Eastern Playoff Race

The East looks to be locked for seats 1-7, making seat 8 a hot commodity.

Three teams are fighting for that final playoff spot, The Leafs, The Hurricanes, and the Canadians. All three teams were quiet on deadline day, meaning they will all have to find the talent within to push them over the top.

In Goal, the Hurricanes have the advantage. Raycroft has perfomed poorly this season, and the Habs will be missing Huet for a while. Ward has been average this season, but has a history of perfoming well down the stretch.

On the blue line, it is the Habs that have the advantage. Soray has scored 22 goals, and the entire defense core has contributed to scoring. Markov and Komisarek have become one of the best shut down pair in the NHL right now. The Leafs are a close second with many offensive weapons to choose from at the blue line. The Hurricanes have played well defensively, but there is not much offense comming from the defense.

Up front it is the Leafs who have the edge. With the newly aquired Perreault now in the toolbox, the Leafs have four lines that are capable of scoring goals, when healthy. The Hurricanes are a close second, with a very strong top 2 lines.

These three teams seem fairly equaly matched. It is a race that is sure to come down to the wire. Personally I think it will come down to goaltending. One of the goalie on this team has to step up and pull his team into the post season.