Edmonton Oilers 2003/2004

Edmonton Oilers G.M. Kevin Lowe was interviewed on an Edmonton radio station today, and he made several comments regarding some Oilers prospects and the MacT situation.On 630CHED today K Lowe said that he expects to see a strong camp from Jarrett Stoll and Tony Salmelainen, and that Jani Rita has had a couple of good seasons, but he is not as strong a prospect as he once was, and added “…we aren’t ready to give up on him yet.”.

He gave the impression that Stoll and Salmelainen will probably challenge for full time spots next season, and Rita might be the odd man out.

Also, K Lowe said earlier in the week, on a different radio station (TEAM 1260) that he has been speaking and golfing with MacT (in a foursome that included Tiger Woods and some guy named Gretzky) and they are taking a break from hockey right now. He said that you might call it negotiating, but he had no more news on it at this time. Still, it sounds likely that MacT will be back with the Oilers next year.

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  1. bender says:

    As much as I love Mac T and I love the open ice game that the Oilers play. I think it’s time to sell there soul’s and bring in a new coach and play a hard core trap systme. AS we’ve seen with the Sens, Wild, and Ducks, you can have a small market team and still compete, even go to the conference finals for that matter.

    The Oilers have the speed and pretty much the same talent as the Ducks and Wild, If they would have knocked off the Stars, they too would have had a shot at the big Dance, and some much needed financial support that you get from long runs in the playoffs. THis team needed two second round home games to break even this year.

    I’ve hoped that Rita would develop as well, but it seems the same for him every year. Everyone gets excited for him to come to camp. Then he stays with the team at the beginning and then gets sent back down for the rest of the year.

    Stoll and Salmelainen would be welcome additions, the Oilers seem to have a good core of young players in there system, and trading away some of there older players may not be a bad thing for them.

    Mac T Could stay on with the Oilers if they get him to go with a hard core trap system. He isn’t a bad coach, but as we’ve seen in Edmonton, coaches don’t usually get comfortable and sit for a long duration.

    The Oilers have a pretty good nucleus. Even though they look like a farm team for the much bigger more richer clubs, they still manage to put in a good effort and make the playoffs. They have even made a fan out of me, a current Albertian who hated the Oilers for many years after they defeated my much beloved Flyers twice for the cup. They are one of the most exciting teams to watch play, unless your a Stars fan (wink wink). As boring as the trap system is, I think the fans want to win a series even more and maybe gosh darn it…TWO of them.

    As for goaltending….I know I’m beating a dead horse with you some of you guys on here talking about Salo, but I think he’s just starting to get worn out playing his heart and soul out for a Oilers team and fan base, that has expected him to carry the Oilers on his back through the first round of the playoffs like CUJO did once upon a time. I think he needs a change of scenery. With some good young tenders in the system, now may be the time to see what Salo could bring in. Specially with a need for goalies out there, right now. Though many of you think about his play in international hockey, and keep saying he’s a bad goalie because he let in that one goal against Belarus, and he doesn’t take a stacked Sweden team far as he should. But in the NHL, he plays his heart out for one of the poorest teams in the league, and he does it with a smile and passion. If they could get a good package for him. I would think about shipping him off.

  2. TC_4 says:

    Fuck the trap, I can’t believe you said that B! The system is fine, it’s just like the Wings. All these teams are winning because Colorado, Detroit, Dallas and Vancouver didn’t adjust. Vancouver was out playing the Wild, and they were beating the Wild at their own game, then they quit doing that. Trust me, Anaheim, and Minny won’t be back next year. Anaheim I’ll admit is a better team then people give them credit for, but if Giguere had some restrictions on his equipment, I think he would give up a few more goals, and everyone that plays the Ducks say they clutch and grab non stop! Maybe the other teams were following the rules the league made this season??? But we don’t need to trap, the big teams just got caught this year. Would Anahiem even be here if Robitaille’s shot goes in off the post in game 1??? I really honestly doubt it.

  3. TC_4 says:

    Rita should be a centerpeice in a package for a big centre this offseason. I’ve said this lots, Horcoff, Isbister and Rita for Jeff O’Neill. Or, maybe that same package to Florida for Ollie Jokinen. Salo needs to go, Boston for Boynton and Humel(may need to give the B’s a pick in all that, but not a high one). Then trade Humel and our first round pick to Buffalo for Martin Biron. If that won’t work, then trade Humel and a second round pick to L.A for Jamie Storr. Or if still that doesn’t work, how about Humel and a first round pick to Washington for Maxim Oullet?(I just thought of that one) Then your lineup looks like this:










    Mac-T will be back as coach, and Marchant and Cross are both gone, but can be replaced. Let me know what you think people, I may be smart, I may be retarted, I don’t care, these are the moves I would make, and I think this kind of lineup would maybe even win us the divison.

