Do you think Edler should be suspended for this?

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6 Responses to Do you think Edler should be suspended for this?

  1. I voted no. Sometimes a penalty is just a penalty. Plus, it looked like Smith was going one way and went the other.

  2. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I said 2 games. Simply because he ran him over in the so-called safe zone behind the net and intent to hit him was there. No suspension would mean open season on goalies and the league doesn’t want that.

  3. I see your point about open season. However, Mike Smith missed the puck and then squared up with Elder.

  4. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Smith turned to fire the puck past Edler. The fact that he fumbled it some doesn’t make him fair game. A player has to play the puck on a goalie handling it (right or wrong). Edler was not playing the puck, if you watch, he brings his arms up to throw a hit. He had no intention on playing the puck and then ran over Smith. He got a 5 min major for Charging…that says something there.
    Goalies are protected and not allowed to be hit, whether we agree with that part or not. Lupul got 2 games for a headshot that looked like there was intent…I have no problem with the suspension btw. That said, to me, then Edler deserves 2 games for hitting a player intentionally that was vulnerable. Just my opinion.

  5. He slides more to the left after he tried to fire the puck.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Sorry man, I just don’t see any attempt by Smith to get in Edler’s way. He was playing the puck is all I see…really just depends on what Shany

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