Eddie is the Eagle again

Ed Belfour is doing it. He’s showing “playoff Eddie” and while he hasn’t been spectacular, he’s been playing great, and really playing much better then earlier in the season.Against Montreal it happened. A much needed “Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!” chant, followed by a two good performances against Tampa Bay, and Long Island, including an unfortunate loss to the Islanders, the Leafs have been playing better then they have as of late, they got points in their last 3 games, and have won 2 of the last 3.

This makes me wonder, can Belfour lead the Leafs on a miracle playoff run? Every year has a playoff miracle. Calgary was a team that barely squeezed in in their 81st game, and Kiprusoff played great, they had a questionable trade deadline, and then they beat the Canucks, Red Wings, and Sharks. If the Leafs make the playoffs, Ottawa or Carolina will be the first team they play, and there’s a good chance that if they make the playoffs, and can pull off a miracle run, they’ll (in the same manner as the Flames) take on the three division leaders, Carolina, Ottawa, and New York.

Just some thoughts.


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  1. toronto77 says:

    don’t worry leaf fans toronto will make the playoffs!!! they have had a playoff spot for over 3 quartors of the season and lost it at the olympic break. they will get it back.

  2. leafnut28 says:

    Cmon man, at least make sure you have your facts straight before you post, Eddie didn’t even play against Tampa, and for the record, Telqvist looked better than Belfour has all season!!!

  3. Dwiller9317 says:

    This is the problem with too many Leafs fans. One decent game and old glory has risen again. Belfour gave up 3 goals to a tired Habs team, then played well against Long Island. Not exactly the Senators. Sure, Belfour has a few good games in him, but the rest are sub-par. Telly has looked much better, and is the way to go.

  4. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Here we go again! Everyone and there brother is talking about how the Leafs are going to make a “run” at the post season now that they have played a couple of good games in a row. Here’s the problem. Leafs have made 0 ground on anybody holding down a playoff spot. Sure the Leafs are winning, but so is everyone else. Your back in the same boat as Trade Deadline time, nothing’s changed. Deal with it.

  5. tinkeysersoze says:

    Telly is the man for sure, I totally agree. The Leafs as a whole have looked better, but Belfour has let in 4 goals in probably 80% of the games he’s played this year. I don’t care if he has 3 great games in a row, I’ve seen nothing to convince me that Telqvist should not be our starting goaltender right now. Telly is top 5 in the NHL in save %age, while Belfour is scraping the bottom in almost every single goaltending category. He’s done, let Telqvist get the experience…….and the wins!!!

  6. leafnut28 says:

    uhhhh, another case of someone posting without getting their facts straight, Montreal is in 8th, the Leafs are now only 5 pts back of the habs but were 7 pts back 5 days ago, guess what? That’s a two point gain!!! get it right or shut the hell up!! Deal with it.

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