Eddie what should they do

With the Leafs seating in 9th should it be time for a goalie change.??

Eddie isn’t a starter no more let’s face it he did have a good run but the run is over. Leafs could use him as a backup or let him go out as a starter that cannt carry a team anymore.

He’s too old to be carrying a team into the playoffs with a record of 21w 20L ga avg is 3.32.

This is shaping up for beening the worse season ever for Belfore and I say let him go out as a Leafs starter. But the leafs dont like anyone unless there winning when he’s winning the cheer and talk about him beening great. When he’s losing they boo him to death saying he’s worthless.

I think if that’s going to be a case trade him and let him go where they wouldnt boo him and where there no media all over you when you lose.