and not in the nhl, would not be suprised if he never makes it. but all in all, the trade was fair: replaceable parts swapped out from the two teams. no big whoop…..

  43. big_booty says:

    Your case of homeritis seems to be progressing at an accelerated rate with each passing day of the free-spending Slats regime on Broadway. You believe so blindly that Sather’s every single move is the right one, when in reality he is grasping at straws and resorting to desperate measures in a vain attempt to ensure his own continued employment.

    The acquisition of Mike Dunham does not make the Rangers a better hockey team. With the continued knowledge that the defense is the Achilles heel of the franchise right now, Sather trades two defensive prospects AND a forward known for his defensive prowess for a replacement goalie. The lack of logic in this transaction is staggering.

    Do not expect Dunham to be better than Richter, or better than Blackburn, for that matter. He couldn’t beat out Tomas Vokoun, for christ’s sake. With an even worse defense than he had before playing in front of him, he’s not all of a sudden going to blossom into the second coming of Jacques Plante. The Rangers, as a team, have given up 104 goals to the Predators 81, and the Rangers have only played three more games. That’s just bad defense. Dunham is not going to be the cure to that ill.

    With all the injuries and all the mishaps and all the coaching inconsistencies and all the suspensions that have been going on in New York, it is a safe bet right now that once again, the Rangers will fail to qualify for post-season play. I have no problem in thinking that right now. Granted, things could change, and I’m not saying that it’s written in stone. It’s just that with the way things are looking in MSG, this deal comes off as a desperation move.

    I am not trying to be blatantly anti-Rangers, despite how it sounds. I am merely being an intelligent and logical hockey fan. It is amazing what you can see when you apply a little simple logic to your hockey team – you should try it sometime.

    Roman Lyashenko? Thanks for the laugh. That was a good one.

  44. MantaRay says:

    BB, You took the stole the very words from my keyboard.

  45. big_booty says:


    I was on a roll. You get him next time. I’ll lay off for a little bit. Until the next desperation move, anyway.

    Which shouldn’t be too far off…..

  46. cecilturtle says:

    As a Flyers fan you cannot call any goalie bad without first insulting your goalie(s)! I watch every Rangers game (except when they are on that (F)irst (U)nion (C)enter (KING) MSG Metro station). The Rangers needed a goalie like Dunham in the worst way. I cannot believe how little they paid for him considering how much more the Rangers would have given up to get him.

    Murray did not fit in well playing with the Lindros or Nedved lines, and the 3rd and 4th lines are full of good defensive players like murray. But unlike Murray, can also check and fight. Klouck has not been the same since his knee injury. Very good “one of the best” at hitting people in the open ice, but forwards have been able to skate around him because he is clearly a step slower since his knee injury. The other prospect in the deal… The Rangers are going to miss him. Everyone knows how badly the Rangers needed another small offensive D-man? Almost as much as the Flyers need a big, slow, stay at home D-man!

    The other night watching the Rangers lose to Chicago was the most frustrating game I have seen since loosing 3 straight years to the Flyers in the playoffs. The Rangers dominated the game getting over 50 shots on goal. Great scoring chance after scoring chance. Nothing could get past T-bo. Chicago got a goal from Fleury and 3 from Daze. All were all far away shots that easily went right through the Rangers Goalie(s). The Rangers had at least 30 better scoring chances then the shots that got past the Rangers goalies. Blackburn was so off his game. To be fair it was his 17th straight game and the replacement is not a NHL goalie or will ever be a NHL goalie. Unless the Flyers sign him! Anyway I am so glad the Rangers got Dunham before the Flyers did. I give Roman C. another week or two before he flips out again and Clarke has to make an another example of a European.

    Cecil Turtle

  47. big_booty says:

    To say that Dunham is a better goalie than Cechmanek is pure excrement. What in God’s name would make you think that? Do you live in a bizzaro world, where everything is opposite and backwards from reality?

    The Flyers didn’t want Dunham, and don’t need him. Our goaltenders are just fine.

    Quit your whining. Wake up and realize that your Blueshirts just aren’t that good, no matter what they do or who they trade for.

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