  4. jon95616 says:

    Id stick with Salo before id go for Jamie Storr…Hes a career backup goalie.

  5. Brigand says:

    Jokinen – your a mentalist. One season does not make a player. O’Neill – yes!

  6. JohnFlan22 says:

    I don’t think Jeff O’neil is available, because i don’t think that carolina is rebuilding. The team was decimated by injury the entire year and stole Vrbata from Colorado at the deadline. With Eric Cole coming back as well as Brindamour this team is built very well, they will def be in the hunt for the South east division next year. I would look for another team as a trading partner if you want a mid-high priced forward alla Pittsburgh.

  7. bender says:

    I Hate the trap as much as the next guy. I think it’s ruining a once awesome game.

    But the clutch and grab, trap em to death style is the only way for the small market teams to compete. And it’s not just the Ducks and Wild that have found playoff success with it. Look at the Sabres and Panthers. These teams may not of won the cup. But they brought in some much needed financial support. Then you look at teams like New Jersey and Dallas, how could you forget, who consistently compete for the cup every year with there trap. Just so happens that the Stars got out trapped and Devils are still making another run. Sens as well play a great system. They never use to either but got tired of bowing out in the first round every year.

    Don’t even tell me the Wings don’t play a trapping system. Bowman is the best trap coach ever and he instilled in his players a wonderful system.

    Bottom line is, a speedy counterattack trapping team can do some playoff damage. It’s been so long since the Oilers have even came close to getting past the first round. It’s at least worth a shot. What there doing hasn’t been working. You and I both know that the Oilers cannot keep high priced players even if they do get them to make the team better and unless the CBA helps out the smaller teams with a cap, then trapping is there only resolve. Sorry to say!

  8. OldNord says:

    Even if they were rebuilding, they would made it around O’Neill.

  9. PeterPuck says:

    The trap ruining the game of hockey? Come on!!!!!!!! Did you know that the trap as been around since the 70’s, the habs used it all the time. What has changed is the equipment, more teams (less stars on the teams), and the rules. These are the things that are ruining the game. Look at the Ducks goalie, he reminds me of Garth Snow when he was hot and what happened to him, they made new rules because of his arm protector. JG of the ducks has oversized pants and chest/arm protector, just look at him and compare him to any other goalie, he does not move well up on top, of course he now is so big that he doesn’t have to. The trap is not ruining the game of hockey, its money, creed, the new rules, equipment and too many teams that are doing it.

  10. bender says:

    Money, Greed, New Rules, are all in the NFL as well. But they have made the game better by opening up the offense and fans are coming in drones to the stadiums. You can’t do much about the Money and Greed. The new rules are the NHL management fault. A lot of them have been introduced to try and stop the clutching and grabbing that comes with the trap.

    Granted you are correct that the trap has been around for ages, and with the conditioning and size and skill of todays players, coaches have learned that the trap kills and have perfected it. I don’t think you necessarily that they have to get rid of the trap, but to add more offense, they could cut down the goalies equipment even more, make the rink bigger and take out the red line.

    The number one priority for the league would be to make the game more open and offensive. I know a lot of people blame expansion, but if the NHL was the same product it was in the 80’s, they would have more fans interested. They also gotta open the game up more for fighting. More goals and more fights, the NHL’s two things they really have to market. Much like the NFL has done to market there game to make themselves the most SUCCESSFUL league in the WORLD.

  11. PeterPuck says:

    You forgot to mention 1 thing, there is a SALARY CAP on the NFL, and not in the NHL, big difference

  12. bender says:

    Oh, did I!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s because it’s common knowledge. I could have ranted for hours on what the NFL does better than the NHL. But, I was trying to just make the point that the NHL should follow in the NFL’s footsteps to improve the league. Of course salary cap is a big thing they need to bring into the game. But in the end, like I’ve been saying, it’s all about the PRODUCT. You and I can watch a hockey game. But the average viewer in the states, would rather watch something else. How can the NHL, get those people interested in the game to get more fans and generate more revenue.

    Which was once a question the NFL management had to ask, now it’s the NHL’s turn. SINK OR SWIM??

  13. rrudd says:

    o’neill’s a winger

  14. TC_4 says:

    I know he’s not availible, but the right package could lure anyone from any team.

  15. TC_4 says:

    He’s a centre playing wing on that team, do your research, he’s played centre all his life, but are you going to have one of Brind’Amour, Francis, or O’Neill on your third line??? You have to put one of them on the wing.

  16. TC_4 says:

    Your team has never gave him a chance though Jon. Most tenders don’t look good if they don’t get a nice work load of 40-50 games at least.

  17. TC_4 says:

    One season doesn’t, but 6’2, 210 pounds, and 30+ goals does! He’s only 23 years old, the kid’s never had a chance until this season! It’s not like he’s Eric Boguniecki(28 years old, 5’8, 175, and just has his first good year). The kid will continue to develope.

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