Edmonton Oilers 2003/2004

Edmonton Oilers G.M. Kevin Lowe was interviewed on an Edmonton radio station today, and he made several comments regarding some Oilers prospects and the MacT situation.On 630CHED today K Lowe said that he expects to see a strong camp from Jarrett Stoll and Tony Salmelainen, and that Jani Rita has had a couple of good seasons, but he is not as strong a prospect as he once was, and added “…we aren’t ready to give up on him yet.”.

He gave the impression that Stoll and Salmelainen will probably challenge for full time spots next season, and Rita might be the odd man out.

Also, K Lowe said earlier in the week, on a different radio station (TEAM 1260) that he has been speaking and golfing with MacT (in a foursome that included Tiger Woods and some guy named Gretzky) and they are taking a break from hockey right now. He said that you might call it negotiating, but he had no more news on it at this time. Still, it sounds likely that MacT will be back with the Oilers next year.